Segundo día de reunión de la comisión Camino hacia Adelante mejora recomendaciones

웨이 포워드 전권위원회 모임의 두 번째 날, 추천 개선안을 가져오다

Presbyterian clergy and leaders fast to protest Wendy’s restaurant chain

Second day of Way Forward Commission meeting brings recommendation refinements

Presbytery of East Virginia to discuss racial justice at upcoming meeting

Presbyterian Mission Agency to host dialogue on Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement

PC(USA) Way Forward Commission begins meeting to craft final report

Remembering the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

‘Gravitating toward an ethos of possibility and hope’

Flor Vélez Díaz es nombrada Gerente de Proceso Judicial para la IP (EE. UU.)

플로 벨레즈 디아즈Flor Vélez-Díaz는 미국장로교회 사법 절차 관리자로 임명 됨

Flor Vélez-Díaz named Manager of Judicial Process for PC(USA)

Minneapolis church opens new wing

Southern California communities devastated by recent mudslides

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Montreat College Conference calls students ‘home’

Two new books for the season of Lent

As Hollywood speaks out, will other wounded women go deeper in the shadows?

Presbyterians Today Lenten Devotional: Jesus and the Prophets

Intersectionality and 21st century colonialism

Video series to highlight Financial Aid for Service award recipients

Jim Atwood wins top Presbyterian Writers Guild award

Cayuaga-Syracuse Presbytery pastors turn pain of discovery to action

Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery pastors turn pain of discovery to action

PHS shares grant to digitize 18th, 19th century church records

Presbyterian Ministry to the United Nations to launch Red Hand Campaign

Finding joy in the midst of sorrow

Jimmie Hawkins looks back at his first year with Office of Public Witness

Nominations sought for 2018 Women of Faith Awards

The Academy: Training ruling elders

Everyday Epiphanies

Charles Stanford, proponent of PC(USA) move to Louisville, dies at age 83

National faith leaders to join day of fasting to protest Wendy’s Restaurant chain

Presbyterian Writers Guild seeks Best First Book nominations

PC(USA) collegiate ministries develops new resource to address gun violence

Threats of deportation jeopardize congregation

Sexual harassment in the church

New Madison, Wisc., young adult ministry to debut in 2018

PC(USA) pastor recognized by 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

January ‘Facing Racism’ resources celebrate legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

On immigration

Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network sees long road in Hurricane Irma recovery

크리스마스 인사말 총회 정서기

Christmas Greetings from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly

Saludos de Navidad de la Secretario Permanente de la Asemblea General

Not good news for everyone

Blue Christmas: Churches acknowledge that the season of joy isn’t always joyous

In Christ’s birthplace, olive wood artisans carry on a Holy Land tradition

Two Co-Moderator teams, one Moderator candidate to stand for office at 223rd General Assembly (2018)

223차 총회(2018) 총회장 선거에 나선 두 팀의 공동 총회장 후보와 개인 후보 1명

New documentary addresses Flint, Michigan water crisis

Putting ‘energy’ into mission

초기 미국 성경

Early American Bibles

Community Tenant Association makes inroads for low income housing residents

New Book of Common Worship coming in 2018

Nelson honors Michael Lukens on retirement

Kids’ holiday books: Christ, candelabras — and critters

Presbyterian ministries realize major increase in #GivingTuesday contributions

2020 Vision Team digs into its first draft

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 월간 시리즈

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Presbyterian church helps members cope with high school shooting in New Mexico

Wounded by church, new worshiping community leader now ministers in neighborhood bar

Southern California church leaders secure release of detained immigrant pastor

Sandy Hook shooting: 5 years later

12 Days of Christmas “Pearls” from the Presbyterian Historical Society

웨이 포워드 전권위원회는 미국장로교회에 대한 임시 권고안을 발표함

Way Forward Commission call reveals tentative recommendations for PC(USA)

A gift to the church: Growing in Grace and Gratitude resources

Presbyterian churches reach out to communities affected by California wildfires

PHS는 두 명의 새로운 이사진을 환영함

PHS welcomes two new board members

En Tierra Santa, secretario permanente insta al presidente Trump de no mudar la embajada de los Estados Unidos

Rvda. Jihyun Oh se une al personal de la Oficina de la Asamblea General

Calling for great church photos for PC(USA) calendar!

Board of Pensions Uncovers Fraud Scheme

Presbyterian Mission Agency race audit team prepares 2018 report

Deeply-discounted merchandise ministry a boon to churches and non-profits

Helping young entrepreneurs build a foundation

Co-moderators call for “deeper cultural shift” on sexual harassment and abuse

WCC invites youth to Stewards Program for 2018 Central Committee

Stated Clerk issues statement on Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel

In the Holy Land, Stated Clerk calls upon President Trump not to move U.S. embassy

Mexican and U.S. Presbyterians look to ‘bridge the past and the future’ of border outreach

Presbyterian churches in Ventura California face new wildfire threats

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance hires senior advisor on hurricane recovery

Christmas Joy Offering prepares racial-ethnic leaders, helps in times of crisis

Anderson pledges PC(USA) support for Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Observing Epiphany

Presbyterians cautious but optimistic following Bonn climate conference

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board suspends search for executive director

James Cone Wins 2018 Grawemeyer Award in Religion

Minute for Mission: World AIDS Day

What are we waiting for in Advent? And what are we celebrating at Christmas?

‘Following the Star’ Advent devotional series returns for 2017

오지현 목사가 총회 직원으로 합류한다.

Rev. Jihyun Oh joins Office of the General Assembly staff

During Advent, the World Council of Churches invites the world to ‘A Light of Peace’

위안부: 한국 전쟁의 인간적 얼굴

장로교 평화 대표단, 노근리 대학살 현장 방문

Facing racism — a meal at a time

Forest Hill Presbyterian Church puts faith into action

포레스트힐 장로교회는 믿음을 행동으로 실천함

La Iglesia Presbiteriana Forest Hill pone la fe en acción

Four films for Advent and Christmas

De adentro hacia afuera

안에서 바깥으로Inside Out

Inside out

Presbyterian environmentalists react to recent South Dakota oil leak

Christ-centered Christmas

Spiritual leaders unite in support of Bears Ears National Monument

Jinishian Memorial Program celebrates 50 years of service

Presbyterians Today offers bilingual Advent devotional

Presbyterian Mission Agency CFO departs

‘Facing Racism’ theme features immigrant and refugee family resources

A scandalous birth announcement

Welcoming the stranger

Young Adult Volunteer learns about the Presbyterian church’s role on the international stage

Youth endowment is ‘investment in the future’

Mary’s valuable lesson

Reformed faith and #GivingTuesday

Zimbabwe church leaders call for prayer, unity to birth a new nation

‘Melting Pot’ no longer!

Hands & Feet team from Iowa builds connections in St. Louis

아이오와 출신의 핸즈& 피트 팀이 세인트 루이스에서 관계를 구축함

Call to action for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Comfort women: The human face of war in Korea

How churches use data to reveal mission and ministry opportunities

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance delegation travels to remote communities in Puerto Rico

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

Jeff Eddings named 1001 New Worshiping Communities coaching associate

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 월간 시리즈

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance visits Puerto Rican Seminary and presbytery leaders

'Imagine No Hunger' a cornerstone program for New Mexico church

Delegación del Programa Presbiteriano de Asistencia en Desastres viaja a Puerto Rico

Scripture, song and a statement: 2020 Vision Team’s recommendations are taking shape

Michael Lukens to retire from long tenure as stated clerk

Hardwick renuncia como director del ministerio de Teología, Formación y Evangelismo de la IP(EE. UU.)

Presbyterian Peace Delegation visits No Gun Ri massacre site

Hardwick resigns as director of PC(USA) Theology, Formation and Evangelism ministry

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance delegation travels to Puerto Rico

Can we help end poverty?

New picture book helps children understand God is always with them


PC(USA) seminary news — November 2017

A pilgrimage of environmental repair and rebirth on the Hudson River

Secretario permanente emite declaración sobre el tiroteo masivo en Tejas

텍사스 교회의 대량 살상 무기에 관한 정서기의 성명서

El legado del trabajo ecuménico de Ben Gutiérrez sigue vivo

Stated Clerk issues statement on Texas church mass shootings

정서기는 노근리 학살에 대한 회개를 약속함

Stated Clerk pledges repentance for No Gun Ri massacre

Presbyterian pastor Ben Gutiérrez had a heart as big as Texas

PC(USA) Benefits Plan offers flexibility for 21st century church leaders

NCC: “We grieve with Sutherland Springs”

Four Presbyterian seminaries receive social justice and service honors

Comisión Camino hacia Adelante se enfoca en formar recomendaciones

The Kuhnekt Initiative builds relationships among church members

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance responds to mass shooting in Texas

Stated Clerk urges fast action on ‘clean’ DREAM Act

Puerto Rican seminary reopens in aftermath of Hurricane Maria

#GivingTuesday presents an opportunity to express thanksgiving

Heartland Presbytery members put faith into action to serve community

Celebrating the life of Marie ‘Breezy’ Lusted

Swipe the page

Stewardship as a way of living our faith

Junta de Pensiones Presbiteriana no recolectara cuotas de beneficios en Puerto Rico

Gnadinger begins service as Carroll University president

Presbyterian Board of Pensions waives benefits dues in Puerto Rico

SDOP helping people live independent and fruitful lives

The growing edges of evangelism

McCord, Adams are most-recently named chaplains at Lakes and Prairies universities

Historic Englewood church shows growth 19 months after devastating fire

When the ‘alt-right’ comes to the neighborhood

PC(USA) Board of Pensions seeks to expand services, attract members

Video series commemorates the 500th anniversary of Reformation

Preteen tackles homelessness concerns in her community

Faith-based forum on supporting LGBTQ refugees deemed a success

PC(USA) peace delegation to visit South Korea in November

Reformation 500: More than a celebration

Creating a vital snapshot of Presbyterians

PC(USA) partner asks for prayers on eve of Kenyan elections

Way Forward Commission focuses attention on forming recommendations

Hands & Feet initiative launched in St. Louis

PC(USA) agencies join global #GivingTuesday movement

Hosts of international peacemakers share excitement over recent visits

Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations celebrates United Nations Day

PC(USA) documentaries selected to screen at esteemed film festivals

What Presbyterians Believe: ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

Kang named 1001 New Worshiping Communities central region associate

Critical deadlines approaching in dialogue around immigration issues

‘No Innocent Bystanders’ provides guide for social justice work

Presbyterian documentaries on immigration and refugees shown in Dayton

Upcoming weekend marks 26th annual observance of Children’s Sabbaths

International peacemakers wrap up four-week visit to U.S.

Mid council leaders reaffirm their baptism at closing worship

Mission co-worker Doug Dicks is returning to his spiritual home

Mid council leaders seek new ways of supporting ministry

Creating an environment for transformation

Playing for keeps

Assembly panels update mid council leaders on their work

Christian formation leaders identify lifelong Christian practices of faith

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 월간 시리즈

Hope and humor abound in dialogue between two top PC(USA) leaders

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Presbyterians called to be healers and table turners

PC(USA) leaders report on talks with ECO

More than 70 churches join covenant as Hunger Action Congregations

PC(USA) called to “embrace who we are”—a denomination of small churches

Taking it to the streets

Be ye noisemakers

Fun and games?

Presbyteries need written policy on departing congregations, Japinga tells moderators

Worship is like a tree, Gambrell tells mid council moderators

Building blocks

Opening plenary of PC(USA) mid council gathering inspires cultivation, growth

On following the leader

Mid council leaders called to move “beyond bracing ourselves”

Presbyterian Writers Guild seeks best Presbyterian writer nominees

Iglesias y presbiterios en California trabajan para ayudar a las personas afectadas por incendios forestales

Office of Public Witness interns, fellows vital to PC(USA) public policy ministry

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance deploys National Response Team to Las Vegas

Presbyterian Center presents Service of Awareness around domestic violence

California churches and presbyteries work to help those affected by wildfires

Presbytery of Philadelphia celebrates 300th anniversary

Board of Pensions issues statement on housing allowance ruling

Presbyterian Church in Cameroon appeals for peace, dialog

Study up: A Reformation anniversary reading list

Churches raise awareness on food sovereignty, justice issues

How the PC(USA) is fighting AIDS in Africa

International Peacemaker from Vietnam faces significant challenges

All Agency Review Committee considers General Assembly procedures

Presbyterian Hunger Program meets with participating countries on poverty, hunger issues

Pacificadora Internacional de México aboga por los derechos de las mujeres

Podcast hosted by PC(USA) co-workers debuts October 18

All Agency Review Committee hears reports from agency questionnaires

International peacemaker uninvited to two high schools

Rwandans remember the genocide but forgive

New children’s book explores diversity and inspires empathy

Pastoring in war

Reformation Sunday resources available from PHS

Applications now being accepted for YAV’s 25th annual recruitment season

Publicaciones de Ministerios Congregacionales será consolidado con la Corporación de Publicaciones Presbiteriana

1001 New Worshiping Community launches in rural Southwest Virginia

1001 New Worshiping Community launches in rural Virginia

International Peacemaker from Mexico advocates for women’s rights

Carta de Secretario Permanente, centro Stony Point y presbiterianos locales unidos tuvieron papel importante en el acuerdo del 3 de octubre entre Migrant Justice y Ben & Jerry's

정서기 서신, 스토니 포인트 센터, 지역 장로교인들 모두 “이주 노동자의 정의 (Migrant Justice)”와 벤 앤 제리스(Ben & Jerry 's)가 10 월 3 일 맺은 합의에서 역할을 감당하다

PDA emite oración a causa de la masacre en Las Vegas

Stated Clerk letter, Stony Point Center, local Presbyterians all played role in October 3 agreement between Migrant Justice and Ben & Jerry’s

Presbyterian Church leaders react to mass shooting in Las Vegas

Zephyr Point hosts inaugural retreat for homeless persons

Presbyterian churches provide pastoral support in midst of chaos in Las Vegas

PDA issues prayer following Las Vegas massacre

Presbyterians explore history and implications of Protestant Reformation

Stated Clerk urges Presbyterians to back greater refugee resettlement

PC(USA) Stated Clerk urges President Trump to expand refugee resettlement

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Fossil Free PC(USA) announce new partnership

‘Got Sermon?’

PC (EE.UU.) firma el Amicus Brief que va en contra de la Orden Ejecutiva sobre la prohibición de viaje

PEC Conference concludes with renewed call to end Doctrine of Discovery

Freedom Rising initiative receives major gifts

PMAB Board approves ongoing relationships with Historically Presbyterian Racial Ethnic institutions

Stewardship Kaleidoscope seminar discusses planned giving basics for churches

Exploring a partnership with the Mexican Communion of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches

NCC, 북한에 대하여 트럼프에게 보내는 공문서 서명 수집

Presbyterians for Earth Care meet with Native Americans in the northwest

NCC collecting signatures for public letter to Trump on North Korea

Helping Africa’s children

Helping Africa’s children

PC(USA) approves changes to the Joan Fong Capital Grant

미국장로교회는 여행 금지 행정명령에 반대하는 Amicus Brief를 서명함

Presbytery leader in Puerto Rico reports on damage from Hurricane Maria

PC(USA) Signs on to Amicus Brief Opposing the Executive Order on the Travel Ban

50 Years at 425 Lombard

Lessons from the Stewardship Kaleidoscope conference: Stewardship as pastoral care

Presbyterians for Earth Care open bi-annual meeting in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

Unbound publishes first issue after six-month hiatus

'... 그리고 비행기 표를 가져오세요'

Congregational Ministries Publishing to transfer to Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Congregational Ministries Publishing to transfer to Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Presbyterian ministries issue statement on 2018 refugee admissions

Second day of PMA Board meeting sees approval of new board structure

223rd General Assembly (2018) plans take shape

223차 총회(2018) 계획이 구체화 됨

PC(USA) State Clerk invites participation in Freedom Rising initiative

Native American Day Worship opens second day of PMAB meeting

Los planes para la 223a Asamblea General (2018) toman forma

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to help with earthquake recovery efforts in Mexico

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board begins fall Louisville meeting

COGA confirma que la 223a AG se reunirá en St. Louis

총회 사무국 위원회(COGA)는 223차 총회가 세인트 루이스에서 열릴 것임을 확인함

Farmworkers in Immokalee begin recovery from Hurricane Irma

COGA affirms that GA223 will meet in St. Louis

‘Theological Conversations’ releases ‘Redeeming Covenant’

Huracán María llega a Puerto Rico

International Peacemakers arrive in the U.S.

Ministerial Team Makes Recommendations About the Cost of Ministry

Freedom Rising gains traction in pilot cities

Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico

Facing up to our racism

Way Forward Commission concludes Louisville meeting

‘Gift and Task’ offers a year of daily reading from Walter Brueggemann

September edition of Facing Racism explores The Doctrine of Discovery

Way Forward Commission begins September meeting in Louisville

Applications being accepted for the 2018 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Communities caught in the conflict in Congo

Presbyterian ministers gather at U.S. Capitol to speak up on federal budget proposal

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Hope in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Florida presbyteries mobilize to help churches and communities after Hurricane Irma

장로교 선교국은 새로운 임시 사무총장을 발표하다

UKirk opens coffee shop ministry

Agencia Presbiteriana de Misión nombra a un nuevo director ejecutivo interino

‘…and bring along a plane ticket’

Texas church shows resilience among its members following Hurricane Harvey

New Orleans congregation celebrates 100 years of international mission

OGA fills two key Mid Council Ministries staff positions

2017 Christian Unity Gathering of the National Council of Churches coming up

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance assesses Hurricane Harvey damage in the Houston area

A Presbyterian understanding of the 1st and 14th amendments: freedom of religion and equal protection under the law

마르투리아Marturia의 손실

Presbiterios se preparan para el Huracán Irma

Mayhem at Marturia

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance leaders join Mission Presbytery to assess Harvey damage

Presbyterians brace for Hurricane Irma

신학&예배부서는 '내쉬빌 성명서'에 응답하다

장로교인들은 허리케인/열대성 폭풍 하비로 인한 텍사스의 재난에 응답하다

Presbyteries brace for Hurricane Irma

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance leaders meet with presbyteries impacted by Hurricane Harvey

PC(USA) leaders meet to discuss future of camp and conference ministries

Resources available for Theological Education Sunday

Secretario de la IP (EE.UU.) reafirma el compromiso de la Iglesia hacia las personas receptoras y defensoras de DACA

미국장로교회 정서기는 DACA 수혜자, 지지자들에 대한 교회의 결단을 재확인하다

PC(USA) Stated Clerk condemns president’s decision to end DACA program

Secretario de la IP (EE.UU.) condena la decisión del presidente de poner fin al programa DACA

미국장로교회 정서기는 DACA 프로그램을 종결키로 한 대통령의 결정을 비난하다

PC(USA) Stated Clerk reaffirms church’s commitment to DACA recipients, supporters

Teología y Adoración responde a «La Declaración de Nashville»

Presbyterians to host symposium on LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers

New mission co-worker answers God’s call to serve in Honduras

Theology & Worship responds to ‘The Nashville Statement’

Board of Pensions extends prayers, assistance information to Harvey victims

Pueblo Presbiteriano responde a la llamada de desatre en Texas después del huracán/tormenta tropical Harvey

Presbyterians continue recovery effort in Houston following Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey

Presbyterian resource stores consolidate

News from Governance Task Force

Presbyterians convene Educate a Child Round Table

At odds with the church… Yet we love the church

Presbyterians respond to disaster call in Texas following Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey

Celebrating the Reformation

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance prepares to send national response team to Texas

International Peacemaker to share need for health services in Malawi

Presbyterian Writers Guild announces publication of A Progressive Feast in Parabolic Story

Statement of former PC(USA) General Assembly Moderators on Charlottesville

Volunteer celebrates nearly 50 years of opportunity-giving ministry

Presbyterians mobilize to help the people of Texas recover after Hurricane Harvey 

Prayer in the midst of Hurricane Harvey

Presbyterian Center carnival celebrates the work of PC(USA) employees

Travel Study Seminar takes Presbyterians to Guatemala and Costa Rica

Peace and Global Witness Offering invites support for Freedom Rising

Rebecca Dali: My faith in God motivates me every second

Faith-based investing committee releases data on progress of climate change discussions

Resources for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

Presbyterian Hunger Program receives update on the Eco-Palms project in Guatemala

All Agency Review Committee sets plan to complete work

Confesión de pastores jóvenes coreano-americanos de la IP (EE.UU.) en relación con la supremacía blanca y el racismo

Confession of PCUSA young Korean-American Pastors regarding the White Supremacy and Racism

백인우월주의자들의 대규모 폭력 시위에 대한 미국장로교(PCUSA) 30대 40대 한인 목회자들의 신앙고백문

Se crea un ambiente para el desarrollo de las mujeres de color

Hacedora de Paz centroamericana visitara los EE.UU. este otoño

Playing together in God’s kingdom

Decision not to merge OGA and PMA eclipses All Agency Review business

International peacemaker believes education is key to peace in South Sudan

이번 가을 미국을 방문할 중앙 아메리카의 평화 조정자

Creating an environment for women of color to thrive

Central American peacemaker to visit U.S. this fall

Vacation Bible School project helps hungry neighbors in Illinois

PMAB Finance Committee receives 2017 first half report

Montana communities fight wildfires and severe drought conditions

Resources for congregations and pastors to stand against racism, white supremacy

Hundreds dead in Sierra Leone following flooding and mudslides in capital city

Mission co-workers in Africa moving to where God calls them

Presbyterian churches in St. Louis confront, engage in work of racial justice

An emotional goodbye to years of tradition

'Out of Fear and into Freedom'

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

Korean Unification Day looks toward peaceful reconciliation of Korean Peninsula

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

PC(USA) leaders condemn white supremacy, racism

정서기의 성명: '극우 백인Alt-Right들의 인종차별에 우리는 연루되어 있는가?'

미국장로교회 지도자들은 백인 우월주의, 인종차별을 비난한다

Stated Clerk’s statement: ‘Are we complicit in the racism of the alt-right?’

Presbyterians gather in Charlottesville to unite against hate groups

Resources to promote the 2017 Peace & Global Witness Offering now available

I could not walk away: The mission work on migration and human trafficking

신앙 지키기: 인종에 관한 신성한 대화

Mantenemos la fe: Conversaciones Sagradas sobre la Raza

‘Living, Dying, Rising’ at national 1001 New Worshiping Communities gathering

Kenyan peacemaker to visit U.S. this fall

New book focuses on peacemaking in the PC(USA)

‘In living and dying we belong to God’

Way Forward Commission looks to September meeting in Louisville

‘The feet of Christ were always on a journey towards God’

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance issues appeal for South Sudan

Keeping Faith: Sacred Conversations on Race

Worshiping communities remain ‘new’ when people find life in them

Stated Clerk Writes the President and Congress to continue DACA and pass the Dream Act

Nuevo Gerente de Diversidad y Reconciliación de la IP(EE.UU.) Samuel Son

미국장로교회는 다양성과 화해를 위한 새로운 관리자 채용

Presbyterian Hunger Program urges Ben & Jerry’s to join Milk with Dignity program

PC(USA) hires new Manager for Diversity and Reconciliation

1001 New Worshiping Communities to live stream sermons, plenary talks from national conference

Meeting Christ in an old family journal

Se necesitan manos & pies en la 223a AG en St. Louis

St. Louis에서의 223차 총회를 위해 필요한 "손과 발"

Call to Prayer for Public Accountability and Good Governance in South Africa

Synod School sets participation record

남아프리카 공화국의 공적인 책임과 훌륭한 통치를 위한 기도

Secretario Permanente de la IP (EE.UU.) pide al pueblo presbiteriano orar por la paz y el liderazgo

Philadelphia ReStore benefits from PC(USA) Board of Pensions makeover

Hands & Feet needed in St. Louis for GA223

Nelson calls Presbyterians to action

When church hurts: Spiritual wounds and paths to healing

SDOP disburses nearly $90,000 for self-help projects

Will you pray for Iraq?

Presbyterian Peacemaker from Myanmar will speak in U.S. this fall

Volunteers still needed in the Carolinas from 2015/2016 flooding

Office of Public Witness calls on Presbyterians to participate in fall event in Washington

‘Theological Conversations’ releases ‘Seeking a Correctable Conscience’

Kentucky Court of Appeals affirms lower court’s ruling in Dermody case

Leadership institute equips immigrant women to serve church

Lifelong Presbyterian finds inspiration through Self-Development of People

Stated Clerk Speaks Out on Trump's Proposed Ban on Transgender Personnel in the Military

Technology is impacting seminaries

Presbyterian Council on Chaplains and Military Personnel announces new director

Five members of interfaith group barred from boarding plane for Israel

8월 13일에 "한반도 평화 통일을 위한 기도 주일"을 함께 함으로 전 세계 교회들이 한국 교회와의 연대를 표명하도록 초대함

Churches across the world invited to pray for Korean reunification

The Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas to Preach on Sunday, July 30

Young Adult Volunteer finds new focus with Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations

Give Hope To South Sudan

A matter of forgiveness — of student loans

Italian peacemaker to speak to U.S. churches this fall

유대교, 기독교, 이슬람교 종교 지도자들이 이스라엘 - 팔레스타인 평화를 위해 연합

Líderes judíos, cristianos y musulmanes se unen por la paz entre el pueblo israelí y palestino

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious leaders unite for Israeli-Palestinian peace

New Wilmington Mission Conference welcomes first woman director

Signs are hopeful for construction of peace in Colombia

National Black Presbyterian Caucus gathers in Detroit for 43rd biennial convention

Ministerio en la intersección del racismo y la pobreza

Red de Misión de Honduras provee financiamiento crítico para nueva posición de misión

Se revive la esperanza en una comunidad Hispano/Latina inundada

International Peacemaker to share struggles from the Philippines

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee wraps up three-day retreat

인종차별과 빈곤의 교차점에 있는 사역

빅텐트 폐회예배는 변화의 씨앗을 심고 경작하도록 장려함

총회 사무국(OGA)의 구나Guna는 권위있는 디지털 매핑상 수상

버클을 채우고, 단단히 잡고, 미친 듯이 기도하십시오

이민 강조 주일을 위한 자원 정보

Bible Explorations: Acting like God’s people

What Presbyterians believe about ecumenism

Building enduring peace in South Sudan

All are welcome at The Open Table

Helping communities help themselves

African American clergy speak out against proposed federal budget and health care plan

Guna de OGA gana prestigioso premio por su mapa conceptual digital

OGA’s Guna wins prestigious digital-mapping award

Attending church is good for your health. Now what?

PMAB Governance Task Force seeks a smaller, more responsive board

‘Best Future from Today’

PMAB Executive Committee looks into mission outreach in Minneapolis/St. Paul

"Abróchate, Sujétate fuerte y Ora Como Loco/a"

PMAB Executive Committee begins three-day retreat in St. Paul

Young adults weigh in on PC(USA)’s efforts to dismantle racism

Buckle up, hold on tight, and pray like crazy

July edition of Facing Racism leverages Big Tent theme and resources

La Sociedad Histórica Presbiteriana tiene nueva directora de desarrollo

Advocates gather around threats to family farmers and other Iowans

Presbyterian Historical Society has new development director

사역장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Iowa Presbyterian church offers ‘No Strings Attached’ education program

World Protestant body issues solidarity message with Palestinian Christians

Wisdom Journey: A Declaration of God-Dependence

International Peacemaker to address struggles in Sierra Leone

Presbyterian Writers Guild: ‘Writing Parables that Address Racism’

Big Tent workshop offers stories and struggles of reconciliation around the world

Recognizing systems of power and privilege that perpetuate racism

Putting the cross in CrossFit

Retooling the church for the 21st century

Like the church, Presbyterian worship is always being reformed

Honduras Mission Network provides critical funding for new mission position

Shattering the stained glass ceiling

2020 Vision Team: In search of a vision for the PC(USA)

Big Tent closing worship encourages planting and cultivating seeds of change

Big Tent attendees engage in dialog with St. Louis churches

Ministry at the intersection of racism and poverty

Big Tent workshop takes on the issue of climate change

New website serves up more user-friendly church statistics

Our differences are gifts of God, says Big Tent Bible study leader Eric Barreto

Stated Clerk tells Big Tent the church is primed for another Reformation

Presbyterian Intercultural Network outlines steps to engage racism

Big Tent Plenary addresses Ferguson three years later

Big Tent opening day offers big fun for adults and children

Speed-dating, Presbyterian style

WCRC joins declaration to overcome reformation divisions

Big Tent 2017 kicks off in St. Louis

Board launches search for PMA executive director

The church has ‘sold’ the building

Christian unity to be WCRC focus in Wittenberg

Presbyterian Mission Agency publishes 2016 Annual Report

Information, resources available for Immigration Sunday

Interfaith leaders hold 23-hour vigil on Capitol Hill

‘Theological Conversations’ releases ‘500 Years and Counting’ for June 2017

2017년 6 월 '신학적 대화'는 '500년 그리고 계산은 진행중임'을 발표한다

All Agency Review Committee discusses future plans

앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회의 중간 보고서 발표

Way Forward Commission issues mid-term report

Way Forward Commission to release midterm report

Leading by example in Rwanda

La Comisión “Camino Hacia Adelante” presenta un informe de mitad de período

Stated Clerk urges Ben & Jerry’s to strike agreement with Vermont dairy farmers

Board of Pensions reports successful Benefits Connections

Washington nonprofit shows strength in empowering low-income housing residents

Helping people help themselves keeps one volunteer inspired and motivated

Presbyterian AIDS Awareness Day observed in conjunction with National HIV Testing Day

PMAB responds to De La Rosa’s ‘open letter’ to Way Forward Commission

New interactive map highlights Presbyterian historic sites in St. Louis area

세인트 루이스 지역의 장로교 유적지를 보여주는 새로운 대화식 지도

Where leadership thrives: Summer camp and the hope for the world

«Conversaciones Teológicas» emite 500 años y contando para el mes de junio del 2017

한반도 평화를 위한 기도의 절기

A season of prayer of peace on the Korean Peninsula

1001 New Worshiping Communities hires new associate

Larry Sthreshley: On the front lines in the battle to stop Ebola

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

International Peacemaker from Sri Lanka to address U.S. churches this fall

Hope and Forgiveness for Rwandan genocide victims and perpetrators

Older adult ministry leader shares insights at ‘Ageing and Spirituality’ conference

Listening to one woman’s journey on World Refugee Day

Fifty people injured in deck collapse at Presbyterian camp

Hurricane-ravaged Haiti still reeling eight months after Matthew

Applications now open for the 2019 Presbyterian Youth Triennium production team

Heads of faith groups speak out against anti-Muslim marches

De La Rosa redacta carta de preocupación para la Comisión Camino hacia Adelante

Reviving hope in an underwater Hispanic-Latino community

델라 로사(De La Rosa) 의 앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회(Way Forward Commission)에 보내는 공개서한

'신앙 지키기': 루완다의 화해와 평화

‘More than Words’ explores modern family values

De La Rosa pens open letter of concern to Way Forward Commission

사역장로와 관련하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Four generations of Presbyterian mission: From potted plant to garden

Presbyterian churches to commemorate World Refugee Day June 20

Faithful civil engagement

‘Keeping Faith’: Reconciliation and peace in Rwanda

새로운 대화식 자료가 이민의 근본 원인을 탐구한다.

Third Thursday webinar presents ‘The view from Iraqi Kurdistan’

New interactive resource explores root causes of immigration

Nuevo recurso interactivo explora causa de la inmigración

Pakistani minister to share struggles and success in reaching people of different faiths

PC(USA) seminary news

Principles of investing

Trio of resources available for study of the Protestant Reformation

The dismantling of immigrant and refugee families

'신학적 대화'는 '신실한 반대의 유산', 2017 년 5 번째 시리즈를 발표함

WCC Executive Committee to focus on unity

What Presbyterians Believe: Blessed!

Rural farming community in India becomes organic farming model

‘Mission 180’ celebrates milestone in Presbyterian mission abroad

1001 NWC videos inspire pastor to produce stories from Coastal Carolina Presbytery

Día Mundial de los refugiados: «elegir dar la bienvenida en vez del aislamiento y el miedo

세계 난민의 날: "고립과 두려움보다 환대를 선택"

International Peacemaker to share Palestinian experience this fall

Synod School heads toward a record enrollment this summer

‘Theological Conversations’ releases ‘A Legacy of Faithful Dissent,’ fifth in 2017 series

Big Tent attendance grows as workshop platform takes shape

World Refugee Day: “choosing welcome over isolation and fear”

Board of Pensions names Vice President, Growth Strategies and Solutions

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program prepares for 2018 Mosaic of Peace Conference

Interfaith leaders speak out on White House decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship releases gun violence prevention toolkit

With only faith for protection Rev. Peter Tibi engages in shuttle diplomacy in South Sudan

Presbyterian churches to be celebrated for hunger work

Dansalan College buildings burned and teachers abducted in Marawi City, Philippines

Faith-based investors gain ground with ExxonMobil on climate change

Montreat summer worship series begins June 4

Candidate for ministry shares lesson learned from her guide dogs

Attack on Christian pilgrims in Egypt kills 35

Reformation is ‘GPS’ for next 500 years, says S. African Anglican leader in Luther’s town

New Pentecost worship resource exalts Holy Spirit-inspired possibilities

PC(USA) celebrates 25 years of partnership with the Church of Bangladesh

‘Why does Pentecost matter? What do we do with the Holy Spirit!’

Managing editor hired for Christian social justice journal, Unbound

Ukrainian peacemaker devotes life to helping at-risk youth

My Faith at Work: My ministry? Eating school lunches

Big Tent music director attracts local talent as worship leaders

Refugee women learn independence, sewing one STITCH at a time

German Protestant Kirchentag opens to call for renewal of global order

Gen-On Ministries curriculum now available from Congregational Ministries Publishing

Presbyterians join Coalition of Immokalee Workers at Wendy’s shareholders meeting

Following God’s detour

«No estamos muriendo, nos estamos reformando»

"우린 죽지 않았습니다. 우리는 개혁하고 있습니다."

‘We are not dying. We are Reforming.'

New incentive loan offered to help churches make campuses more accessible

PC(USA) membership decline continues but slows

미국장로교회 교인 감소는 계속되지만 느려짐

Continua el declive de la membresía de la IP(EE.UU.) a paso lento

Big Tent 2017 reflects new approach to big gatherings

Disability Inclusion Sunday is May 28

Office of Faith-Based Investing releases new video

빅텐트 실시간 총회 예배 통역 제공

Líder de estudio bíblico para La Gran Carpa declara «Dios ama nuestras diferencias»

‘Facing Racism’ campaign offers Belhar resources

Stated Clerk announces creation of new leadership position

Not quite right: Don’t let the church become fake news

POINT volunteers lead the way in assisting churches with educational ministry

‘Teach Me the Way I Should GO’ Bible study now available for youth and youth groups

Facebook Live video, ‘Labor and Religion — Building Durable Coalitions for Worker Justice,’ now available

쿠바와 미국에 있는 장로교인들이 모여 상호 선교 협약 갱신을 논의함

Presbyterians in Cuba and U.S. meet to discuss renewal of Mutual Mission Agreement

어느 쿠바 목사의 회고록

Memoirs of a Cuban pastor

사역장로와 관련하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Dirty hands, tired feet, and elevated spirits in St. Louis

장로교 역사 소사이티는 "역사의 맛"을 선보임

Presbyterian Historical Society Presents “Taste of History”

PC(USA) leaders decry alleged persecution of gays in Chechnya

허버트 넬슨은 J. Herbert Nelson, II 루이빌 신학교(LPTS) 졸업식에서 연설함

J. Herbert Nelson, II, to speak at LPTS commencement

미국장로교 저널리스트, 교회연합 언론상 24개 수상

PC(USA) journalists reap 24 Associated Church Press Awards

Joyce Lieberman leaving OGA to lead Synod of South Atlantic

Mission Presbytery awards “Better Together” grants

Respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para líderes espirituales

사역장로와 관련하여: 영적 지도자를 위한 월간 시리즈

Regarding ruling elders: a monthly series for spiritual leaders

Stated Clerk endorses new resource on immigration and sanctuary

사역장로를 영적인 지도자로 양성하는 새로운 자원

PC(USA) Co-Moderator requests prayer for Syria Urges continued advocacy in wake of chemical attack, retaliatory strike

All proposed constitutional amendments have been ratified

PCC concurs with task force recommendations for Bible Content Examination

New resources equip ruling elders to be spiritual leaders

New Book Examines the Faith of a First Lady

Four churches celebrate 20th anniversary of full communion Formula of Agreement

Donación del Sínodo reafirma compañerismo entre presbiterianos

A Call to Prayer from the Stated Clerk for Jennifer Dalquez and the plight of overseas Filipino workers

Presbyterian ethicist draws inspiration from the global church

Presbyterian ethicist draws inspiration from the global church - Korean

Presbiteriana especialista en ética es inspirada por la iglesia global

Synod’s gift affirms partnership among Presbyterians - Korean

Synod’s gift affirms partnership among Presbyterians

Alcalde de Alaska reconoce la disculpa de la IP (EE.UU.)

Joven ministro presbiteriana encuentra que el trabajo ecuménico "cambia la vida"

Joven líder ecuménica lidera esfuerzos para prohibir armas nucleares

Alaska mayor acknowledges PC(USA) apology

PC(USA) issues letter urging Wendy’s to join Fair Food Program

사역장로와 관련하여: 사역장로와 세례

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: Los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes y el bautismo

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and Baptism

Young Presbyterian minister finds ecumenical work ‘life-changing’ - Korean

Young Presbyterian minister finds ecumenical work ‘life-changing’

Comisión Camino hacia Adelante adopta afirmación para el enfoque e invitación a la colaboración

Way Forward Commission adopts affirmation of approach and invitation to collaboration - Korean

Big Tent registration opens March 15

Choi named to new position supporting Korean-speaking councils - Korean

New Book Examines the Faith of a Sports Icon

Way Forward Commission adopts affirmation of approach and invitation to collaboration

New Handbook Helps Pastors and Congregations Recover From Un-Natural Disasters

Interim communications director begins in PC(USA) Office of the General Assembly

Young ecumenical leader spearheads effort to ban nuclear weapons - Korean

Young ecumenical leader spearheads effort to ban nuclear weapons

La IP(EE.UU.) pide al gobierno que responda a la crisis económica en Puerto Rico

PC(USA) Stated Clerk signs on to ecumenical declaration on behalf of refugees

Choi named to new position supporting Korean-speaking councils

Big things are happening at biennial Presbyterian gathering

PC(USA) asks administration to respond to Puerto Rico economic crisis

Hands & Feet mission initiative leads up to 223rd General Assembly (2018)

My time at the Presbyterian Center

Stated Clerk calls on President Trump to condemn all forms of prejudice

Secretario Permanente firma un informe amicus que se opone a la prohibición de viaje del Presidente Trump

PC(USA) leaders issue apology to Native Americans, Alaska natives, and native Hawaiians - Korean

Líderes de la IP (EE.UU,) piden disculpas a los pueblos Nativo Americanos, nativos de Alaska y de Hawái

Task force reviewing Bible content exams issues statement - Korean

Grupo de Trabajo que revisa contenido bíblico para exámenes hace declaración

Task force reviewing Bible content exams issues statement

트럼프 대통령의 여행 금지 법안에 반대하는 공 서기가 amicus brief에 서명 함

Stated Clerk signs amicus brief opposing President Trump's travel ban

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and new members

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: Los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes y la nueva membresía

사역장로와 관련하여: 사역장로와 신입교우

Members voice expectations, formulate constituent questions

Presbyterian Publishing Corporation Expands Its Sales Efforts with Two New Hires

PC(USA) leaders issue apology to Native Americans, Alaska natives, and native Hawaiians

Secretario Permanente se opone a la orden que prohíbe la entrada de los refugiados a los EE.UU.

Stated Clerk opposes order banning refugees’ entry into U.S. - Korean

Celebrate, Remember, Share: PHS marks milestones in 2017 - Korean

New Books for the Lenten Season

Stated Clerk opposes order banning refugees’ entry into U.S.

Celebrate, Remember, Share: PHS marks milestones in 2017

“One Church, One Book” aims to jumpstart discussions about race - Korean

Church is called to “radical discipleship” in the face of “empire,” WCC visitors tell PC(USA) leaders - Korean

“One Church, One Book” aims to jumpstart discussions about race

World mission leader tapped for immigration advocacy position - Korean

La Comisión Camino Hacia Adelante de la Asamblea General traza su camino de avance

Church is called to “radical discipleship” in the face of “empire,” WCC visitors tell PC(USA) leaders

사역장로와 관련하여: 성만찬 예식

Con respecto a los ancianos gobernantes: El ministerio de la Cena del Señor

Regarding ruling elders: the ministry of the Lord’s Supper

MLK Weekend: A Call to Action - Korean

MLK Weekend: A Call to Action

World mission leader tapped for immigration advocacy position

PC(USA) leader supports Pennsylvania congregants who have chosen to remain in the denomination despite schism - Korean

Comisión Camino hacia Adelante establece proceso para fomentar participación

Way Forward Commission establishes process to encourage engagement - Korean

Way Forward Commission establishes process to encourage engagement

More than $1 million saved by moving ordination exams online

General Assembly Way Forward Commission charts its own way forward - Korean

General Assembly Way Forward Commission charts its own way forward

PC(USA) call for prayer for the Democratic Republic of the Congo

PC(USA) leader supports Pennsylvania congregants who have chosen to remain in the denomination despite schism

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: preparación para los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes

사역 장로와 관련하여: 사역 장로 준비

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elder preparation

Stated Clerk speaks out on Israel’s treatment of WCC official

Krummel regresa al ministerio pastoral

Krummel returning to parish ministry - Korean

Presbyterian Historical Society digital archives features 5,000 virtual items, and the list keeps growing - Korean

Krummel returning to parish ministry

Co-Moderators Urge Presbyterians to be 'Agents of Peace'

PC(USA) issues call to prayer and action for South Sudan

무례함이 표준이 되었을 때

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: Despues del servicio en el consistorio

사역장로에 대하여: 당회사역을 마치고 나서

Regarding ruling elders: after session service

When incivility becomes the norm

노회장들이 노회 리더십의 볼트와 너트를 배우다

노회장들의 개정안 투표, 재앙대책, 목적이 있는 미팅을 위한 토론

중간 공의회 리더들이 예수님의 변화시키는 강한 부름을 듣다

“기죽지 마세요” 교회정치 컨퍼런스에서 공 서기가 중간 공의회 리더들에게 하는 말이다

중간 공의회 리더들이 변화하여 미국장로교회가 ‘반 인종차별 다문화 기관’ 만들기 도전을 받다

교회정치 컨퍼런스 워크숍이 다룬 인종 폭력, 떠나는 교회들, 그리고 중간 공의회와 관련된 다양한 이슈들

교회정치 컨퍼런스가 하나님의 비전을 기다리는 부르심으로 폐회하다

Coordination of General Assembly initiatives

New Advent Books from PPC

Stated Clerk supports peace and reconciliation in El Salvador

Polity Conference ends with call to wait for God’s vision

Polity Conference workshops address racial violence, departing churches, and a variety of issues facing mid councils

Mid council leaders challenged to embrace change, make the PC(USA) an ‘antiracist multicultural institution’

“Don’t get stuck,” Stated Clerk tells mid council leaders at Polity Conference

Presbytery moderators discuss voting on amendments, disaster response, purposeful meetings

Moderators learn nuts and bolts of presbytery leadership

Mid council leaders hear rousing call to be transformed by Jesus

Stated Clerk supports justice and advocacy work at historic N.C. church

In this season: GA222 Co-Moderator reflections

Secretario Permanente dirigirá servicio de reforma en vivo el 2 de noviembre

Stated Clerk to lead live-streamed Reformation worship service Nov. 2 - Korean

Stated Clerk to lead live-streamed Reformation worship service Nov. 2

Presbyterian Historical Society digital archives features 5,000 virtual items, and the list keeps growing

Presbyterians called to take a stand against sexual and gender-based violence - Korean

Se hicieron nombramientos para el Consejo para el Futuro y el Equipo de Visión 2020

Presbyterians called to take a stand against sexual and gender-based violence

사역장로에 관해서: 은혜와 감사

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: gracia y gratitud

Regarding ruling elders: grace and gratitude

New Book Inspires Abundant Living in a Culture of Excess

Government report could end detention of asylum-seeking families

Former PC(USA) Moderator Benjamin Weir dies

La IP(EE.UU.) continuara acompañando a la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia

Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia envía una declaración en respuesta al «no»

Presbyterian Church of Colombia issues statement in wake of “no” vote - Korean

Appointments made for Way Forward Commission, 2020 Vision Team - Korean

PC(USA) will continue to walk with the Presbyterian Church of Colombia

Entrenamiento de líderes de presbiterio energiza a una multitud mayor de la esperada

Presbytery leader training event energizes a larger-than-expected crowd - Korean

Lamentamos el asesinato de Terence Crutcher a manos de la policía en Tulsa

Presbyterian Church of Colombia issues statement in wake of “no” vote

Appointments made for Way Forward Commission, 2020 Vision Team

Lamenting the police killing of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa - Korean

Former Evangelical Megachurch Pastor Argues Against “Clobber Passages” After Being Fired For His LGBTQ Stance

Please pray for peace and justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In this season: GA222 Co-Moderator reflections

Presbyterians and other faith leaders believe peace and reconciliation are possible in Colombia, despite three generations of war and trauma - Korean

Presbyterians and other faith leaders believe peace and reconciliation are possible in Colombia, despite three generations of war and trauma

Presbytery of Charlotte issues call to prayer and witness

Lamenting the police killing of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa

Con respecto a los ancianos/as gobernantes: Los ancianos/as gobernantes y los asuntos de personal

Con respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: los/as ancianos/as gobernantes y la oración

Con respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: Fe y trabajo

Presbytery leader training event energizes a larger-than-expected crowd

Secretario Permanente de la IP (EE.UU.) envía carta de apoyo a la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia con respecto a los acuerdos de paz

PC(USA) Stated Clerk sends letter of support to Presbyterian Church of Colombia in the wake of peace accord

J. Herbert Nelson casts a vision for the denomination in sermon to PMAB

사역 장로에 관하여: 믿음과 업무

Regarding ruling elders: faith and work

PC(USA) Stated Clerk sends letter of support to Presbyterian Church of Colombia in the wake of peace accord

Former Prosecutor Examines Capital Punishment by Putting Jesus on Trial in New Book

PC(USA) offers support for Standing Rock Sioux protest in North Dakota

Presbyterian Center welcomes J. Herbert Nelson as Stated Clerk

In this season: GA222 Co-Moderator reflections

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로와 기도

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and prayer

New app could lead to more diversity in church decision making - Korean

New app could lead to more diversity in church decision making

In this season: GA222 Co-Moderator reflections

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and per capita - Korean

Efforts to address climate change intensify following GA222 - Korean

Former General Assembly vice moderator, Floyd N. Rhodes, dies at age 83

PC(USA) Stated Clerk speaks out on police killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile

PC(USA) leadership responds to Dallas shootings, encourages people to “care for someone today” - Korean

Two New Glory to God Resources Available

Efforts to address climate change intensify following GA222

Hands & Feet

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로 및 인사 문제

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and personnel matters

PC(USA) leadership responds to Dallas shootings, encourages people to “care for someone today”

PC(USA) Stated Clerk speaks out on police killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile

PC(USA) Stated Clerk sends letter of support to church partners in Iraq

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and per capita

Stated Clerk issues statement on the attack on Istanbul's Ataturk airport

General Assembly 222 closes with recognitions and updates

General Assembly 222 concludes with worship

PC(USA) leaders issue post-General Assembly letter to the church

GA turns back move to divest from fossil-fuel firms

California pastor instructs worshipers: “Be reconciled to GOD. Now.”

World church leaders hail J. Herbert Nelson’s election as Stated Clerk of the PC(USA)

Assembly affirms centrality of Peacemaking in Christian faith

Proposed amendment would restore pre-2012 ministry titles

GA approves report re-evaluating two-state solution in Israel/Palestine

Where have all the CR’S gone?

Crochet artist stole away, created a special vestment for a special Presbyterian

Pastor, former seminary chief has proud memories of ‘Summer of Love’ GA in Portland

Third generation Presbyterian pastor elected Stated Clerk of PC(USA)

Assembly affirms pay-ratio targets for PMA

PC(USA) Stated Clerk issues statement on Supreme Court DAPA case - Korean

Assembly re-confirms leaders of Presbyterian Publishing, PILP

Committee reverses 2014 action to reduce Synods

Presbyterian writers guild celebrates distinguished communicators

Racial categories in reports to OGA will be changing

After 3-day bus odyssey, woman ‘on fire’ to attend GA is inspired to light mission fuse in home congregation

‘This is not the time to lose hope’

GA expresses ‘regret’ for harm to LGBTQ/Q members, ‘sorrow’ to those who have left inclusive church

Presbyterian CREDO alumni celebrate inspirational program

George W. Baird receives C. Fred Jenkins award

Plenary hall becomes a sea of T’s celebrating mission

Commission created to deal with PC(USA) structural issues

PC(USA) Stated Clerk issues statement on Supreme Court DAPA case

With repentance and resolve, Assembly vows to keep children safe

A place for the still, small voice in the midst of GA cacophony

Assembly approves new directory for worship

Burke, Va., Presbyterian Church honored

Dependent-care policy makes GA more family-friendly

GA pauses to honor Gradye Parsons

Ruling Elders gather in fellowship, hear from peers

Stated Clerk nominees shake, chat, pose with commissioners

AME Bishop Reginald Jackson urges PC(USA) to be ‘prophetic, not pathetic’

Allan Boesak commends Belhar Confession

Belhar added to PC(USA)’s Book of Confessions

Way forward could include examination of national structure

Committee approves child-protection policy

Committee recommends expressing “deep sorrows” to LGBTQ/Q community

PPC, PILP presidents gain approval

Historical Society chief describes church’s support for Japanese-American internees

Committee urges reversing 2014 action on reducing the number of Synods

Middle East Committee affirms study of boycott, divestment and sanctions

Voices of Sophia breakfast speaker says grief ‘can lead us to justice’

Mission work plan recommended by committee

Seminarians rate ‘polity gymnastics’ in Committee rooms 2.2

Polity Committee refuses to permit those who renounce jurisdiction to do church work

Celebrate Reformation’s 500th birthday by emulating Reformers, committee suggests

Presbyterians for Earth Care speakers say now is the time to tackle climate change

Committee recommendation impacts Refugee-resettlement policies

Awards given at Stated Clerk’s Ecumenical Dinner

Committee approves revised directory for worship

L.A. pastor calls for support of urban ministry at compassion, peace and justice dinner

Sanctuary, church property disputes among topics of resolutions referred to committees - Korean

Homenaje a Rvdo. Sun Bai Kim por su prolongado ministerio en el fomento de congregaciones Presbiterianas Coreanas

Committee ponders whether PMA-OGA merger is the best way forward

Peacemaking Committee approves overtures on Korea, DR Congo and Cuba

Committee approves overture urging PC(USA) to create non-geographical Korean presbytery

GA Procedures Committee votes down time change in Moderator’s election

National Black Presbyterian Caucus speaker envisions a more inclusive PC(USA)

Mid-council leaders discuss best ways of helping churches with new-pastor searches

Speaker at intercultural lunch tells diners to leave mom’s kitchen and encounter the world

Human trafficking roundtable speakers urge PC(USA) to wage war on modern slavery

New app helps measure participation

Panel approves addition of Belhar to the PC(USA) Book of Confessions

Committee votes to approve report on two-state solution for Israel/Palestine

PC(USA) immigration advocates mark World Refugee Day

Overture urges divestment in fossil-fuel companies

Rev. Sun Bai Kim honored for long ministry nurturing Korean Presbyterin congregations - Korean

Atmosphere at Co-Moderators’ reception reflects joy, new hope for the church’s future

Board of Pensions dinner menu includes vow to keep faith in caring for church workers

College ministers find stillness, peace in Portland-area pre-assembly retreat

First-daughter tease creates buzz, draws attention to Young Adult Volunteer program

PC(USA) Director, presbytery leader are nominated for Stated Clerk

Foundation breakfast speaker Philip Jenkins tells Mid-Council leaders to expect a world of changes

Three honored with women of faith awards

Sanctuary, church property disputes among topics of resolutions referred to committees

Assembly visitors worship with 30 local congregations

PC(USA) mourns the loss of pastor, justice advocate Kelly Allen - Korean

General Assembly News goes electronic - Korean

Noticias de la Asamblea General ahora en formato electrónico

Guidebook app lets users navigate GA with the click of the finger - Korean

Portland attractions featured in mission tours

General Assembly remembers victims in Charleston, Orlando massacres

The commemorative pin from the 1967 General Assembly

Assembly participants sit around tables discussing “When We Gather at the Table”

Opening Plenary begins business for GA222

Sweaty Sheep aid homeless, complete shortened pilgrimage

Worship opens 222nd General Assembly with rousing call to reconciliation

History made as PC(USA) elects Co-Moderators for first time

Meet the General Assembly reporting staff

General Assembly Committee 6 preview

General Assembly Committee 12 preview

General Assembly Committee 3 preview

General Assembly Committee 10 preview

General Assembly Committee 5 preview

Rev. Sun Bai Kim honored for long ministry nurturing Korean Presbyterin congregations

General Assembly Committee 11 preview

General Assembly Committee 14 preview

General Assembly Committee 13 preview

General Assembly Committee 7 preview

General Assembly Committee 8 preview

Young Adult Advisory Delegates prepare for General Assembly

General Assembly Committee 9 preview

General Assembly Committee 4 preview

General Assembly News goes electronic

New Book Argues for Accepting Your LGBTQ Child and Keeping Your Faith

PC(USA) leaders mourn victims of Orlando nightclub tragedy, recommit to advocating for a just society

Prayer after the Nightclub Shooting in Orlando

PC(USA) Stated Clerk issues statement on killings in Tel Aviv - Korean

Secretario Permanente de la IP(EE.UU.) da una declaración sobre el asesinato en Tel Aviv

PC(USA) Stated Clerk issues statement on killings in Tel Aviv

Guidebook app lets users navigate GA with the click of the finger

New life is breathed into Eugene Carson Blake Scholarship - Korean

New Book Asks Pastors to Rethink Their Role in Weddings

PC(USA) mourns the loss of pastor, justice advocate Kelly Allen

New Book Explores Race in the Church Today

La tecnología expande la congregación para el servicio de apertura de la 222AG

Local mission giving in PC(USA) churches increases in 2015 - Korean

Turning guns into water pumps

President Obama visits Hiroshima

New life is breathed into Eugene Carson Blake Scholarship

Windmills optional

Twenty-five years of ‘Turn to the Living God’

Ecumenical and Interreligious Service Recognitions awardees announced

Technology expands the congregation for opening worship of GA222 - Korean

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 3 Preview

PC(USA) celebrates 60 years of women clergy

Spotlight shines on Fair Trade items at upcoming General Assembly

Technology expands the congregation for opening worship of GA222

Aumentan donaciones para misión local en las iglesias de la IP (EE.UU.) en el 2015

Conferencia ecuménica explora dinámicas de ministerio bivocacional

Presbyterians gather for prayer and worship as NRA convention meets in Louisville

Multi-faith conference sows seeds for non-violence and nurturing peace

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 10 Preview

California church embraces organic gardening and protecting the environment

Financial Aid for Service offers educational debt management counseling at 222nd General Assembly

Presbyterians meet to address issues of race, ethnicity, racism and ethnocentricity

Farminary combines theological education and sustainable agriculture

Decently But Not Always in Good Order: An Historical Overview of Choosing the PC(USA) Stated Clerk

Los Angeles pastor to speak at General Assembly Compassion, Peace and Justice event

PC(USA) seminary news

Ecumenical conference explores dynamics of bi-vocational ministry - Korean

Secretario Permanente hace declaración sobre actos de genocidio a nivel mundial

Comité recibe objección contra el nominado para Secretario Permanente de la IP (EE.UU.)

Facing Racism: Churchwide Antiracism Policy Team report

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 7 Preview

Local mission giving in PC(USA) churches increases in 2015

Con respecto a los ancianos/as gobernantes: Los ancianos/as gobernantes y el cuidado pastoral

‘Company of New Pastors’ program provides formation framework for ministry

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로와 목회적 돌봄

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and pastoral care

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 4 Preview

Underwood Park CrossFit nurtures bodies and souls

Ecumenical conference explores dynamics of bi-vocational ministry

Youth Triennium registration continues as speaker lineup announced

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 13 Preview

Robert Day Miller dies at age 81

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 12 Preview

US prepares to dump 500 metric tons of peanuts on Haiti

변화의 시기 동안 노회 리더십을 강화하기 위해 기획된 훈련 행사

Training event designed to strengthen presbytery leadership for changing times

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 14 Preview

Committee receives one challenge to its nominee for PC(USA) Stated Clerk - Korean

Se entregó reporte a la asamblea sobre identidad y propósito de la IP(EE.UU.)

James Hickson Lee dies at age 48

Support grows for national boycott of Wendy’s Restaurants

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 8 Preview

‘Partners for Just Trade’ organization celebrates tenth anniversary

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 9 Preview

Jeanne Bishop wins Presbyterian Writers Guild’s Best First Book Award

Rebuilding in Homs, life slowly returns in Syrian city devastated by civil war

Stated Clerk issues statement on acts of genocide globally - Korean

Report submitted to assembly on identity, purpose of PC(USA) - Korean

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 5 Preview

Pittsburgh pastor shares passion for the work of mission

Committee receives one challenge to its nominee for PC(USA) Stated Clerk

PC(USA) General Assembly Committee 6 Preview

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance meets with ecumenical partners in Lebanon

Office of Theology and Worship to host #TheoConvo Twitter chat May 17

미국 장로교의 Vasquez와 Park과 Correa가 번역 작업을 그들의 사역으로 받아 들이다

Empleados de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.) Vásquez, Park y Correa dedican sus dones de traducción al ministerio

Report submitted to assembly on identity, purpose of PC(USA)

Celebrating resilience through theater and the arts in the Philippines

Young Adult Volunteer program provides fulfillment and challenge

Presbyterians in South Sudan ask for prayers as peace negotiations continue

Stated Clerk issues statement on acts of genocide globally

Vasquez, Park and Correa embrace translation as ministry at PC(USA)

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board concludes April 2016 meeting

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board enacts work restructuring plan

Presbyterian Mission Agency executive director search committee reports progress

First Thai-Laotian Church receives 2016 Walton Award for new church excellence

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves comments to Review Committee’s recommendations

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves board restructure plan

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board discusses Review Committee’s recommendations

Survivors still being found in Ecuador following recent earthquake

Presbyterian World Mission and New Castle Presbytery create mission study resources

Pennsylvania church inspired by peacemaker visits

Presbyterian Church among several buildings damaged by Brooklyn fire

Collegiate ministry professionals to make UKirk-sponsored pilgrimage to Taizé

Details of proposed 2017-18 Presbyterian Mission Agency budget released

PC(USA) communications groups garner 19 Associated Church Press awards

부고: 정인수 목사 61세에 소천하시다

New Jersey church worships with reform synagogue following March fire

Race and Reconciliation study is timely resource for 2016 General Assembly

Obituary: Rev. In Soo Jung dies at 61

Crestfield Camp developing intentional Christian community for young adults

Niger sets an example for the world

Presbyterian Writers Guild writing contest winners announced

New Book Argues that Jesus Needs to Save the World from Us

Founder/President of Children’s Defense Fund urges churches to be there for children in need

Carol McDonald on the selection of J. Herbert Nelson as nominee for Stated Clerk of the PC(USA)

Logan Ellis receives 2016 Samuel Robinson Award

Christian and ecumenical leaders tell church denominations to step up and speak up

Conversaciones sobre Cuba con las iglesias Reformadas en las Américas

Historic meeting between Cuban and US Presbyterians begins dialog

Día de las Camisetas de Misión en la Asamblea General #222 (2016)

J. Herbert Nelson fue seleccionado como nominado a Secretario Permanente de la IP (EE.UU.)

Building a church without a building

Presbyterian Study Grant allows Princeton seminarians to explore call to ministry

J. Herbert Nelson selected as nominee for PC(USA) Stated Clerk

J. Herbert Nelson selected as nominee for PC(USA) Stated Clerk

Ecumenical Advocacy Days policy plenary defines messages for advocates

Congregational Ministries Publishing lanza su nuevo catálogo en línea

회중 사역 출판부 (CMP)가 새로운 온라인 카탈로그를 데뷔시키다

More than 200 Presbyterians take part in CPJ Training Day

Congregational Ministries Publishing debuts new online catalog

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance mobilizing to assist the people of Japan and Ecuador

Compassion, Peace and Justice Training Day opens in Washington

PC(USA) seminary news

J. Herbert Nelson testifies before Senate committee

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: llamado como compañeros en el servicio de Cristo

사역 장로에 관하여: 그리스도를 섬기는 일에 협력자들로 부름 받음

Regarding ruling elders: called as partners in Christ’s service

Mid-Kentucky Presbytery aids PDA program via local service initiative

Washburn named interim editor of Presbyterians Today

PC(USA) Mosaic of Peace conference visits Israel and Palestine

Congregational Ministries Publishing taps Malinda Spencer

California PC(USA) church opens arms to Syrian congregation

From resiliency to water issues, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance discusses challenges

College leaders share unique approaches to advancing interfaith cooperation

Humble beginnings yield impressive results for Alabama Earth Care Congregation

Faith-based organizations voice concerns at UN hearing on HIV

Timely conference asks, ‘Can Presbyterians do interfaith?’

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance welcomes 17 National Response Team members

Historic Minneapolis church begins large expansion and outreach project

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance commemorates 20 years of service

Stony Point Center library fosters activists’ research, conversations

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to continue food security support in Malawi

‘Presbyterian and Pluralist’ conference meets in Chicago

Empaque su camiseta de misión

April 2016 - Pack your mission T - Korean

Secretario Permanente de la IP (EE.UU.) pide la revocación de la ley discriminatoria en Carolina del Norte

Mission T-shirt day at 222nd General Assembly (2016) - Korean

Stated Clerk urges Congress to welcome refugees and ensure children have lawyers in immigration court

Presbyterian Youth Triennium offering to build ‘calamity resilient’ shelters in Philippines

Second installment of De La Rosa’s ‘Keeping Faith’ now online

PC(USA) young women attend UN Commission on the Status of Women

Presbyterian Pastor Explores Moral Decision Making in New Book

National religious leaders call for presidential candidates to take on low wages

Presbyterian Mission Agency announces budget communication plan

YAV in Peru works with indigenous tribes seeking recognition

New education ministry tailored to meet needs of Syrian refugees

Mission T-shirt day at 222nd General Assembly (2016)

PC(USA) wins several DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards for communications excellence

Global poverty initiatives making a difference in Malawi

Twenty-seven new worshiping communities receive grants

April 2016 - Pack your mission T - Korean

Presbyterian Mission Agency releases unaudited 2015 financials

Why do we keep Sabbath?

Engaging churches in educating young people

Cuba conversation with Reformed churches in the Americas

Presbyterian partners in Pakistan send updates following Lahore bombing

PC(USA) Stated Clerk calls for repeal of discriminatory N.C. law - Korean

PC(USA) delegation tracks progression of Syrian refugees across Europe

Presbyterian Author Explores a Secret Sin in New Book

PC(USA) Stated Clerk calls for repeal of discriminatory N.C. law

Prayers in the wake of Easter bombing in Lahore, Pakistan

New Castle Presbytery invests $20,000 in Presbyterian World Mission

Presbyterian Ministry at the UN speaks to the Commission on the Status of Women

New Jersey church celebrates Easter despite fire damage to historic sanctuary

Hot Meals program provides more than food

Easter: A Sunday, a season, a transformation as a new people

PC(USA) files appeal in Eric Hoey’s case against the church

Video de CUIC y OAG explora raza y la iglesia

CUIC, OGA video explores race and the church - Korean

PC(USA) leaders to follow Syrian refugee path in Europe

Sudanese Presbyterians say prayers and humanitarian relief urgently needed in South Sudan

CUIC, OGA video explores race and the church

Historic New Jersey Presbyterian Church heavily damaged by fire

Ya puedes registrarte para la Asamblea General #222

Marzo 2016 - La difícil tarea de la Reconciliación

Secretario Permanente de la IP(EE.UU.) insta al presidente a que asista a la firma del acuerdo sobre el cambio climático

Certification of Christian educators benefits the entire church - Korean

La Certificación de Educadores/as Cristianos/as beneficia a toda la iglesia

Certification of Christian educators benefits the entire church

Small Church Residency Program fosters long-term pastorate

Ann Weems, ‘Presbyterian poet laureate,’ dies at age 81

Prayers for victims of bomb blasts

Discipling movement innovator to speak at ‘Go Disciple Live’ evangelism conference

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: Los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes y la mayordomia

Presbytery of Detroit works to alleviate hunger issues in city

'Build Congo Schools' improves education quality in the DRC

La IP(EE.UU.) apoya a DACA y DAPA al unirse al expediente de la Corte Suprema

PC-Biz es rediseñado a tiempo para la 222a AG

Presbyterian Hunger Program staff mourns the assassination of Honduran environmentalist

PC(USA) seminary news

Presbyterian Writers Guild to honor two celebrated church communicators

PC(USA) joins Supreme Court brief supporting DACA, DAPA - Korean

PC(USA) Stated Clerk urges president to attend signing for climate change agreement - Korean

Interfaith group urges Congress to end Cuban embargo

Presbyterian Publishing Corporation seeks seminarian intern

Mountain of light

Syrian war stretches into its sixth year of violence

Regarding Ruling Elders: Ruling Elders and Stewardship

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and stewardship

President Obama to make historic Cuba visit March 21-22

Flooding in South Central US causes major problems in low-lying communities

Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People approves grants

PC(USA) Stated Clerk urges president to attend signing for climate change agreement

Reclaiming Triduum: The Great Three Days

Inspired by New Beginnings, community garden brings unity

Director of Joining Hands Peru to speak at Compassion, Peace and Justice Training Day

Critical global initiatives taking root in Madagascar

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance responds to water contamination in small New York community

PC-Biz is redesigned in time for GA222 - Korean

GA222 registration is open - Korean

March 2016 - The hard work of reconciliation - Korean

Coalition of Immokalee Workers and PC(USA) staff march at University of Louisville

PC(USA) joins Supreme Court brief supporting DACA, DAPA

PC(USA) holds chapel service to honor departing Mission Agency colleagues

Women of the Reformation

Challenge gifts inspire congregation to raise funds for Presbyterian World Mission

Small Church Residency Program to conclude by December 2017

Interview: Global issues of women’s empowerment and sustainable development

Rada asks New York audience for input on financial priorities, structure

Sharing 1001 New Worshiping Communities energy with international partners

Coalition of Immokalee Workers calls for Wendy’s boycott

Rosemary C. Mitchell named Interim Senior Director for Funds Development

PC(USA) Board of Pensions to launch new portal, offer employer options

LCC students receive holistic approach to education

Presbyterian Mission Agency completes voluntary separation program

PC-Biz is redesigned in time for GA222

Advocacy group asks ‘why wait?’ on fossil fuel divestment

Georgia pastor calls for a transformation of the heart on racism in the US

Presbyterian Hunger Program launches new initiative to look at root causes of poverty

GA222 registration is open

MaryAnn McKibben Dana receives top Presbyterian Writers Guild award

Go Disciple Live evangelism conference issues call to ‘Be the Light’

Coordinator for Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People retires

PC(USA) policy committee issues new report on Israel-Palestine

Young ecumenists address new realities of global movement

Committee leadership selected for the 222nd General Assembly - Korean

Fueron seleccionados líderes de comités para la 222a Asamblea General

California desert treasures designated for protection

Presbyterian hunger action advocate prepares to step down

Arkansas PC(USA) congregation reclaims holistic Lenten practices

Notes from an autopsy

New Jersey church prepares to welcome Syrian refugees

PMA’s De La Rosa launches ‘Keeping Faith’ newsletter

Alabama families seek help after February 2 tornado

NEXT Church gathering welcomes speakers and challenges

‘A beautiful thing’

New Book Finds Grace in the Stuff of Everyday

NEXT Church National Gathering explores ‘Faith at the Crossroads’

The church in Cuba and new relations with the US

Tacoma church finds success in learning center for children

Workshops announced for 2016 Compassion, Peace and Justice Training Day

‘Polity Matters’ explores Presbyterian call to faithfulness in the church

Old Bergen Church making the most of New Beginnings – after 350 years

How Presbyterians interpret the Bible

Committee leadership selected for the 222nd General Assembly

Presbyterian’s new mobile gaming app combats human trafficking

Two long-time Synod of the Lakes and Prairies leaders retire

Two PC(USA) agencies receive $1 million Lilly Endowment grants

`Siguen adelante seis candidatos para Secretario(a) Permanente de la IP (EE.UU.)

Celebrating a century of teaching, preaching and healing in the Philippines

Presbyterian churches to commemorate SDOP Sunday March 13

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로들과 집사들

Con respecto a los(as) ancianos(as) gobernantes: Ancianos(as) gobernantes, diáconos y diaconisas

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and deacons

Presbyterian Church educators discuss future of confirmation curriculum

미국 장로교의 정체성 및 목적에 대해 토론해보자는 초청에 기록적인 숫자의 사람들이 반응하다

Presbyterian churches prepare for a ‘Blue-Out’ this Sunday

A record number respond to the invitation to discuss PC(USA) identity and purpose

So. Cal. PC(USA) churches feature three bowls on Ash Wednesday

‘Educate a Child’ initiative aims to remove stumbling blocks

Eighteen DREAM Grants awarded

The season of Lent begins with confession, challenge

PC(USA) international Engagement Map launches today

PC(USA) offers wide variety of resources for Lent

Get your generosity groove on

Presbyterian Ministry at the UN hopeful for political solution in Colombia

PC(USA) ruling elder Abby Brockway to continue battle against fossil fuels

PC(USA) to live stream weekly Lenten devotions

Six candidates for PC(USA) Stated Clerk move forward - Korean

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board concludes February 2016 business

Six candidates for PC(USA) Stated Clerk move forward

PC(USA) Women of Faith Awards presented at PMA Board meeting

Denver and Charlotte Presbyterians gear up for the Souper Bowl

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves 2017-2018 Mission Work Plan

Churches Uniting in Christ recommits to working together on justice and reconciliation

February 2016 - Sustainable ministry results from sustainable souls - Korean

Theology and Worship hires second part-time interfaith associate

Small Church Residency Program participants commissioned for service

Otis Moss III closes 2016 APCE event with powerful message

Student Reflection of the 2016 Montreat College Conference

Presbyterian World Mission exceeds 2015 fundraising goal

PMAB Executive Committee approves 2017-18 Mission Work Plan

Eco-Palm sales making a difference in Central America

Presbyterian scholar of African American Christianity dies

Presbyterian Church Educators encouraged to proclaim ‘I’m alive!’

Mike Slaughter Explores the Morality of Money in New Book

Human trafficking: beyond the Super Bowl

‘Back in black’

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance volunteers visit Flint, Michigan over water crisis

Special Offering Ambassadors wrap up training at Stony Point

Beth Hayes is named APCE’s Educator of the Year

Daniel calls the church to be ‘rigorous, reasonable, and real’

Thrills at 35,000 feet

“Kick over a few tables,” preacher charges APCE gathering

A little child will lead them

Comité busca herramientas para ayudar a congregaciones ser partícipes en relaciones interreligiosas

Committee seeks tools to help congregations engage in interfaith relationships - Korean

Moderador Rada y personas presbiterianas de Carolina del Norte se conectan con la comunidad Musulmana

Communion of Christian churches gathers in St. Louis to address issues of race and reconciliation

Special Offerings Ambassadors visit church-funded program in New York

Starting a sacred and exciting journey

Committee seeks tools to help congregations engage in interfaith relationships

Hope in the midst of heartbreak: a study mission trip to Northern Ireland

Best-Selling Author and Pastor Helps Readers Find Happiness with Ten Proven Practices

Stepping over the line

Travel to East Congo without leaving home!

‘1001’ ministry team expanding

PC(USA) Theology and Worship office announces changes in office of Interfaith Relations

Oneness with God

Special Offering Ambassadors meet for training and inspiration

Seminary students gain experience—and credit—for attending General Assembly

Wiley가 예수 그리스도에 대한 장로교 패널 (Presbyterian Panel) 설문조사의 질문을 명확하게 설명하다

What Presbyterians believe: the sacrament of baptism

Top 10 spiritual films of 2015

New Books for the Lenten Season

GA committee reviewing the Presbyterian Mission Agency submits its report - Korean ( (장로교 선교국 (PMA)을 심사하는 총회 위원회가 보고서를 제출하다 )

PC(USA) Moderator takes ‘Call to the Church’ on the road

Northwest Coast Presbytery transforms leadership conference

Being Church Together consultation explores multicultural ministry

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance National Response Team to consider new volunteers

En cuanto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: ancianos/as gobernantes y los/as secretarios/as

Presbyterian Pastor Provides 100 Essential Topics Every Child Should Learn About in New Book

Renueva tu compromiso de vivir como Jesús

Que la fuerza te acompañe

Presbyterians join the call to stop raids on Central American families - Korean

PC(USA) Stated Clerk appeals to President to end raids - Korean

Sierra Leone slowly recovers following 2014-15 Ebola outbreak

A day of remembrance for Martin Luther King Jr.

GA committee reviewing the Presbyterian Mission Agency submits its report - Spanish (Comité de AG que evalúa la Agencia Presbiteriana de Misión presenta su informe)

Presbyterian ruling elder at forefront of historic climate action trial

Advocacy Training Weekend to take up racism, class and power

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로 및 당회 서기

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and Clerks of Session

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board prepares for February meeting

Howard University School of Divinity returns ancient Ethiopian manuscript

Nominees sought for best Presbyterian writer

Making inroads against human trafficking

1001 apprenticeship and residency program expands

PC(USA) seminary news

Presbyterians join the call to stop raids on Central American families

PC(USA) Stated Clerk appeals to President to end raids

Presbyterian Office of Public Witness joins opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership

Wiley provides clarification on Presbyterian Panel survey question on Jesus Christ

Presbytery enlists mediator to begin discussions on gun rights and regulations

Presbyterian mission partner in Bethlehem shares Olof Palme Prize

December storms leaves path of destruction across several states

Chasing education and bringing it home

De La Rosa, Rada address Presbyterian Mission Agency Board about impending changes

Presbyterian Mission Agency to offer voluntary separation program

GA committee reviewing the Presbyterian Mission Agency submits its report

Epiphany services transport good news from ‘neighborhood to the nations’

Paper for water

Office of Public Witness applauds president’s executive action to curb gun violence

Renew your commitment to live like Jesus - Korean

January 2016 - May the force be with you - Korean

Presbyterians call for seven days of prayer and action to end human trafficking

Reclaiming 'Faith in 3:16' as a message of love instead of fear

Presbyterians remember Bob Smylie, former director of UN ministry

Presbyterian Mission Yearbook available exclusively online

Hope Incarnated: The Church in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon

Presbyterian funded community school partnership in Illinois gets rave reviews

Grace Covenant Presbyterian planting the seeds to end food insecurity in Asheville

PC(USA) Office of Public Witness applauds pay increase for low-wage government workers

My first response: ‘No way!’

National Continuing Care Residents Association elects new president

Presbyterian pastor turns bad situation into opportunity to reach young people

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship member provides Israel/Palestine update

PC(USA) Office of Public Witness looks ahead to the 2016 campaign year

Grace Presbytery hosts Cuban theologian Reinerio Arce

Pillars of the Church champion sees work ahead for PC(USA)

Video Christmas message from Tony De La Rosa

Video Christmas message from Tony De La Rosa (Spanish)

A Christmas message from Tony De La Rosa (Korean)

A Christmas meditation by the Rev. Dr. Scott Herr

A Christmas Eve greeting from the PMA communication staff

Christmas Eve at a maximum-security prison

Can the church help bring peace to Ukraine?

Food security conditions in Malawi continue to worsen

A year of record-setting weather patterns hampers poor communities around the world

Two candidacies for PC(USA) moderator of the 222nd General Assembly declared

Milwaukee church addresses homelessness with ‘Divine Intervention’

Record storms and human-caused disasters stretch Presbyterian Disaster Assistance resources

Presbyterian & Pluralist—Q&A with Davidson College chaplain Rob Spach

A homeless family discovers its own Christmas miracle

Presbyterian World Mission director offers 2015 year-end video message

Building a robust theological framework for new worshiping communities

Deadline for Stated Clerk applications draws near

Historic climate change agreement reached at COP 21 conference

Two PDA documentaries to be screened at Beaufort International Film Festival

One plus one equals one

Sweaty Sheep sponsors Pedaling Pilgrimage to the 222nd General Assembly - Korean

Korean church in Boston hosts concert to support Syrian refugees

En cuanto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: ancianos/as gobernantes y tesoreros/as

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로와 회계 (Treasurers)

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and treasurers

Christmas Joy Offering: Blessed to become a blessing

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance documentary ‘Trigger’ available for screenings

What would Jesus do? - Korean

미국 장로교 정서기가 트럼프 (Trump)의 교회 회원 자격에 대한 질문들에 반응하다

PC(USA) Stated Clerk responds to questions on Trump’s membership

PMA Leadership Cabinet recommends elimination of 2016 salary increases

From refugee to teacher

Sweaty Sheep sponsors Pedaling Pilgrimage to the 222nd General Assembly

Christmas story kicks off 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium

North Carolina strawberries help provide quality education for children in South Sudan

PC(USA) seminary presidents unite in appeal to end climate of fear, distrust

Choose welcome - Korean

Líderes Presbiterianos eleven sus oraciones por San Bernardino

New ‘Being Reformed’ study addresses topics of grace and gratitude

Faith leaders join U.S. Senators in call to accept refugees

PC(USA) pastors work to help community heal following San Bernardino shootings

Vice Moderator says churchwide conversation is ‘dreaming and visioning’ how to serve PC(USA)

UN Human Rights Day observed December 10

Peacemaking delegation learns about the ‘struggle of life’ in Colombia

PC(USA) associates participate in COP 21 conference

Vice Moderator, COGA host two new Twitter chats on identity

Presbyterian churches pray for an end to violence following San Bernardino shootings

‘Blue Christmas’ services offer space for feelings of grief and loss during holidays

Mary, the Magnificat, and race

Susan Holman wins Grawemeyer Award in Religion

Eliga dar la bienvenida

Presbyterian leaders lift up prayers for San Bernardino - Korean

Presbyterian leaders lift up prayers for San Bernardino

South Sudan borders on the edge of famine two years after civil war erupts

Tackling the taboo topic of sexual abuse in Egypt

De La Rosa begins tenure as Presbyterian Mission Agency interim executive director

PC(USA) member and NASA mathematician receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Mission leaders gather to retool at Mission Magnified

PC(USA) begins live streaming Advent devotionals on Periscope

Latest ‘1001’ communities grant recipients reflect God’s incarnational image

New Vacation Bible School curriculum explores clean water as mission

Presbyterian World Mission names new associate directors

An Advent journey: Seeking safety in a world of peril

Italian churches work to create a safe and legal path for refugees

Reviving our weary pastors

International YAVs think of family, traditions during Thanksgiving

Giving thanks across racial lines in Jasper, Texas

Young Adult Volunteer alumni reflects on life-changing year of service

‘Pillar of the Church’ seeks to energize congregations for social justice work

News from the mid-councils of the PC(USA)

Bread for the World puts price tag on hunger: $160 billion in health care

Presbyterians Today ‘Rediscovering Advent’ devotional reawakens poetic speech

Native American Leadership Institute meets in North Carolina

New worshiping community getting ready to ‘Plant It’

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board executive committee meets to discuss mission work plan, grants

For Syrian refugees, faith groups want a US welcome mat

Women not portrayed equally by news media, extensive study shows

New theological resource is a timely guide for Advent reflection and study

Responding in creative ways to keep PC(USA) mission co-workers in service

Optimism high for successful climate change conference despite recent terror threat

Elige dar la bienvenida, no el temor

PC(USA) Office of Public Witness urges Congress to allocate funds for refugee assistance and resettlement

Card sales and alternative giving opportunities support PC(USA) Special Offerings

Syria—the untold story

Syrian refugee crisis highlighted at seminar with Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations

Presbyterian Network to End Homelessness holds local, national forums

Presbyterian AIDS Network provides World AIDS Day worship resources

Choose welcome, not fear -Korean

Choose welcome, not fear

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance shines light on immigration detention in new documentary

PC(USA) partner in Syria and Lebanon invites prayers, support

Presbyterians share grief, express support for people of Paris and other terror-hit cities

World religious leaders condemn Paris carnage

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로 및 재단 이사들

Con respecto a los ancianos y las ancianas gobernantes: ancianas gobernantes y síndicos

Volunteers pour passion into getting youth to ‘GO’ to Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and trustees

Call to Prayer After Terror Attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad (Korean)

Call to Prayer After Terror Attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad

Es nuestra época de compartir

El momento para escuchar dentro de la vida de esta iglesia

PC(USA) young adults get down on the farm

Historic church's debt cancelled as an act of racial reconciliation

Transforming communities in the Congo through education and health care

Rosa Robles Loreto vuelve a casa después de 461 días en santuario

Rosa Robles Loreto goes home after 461 days in sanctuary - Korean

Comité de Nominaciones para Secretario/a Permanente recibe solicitudes

Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries hosts leadership conferences

Presbyterian Mission Agency delivers third-quarter financial report

Coalition of Immokalee Workers wraps up five-city tour in North Carolina

New book by PC(USA) author: ‘Reflections on the Health of the Church’

National day of remembrance ‘should be the story of all’

Rosa Robles Loreto goes home after 461 days in sanctuary

Land grants hold great promise for growth of the church in Egypt

PC(USA) offers Twitter chat on navigating change in an ever-changing church landscape

White House names the Rev. Jennifer Butler to lead President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Covenant Network seeks avenues to new engagement at national gathering

Pacific Presbytery embraces critical global initiatives

Lilly Clergy Renewal Programs open for application

‘The River’s Flow’

Collegiate Ministries announces devotional App

Pew study says more Americans reject religion, but believers firm in faith

November 2015 - A listening moment in the life of this church - Korean

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee receives inquiries - Korean

Presbyterians meet at Stony Point to address issues of race and racism

Houston PC(USA) provides gift of space, finances for Ghanaian church

Presbyterian Pastor Explores a Thoughtful Faith in New Book

It’s our time to share - Korean

Presbyterian Writers Guild seeks best first book nominations

New Advent Books from PPC

IPMN concludes annual gathering encouraged to continue justice work

New reasons for hope in pollution-ravaged Peruvian communities

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee receives inquiries

Texas begins recovery following stormy weekend

Tucson PC(USA) congregation offers sanctuary to migrant mother

Keep the conversation going

New children’s curriculum greeted with enthusiastic response

IPMN reflects on progress and prepares for new challenges

Pastor de la AG elige reflejar el compromiso con la reconciliación

Thirteen new worshiping community grant recipients announced

Seminarians gather to discuss challenges of the church in the 21st century

Congregation goes orange to raise awareness on violence against women and girls

Soccer program in Palestine empowers young women

Study on the Status of Women Theological Consultation meets in Chicago

Former Presbyterian Community Center renamed to honor long-time youth mentor

GA preacher choices reflect commitment to reconciliation - Korean

Living Waters for the World completes 50th ‘Clean Water U’ training

Applications open for 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women

Record hurricane fizzles in Mexico, but causes heavy downpours in parts of Texas

GA preacher choices reflect commitment to reconciliation

Fohr joins PC(USA) Mission Responsibility Through Investment team

The time is now – Join the Conversation!

Ahora es el momento - Únase a la conversación!

Denver Author Recounts Journey from Bartending to Ministry in New Book

Immigrant son discovers opportunity, education and ministry in the PC(USA)

From ‘repentant sinners’ to ‘helping Jesus fix the world’

Dermody files appeal in case against PC(USA)

Stated Clerk urges Kerry to help stop violence in Israel, Occupied Territories

The time is now – Join the Conversation!

Utilice su influencia

Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People disburses grant funding

PC(USA) seminary news

Con respecto a los ancianos y las ancianas gobernantes: el llamado de los jóvenes a servir

WCC expresses concern over renewed violence in Jerusalem

Application open for 2015-16 Handa Fellows in Interreligious Communication

Popular United Nations program celebrates its 65th anniversary

Exploring year-round giving during ‘stewardship season’

Chat about PC(USA) identity with the Vice Moderator

Two Cincinnati PC(USA) churches celebrate 225 years of ministry

Massachusetts church rebounds from brutal winter

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance issues appeal for help in South Carolina

사역 장로에 관하여: 성령님과 함께하는 리더십

Regarding ruling elders: leading with the spirit

New Members workbook explores Christian discipleship in the PC(USA)

Presbyterian Hunger Program kicks off Food Week of Action

PC(USA) mission personnel and partners raise alarm regarding crisis in Malawi

Polity Conference offers preview of the 222nd General Assembly (2016)

Farm-to-Table Gala caps Stony Point Center’s Living Traditions Award

Bob Smylie reflects on 70th anniversary of United Nations

New Books for Presbyterians

Polity Conference opens with worship, workshops

Post-Ebola Liberia struggles with economic, orphan and basic services challenges

Hospitality, farm-fresh food and community transform Stony Point Center experience

GA Moderator, Vice Moderator preach messages of hope

Mid council plenary sessions stimulate thought and action

More than 400 mid council leaders meet concurrently in Portland

Office of Public Witness hosts gun violence webinar

PC(USA) mission co-worker receives Christian service award

Catawba reunion celebrates accomplishments of historic African American synod

Caucus Hispano Latino felicita a De La Rosa y elogia el nombramiento de

Domestic violence workshop proclaims ‘It Happened in Our Church’

Co-directors of 2016 Mosaic of Peace conference reflect on previous Israel/Palestine trip

Únete a la Conversación

Join the Conversation

International Peacemaker shares Middle East perspective

COET considera asuntos de identidad Presbiteriana y conexionalidad

El Secretario Permanente envía carta a Trump con relación a refugiados, inmigrantes

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance teams monitor flooding in South Carolina

United Nations marks 70th anniversary

New Worshiping Community intern returns home to start ministry

Caucus Hispano Latino felicita a De La Rosa y elogia el nombramiento de un líder «humilde y con competencia cultural»

Grace Presbytery donates $2.8 million to Presbyterian World Mission

Stated Clerk issues letter to Trump on refugees, immigrants

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders renew call for gun control in the wake of the Oregon shootings

‘A brand new day’

The ripple effect of the Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Presbyterian congregation creates a home for Syrian refugees

Gwen and John Haspels teach love and forgiveness in a culture of violence

Use your influence -Korean

New Beginnings helps Ohio congregation see beyond treed barrier

Native American Young Adult Council gathers in Louisville

New Race and Reconciliation study explores reconciliation, unity, and justice

Christian denominations and ecumenical groups urge more support for Syrian refugees

GA222 is headed to Portland!

Pennsylvania church celebrates half a century of helping children succeed

PC(USA) expanding collegiate ministries network

Fadi Dagher addresses Syria Lebanon Mission Partnership

PC(USA) congregations to host ‘Courageous Conversations’ on sexual violence

Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice announces 2016 conference theme

PC(USA) World Mission staff encounter Middle East refugees at Budapest train station

National Hispanic/Latino Presbyterian Caucus congratulates De La Rosa

Study on the Status of Women consultation set for Oct. 1-3

International Peacemakers prepare to spread word on peace and justice issues

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board concludes its fall 2015 business

Dermody lawsuit against PC(USA) dismissed

장로교 선교국 임시 총무(PMA Interim Executive Director)로 임명된 De La Rosa

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves revised 2016 mission budget

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship divests from Fossil Fuel Corporations

Massachusetts activists work to provide family support following incarceration

Se nombró a De La Rosa como director ejecutivo interino de la Agencia Presbiteriana de Misión

Chilean Presbyterian World Mission partners ask for prayers after earthquake

COTE considers issues of Presbyterian identity and connectionalism

De La Rosa brings experience as interim manager to Presbyterian Mission Agency

World Mission and National Black Presbyterian Caucus celebrate partnership

De La Rosa named Presbyterian Mission Agency interim executive director

Q&A with Tony De La Rosa

Celebrating the gifts of Native Americans to the church

La niñez está creciendo en gracia y gratitud con el nuevo material de la IP (EE. UU.)

Children are growing in grace and gratitude with new PC(USA) curriculum

Palestinian peacemaker focuses on helping youth thrive in an occupied homeland

Honre a sus prójimos

Presbyterian Mission Agency Executive Committee receives budget report

2015 Advent Devotional: Reflections on the Belhar Confession

More Light Presbyterians hold national conference in Louisville

Presbyterians for Earth Care Conference concludes with a 20 year reflection

1001 Ministry distributes grants to new worshiping communities

Razones para celebrar

El Comité de Nominaciones para Secretario/a Permanente entregan los resultados de la encuesta

Creating social movement for change

Women of Color Consultation explores themes of hope, empowerment

Worshiping Communities after-school program helps bullied teen find peace

Dean Thompson to discuss unique strengths of Presbyterian-Reformed tradition and practice

Presbyterians at Earth Care Conference urged to step out of comfort zone

‘Faith at Work’ recognizes dedication to long path of recovery in New Orleans

2015–2016 Presbyterian Giving Catalog now available

PC(USA) Earth Care Conference opens at Montreat

New Resources for Leaders

Special Offerings ambassadors bring passion for PC(USA) mission to congregations

사역 장로에 관하여: 젊은이들을 섬기는 일로 부르기

Regarding ruling elders: calling young people to serve

Compassion fatigue: Recognizing the signs of personal stress in the wake of disaster

Honre a sus prójimos

Move the journey on - Korean

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee releases survey results - Korean

Presbyterian Association of Musicians honors life and ministry of Helen Kemp

Detroit organization fights for citizens’ water rights with help from PC(USA)

New worshiping community leader receives seminary debt forgiveness

Charlotte PC(USA) church finds success in children’s summer literacy program

PC(USA) worship resources for 9/11 commemoration

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee releases survey results

Europe’s refugee crisis stirs consciences, but responses vary

PC(USA) leaders call for urgent relief action in Malawi

New Book Explores Jesus and the “Francis Effect”

장로교와 카톨릭이 서로 공통점을 찾고 있는 가운데 교황이 미국을 방문하다

Pope’s U.S. visit comes as Presbyterians and Catholics are finding common ground

PCC responds to September Bible Context Exam results

All that jazz: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of first U.S. jazz mass

Food granaries loan program provides vital lifeline in Cameroon

Retired mission co-worker reflects on 35 years of service in Colombia

International communities benefit from the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People

Thousands of Syrian refugees stranded in Budapest

PC(USA) Louisville national offices host first same-gender wedding

Stated Clerk releases Labor Day statement, worship resources

Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People celebrates 45 years of ministry

PC(USA) Office of Gender & Racial Justice to host #SpeakAntiracism Twitter chat

Black and Afro-Indigenous farmers and fishermen to share 2015 Food Sovereignty Prize

Korean immigrant explores faith and leadership skills with PC(USA) scholarship

PC(USA) study team seeks input on two state solution for Israel/Palestine

Go all in - Korean

PC(USA) youth workers going ‘To The Hills’

Seven college-aged women receive Presbyterian Mission Agency education grants

Con respecto a los ancianos y las ancianas gobernantes: procedimiento parlamentario

Helping Sri Lanka heal from the inside out

Presbyterian Youth Triennium opens application for volunteer leaders

California camp employs creation as backdrop for lifelong faith formation

PC(USA) relief agency stays the course in New Orleans a decade after Hurricane Katrina

Ministers urge Montreat crowd to re-connect with King’s dream

A commitment to ‘community first, ministry next’

Gradye Parsons says ‘It’s been a privilege for me to serve’

PC(USA) leaders join other Christian groups in support of Iran nuclear agreement

PC (USA) Environmental Ministries program supports World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Author and counselor Debra Hirsch speaks on ‘Redeeming Sex’

Middle East partnerships essential to understanding, change

Presbyterian mission co-workers cautiously optimistic about South Sudan peace agreement

News from PC(USA) Mid-Councils

Company of New Pastors announces two conversations in September

U.S. Rep. John Lewis tells crowd at Montreat to speak up and speak out

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance continues assessment of northwest wildfires

Stated Clerk announces decision not to stand for third term

Ghanaian Presbyterian Women’s Fellowship meets in NYC to share hopes, dreams

On the Mend

Columnist says now is the time for a new generation of civil rights activists

Pedal for Protein hits the road to combat hunger

World Mission works with South Sudanese partners to build peace and stability

Presbyterians commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic visit to Montreat

PC(USA) seminary news

Young adult volunteer program flourishes at home and around the world

Refugee says, ‘As victims of war, these Christians help anyone they can’

First female Presbyterian clergy in Congo dedicates work toward women and children

Effective elder training is ‘not business as usual’

Racial and ethnic leaders gather at Montreat to hone leadership skills

Travel ban lifted for Presbyterian pastors released from prison in Sudan

Northwest wildfires leave dozens homeless in remote Native American communities

Choosing to lead, not leave

Reasons to celebrate-Korean

Walter Brueggemann Changes His Stance on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

New PC(USA) confirmation curriculum targeted for 2018, pending results from Princeton Seminary’s The Confirmation Project

PC(USA) partner works to transform models of church leadership in Egypt

Ministering in the midst of war, trauma and fatigue

Newest PC(USA) congregation celebrates charter at 1001 conference

New immigrant worshiping community spreading God’s love in South Georgia

사역 장로에 관하여: 회의 절차법

Regarding ruling elders: parliamentary procedure

Federal chaplains gather at Montreat for professional development, refreshment

Educate a Child, Transform the World

High school student promotes solar-powered lawn care business

International Peacemaker from Cuba is hopeful for church’s future

‘God is writing history in our lives’

Support for 1001 movement remains ‘strong and unshaken’

Racial Ethnic Caucuses and Councils elect and install new leadership

Big hearts, tiny houses combine to advance mission at Seattle church

Be ‘other side’ kind of people

Online, cost-free teacher training course now available in three languages

Video: Sights and sounds from Big Tent 2015

Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries launches new funds development efforts

Addressing racism through collaboration: ‘Don’t go it alone’

WCC greets new general secretary of Latin American Council of Churches

Learning a new theology of immigration from old friends

Mid-council representatives meet prior to Big Tent 2015

정서기 공천 위원회가 도움을 요청하다

Presbyterian Mission Agency Executive Committee meets in Philadelphia

Ghanaian Presbyterian women to gather in New York City

New incentive loan offered to help churches reduce their carbon footprint

WCC encourages churches to pray on Hiroshima Day

Mission Yearbook Transitions to New Digital-Only Format

Stated Clerk responds to the creation of ‘Muslim-free Zones’

ACREC Responde a las declaraciones de Donald Trump

Hundreds join PC(USA) to ask the president to uphold family detention court ruling

Today is the Day

Mosaic of Peace conference life-changing for one Presbyterian

Presbyterians learn human rights approach to human trafficking at Big Tent 2015

Presbyterian pastors imprisoned in Sudan set free

Advocacy session at Big Tent 2015 explores tools to affect justice and change

PC(USA) leaders applauds New York City efforts to help fast-food workers

PC(USA) weighs evolving partnerships

Presbyterians share ideas and vision for educating children

El libro digital gratis de Crecemos en Gracia y Gratitud ya está disponible

Celebrate your neighbors - Korean

Free Growing in Grace & Gratitude e-book now available

Recovery from excess and addiction leads to new expressions of ministry

Rwandan Peacemaker to share hope and forgiveness in U.S. visit this fall

Big Tent 2015 attendees urged to prioritize faith formation in children

Big Tent closing worship encourages Presbyterians to be yourself

Leadership lessons in community transformation from Egypt

Incline, recline, decline

Big Tent workshop addresses healing from school-based violence and chronic trauma

Office of Intercultural Ministries launched at Big Tent 2015

Moving from discipleship and evangelism to apostleship

Big Tent speaker Scott Weimer: Ministries of Advocacy and Renewal

Noted author shares thoughts on poverty and hunger at Big Tent 2015

PC(USA) launches antiracism campaign at Big Tent conference

El Comité de Nominaciones para Secretario/a Permanente busca ayuda

Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program Celebrates Twenty Years of Service

Big Tent 2015 officially opens in Knoxville with worship and Bible study

National Asian Presbyterian Council meeting looks to the future

Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) signs memoranda of understanding with three African immigrant women's groups

Our ‘Presbyterian Virtues’

Judge rules long-term detention of immigrant families is illegal

American hero tells inspiring story of life and faith

Presbyterian Church leaders celebrate first major U.S. grocery chain to join Fair Food Program

An Artist's Journey: Lucy Janjigian

Church leaders in Ivory Coast raise awareness about sexuality, violence and HIV

South African peacemaker promotes restitution model focusing on housing, education and employment

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) applauds New York City efforts to help fast-food workers

Ecumenical Institute for the Middle East will train young Christians


Raising the roof at Holmes Presbyterian Camp

WCC general secretary reflects on Armenian Genocide at Holy Muron ceremony

Going deep: God’s proven way of spreading the light of Christ

PC(USA) celebrates 130 years of Korean mission

Company of New Pastors program mentors clergy for success

Sudanese pastors on trial for their faith could face death or life imprisonment

Presbyterian young adults speak out on violence against women and girls

Programs continue as Ghost Ranch recovers from flash flooding

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee seeks assistance

Theological conversations highlight need for training on cultural diversity, humility

Presbyterian Writers Guild opens three-phase writing contest

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders urge presidential candidates to make poverty a priority

National Black Presbyterian Caucus responds to the signs of the times

장로교 총회 대회 부의장은 미국과 이란의 핵협의 체결을 환영한다

미국장로교 총회 정 서기가 남수단의 네 번째 기념일에 기도를 요청하다

Could You Go a Year without a Purchase?

Water project changes lives and brings smiles in Congo

Growing in Grace & Gratitude catalog wins Award of Excellence at 2015 PIAS Graphic Awards Competition

Hope despite war: Marilyn Borst speaks of the church in Syria and Iraq

Con respecto a los ancianos y las ancianas gobernantes: Los ancianos y las ancianas docentes edifican la comunidad

New Wilmington Mission Conference offers training, connections for missioners

Collegiate ministries receives $15,000 F.I.S.H. Foundation grant

Stated Clerk thanks those working to change U.S. policies on family detention

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Stevens ‘sings a new song’ with familiar tunes

Mission co-worker Jan Heckler commits heart and mind to education in Madagascar

PC(USA) African American clergywomen gather for first time in two decades

Peacemaker from India to talk of hope, empowerment during U.S. visit

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders building community

Renovated church provides home for future generations of faithful

Miami Presbyterian gives extraordinary gift to grow the Christian church in Egypt

Finding hope in the heartbreak of sexual violence in Guatemala

Stated Clerk applauds signing of U.S.-Iran nuclear accord

Pennsylvania churches help West Virginia families recover from harsh spring weather

Ghost Ranch college staff essential to retreat center programming

Bree Newsome, Confederate flag remover, speaks with PNS

Czech Republic celebrates Protestant reformer Jan Hus

Wild Goose Festival flies into North Carolina for fifth year

A companion on the journey

Internal Executives Selected as Temporary Team to Manage the Presbyterian Mission Agency

Black Presbyterians and Presbyterian World Mission sign historic partnership covenant

Stated Clerk calls for prayer on South Sudan’s fourth anniversary

First-ever Big Tent large group Bible study promises lots of questions

The Kindness of Strangers

United Church of Christ votes to divest from Israeli companies in occupied territories

Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center suffers extensive damage from sudden, severe storm

Iraqi minister to share harsh realities facing Christians in his country this fall

After fires, killings, black churches debate the best ways to protect themselves

Louisville’s historic ‘Whiskey Row’ burns next to PC(USA) Center

PC(USA) leaders applaud decision to reopen U.S. Embassy in Cuba

Zehnder closes Family Week with Fourth of July concert

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to help churches recently damaged/destroyed by fire

July 2015 - Walk toward a new day - Korean

Youth makes find of (really) historic proportions in N.M. desert

Caminando hacia un nuevo día

Presbyterian Foundation announces new provider for Jarvie Commonweal Service

Family legacy unites Presbyterian ministers at Ghost Ranch

PC(USA) leaders issue statement on church burnings

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board responds to lawsuit

Learning to ‘live missionally’ at Big Tent 2015 in Knoxville

Supreme Court ruling on power plant regulations is a win for energy corporations

Korean American church leaders gather in nation’s capital


Pastors on trial in Sudan await July 2 hearing

Congregations receive excellence grants of $35,000 each

Presbyterian Mission Agency Consolidates Two Ministry Areas into Theology, Formation and Evangelism

Advocacy and faith join forces in Big Tent 2015 workshop

PC(USA) advocates celebrate Supreme Court decision on same-gender marriage

EL Secretario Permanente de la IP(EE.UU.) da un comunicado sobre la acción de la Corte Suprema con respecto al matrimonio

미국 장로교 정서기가 결혼에 대한 대법원의 판결에 대해 성명을 발표하다

PC(USA) Stated Clerk issues statement on Supreme Court’s action on marriage

Churchwide pastoral letter from the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board

PC(USA) Office of Public Witness applauds affordable care decision

Finding God at the intersection of physical and spiritual health

U.S./Cuban relations thaw uplifts Cuba’s Presbyterian leader

PCUSA Leadership Promoting the Values of Big Tent 2015

A critical conversation on sex trading and trafficking

Ghost Ranch offers a place to grow families and friendships

Testimonials offered for departing PMA executive director Linda Valentine

Elona Street-Stewart addresses Native American Presbyterian Women’s Conference

Focus on faith formation: From following the light to being the light

Mending as Ministry

PC(USA) pastor pens hymn to commemorate those slain in Charleston

Presbyterian Women working to end sexual violence against women and girls

New ministries reshape community, no longer ‘underused or underutilized’

Austin Seminary and Westminster John Knox Press announce new lectionary commentary series, Connections

New Book of Order (2015–2017) is now available

Film unmasks the inhumanity of family detention

Presbyterian Women meet in Minneapolis for inspiration and business

On World Refugee Day, closed doors or a welcome for the stranger?

Mosaic of Peace conference witnesses for peace in Israel and Palestine

Charleston Presbyterian pastor calls for unity in the wake of church shooting

Presbyterians partner to ‘Train Leaders for Community Transformation’ locally and globally

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) welcomes the release of Pope Francis’ papal encyclical Laudato Sii

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) reaches out to its sisters and brothers of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston

An interview with Linda Valentine

Church partnership leads to successful tutoring program in Kentucky community

Comienza el trabajo del comité de nominaciones para Secretario/a Permanente

Churches nationwide celebrate Growing in Grace & Gratitude and respond with encouraging feedback

PMA Executive Director Linda Valentine announces resignation

Linda Valentine resigns post as executive director for Presbyterian Mission Agency

PC(USA) ecumenical committee takes on issues of interfaith relations

‘Grace and gratitude’ at Big Tent — Q&A with theologian Martha Moore-Keish

Stated Clerk urges prayer and recommitment to refugees and asylees

Presbyterian Disaster officials visit Central American families along the U.S. border

사역 장로에 관하여: 변화하는 지역에서의 사역

Con respecto a las ancianas y los ancianos gobernantes: Ministerio en vecindarios versatiles

Regarding ruling elders: ministry in changing neighborhoods

Tucson Young Adult Volunteers learn home repair, share cultures

Georgia church makes big investment to help homeless families

One body, one spirit, one sisterhood

Climate change at Big Tent 2015 – Q&A with Rebecca Barnes

United Methodist Church approves Louisville Seminary for preparation of candidates

‘Blessing of the bikes’ helps churches make climate change a local issue

Martin Luther King’s unfinished agenda

Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois experiments with Small Church Residency Program

Q&A interview with author of “A Nun on the Bus”

Disability Inclusion Sunday is June 14th

‘Pursued by Grace’ theme at New Worshiping Communities gathering

Damaged by storms, John Knox Ranch to open June 10

Mission co-worker pursues women’s rights in war torn South Sudan

미국 장로교 정서기 공천 위원회가 업무를 시작하다

John Knox Center staff to engage children, youth in Big Tent 2015 worship

Prague set for HusFest 2015 honoring reformer Jan Hus

Seminary news

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee begins work

Secretario Permanente aplaude los que luchan contra la detención de la familia

PC(USA) conference center hosts summer worship series

Q&A interview with author of ‘A Year Without a Purchase’

A quest for faith and spirituality leads to Wild Goose

North Carolina church transforming the lives of resettled families

Employment issues regarding PCNCI staff reach conclusion

‘One size doesn’t fit all’ for Christian educator

Presbyterian mission co-worker edits innovative study Bible on mission

Big Tent to feature big changes, big names

Influential and long-time Presbyterian racial ethnic school leader retires

Small Church Residency Program offers a helping hand in West Virginia

Book Review: “Slow Church”

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance assesses flood and tornado damage in the Midwest

PC(USA) leadership institutes prepare clergy to face real-world challenges

Mary Jane Veloso’s attorneys and supporters continue to plead for clemency

Chaldean Church in Erbil embraces Mosul refugees

Letter to Jonathan

그리스도 안에서 친애하는 형제 자매 여러분

Stated Clerk applauds those fighting family detention

Cultivating a new generation of church leaders

New policy on dependent care seeks to broaden General Assembly participation - Korean

PC(USA) membership lies in medium-sized congregations - Korean

La membresía de la IP(USA) se encuentra en las congregaciones de mediana cantidad

Faith groups join call to end family detention

Seventeen worshiping community grant recipients announced

Trial begins for two Presbyterian pastors in Sudan

Good News about Student Loans

Office of Theology and Worship launches new “Theological Conversations” series

Peacemaker’s US visit has major impact on Arizona congregation

Message of the presidents of the World Council of Churches at Pentecost 2015

New policy on dependent care seeks to broaden General Assembly participation

Con respecto a las ancianas y los ancianos gobernantes: Como lidiar con el conflicto

Bayville church recognized for Hurricane Sandy recovery work

New UKirk Worship Book "UWorship" Now Available

Relationships trump structure

사역 장로에 관하여: 갈등 처리

Regarding ruling elders: managing conflict

Sri Lanka: the struggles continue for fishermen and farmers

President Emeritus Si Vaughn Passes at 89

India’s Food Sovereignty at a Crossroads—Part Two

India’s Food Sovereignty at a Crossroads, Part One

PC(USA) membership lies in medium-sized congregations

La IP (EE.UU.) firma un informe amicus que busca cambiar el destino de millones de inmigrantes

Se requiere hacer la tarea santa para acabar con el racismo

May 2015 - Do the holy work required to end racism - Korean

PC(USA) Stated Clerk affirms, shares NBPC statement on Baltimore - Korean

GA committee reviewing the Presbyterian Mission Agency performs considerable work, anticipates more to do - Korean

A living church - Korean

Christine Pohl to present theme of ‘grace and gratitude’ at Big Tent

New Palestinian saints highlight region’s beleaguered Christians

Project Homecoming names Kris Pottharst as new executive director

Presbyterian task force examines consequence of America’s ‘war on drugs’

Lentecost: A spiritual journey of ninety days and ninety nights?

Associate for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance retires

Presbyterian World Mission offers webinar series for mission leaders

Presbyterian artist illustrates the plight of the homeless on canvas

Elona Street-Stewart installed as Synod of Lakes and Prairies executive

Presbyterian World Mission funding gap may force recall of 40 mission co-workers by 2017

'Responding to School Violence' conference expands healing camp ministry

Associated Church Press awards Presbyterian publications top prizes

Presbyterian Study Grant helps Princeton student say 'yes' to seminary

Presbyterians join hundreds in protest to end family detention

Se lamenta el fallecimiento de un representante que por muchos años trabajó en la Junta de Pensiones

Time to register for Come to the Waters: Horizons 2015-16 Bible Study Leader Training

PC(USA) Stated Clerk affirms, shares NBPC statement on Baltimore

'GO' is the focus for 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Longtime Board of Pensions Representative Is Mourned

PC(USA) Moderator issues nine challenges to Presbyterians for the coming year

The Presbytery of Detroit grows in ‘grace and gratitude’

No Easy Way

The power of the connectional church ‘on display’

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) issues appeal for Nepal

PC(USA) Colombia Accompaniment Program celebrates a decade of difference making

Presbyterians kick-off weekend of worship and advocacy to end exploitation

Participants in 1001 movement are young, racially diverse

PC(USA) calls on Indonesian government to halt execution of Mary Jane Veloso

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board affirms Purdue as location for 2016 Youth Triennium

Ecumenical Advocacy Days: Fighting mass incarceration and systems of exploitation

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) representatives commemorate tragedy in Bangladesh

On eve of anniversary, Turkey’s ‘cultural genocide’ of Armenian history is ongoing

Closed church continues ministry of relationship and caring following tragedy

Confession of Belhar approved by presbyteries

Nuevo material educativo para la niñez de la IP (EE. UU.) incluye a niños/as con discapacidades y necesidades especiales

Rhashell Hunter receives life membership award from Presbyterian Women

Con respecto a las ancianos y los ancianos gobernantes: Los/as ancianos/as gobernantes y el presbiterio

Office of Theology and Worship introduces Directory for Worship study guide

New PC(USA) denominational children’s curriculum includes children with disabilities and special needs

GA committee reviewing the Presbyterian Mission Agency performs considerable work, anticipates more to do

PC(USA) Office of Public Witness joins striking federal contract workers to protest low wages

Rule change opens the way for Co-Moderators of the General Assembly - Korean

Earth Day: Celebrating service to the environment

From 'making good church people' to 'becoming good disciples'

Preparing for Big Tent 2015: A conference. A homecoming. A wedding?

Leanne Van Dyk named as president of Columbia Theological Seminary

Pillars of the Church program fosters commitment to peace and justice ministries

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board briefed on Educate a Child initiative

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves revised mission budgets for 2015 and 2016

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board receives report on new church initiative

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Mission Agency Board committees convene at spring board meeting

Rule change opens the way for Co-Moderators of the General Assembly

Intersection of science and religion embraced by Presbyterian-related school

Forty-year legacy of eco-justice flourishes at Ithaca, New York, congregation

Presbyterian World Mission Faces Potential Funding Shortfall in 2016 & 2017

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로들과 노회

Regarding ruling elders: ruling elders and presbytery

Presbyterian social witness policy group advocates tax and economic reform

Presbyterian Women answer call to disaster preparedness

Furniture ministry restores homes and lives of those in need

Presbyterian communicators garner several Derose-Hinkhouse awards

Presbyterian advocate inspired by the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women

The Discovery Curve

Korean university grants Olav Fykse Tveit honorary doctorate for his ecumenical vision

A passion for small church ministry has big payoff

Ordinations underscore work of Middle Eastern Ministries

WCC general secretary highlights significance of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

PC(USA) signs on to amicus brief seeking to change the fate of millions of immigrants - Korean

Artist’s gift extends reach of presbytery camp

Flagstaff Federated Church achieves energy independence with solar power

The future map of religions reveals a world of change for Christians, Muslims and Jews

PC(USA) signs on to amicus brief seeking to change the fate of millions of immigrants

New Book Encourages Individual Bible Exploration

WCC member churches pursue climate justice

It’s a long story

Presbyterian News Service welcomes Gregg Brekke as new editor

Breathing new life into Rockwood, Oregon—Part Two

PC(USA) anxiously awaits proposed revision to Indiana RFRA law - Korean

Abril 2015 - Una gran excelente sorpresa

April 2015 - The big great surprise - Korean

PC(USA) anxiously awaits proposed revision to Indiana RFRA law

Five-day spiritual pilgrimage for college students, campus ministers

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: Ordenación

Breathing new life into Rockwood, Oregon—Part One

Presentamos el nuevo material para la niñez de la IP (EE. UU.)

Living Missionally Under the Big Tent

Second time around

Introducing a new PC(USA) denominational children’s curriculum

Churches grieve Germanwings tragedy

Changes coming to PC(USA) ordination exams

Obama to host Pope Francis at White House in September

Stillman College Inaugurates Peter Millet as its Sixth President

Out with the old, in with the new

Central American children find support from the church in their legal battle for political asylum Guardian Angel program holds court officials accountable

Morning by morning

Grawemeyer Award winner Willie James Jennings to discuss race and theology at Louisville Seminary April 15

Keynote address at Compassion Peace and Justice Training Day explores relevance of church in reducing mass incarceration

I and Thou at Ghost Ranch

Prayers for peace in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and beyond

Presbyterian Publishing Corporation announces new titles for Executive Staff members

Columbia Seminary’s William Brown to Teach at Ghost Ranch

Dreaming of a church with no steeples, buildings

GA Vice Moderator facing new challenge with cancer diagnosis - Kor

Overcoming the Odds

Year D at Ghost Ranch

GA Vice Moderator facing new challenge with cancer diagnosis

What same-sex marriage means to Presbyterians

One Day Options for Colloquium 2015

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) addresses Commission on the Status of Women

Presbyterians focus on collaboration

Children’s sermon moves Iowa children to support mission in South Sudan

Amendment 14-F approved-개정안 14-F가 승인되다

Amendment 14-F approved

Enmienda 14-F aprobada

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approves marriage amendment

What’s in a word?

사역 장로에 관하여: 안수

Regarding ruling elders: ordination

Presbyterian Joint Consultation in Cuba

Presbyterians host NCC at the Texas-Mexico border

ANALYSIS: 7.5 million Americans lost their religion since 2012

Lord in your mercy …

More than 40 Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding studies now available

One Great Hour of Sharing helps rebuilding efforts a decade after Katrina

New Book Explores the “Fierce” Side of Mister Rogers

National PC(USA) staff, friends show support for Arizona mom in sanctuary for eight months

Q&A: Rachel Held Evans on the ills of American Christianity, and leaving evangelicalism

‘Doing interfaith relations right’

Presbyterian churches continue to struggle with winter storm damage in the Northeast

Pope Francis nearly as popular as St. John Paul II among US Catholics

Presbyterians respond to the mass incarceration crisis

Historian and theologian tapped to lead Presbyterian Historical Society - Korean

COTE marks and celebrates membership and staff transitions

The road from Selma was paved with the blood of four unsung martyrs

Ferncliff Camp to host Responding to School Violence conference

Presbyterian Publishing Corporation soliciting applications for leadership development opportunity for racial/ethnic seminarians

Presbyterian Association of Musicians Announces Internship Grant Recipients

The long, hard battle against human trafficking

Engage deepens understanding of the gospel

Historian and theologian tapped to lead Presbyterian Historical Society

Stated Clerk Writes Letter Opposing the Protection of Children Act and the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox women make uphill battle for parliament

Who’s watching all that Christian media? Christians, but not many others

Pamela Cooper-White to Join Faculty of Union Theological Seminary

From competition to compassion, a university president leads the way

WCC commission promotes ecumenical learning and education

3 ways relics and artifacts can help us ‘find Jesus’

Commission on the Status of Women attendee shares her hopes for upcoming event

Our New Day Begun (#6 in a series)

Winter storms spell catastrophe for New England

Louisville Seminary enters new affiliation with the Indianapolis Center for Congregations

Camp Grier Restructuring Results in Growth

Our New Day Begun (#5 in a series)

Association of Presbyterian Colleges & Universities names new executive director

A letter from the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL)

59th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Immokalee workers take campaign to college campuses

Muslims stand with Christians against attacks on churches in Niger

Embracing Peru

Michelle J. Bartel to head theological education office

People who are seeking peace

Utah highest, Vermont lowest on newest church attendance poll

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) joins interfaith coalition opposing trade injustice

New Book Tells How a Public Defender Reconciled with Sister’s Killer

New training opportunity for prophetic capacity for prospective NWC leaders

Eleven self-help community projects receive funding

Washington National Cathedral finishes first stage of earthquake repairs

IP (EE. UU.) lamenta y condena el asesinato de cristianos coptos egipcios

La fe perdura en medio del caos

Las preguntas nos dan apertura a nuevas posibilidades

Presbyterian Historical Society offers new digitization services - Korean

In the midst of turmoil, hope still survives - Korean

Bryce Wiebe will lead churchwide Special Offerings for the Presbyterian Mission Agency

Our New Day Begun (#4 in a series)

Focus on Africa’s Islamic extremists has diverted attention from South Sudan’s growing crisis

Kayla Mueller remembered

Faiths unite to mourn the death of 21 Coptic Orthodox Christians

‘An audacious thing’

Celebrating African American History Month

Sister Dorothy Stang died fighting for Brazil’s landless; 10 years later, not much has changed

WCC member church in South Sudan launches educational resource on reconciliation

A bicyclist dead, the Episcopal Church takes a hard look at alcohol

PC(USA) mourns and condemns the killing of Egyptian Coptic Christians

PC(USA) mourns and condemns the killing of Egyptian Coptic Christians

The Hidden Flame

Our New Day Begun (#3 in a series)

Columbia Seminary Offers New Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Behind closed doors?

Prayer in response to the murder of three Chapel Hill students

Amid criticism, Nigeria postpones presidential election, citing ongoing violence by Boko Haram

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: El ministerio sin liderazgo pastoral instalado

사역 장로에 대하여 : 위임 목회 리더십이 없는 사역

Regarding ruling elders: ministry without installed pastoral leadership

Upcoming advocacy training to focus on mass incarceration and systems of exploitation

Parking spat as motive for triple murder? N.C. Muslims don’t buy it

Presbyterian Historical Society offers new digitization services

Kathy Dawson Honored; Unveils New Initiative

Stated Clerk Writes Letter Opposing H.R. 399, Secure Our Borders First Act of 2015 (Korean)

Stated Clerk Writes Letter Opposing H.R. 399, Secure Our Borders First Act of 2015

A Great Man Died Today

World Council of Churches mourns the death of Leopoldo J. Niilus

The best birthday gift ever

‘Their history is also ours’

Hope — but then horror

Our New Day Begun (#2 in a series)

‘What are Presbyterians, anyway?’

‘They came to break the land’

‘Book of Common Worship’ editor Harold M. Daniels dies at 87

Board of Pensions Announces Ordination of its President, Frank Spencer

Our New Day Begun

It’s official: Pope Francis to address Congress in September

Clinton School Student Creates Environmental Education Program for Ferncliff Camp’s Eco Center

Injured mission co-workers have safely returned home to Kansas

Mexico-based coffee cooperatives empower growers, eliminate need for migration - Korean

February 2015 - Questions open us to new possibilities - Korean

Paying it forward - Kor

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Names David Esterline as Sixth President

Dreams and dangers

Muslim women in Los Angeles start a mosque of their own

Urgent Work on Tenth Anniversary of Colombia Accompaniment Program

Joy and ‘han’

Paying it forward

Office of Public Witness Director Meets with United States Embassy Officials in South Sudan

World Council of Churches calls for protection of church leaders in Colombia

Two women, two borders, one cause

Steve Hayner, 66, Seminary President and Interdenominational Leader

Mexico-based coffee cooperatives empower growers, eliminate need for migration

Stated Clerk honors Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba

Disaster survivors take comfort from sea of blue

‘Answered prayer’

Desert pathways to a future uncertain

Stated Clerk joins religious leaders in pushing for two-state peace agreement

Priced out of New York, American Bible Society decamps to Philadelphia

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary receives largest gift in its history

Eco-Palms: a celebration of triumphal entry and environmental justice

New Books for Lent from Rowan Williams and Feasting on the Word Series

PC(USA) Presidents: Affirming the Call for Racial Justice

Tighter fiscal control for Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Raleigh congregation partners for education in South Sudan

Voices from the border and beyond

Lifelong servant of the church, Elizabeth-Ann ‘Betty’ Nicholson, dies at 81

Jimmy Carter, Russell Moore and Harry Jackson: Bridging the racial divide

Marcus Borg, leading liberal theologian and historical Jesus expert, dies at 72

Rehabilitation or incarceration?

Company of New Pastors announces upcoming webinars

Ralph Abernathy: Martin Luther King Jr.’s overlooked ‘civil rights twin’

Eight ministries awarded DREAM Grants

British churches to celebrate Magna Carta’s 800th birthday by reasserting its Christian heritage

Border towns like Douglas and Agua Prieta reflect complicated immigration struggle

Black churches offer scholarships to students at Michael Brown’s alma mater

Praying with few words

Christian writer Margaret Feinberg shares breast cancer struggles, lessons on joy

Holy Week Pilgrimages At Ghost Ranch

Journeying in Hope (Viajando en Esperanza)

Southside Presbyterian is a model for the Church’s immigration response

Dismissing the crowds

The Stated Clerk speaks on immigration on U.S.-Mexico border

PC(USA) advocating for the safety and release of two pastors detained in Sudan

Líderes de la IP(EE. UU.) condenan los actos de violencia en Paris y piden justicia

La IP(EE. UU.) lamenta la pérdida del ex Moderador y líder ecuménico

PC(USA) mourns loss of former Moderator and ecumenical leader - Korean

Presbyterian Village North residents find joy in giving to neighbors in need

Pope Francis on free speech: ‘You cannot insult the faith of others’

PC(USA) college ministries encouraged to apply for Campus Ministry Grant

Evangelism disciple making conference engages in ‘divine therapy’

Contemplative Church At Ghost Ranch

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Inspires Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) Staff to a Renewed Commitment to Free Oppressed People

Risen from the ashes

Youth devotional app a hit

Majority of British Jews feel they have no future in England, Europe

사역 장로에 관하여: 당신의 신앙 이야기를 나누기

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: Compartir la fe

Regarding ruling elders: sharing your faith

Derribar muros por medio de la construcción de relaciones para abogar por la justicia y para oír

Florecer y crecer en nuestra renovación

Nigerian archbishop calls for unity marches following Boko Haram massacres

PC(USA) mourns loss of former Moderator and ecumenical leader

Nun is named first female head of Catholic Charities USA

Bible teaching grant helps Presbyterian-related schools explore grace and gratitude

Police chief to black churches: ‘We can’t do this without you guys’

Special Offerings to revise promotional campaign

Statement from Special Offerings

OGA hires coordinator for advocacy in Office of Immigration Issues

On fifth anniversary of earthquake, ministry in Haiti continues

Top 10 spiritual films of 2014

Young Adults gather online in South Dakota

Blossom and flourish in our renewal - Korean

Denomination in prayer for former GA moderator - Korean

PC(USA) leaders condemn Paris violence and call for justice - Korean

Contemporary gospel music pioneer Andrae Crouch dead at 72

Denomination in prayer for former GA moderator

PC(USA) leaders condemn Paris violence and call for justice

Palestinian college opens new doors for young people

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) applauds new Fair Food Program partnership

Congo Mission Network raises money to reopen nutrition center

Muslims on edge after Paris terrorist attack on satirical magazine

7 ways religious affiliation will (and won’t) change in the new Congress

Theologian, writer Edward Farley died Dec. 27

Jordan welcomes throngs of tourists at site where believers say Jesus was baptized

Along the border

Racial ethnic, new immigrant seminarians gather to explore changing landscape of ministry

Tsunami: 10 years later, a lesson in resilience

A silent — but not lonely — night

Blown away by the Christmas spirit

Moses: Movie star: Part 2

Beauty’s first language


Declaration of The Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba Regarding the Announcement of Reestablishing Relations Between the Governments of Cuba and the United States of America

Past scholarship recipient gives back to Presbyterian financial aid office

Office of Public Witness celebrates President Obama’s work on Cuba

PC(USA) Stated Clerk lauds historic action on Cuba

Serving and loving God wherever you are

Call to Prayer for the People of Pakistan

Evangelism in Madagascar

Unplugged and tuned in

사역 장로에 관하여: 교회 통계

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: Las estadísticas congregacionales

Regarding ruling elders: congregational statistics

Moses: Movie star

Secretario Permanente denuncia ataque a sinagoga

December 2014 - Link daily toil and holy quest in a deeper, earthier way this Advent - Korean

Una el trabajo diario con la búsqueda santa de una manera más profunda y terrenal durante este Adviento

Hispanic/Latino National Presbyterian Caucus releases statement on recent grand jury verdicts

Supporting Hispanic youth ministry

Documentary highlights farm work exploitation in United States

Sea una persona reconciliadora en la iglesia

Beard or no beard?

Youth groups from New York, Maine carry on 40-year tradition of mission

From one playground to another

Interactive, online Advent calendar offers fun activities to do with kids

ACREC statement expresses concern about verdict in Michael Brown case

Presbyterian border ministry site celebrates 30 years

Special Offerings take on new look

Presbyterians hope to make an impact on Giving Tuesday

Containing Ebola

If you build it, they will come

Churches have a special role to play in HIV response

NCC stands in solidarity with those seeking justice in Ferguson - Korean

5 reasons why we want to believe Jesus was married

Advent Calendar of Savings 2014

Hope in spite of drought

WCRC recommits to the Accra Confession

PC(USA) Stated Clerk responds to Ferguson grand jury decision

Introducing the new PC(USA) Store

Sudan partner church asks for prayer, support after attack on pastor’s home

A call to prayer for the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church

Religion survey babble confuses 103% of readers. Here’s why.


The Dones

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount: A launching pad for holy wars?

Long Island Presbyterians: Our Puritan beginnings

Merri Alexander takes role of senior director for strategic partnership development for Montreat

Seminary news

NCC stands in solidarity with those seeking justice in Ferguson

Stated Clerk denounces synagogue attack - Korean

Building together

Presbyterian Association of Musicians launches internship program for aspiring church musicians

Court rejects atheists’ demand to end tax break for clergy housing

‘The call to ministry is above rejection’

Catherine “Kay” Phillippe succumbs to cancer

Be a reconciler in the church-Korean

National Council of Churches welcomes two new staff members

Stated Clerk denounces synagogue attack

Mustard seeds in the Philippines

Rural women in Nicaragua working toward empowerment

Catholic bishops back Obama acting alone on immigration

사역 장로에 관하여: 직제 사역

Respecto a los ancianos y ancianas gobernantes: ministerios ordenados

Regarding ruling elders: ordered ministries

PC(USA) backs ‘Giving Tuesday’

Edna Palmer, Presbyterian ecumenist, dies at 97

New HLPM moderator expresses solidarity with murdered Mexican students

General Theological Seminary resolves faculty dispute, but future is unclear

Signs of hope in a nation still healing from brokenness

U.S., Cuban religious leaders press humanitarian case for prisoners’ release

North Korea’s release of U.S. prisoners sparks debate on why

Reflections on the Khulumani Support Group

The Berlin Wall: looking back, looking forward

Why Mark Driscoll’s fall and Mars Hill’s breakup issues a warning for megastar pastors

Cara a Cara con el llamado de Dios

The Rev. John M. Coffin, 85, dies

‘Our Challenging Way’

New Advent Resources from PPC

‘A gift and an offering’

Return from obscurity: NY’s Spring Street Presbyterian Church

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette pens new hymn for Donor Sabbath

El Caucus Nacional Presbiteriano Hispano Latino (NHLPC) de la Iglesia

Online, offline faith go hand in hand

Visible scars and wounds


Secularism grows as more U.S. Christians turn ‘churchless’

How to clean water with a guitar

Annie's children

Christian Aid turns to prophets of old for climate change hope

Statement by delegation to Cuba calls for release of captives

Tree of life

Harvest of hope

Evangelical ethicist David Gushee is now pro-LGBT. Here’s why it matters.

Expansion plans

Discussions in Punta Cana encourage collaboration among ecumenical organizations

Home grown

Monday at the movies

Stated Clerk part of delegation to Cuba

A fresh expression for a frightening era

Does purgatory have a prayer with Protestants?

Nov. 8 memorial service set for Pam Byers

Despite electronic voting snafu, commissioners and advisory delegates give GA 221 high marks

Freedom of religion, belief must be protected in workplace says U.N. expert

New WCRC General Secretary stresses solidarity to bring change-Korean

Tent of Nations

The Reformation was never univocal, says Mexican Reformed theologian

La IP (EE.UU.) reafirma su compromiso con las personas deportadas a través del movimiento Santuario 2014

La oración alrededor del mundo mientras la familia reformada marca días especiales

El nuevo secretario general de la WCRC hace hincapié en la solidaridad para lograr cambio

BOP’s Spencer charts ‘optimistic’ course

ACT Alliance elects new moderator, approves new strategic plan

Museum of the Bible aims for timeless name, imagery

Aja deja su posición en la Oficina de la Asamblea General

Presbytery and synod news

Faith Works

Aja leaving OGA position-Korean

Practicar la hospitalidad en un lugar inhospitalario

Refugees fleeing Iraq Christian torment enter Jordan in droves

PC(USA), Taiwanese Presbyterians agree on renewed mission and ministry together

Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program (PILP) Names Jim Rissler President

Con respecto a los ancianos y las ancianas gobernantes: Cómo moderar reuniones

Seventh-day Adventists to decide in 2015 on women’s ordination

WCC launches online survey on theology schools to probe climate justice

New WCRC General Secretary stresses solidarity to bring change

Aja leaving OGA position

Services of healing

From little brown church to little brown mission hub

In Africa, church leaders responding to climate change locally and globally

‘If not now, when?’

Oremos por Madagascar

Condolences offered following Jerusalem killing

‘1001’ grant program is retooled

Pits, Pitfalls, and Possibilities

Benjamin A. Reist remembered

Nearly $8 Million Lilly Endowment grant renews work of Louisville Institute

Bishops' debate over gays: Lost in translation?

Hope beyond the walls

Meet some of the 2014 Polity Conference attendees—Part 2

Beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

SDOP grant recipients announced

Lutheran Holy Land Bishop Younan to get Canadian peace work award

Meet some of the 2014 Polity Conference attendees-Part 1

'Kid to kid'

On the language of faith in writing

Type cast

What's in a name?

Face to Face with God’s call-Korean

Does the Muslim headscarf boost body image

The world comes to Costa Rica

Let the games begin!

Speaking God’s language(s)

Richard DuBose named president of Montreat Conference Center

Lutherans and UN refugee agency sign agreement on humanitarian cooperation

Prayers for Madagascar-Korean

Polar distress

Nobel laureates′ conference cancelled in South Africa over Dalai Lama visa

Church giving won’t rise unless pastors embrace Jesus’ teachings on poor, report says

사역 장로에 관하여: 회의 진행

Regarding ruling elders: moderating meetings

Good news and great news

Pilgrimage of justice and peace inspires Latin American communicators

Prayers for Madagascar

Face to Face with God’s call

PMAB approves budget changes

Building blocks

‘Winter Is Coming’

North American participants lay groundwork for a 2015 consultation on evangelism

Giving back in return

Practicing hospitality in an inhospitable place-Korean

Nobel winner Malala: Kids ‘should stand up for their rights’

‘Bread, Bath, and Beyond’

Seminary news

With persecution now ended, Protestants in Russia sputter along, pastor says

Stated Clerk issues letter of support to UCC in the Philippines

Severance pay

Pakistan’s emergencies require action before problems grow

Doris J. García Rivera installed as president of the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico

Presbyterian Peacemaker undeterred by roadblocks

Methodists resolve gay marriage complaint against 36 pastors without a trial

Emphasis on empathy

Kneeling in prayer

Brand New Resources Available in the Feasting on the Word Family

Longtime Presbyterian leader George Conn dies after brief illness

Call to end conflict

Company of New Pastors announces second Conversation on Pastoral Formation

Many church choirs are dying. Here’s why

Presbyterians called to pray for peace and justice in Hong Kong

Journeying together

Waging heavy peace

David Lewicki to preach on ‘Day 1’

Tensions at Episcopal Church's oldest seminary reflect larger crisis in future of theology schools

Reformed family called to ‘pray globally’ as it marks special days - Korean

Presbyterian mission co-workers injured in Ethiopia

Kids on the firing line

Mary Frances ‘Chick’ Ogden Foreman dies at 94

Churches and agencies formulate responses to Ebola outbreak

Agents of peace

One pastor’s response

Book on pastoral succession: ‘All pastors are interim pastors’

New UN document opens door for churches to do more for indigenous rights

Advocate for the common good

PC(USA) reaffirms commitment to deportees via Sanctuary 2014 movement-Korean

New Presbyterian Giving Catalog offers creative way to make a difference

Historic civil rights church to be considered for national recognition

Peace and tolerance

Yale chaplain's resignation reflects larger mainline tensions over Israel

Learning healing, finding peace

No reconciliation, no peace

‘Over there’ is right here

Ukraine is flowing with blood, say bishops, warning worse could come

Americans slowly starting to climb out of poverty, according to new census data

Revisiting the gospel in Egypt

Thirst for peace

God provides

PC(USA) reaffirms commitment to deportees via Sanctuary 2014 movement

Why same-sex marriage is expected to heat up this election among evangelicals

Voices from the Border and Beyond

The church on the margins

South Africa denies Dalai Lama another visa to visit ‘due to China relations’

Young theologians explore ways of furthering ecumenical formation

Presbytery and synod news

The struggle to survive

U.S. churches feel beat of change: More diversity, more drums

Displaced Iraqis appeal for security and tolerance

ACREC ‘applauds’ General Assembly divestment vote

Life and times of St. Paul Epps

Setting an example

A good foundation

Four years under construction

Big churches, big bucks: Southern senior pastors take top salaries

PMAB committee hears update on study process for proposed revisions to Directory for Worship

Seminary news

Catholic Relief Service looks at Central American programs to help fight migration crisis

Giving Peace a Chance

New in Managua

Letter to the President in Support of Sanctuary and in Hope of Administrative Relief - Korean

Letter to the President in Support of Sanctuary and in Hope of Administrative Relief

Denominational restructuring won’t work; local churches must innovate

Con Respecto a los ancianos y las ancianas gobernantes: como encontrar su voz como anciano/a gobernante

Experiencing ‘the church in action’

Graduation and General Assembly

Prayers, reflections and action during “Time for Creation”

100 years of calling, equipping, and sending Christian educators

WCC hosts Global Energy Parliament exploring ‘science of peace’

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역 장로로서 당신의 소리를 발견하기

Regarding ruling elders: finding your voice as a ruling elder

New ‘Nuns on the Bus’ tour to tackle political ‘dark money’

Battling Ebola with prayer and accurate information

Sea Prayers in Samoa show solidarity with people exposed to sea-level rise

Uphold Protections for Migrant Children and Families

‘People with a heart’

Going solar in West Virginia

Humanitarian need and loss punctuate crisis in northern Iraq (Part One)

Johannes G.J. “Jannie” Swart dies suddenly

Celebrations and challenges

Seeking forgiveness in Hudson River Presbytery

When Stewardship Is an Act of Public Witness

Grace Presbytery, Highland Park Presbyterian Church settle lawsuit

John Lennon’s killer: My life is all about Jesus now

‘On an adventure’

Church members assemble CWS school kits during a ‘participatory sermon’

Pastor who fought China's Christian crackdown faces 10 years in prison

Progress in Batey 7

Transformative workshop with indigenous women in Colombia addresses gender-based violence

Hispanic Christians launch initiative to bolster minority student achievement

Allan Boesak headlines one-day conference on the Belhar Confession

New hunger figures show millions of Americans continue to struggle

Cracks in the ‘stained-glass ceiling’: Women reach prominent pulpits

Food drive on wheels

From one Presbyterian Rear Admiral to the next

Christian and Muslim aid groups unite to urge action on IS threat in Iraq

Melva Costen shares rich life, experiences in PHS Living History project

New work

Una teología preciosa

China urges villagers: Give militants a bad stare and have a club

Pope Tawadros II speaks on role of Coptic Church in Egyptian society during WCC visit

Vatican’s doctrinal chief renews criticism of US nuns, says he’s no misogynist

Witnessing to the world

Avenues for healing

Christian leaders call for end to US strikes in Iraq, focus on peaceful resolution

What is home?

Learning from each other

Have Americans made God in their image?

Following God’s call: an introduction to our 2014 interns

From Las Vegas stages to Air Force chaplaincy

Jason Brian Santos to head PC(USA)’s collegiate ministries

MLK’s daughter seeks nonviolent Ferguson response

Making souls God wants to dwell in

Something old, something young

Argentinean churches rejoice at grandmother finding grandson born to death camp mother

Presbytery and synod news

Company of New Pastors launches new series of events

WCC commission leadership selected

Facing up to Ferguson

Back to the future

Losing religion at college? New study flips the common wisdom

It takes a village

Worship service in Pyongyang focuses on peace and reunification of Korean peninsula

Gay, Christian and celibate: The changing face of the homosexuality debate

PC(USA) leaders call for calm and prayer in Ferguson crisis - Spanish

Respite break becomes Peace Camp

Columbia president affirms faith despite spreading cancer

Chinese crackdown on crosses and churches continues

Can We Gather at the Table?-Korean

«¿Nos podemos reunir a la mesa?»

Can We Gather at the Table?

PC(USA) leaders call for calm and prayer in Ferguson crisis-Korean

Life beyond a trust fund

‘Ecstatic and enthusiastic’

China lets Pope use its airspace for first time in papal history

PC(USA) leaders call for calm and prayer in Ferguson crisis

Understanding military chaplaincy

Valdir França joins Presbyterian World Mission

Patriarchs of Eastern Churches appeal for aid against forces of religious extremism

More than we bargained for

Juan Sarmiento joins Presbyterian World Mission

After the Ferguson protests, church volunteers pick up the pieces

Opening doors for reconciliation

2014 Evangelism and Church Growth Conference draws diverse crowd

Pedaling for protein

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: Consistorios Presbiterianos

사역 장로에 관하여: 장로교 공의회들

Regarding ruling elders: Presbyterian councils

Evangelical leaders will travel to Israel to signal their support

Uprooted by force

PC(USA) Stated Clerk joins religious leaders in welcoming ceasefire

Alaska declares Nov. 14 ‘Dr. Walter Soboleff Day’

Marginal Christianity

Pilgrimage of justice and peace inspires production of liturgical material In Latin America

Experiencing the breadth and depth of the PC(USA)-Korean

A day in Gaza

WCRC selects Germany for next General Council

Humble modesty

Mommy, minister and unmarried: Single mothers in the pulpit

Experimentamos con la amplitud y la profundidad de la IP (EE.UU.)

Practical suggestions toward establishing new worshiping communities offered in new Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding study

Report from a mission co-worker in Israel/Palestine

Muslim Indonesia tries to halt spread of IS teachings in the country

Laugh practice

2014 Peacemaking Advent devotional now available

Gradye Parsons escribió una carta por la protección de los niños

Serving those who serve

Ministry with women and children

Islamic extremist impose reign of terror on Iraq

August 2014 - YEA as a liturgical response - Korean

Seminary news

Two congregations receive $5,000 grants to enhance multicultural ministry

United Church of Bacon: May the Lard be with you

Ebola virus frontline caregivers face deadly dangers in their work

WCC to hold seminar on migration and theological education

Julio del 2014 - Enredado

El comienzo de un diálogo

Respuesta de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.) a la crisis de los niños sin acompañante

A new president with a vision

Agosto del 2014 – SI como una respuesta litúrgica

In God’s image

New officer-training resources will inspire transformational leaders for your church

Lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings still need to be applied seven decades later

Nursing home evangelism: Preaching at the ‘bus stop to eternity’

Transforming lives

Alex Evans to preach on ‘Day 1’

Making an elephant dance

14 years of ecumenical service

The Bible as ‘story of immigrants’

More than 100 religious, immigration activists arrested at White House

PDA issues appeal for funds to address border crisis

A family legacy of mission in Malawi

New York’s historic Jan Hus Church calls Beverly Dempsey

Survey: Most Americans say U.S. should shelter, not rush to deport, child migrants

‘God gets what God wants’

Congregations caring for creation

Columbia Seminary alum develops app to assist those in need

Meet the 2014 Ecumenical Service Recognition recipients

House and Senate Border and Immigration Bills

Ukrainian students’ views

‘From the brink of death to life’

Montreat summer worship series concludes Aug. 3

대통령께: 가자 지구와 이스라엘에서의 휴전을 위해 단호히 대처해 주기 바랍니다

Rabbi David Saperstein tapped as first non-Christian to serve as U.S. ambassador for religious freedom

Refugees from Central America provide 'gifts' of grace

Company of New Pastors announces expansion plans

J. Herbert Nelson joins workers and faith leaders in demanding better jobs for federal workers

Grace for refugees from Central America

New workers for Niger

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: Equipados para el Ministerio

With Mosul’s Christians gone, Islamic State troops take over 4th-century monastery

Sr. Presidente: haga firme presión a favor del alto al fuego en Gaza e Israel

Extravagant generosity

A light shining in the darkness

IRS agrees to monitor churches for electioneering

Presbyterian pastor and his daughter write novel about their experiences with international adoption

WCRC invites nominations for prize promoting women in church leadership

Participating in the dance of life

Faith journeys

WCC expresses concern over exodus of Christian community in Mosul, Iraq

Faith communities are dumping their fossil fuel investments

Faith in action

Volunteers pack 24,800 meals for children around the world at New Wilmington Mission Conference

Mr. President: Press firmly for ceasefire in Gaza and Israel

Bay City Westminster Presbyterian pastor to lead U.S. House of Representatives in prayer this week

Statement issued by PC(USA) denouncing attacks in Mosul

A holy and wholly different experience

ACSWP seeks people to serve on study teams authorized by 221st General Assembly

Moving churches to discuss the morality of climate change

PC(USA) leaders offer a prayer for peace in many places of need around the world

Walled history

Spare time to serve

Global Institute of Theology gathers in Costa Rica

Move over, smiley face: New religious emojis on the way

Immigration European style

WCC urges Christian responsibility in economic measures related to Israel-Palestine conflict

The person behind the papers

Presbyterian playwright addresses patriarchy at seminary

More than a meal

WCC announces interfaith summit on climate change

Stated Clerk issues statement on Gaza crisis

Church of England approves women bishops in historic vote

The beginning of a dialogue - Korean

Board of Pensions welcomes new president, Frank Spencer

Presbyterian Publishing Corporation to place older hymnals out of print

사역 장로에 관하여: 사역을 위해 무장되다

Regarding ruling elders: equipped for ministry

Major themes of the Belhar Confession explored in Being Reformed study

Border crisis inspires new Carolyn Winfrey Gillette hymn

Churches to continue their “pilgrimage of justice and peace” in the world

Pan Asian Conference addresses changing landscape, leadership

Religious leaders petition Congress to support immigrant children

Stated Clerk asks President to honor protections afforded to children

General Assembly offering yields $13,500 for ministries in Detroit, around the world

Ghost Ranch event to focus on wilderness spirituality

Jinishian Memorial Program Praises PC(USA) Action Commemorating Armenian Genocide

Forget Republican or Democrat: Americans divide by their values

Religious giving: not yet reviving

Building God’s beloved community

Women leaders in African churches reflect on HIV/AIDS

PC(USA)’s J. Herbert Nelson criticizes Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn decision

비 동반 어린이들의 위기에 대한 미국 장로교의 반응

J. William Straughan, Jr. to preach at Montreat

Republicans woo evangelical base in bid to recapture the Senate

No more monoculture

Joy, sorrow, pain held together in Presbyterian identity

PC(USA)’s J. Herbert Nelson criticizes ‘Hobby Lobby’ decision

New, approved translation of the Heidelberg Catechism explored in Being Reformed study

‘You don't all have to be the same’

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Response to Unaccompanied Children Crisis

Vatican confronts shifting landscape on family issues

A cry for peace and end to violence

Chief WCC governing body begins its meeting in Geneva

Book on history of Presbyterian Border Ministry released

Turning church right side up

Storms and dawns

Five takeaways from the Hobby Lobby case

July 2014 - Tangled - Korean

Congregational Ministries Publishing resources for sale through Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Fine dining

The treasure of transformation in Christ

Consultation plans handbook on evangelism in Europe

Call to Prayer

Beyond Mississippi Burning

Living the dream

Study: Interfaith civic groups bridge diversity with participatory prayers

Zionism Unsettled No Longer Sold on PC(USA) Website

Seminary news

Presbytery and synod news

Moravians in 13 states vote to ordain gay clergy

An Open Letter of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to our American Jewish Interfaith Partners

Marriage, divorce and mariners

New Wilmington Mission Conference celebrates, encourages global mission

Latin American Presbyterians meet to celebrate and contextualize globalization pronouncement

Searching for the right pair of shoes

PC(USA)’s Joe Evans to preach on ‘Day 1’

Awaiting Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling, public favors contraception mandate

Gamm assumes leadership of Presbyterian Mission Agency Board

Latin American Presbyterians meet to celebrate and contextualize globalization pronouncement

Assembly closing sermon encouraged the gathered to trust in God alone


Church leaders meet and agree to advance peace on Korean Peninsula

Growing coalition presses Obama to end policy on religious discrimination in hiring

Season of Service Award

Get ready, Portland. The Presbyterians are on their way!

GA actions increase per capita 5 cents per year for 2015, 2016

Before the stroke of midnight, Assembly urges local jurisdictions to tighten background checks

Assembly adopts mission budgets of $73.7 million and $78.2 million for next two years

By slim margin, Assembly approves divestment from three companies doing business in Israel/Palestine

Fossil fuel overture sent to the Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee

Divestment decision immediately becomes target in and outside Cobo Center

Assembly asks government to follow due process when drones are used

Bill, these bowties are for you!

By slim margin, Assembly approves divestment from three companies doing business in Israel/Palestine

Fossil fuel overture sent to the Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee

합법적인 주에서 목사들이 동성 결혼식을 주례할 수 있도록 총회가 승인하고, 결혼 정의를 바꾸는 헌법 개정안을 보내다

'Life service, not lip service' is what God wants is theme of Motown-flavored worship service

Assembly approves dissolution of Hanmi Presbytery

Assembly votes to cut number of synods, but by fewer than recommended

PC(USA) leaders issue pastoral letter to the church on Assembly’s marriage actions-Spanish

2014년 6월 19일

Press Release-Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly Approves Recommendation Giving Pastors Discretion to Perform Same-Gender Marriage Ceremonies

PC(USA) leaders issue pastoral letter to the church on Assembly’s marriage actions

“These boots were made for writing”: 2014 distinguished writer talks shoes

Assembly adopts statement laying out 'Interreligious Stance' of PC(USA)

Restructuring of Peacemaking Offering to include global witness passes Assembly

Assembly acts decisively on gun violence, abortion, tax reform

Thursday's GA221 session ends with a happy celebration

Assembly approves allowing pastors to perform same-gender marriage where legal Sends proposed constitutional amendment changing marriage definition

Presbyterians launch 'Educate a Child' initiative to 'Transform the World'

Even before the vote was over, efforts began to address disagreements to come

통역자들과 번역자들이 제 221차 미국 장로교 총회에 참석한 모든 사람들이 이해할 수 있도록 하기 위해 수고하다

Interpretes y traductores trabajan arduamente en la Asamblea para asegurarse que todos puedan entender

Another new thing: Assembly sets aside time for discernment without debate

Valentine wins confirmation for unprecedented third term as head of mission agency

Hope can be heartbreaking, but Christ never disappoints, Egyptian theologian reminds Assembly

Assembly agrees to hit 'pause' on discussion of two issues dealing with pastoral fitness

GA Speakouts: Democracy in 60 second soundbites

Assembly refers question about providing childcare to COGA

Assembly sends Belhar Confession to presbyteries for inclusion in Book of Confessions

Interpreters and translators work hard at GA221 to ensure that all can understand

‘The sweet spot of our work’

Assembly confirms elections of leaders for Board of Pensions, Foundation

Gun violence discussion sparks laments, but also hope at screening of Trigger

Ruling elders reminded that God will supply tools enabling them to fulfill duties

GA221 kicks off first day of decisions with ecumenical breakfast and service

Stated Clerks honor Tammen with Fred Jenkins award

After 220 previous meetings, GA tries something new at its 221st gathering

Theological conservatives urged to join efforts at immigration reform

Mid Council Commission II report approved with minor change, 10-12 synods recommended

Presbyterians urged to stand up to power, pass overture on fossil fuel divestment at Earth Care luncheon

Convergence of voice and action key to Christian leadership, speaker says

중동 문제 위원회가 Caterpillar와 HP와 Motorola로부터의 투자 철수를 추천하다

Committee sends Belhar Confession to Assembly for approval

Congregational Vitality Committee hits the streets, makes connections

El Comité de Asuntos del Medio Oriente recomienda la desinversión en Caterpillar, Inc.; Hewlett-Packard y Motorola

Middle East Committee recommends divestment from Caterpillar, H-P and Motorola

Peacemaking committee votes to recommend that the Assembly take action aimed at restoring relationship with Cuba

Immigration and Environmental Issues Committee requests fossil fuel overture be sent to MRTI

General Assembly Procedures: Votes on YAADS and Per Capita

Virtual participation at 221st General Assembly allows more Presbyterians to follow the action

Committee recommends that Presbyterian pastors be permitted to perform same-sex marriages where they are legal

Being a disciple is really pretty simple: 'Follow Jesus,' pastor says

Social Justice Issues Committee disapproves call for a new abortion study

Committee recommends rejection of making distinction between modern and ancient Israel

Immigrant worshiping communities help revitalize the PC(USA)

Committee approves advocating for tighter measures to fight gun violence

PMA 'vitality' initiatives win endorsement by Assembly committee

Assembly committee recommends Valentine for third term as PMA executive director

Committee of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations approves “interreligious stance”

Committee recommends GA urge pulling investments from for-profit prison companies

Committee listens to opinions on Middle East, but takes no action

Assembly committee endorses elections of Board of Pensions, Foundation leaders

Peacemaking committee approves continued discernment despite calls for more definitive action

Committee endorses creation of immigration defense group within PC(USA)

Committee recommends teaching elders 'assume moral responsibility' of per capita

Committee OKs recommendation permitting a presbytery to have fewer than 10 congregations

Committee votes to recommend dissolution of nongeographic Korean-American presbytery

Draft of new Directory for Worship recommended for study

Líder de la Iglesia Unida de Cristo (UCC) declaro a los comisionados de la Asamblea General: «el post-cristianismo no es algo malo»

지도자가 총대들에게‘포스트 기독교 국가’는 그렇게 나쁜 것이 아니라고 말하다

Differing stances on civil union and marriage quickly appear in public hearing

UKirk ministries reclaiming Presbyterian heritage of integrating faith and service

'Post-Christendom' isn't such a bad thing, UCC leader tells GA commissioners

Chaplains are ministers too, Kibben tells PC(USA) chaplaincy advocate group

Mid Councils committee makes its case to commissioners for fewer, bigger synods

Committee makes its case for updated GA Standing Rules

Middle East dominates commissioners' resolutions

Young Adult Volunteers program celebrates 20th anniversary

Commissioners hear rationale for increased flexibility in process to prepare ministers

Vice Moderator Kwong Abazia hopes Assembly can imagine new places

Belhar Committee turns to a variety of voices to make its case for new confession

Moderator Heath Rada's newest friends gather to wish him well

Young Adult Advisory Delegates elect co-moderators

GA event honors three women for their prophetic witness

Respecto a los Ancianos y Ancianas Gobernantes: Líderes Espirituales

El evento de la Asamblea General rinde honores a tres mujeres por sus testimonios proféticos

사역 장로에 관하여: 영적 지도자들

Regarding ruling elders: spiritual leaders

Theologian says 'end of Protestantism' may make U.S. Christianity interesting

Detroit area churches receive awards for social righteousness

Sunday morning brings a variety of worship experiences

Rada fue elegido como moderador para la 221a Asamblea General en primera vuelta

La 221a Asamblea General comienza con la adoración antes del debate

Presbyterian Mission Agency catalogues service for commissioners

Rada elected moderator of 221st General Assembly on first ballot

Presbyterian Mission Agency celebrates milestone in 1001 movement

If at first you don't succeed, go to Plan B, then C to count votes

Commissioners take time to have conversations about race

Down by the Riverside: getting the discussions started

If it's Presbyterian, it's probably in the Assembly Exhibit Hall

Before the business, 221st General Assembly opens with worship

Stated Clerk Urges President to Make Enforcement Policy Changes Now

Staying informed at GA221

Church councils reflect on the spirit of Christian unity in a time of change

Russia’s Baptist Union elects vice president, re-elects president

In publishing, all dogs go to heaven, but what about cats, horses and birds?

General Assembly backgrounder: immigration and environmental issues

Seminary news

CWS Kits donated by congregations help Alabama storm survivors clean up

Africa’s Islamic extremist groups are on the rise

Presbyterian Outlook to present E.T. Thompson awards to Buchanan, Wheeler, Small

General Assembly backgrounder: peacemaking and international issues

Brazil, football and protests

Jimmy Carter 3.0: Building a post-presidential legacy

Riders on the storm

General Assembly backgrounder: mission coordination

Expanding the choir

Growing a church that looks like the world

General Assembly backgrounder: BOP, PILP, PPC, Foundation

Anglicans in Brazil engage in theology to understand human rights and the environment

Southern Baptists meet as membership, baptism decline continues

Serpent on the Seal

General Assembly backgrounder: congregational vitality

Saving grain for a rainy day in Haiti

Pastor publishes book to honor animals of his congregation

Columbia Seminary President Steve Hayner diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

General Assembly backgrounder: General Assembly procedures

General Assembly backgrounder: social justice issues

Devotions on the go

More than 80 religious groups for passage of Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014

General Assembly backgrounder: theological issues and institutions

CRC, RCA to consider joint resolution

Ahead of the World Cup, Brazil’s churches work to protect children from sex abuse

PHEWA recognizes four social justice ministries with 2014 awards

General Assembly backgrounder: church polity and ordered ministry

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship reaches $150,000 with Occupation-Free Endowment Fund

Planning underway for world gatherings of theological educators

General Assembly backgrounder: mid councils issues

Detroit 1954: a tale of two cities

Q&A with musician, speaker, author David LaMotte

Fellowship, Presbyterians for Renewal plan merger that would offer a new home to evangelicals

Survey: One-quarter of the world harbors anti-Semitic sentiment

El Secretario Permanente comunica las estadísticas del 2013 de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU)

Stated Clerk releases PC(USA) 2013 statistics-Korean

General Assembly backgrounder: ecumenical and interfaith relations

Play a song for everyone

Then the bulldozers rolled

Self-Development of People announces May 2014 grant recipients

Conservative United Methodists say divide over sexuality is ‘irreconcilable’

Stated Clerk releases PC(USA) 2013 statistics

General Assembly backgrounder: civil unions and marriage

Back in the sanctuary business

National Council of Churches issues calls for justice in the Middle East and South Sudan

General Assembly backgrounder: the Middle East

PC(USA) Urges Wendy’s to Join Fair Food Program

More U.S. Latinos shift and drift outside the Catholic Church

The Jesus Trail – a journey along the path of Jesus

Seminary news

Finalists announced for 1001 NWC video contest

Overtures to the 221st General Assembly (2014)

Making a difference

Christian leaders say Middle East Christians must not be forgotten

Austin Seminary backs Columbia Seminary statement on schism

In a process of restructuring CLAI defines strategies and rescinds services of general secretary

Notes about people

Call to Prayer for the Release of Sudanese Christian Prisoner of Conscience

PC(USA) mission co-worker in Africa speaks on her calling

Are Millennials really leaving the church? Yes ― but mostly white Millennials

Commissioners and Young Adult Advisory Delegates to the 221st General Assembly

Holy Land Christians hope Pope Francis' visit might revive peace talks

Glory to God

Beyond what’s required

New initiatives explore relationships between ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue

Religious leaders press Obama on high-level dialogue with Cuba

Bastions of hope

Poll: Americans stretch the truth on attending church

John D. Sharick dies at 78

Hunger among seniors on the rise, Bread for the World reports

Survey: When science and faith collide, faith usually wins

‘Give it your best shot’

New Being Reformed study by Joseph D. Small surveys the six great ends of the church

Preparing Christian leaders

Christopher Ferguson elected WCRC general secretary

사역 장로에 관하여: 제 221차 미국 장로교 총회 (2014)

Understanding the politics

Respecto a los Ancianos Gobernantes: 221a Asamblea General (2014)

Regarding ruling elders: 221st General Assembly (2014)

Opening doors to the world

Latin America’s LGBTI movement celebrates triumphs, sets new goals

Methodists approve same-sex marriage benefits

Called to a community

Presbytery and synod news

Churches urge South Sudanese leaders to implement peace agreement

¿Hacer Discípulos? / Make Disciples?

The path to legal same-sex civil unions in Peru

Seminary news

Survey: Most Americans say fighting global poverty is futile

Attend the Moderator’s 2nd Convocation for Asian American Presbyterians - Korean

Dispatches from the Holy Land

Church leaders to take part in talks between South Sudan’s Kiir and Machar

Preaching, teaching, healing

Discerning the future

“It Is Time” - Korean

Jewish Americans ask: What does it mean to be ‘pro-Israel’?

PC(USA) leaders call for prayer as the world mourns missing Nigerian girls

PMA to send Special Offerings gifts to churches and presbyteries

Final study in the best-selling Engage curriculum series now available

Commitment to securing humanitarian access in South Sudan a step forward, says ACT

Faculty of Columbia Theological Seminary call for witness to Christian love in PC(USA)

Listening to your enemy

No guns at Episcopal churches in Georgia, bishops say

WCC general secretary: war in South Sudan must end now

Supreme Court approves sectarian prayer at public meetings

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance assessing damage, needs after April storms

Beauty and brokenness in Jerusalem

«Ya es hora»

Lutheran Church in Chile ordains first woman pastor

‘Welcome home’

Inside out and inside in

Haiti is not receiving the attention of the international community, says UN coordinator

Are married priests next on Pope Francis' reform agenda?

The Outreach Foundation celebrates two milestones

Ecumenical delegation to visit South Sudan amidst conflict

Richard Haney tapped to head Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

Historic Riverside Church recommends first woman as senior minister

Inmigrante Presbiteriana de Guatemala se convierte en activista de asuntos migratorios

Presbyterian immigrant from Guatemala becomes activist on immigration issues - 과테말라 출신의 장로교 이민자가 이민 이슈들과 관련하여 적극적인 활동을 하다

Faith leaders call on Sarah Palin, NRA, to repudiate statement equating waterboarding with baptism

Fitting the pieces together

Sara Speicher tapped as interim head of Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Presbyterian immigrant from Guatemala becomes activist on immigration issues

A visit to the Presbyterian Church of Colombia

Farmworkers’ Fair Food program highlighted in NY Times

United Church of Christ sues over North Carolina gay marriage ban

A cross-cultural journey to the Holy Land

Young Women’s Leadership Development to host event at General Assembly

Veteran church leader tapped for Mid Council Relations post

New website connects young adults with service, community, advocacy opportunities

PDA responders on the way to Arkansas

‘Walk where Jesus walked’

Presbyterian journalists win 11 ACP awards

Cast your vote!

Most voters favor prayer, minus Jesus, at public meetings

2015-2016 Budget Approved by the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board

Down to the River

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves 2014-2016 mission budgets

Declaración del moderador con respecto al Comité de Asuntos del Medio Oriente

Italy’s ‘singing nun’ shows that ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’

PMAB approves Stony Point Center agreement

Church without walls

La Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.) envía sus condolencias y oraciones a las víctimas de los tiroteos en las afueras de los edificios judíos

Statement from the Moderator about the GA221 Middle East Issues Committee-Korean

‘A Season of Listening’

Presbyterians Call for Armenian Genocide Recognition and Commemoration

Educate a child, save the world

A new Noah

Ecumenical consultation urges elimination of human trafficking

‘Heaven Is for Real’ … and for everyone in new film

A church without walls (literally)

J. Herbert Nelson to speak at National Black Presbyterian Caucus GA dinner

WCC member church in Kenya ordains the Rev. Dawn Gikandi

Novel set in the Civil War wins First Book Award

‘Interesting times’

Committee leaders named for 221st General Assembly (2014) - Korean

He doesn’t just listen to the Sunday sermon; he draws it

Religious leaders release Easter statement to end war on drugs and mass incarceration

No PNS postings on Thursday, Friday of Holy Week

Running the race that is set before us

500 global groups push SEC on transparency rules

President Obama mourns Kansas tragedy: ‘We’re all children of God’

The church has left the building

사역 장로에 관하여: 재정적 책임

Regarding Ruling Elders: Financial Responsibilities

PC(USA) sends condolences, prayers to victims of shootings outside Jewish facilities-Korean

Worship Times partners with Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to build websites for new worshiping communities

Respecto a los Ancianos Gobernantes: Responsabilidades Financieras

Listening and responding to Earth’s voices

PC(USA) sends condolences, prayers to victims of shootings outside Jewish facilities

Small Church Residency Program changes name, application process

Statement affirms PC(USA)’s historic support for the UN - Korean

From Beacon Hill to ‘Bishop Bling,’ clergy housing faces new scrutiny

An Easter poem from J. Barrie Shepherd

Blessed are the peacemakers

Anti-Semitic incidents continue to decline in U.S.

Presbytery and synod news

Three different Palm Sundays

Young enough to dream

Graham’s grandkids collect thank-you’s for ‘Daddy Bill’

Presbyterian communicators win 14 RCC awards

Moonlighting pastors and postponed health care

Churches use Lent season to raise awareness on climate change

Washington church dedicates T-shirt memorial to gun violence victims

Heath Rada announces choice for GA vice-moderator

Kenyan Christian leaders oppose polygamy bill

Declaración de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.) afirma el apoyo histórico para las Naciones Unidas

'Together for Peace in Syria'

American Bible Society to sell 12-story NYC building

¡Bebamos! Ventas de K-fe ayuda a financiar el desarrollo de los recursos en español de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.)

Drink up! Coffee sales help fund development of PC(USA) Spanish-language resources

Water, water everywhere

Se nombraron los líderes de los comités para la 22va Asamblea General (2014)

Young women in PC(USA) delegation inspired by Commission on the Status of Women

Living into the life set before us

WCC consultation will address migration, human trafficking and modern slavery

Slow church movement fights the McDonaldization’ of church

Committee leaders named for 221st General Assembly (2014)

Seeking the welfare of the city

Being there

Statement affirms PC(USA)’s historic support for the United Nations

The Rev. Billy Honor to preach on ‘Day 1’

New Book Examines Core Values in a Time of Crisis

Finding what is lost

Funds Development adds new staffer

World Vision's gay marriage flip-flop reflects evangelical angst as culture shifts

Stated Clerk participates in dialogue with Christian and Jewish leaders

Seminary news

Alban Institute, a resource for mainline institutions, to shutter

Church-based development group invites EU to adopt long-term strategy to reconnect Gaza to West Bank

Repentance and reconciliation

Presbyterian youth’s ministry receives national award, attention

Peery to retire as president of Montreat Conference Center

Out of a little … plenty

Fred Phelps' hateful legacy may be the opposite of all he intended

WACC helps raise the voices of Haitian women

NCC’s first Christian Unity Gathering slated for May 18-20 in Washington, D.C.-area

Pew research: Pope Francis hugely popular with U.S. Catholics

The widow’s might

Campaign in Brazil focuses on the ‘globalized indifference’ to human trafficking

Mormon women seeking priesthood to be shut out of Temple Square

The power to build peace

Out of the whirlpool

Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Muslims sign historic agreement to combat human trafficking, slavery

Presbyterians help press U.N. to improve plight of world’s women

‘Homeless Jesus’ provokes debate on what it means to be Christian

A prayer for Rasel

WCC general secretary expresses concern over Israeli Knesset law

New broadly graded summer curriculum sets stage for awesome adventures

The joyful feast

Church is a ‘unifying force’ in conflicted South Sudan, missionaries say

John Wilkinson taps MaryAnn McKibben Dana as GA running mate

WCC president for Latin America expresses concern over clashes in Venezuela

Spared a church trial in one region, Methodists may find censure in another

사역 장로에 관하여: 예배 리더십

Con Respecto a los/as Ancianos/as Gobernantes: Liderazgo de adoración

Regarding Ruling Elders: Worship Leadership

Committee affirms PC(USA)’s commitment to interfaith relationships, honors four for outstanding ecumenical service

Cuban church leaders press for normalization with U.S.

Call and response

Presbyterian co-leading CWS tornado recovery workshops in Illinois this week

A port after the storm

PPC announces revitalized benevolence programs

Journey and awaken into God’s diverse world

Survey finds growth, vitality in multisite church model

‘Not just hands, but also a voice’

Presbytery unites youth groups for mission

Faith-based voices urge expansion of access to HIV treatment

EEOC details employer rules as religious worker complaints rise

San Antonio pastor is third candidate for GA moderator

National Presbyterian Church of Mexico excludes recently ordained woman pastor

PPC announces revitalized leadership development opportunity for racial/ethnic seminarians

Remembering how it was when we were still brothers

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship launches Peace Communities Partnership initiative

WCC general secretary shares with pope aspirations for unity, justice and peace

A Church No Longer Subdued: Be a Voice for Peace

Study: Protestant work ethic isn’t just Protestant anymore

PC(USA), African partners empower women

Notes about people

Lent Letter: World Communion of Reformed Churches

Spreading the spirit of General Assembly

WCRC joins Presbyterian advocates for women at UN Commission on the Status of Women

Inspired by St. Francis, young adults look to emulate his bond with nature

Social media Sunday

Seminary news

Whitworth to host PC(USA)’s conversation on Unity with Difference March 12-14

John Ortberg’s Menlo Park Presbyterian votes to leave PCUSA despite $8 million fee

Dumpster diving as an act of faith

Board of Pensions grants 4.6% experience apportionment

Conciliation essential, says Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Venezuela

Rwanda: 20 Years Later

Special Offerings launches Pentecost video contest

2014 Seven Weeks for Water campaign kicks off

Questions and answers about Ash Wednesday

From the Underside-Korean

“Lots and lots of paperwork”-Korean

Ecumenical Advocacy Days March 21-24

“Lots and lots of paperwork”

Self-Development of People announces grant recipients

Protecting Haiti’s vulnerable children

What is the Answer to Bad Religion?

PC(U.S.A.) Daily Prayer app now available for Android

Trust is a key factor to peace in Colombia, says Jesuit leader

Survey: Americans turn sharply favorable on gay issues

COTE names recipients of Excellence in Theological Education award

PC(USA) leaders briefed in meetings with Syrian, Lebanese partners

Board of Pensions names Frank Spencer as president-elect

Pentecostal groups agree to bridge a century-old racial divide

El material educativo Participe está ahora disponible en Español y Coreano

태평양 연안에서 화합과 교회론에 대한 대화의 장을 준비한 총회장

Moderador convoca conversaciones acerca la unidad y la eclesiología en la costa

Pastor petitions United Nations: ‘Pray for U.S.’

NCC joins push to end solitary confinement in prisons

South Sudanese churches ask warring parties to end conflict and build peace

New Presbyterian Youth Book Club study on Divergent

MRTI considers fossil fuel divestment overtures

‘It’s like taking a spiritual vitamin’

Kansas, Arizona bills reflect national fight over gay rights vs. religious liberty

Retired pastor finds niche leading disaster relief efforts

Adventist Church changes thousands of lives through literacy program

Ancestral land returned

Best-selling author of Soul Feast Returns with New Lenten Study

First Church Houston is staying in PC(USA)

A new day in Ukraine

Baseballing Presbyterians

Evangelical women look beyond Bible study to new causes

A time to stand firm

Colombian Catholic bishops emphasize family, poverty as elections approach

Chaplains help others grieve, but learn to grieve themselves

Oscars’ best films from a faith perspective

A valuable partnership

Calling all cooks

Gender counts in the aftermath of disaster in the Caribbean

Worried about their future, French Jews take a bet on Israel

A lifetime of faith

Blair Monie to preach on ‘Day 1’ in Lent

Seminary news

Coming to the Sudanese table in Iowa

Bread for the World launches campaign to reform U.S. food aid

World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) project strengthens communication rights in Bolivia

Comité especial recomienda que la Confesión de Belhar sea añadida al Libro de Confesiones

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) remains committed to peace for Israelis and Palestinians

Building on a legacy

New Book Examines the Journey Ahead After the Loss of a Child

Young adults gather online

Presbytery and synod news

Consultation on ‘Faith Declarations’ opens future possibilities

‘Comparative Statistics 2012’ now available

Mormon missionaries find work, meaning in community service

Signs of hope in Cremisan Valley for Palestine’s Christians

PNS to change email distribution of stories

WCC seeks young adult stewards for summer meeting

Christian Hospitality Center opens its doors at the Sochi Olympics

Líderes de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (E.E.U.U.) se reunieron con el Caucus del Senado Demócrata y otros líderes religiosos

Sent to serve

2014 Women of Faith Award recipients named

Revision of Directory for Worship sent to 221st General Assembly (2014) for comment, study from wider church

Major themes of Belhar Confession explored in Being Reformed study

‘A present reality’

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board elects new chair, vice chair

Sunni-Shiite violence soars in Pakistan

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board approves recommendations for 1001

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board sends MRTI recommendations to General Assembly

PPC ends distribution partnership with Cokesbury

Abortion rate hits lowest level since 1973

Board agrees to let staff leaders come up with Stony Point plan

Cuba connection

Kathy Bostrom named winner of top writing prize

God’s salad bowl

Light: global economic justice and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

특별 위원회가 벨하 신앙 고백을 미국 장로교 신앙 고백서에 추가하기를 추천하다

Real family values

Youth inspire overture calling for fossil fuel divestment

Presbyterian Mission Agency Executive Committee approves two church-wide initiatives

Faith leaders wrestle over growing support for marijuana

Special committee recommends Belhar be added to <em>Book of Confessions</em>

‘Weavers of Hope’

PHEWA seeks nominations for social justice ministries awards

Walter Brueggemann Discusses the Sabbath in His New Book

Presbyterian leaders call for a Day of Prayer for South Sudan on February 16th

Presbyterians seek unity—or amicable split—on gay clergy

Learning by doing

Presbyterian leaders call for a Day of Prayer for South Sudan on February 16th

Christians in the Sudan face travel restrictions, cardinal says

Doing more with less

Bottoms up

A honest ‘selfie’

For some Christians, sharing medical bills is a godly alternative

Face-to-face connections

A long, strange trip

Update on Political Turmoil in Thailand

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Sikh Coalition to host interfaith dialogue events in New York City

South Sudan ceasefire agreement marks start of rebuilding, ACT Alliance says

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders meet with U.S. Senate Democratic caucus, other faith leaders

Safety net

PC(USA) documentary on the ripple effect of gun violence shown as part of MLK Week

The pope and the president: What to look for in the Obama-Francis summit

Hope Amid Violence in South Sudan

Sing to the East and the West

A mission co-worker in Europe?

Special Offerings task force recommends changes to Peacemaking Offering

5.3 billion people face harsh religious freedom restrictions

ACSWP continues work on reports to GA

Tony Campolo to shutter the evangelical ministry he started 40 years ago

MRTI to recommend divestment from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and Hewlett Packard

Churches expect decisive actions for peace in Syria from Geneva 2 talks

G. Thompson ‘Tommy’ Brown dies at 92

PDA honored for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts

World Communion of Reformed Churches finds new home

Christians in Libya cast anxious eye at religious freedom

Top 10 films for 2013

Presbyterian network opens new dialogue on Zionism

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

PC(USA) delegation accompanies Syrian Church partners in meeting with Syrian President Assad to press for peace

Coalition of Immokalee Workers reaches agreement with Walmart

Fans rely on God, rituals to boost favorite team

One-quarter of Colombia's Indians displaced

Sharing the love one neighbor at a time

Peace activist John Dear parts ways with the Jesuits

Overcoming evil with good

A bridge between Pentecostal and Baptist

Serán ofrecidas sesiones de entrenamiento acerca de los problemas de inmigración

Stony Point evaluation committee recommends against incorporation

CWS: ‘World must fulfill the promise to Haiti earthquake survivors’

Presbyterians are working to end violence against women and children

Roman Catholics decline in England, Wales

Immigrant Ministries: Growing a diverse church

Women photographers shatter Middle Eastern stereotypes

More than survival

‘nFOGging’ the General Assembly

‘Collaboration is a good way to go’

Face-to-Face 행사, 다른 자료들, 임지를 찾는 자들과 미국 장로교 고용 기관들을 연결시키기

Survey: Views on evolution driven by religion more than education

Face-to-Face, hace un encuentro entre las personas y las organizaciones empleadoras de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (E.U.A.) entre otros recursos

Rosemary Mitchell will help Presbyterians engage with Washington and UN ministries

Thirst for learning

Notes about people

Training sessions to be offered on immigration issues - Korean

Face-to-Face, other resources, match call seekers and PC(USA) employing organizations

Seminary news

Prayer is key to Baltimore congregation’s transformation

Report: 8 UNHCR member countries on human rights organization’s list that restrict religious freedom

Training sessions to be offered on immigration issues

Interfaith group serves Christmas dinner to homeless

Despair in the South Sudan

2013 marked shifts in views on social issues

Creation care

Grants available for clergy renewal leaves

Report: Alarming data of violence against women in Latin America and the Caribbean

Pam Driesell to preach on ‘Day 1’

Report: Femicides in Brazil hit civil war proportions

Call to Prayer for Madagascar: Election Update

Seminars in Bossey will provide opportunities of ecumenical formation

Left behind

2013 in Review: Pope Francis dominates the headlines

Bringing the sick to Christ, the healer

Faith-based organizations join hands in their response to HIV and AIDS

Single-parent residential program moving toward goal

Nominations still being accepted for PWG awards

Connection brings comfort and hope

PNS to take holiday break

Faith leaders urge EPA to assess impact of Alaskan mine

Jesus, Elvis and Aristotle: Who’s bigger?

Making ‘miracles’

PC(USA) mission co-worker, bishops write book about border mission

A library of legacy

Church leaders issue statement in the wake of escalating violence in South Sudan

Responding to the crisis in South Sudan

Church-state partnerships aid malaria fight in rural Africa

Where John baptized Jesus

Ministry at the intersection of life and death

God interrupts

Notes about people

Mormon Church: Justifications for black priesthood ban rooted in racism

David vs. Goliath

다윗과 골리앗

And then there were 172

Engage study now available for Spanish and Korean speakers

Moral Mondays

At National Cathedral, a vigil for victims of gun violence

YAV program expands to six new sites

Ecclesiology without metaphor

Learning by doing, doing by learning

Make your own kind of music

David vs. Goliath

Think globally, act locally ... or vice versa?

Some Seventh-day Adventists forge ahead on women clergy

Following God’s call

A million for mission

Whitworth awarded $1 million from Lilly Endowment

Membership defined

Call and response ecclesiology

Word becoming flesh

Targeted by Assassins: Women, Children, Families of Honduras

Washington National Cathedral to charge visitors

A tribute to Nelson Mandela

Former Crafton pastor uses investments to make a lasting contribution to kids

Call to Prayer for Madagascar: Election Update December 1, 2013

Influential investor

Supreme Court takes up contraceptive mandate, will rule on religious rights of corporations

Nelson Mandela: dreamer of big dreams

Kathy Francis chosen as new Senior Director of Communications

Presbyterian Center chapel hosts interfaith celebration

Just say yes

Seminary news

A common ground in preventing gun violence

Wild Goose uprising

Office of the General Assembly Statement on Minister Housing Case in Wisconsin

‘Crown jewel’ of American printing fetches $14.2 million in record auction

Relief work continues after typhoon in the Philippines

Presbyterian partner leading the World Council of Churches in Latin America

2nd candidate named to stand for GA moderator

Religious conflict rips through Central African Republic

Stated Clerk Urges End of ATEP (Alien Transfer and Exit Program) | El Secretario Permanente urge el término de ATEP (Programa de transferencia y salida de inmigrantes)

Pray for Peace in Mozambique

Comfort zone? What comfort zone?

Seminary news

PC(USA) leaders ask Congress not to cut SNAP benefits

Church trial shines spotlight on denomination’s ambivalence

Coming full circle

Interactive, online Advent calendar offers fun activities to do with kids this Advent

Virginia congregation partners on affordable housing

NCC installs new officers

Not a SNAP

Breaking down barriers

Church of England ‘one generation from extinction’ says former archbishop

SNAP to it

Global Institute of Theology 2014 to take place in Costa Rica

Donations pouring in for Philippines, but it may not be enough

Webinar updates Presbyterians on Philippines disaster response

James E. Winkler elected NCC general secretary/president

Presbyterian leaders released following imprisonment in South Sudan

Series of ‘flash sales’ being offered to followers of CMP on Facebook and Twitter

"God blesses us and leads our lives"

A presidential pew

Catholic bishops’ new president can help hierarchy pivot toward Pope Francis

Thanksgiving 2013: Our 150-Year-Old National Tradition

Presbyterians engage in SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge

Nominees sought for best Presbyterian writer

New Book from Presbyterian Author Offers Biblical Guidance on Today’s Ecological Crisis

Presbyterians, Adventists conclude 4-year dialogue

A light in the distance

Children killed in attack near Damascus church and school

In Oval Office, evangelicals press for immigration reform

Call to Prayer for the Philippines - Spanish

In search of affordable groceries

Music is love

American Bible Society donates Bibles to remind Congress to protect the nation’s most vulnerable

Rise in Italian Catholic Church attendance attributed to ‘Francis effect’

GA special committee examining ministry preparation process releases interim report - Korean

Reverend Admiral

Call to Prayer for the Philippines - Korean

ACSWP continues work on reports to GA 221

Notes about people

Army medic shares vision with Indiana congregation

“Tragedy must not deter us from our Christian calling”

WCC Assembly addresses contemporary public issues

Emboldened, gay marriage activists eye 50 states

Message of the WCC Assembly: ‘We intend to move together’

U.S. National Council of Churches officers welcome Obama outreach to Cuban dissidents

PDA has set up account for contributions to Philippines typhoon relief

New Beginnings: from ‘navel-gazing’ to ‘acting out faith’

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, ecumenical partners, responding to Philippines typhoon | 장로교 재해 지원부와 에큐메니컬 동역자들이 필리핀 태풍에 반응하다 | El Programa presbiteriano de asistencia en desastres los socios ecuménicos responden a los tifones de las Filipinas

First woman and African moderator elected of the WCC Central Committee

Call to Prayer for the Philippines

Despite ‘huge’ hesitancy, seminaries branch out in online degrees

Historically peaceful Syria in ‘unimaginable situation’

Unity in Christ: the journey of fellowship

Fifty years later, C.S. Lewis’ legacy shines in US, not his homeland

Water ways

Let the future shape the present

Mission: a call to life-giving witness

A million for mission

Finding the lost

Fire water

Asia shares aspirations for justice and peace at the WCC assembly | 아시아가 세계 교회 협의회(WCC) 총회에서 정의와 평화를 위한 열망을 공유하다

Baptist-Hindu couple write how-to book on interfaith marriage

GA special committee examining ministry preparation process releases interim report

Water works

‘Act and work where justice is’

Young adult ministry grows in Northeast Georgia Presbytery

10th Assembly elects new WCC presidents

The power of narratives uncovered at training event

Christmas with a touch of Celtic

By train to Busan: journeying for peace in Korea


‘I need a pastor for the restaurant industry. Are you interested?’

Report: Church giving reaches Depression-era record lows

Gospel demands marriage equality, Johnson tells Covenant Network

Exclusive focus on heterosexual marriage is not biblical or Reformed, Covenant Network told

Participants connect assembly theme to their realities

Group building project expands thinking on representation

Theological education initiative begins in Seoul

Biblical arguments favor marriage equality, religious researcher says

Cuban handicapped analyze their sense of Gospel hope

Hollywood looks to the Bible for screenplay potential

‘You serve the church because God called you to do this’

Building on a legacy

The For Such a Time as This Pastoral Residency Program is Now Part of CLC

The disappearance of ENInews

WCC assembly opens with prayers, reflections and great hopes

‘Jesus would want us to do it all’

Poverty, not Islam, is the enemy, Niger peacemaker says

Baptism rates slide despite high-profile boosts

Board of Pensions looks to future, approves 2014 business plan

Self-Development of People announces grant recipients

WCC assembly ready to open, watch from afar

Stated Clerk urges the end of programs that create distrust of local enforcement and make us less safe

East meets West during mission trip to Navajo Nation

WCC 10th Assembly: hopes and aspirations

Breaking bread in faith and love

COGA issues letter on General Assembly gathering and Detroit

Coalition of Immokalee Workers awarded Roosevelt Institute’s Freedom from Want medal

Synod COR training event opens with contextual Bible study

Where truth and beauty reunite

Can online Communion be a substitute for the real thing?

The Bible and Belhar

Rocky Stony Point

They applauded!

A call to prayer for Madagascar elections Oct. 25

Interview: Malcolm Gladwell on his return to faith

Initial 1001 Investment Grants awarded

Religious leaders urge direct talks between U.S., Cuba

Church news outlets struggle to keep their editorial independence

Two Churches, One Pastor

Pastor Brings Back Unity to Church

2013 Women of Color Consultation

After 65 years, will peace finally come to Colombia?

Consultants help churches with the business of growth

Presbyterians for Earth Care to honor two leaders

National Council of Churches still pushing for comprehensive immigration policy reform

God through the eyes of artists

PC(USA) sponsoring November food stamp challenge

Faith leaders march on Congress

A time for every (re)purpose under Heaven

Christine Chakoian to preach on ‘Day 1’

Long an oasis of Christian-Muslim calm, Kenya may see more strife

2014 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study available

Peace Train takes a journey towards reunification of Koreas

Church bells ring in a corner of Turkey once the site of Armenian genocide

COGA visits Detroit in advance of GA221

Food for thought … and action

Hobby Lobby apologizes for Hanukkah flap

Understanding trauma is key to children’s ministry, researcher tells Russia Mission Network

Seminary news

From the occupied Palestinian territories to the European Union

Fraternal twins

WCRC lauds South African churches for progress toward unity

‘Gravity’ and the unanswered questions of unbelief

Improving human dignity among poor, homeless in Madagascar

Council of Churches of Cuba partners with U.S. Rainbow Coalition PUSH

Dominican court ruling increases risk of statelessness, CWS warns

‘Not someone else’s problem’

A new path to poverty eradication

Billy Graham’s legacy fading ‘into the mists of history’

A clean water community

A Christian witness in Iraq

1001 video contest: what’s your story?

The price of freedom

Who’s a Jew? Few American Jews say it’s a matter of belief

‘Where hope never dies’

Whitworth enters into new partnerships with PC(USA)

PNS shifts ‘digest’ schedule from Friday to Wednesday

‘The fight for life’

New Engage study seeks to call, train, inspire, and support disciples of Jesus Christ

Three churches become one to better engage neighborhood

Presbyterian Center celebrates publication of new hymnal

Syrian Christians may get pulled into civil war

Religious leaders urge ‘path toward improved relations with Cuba’

Youth delegates prepare for WCC assembly

Behind the front lines in Syria

GA mission budget receipts down but so are expenses

For Such a Time as This Residency Program applications now accepted year round

Stated Clerk urges Congress: Stop Playing Politics with People's Wellbeing

Ann Tiemeyer elected to key NCC post

United Methodist high court to consider challenges to gay teachings

COTE’s Fall Meeting Opens New Possibilities for the Church

Walking the walk

A Call to Action: How you can help us share the power of faith with the world

Making a joyful noise

PMAB rejects pay raise modifications for Center employees

Keeping the main thing the main thing

Religious leaders denounce child marriage in joint video

Stony Point incorporation proposal referred to ‘evaluation team’

1001 movement is ‘transformation strategy for entire church’

Earline B. Williams addresses Presbyterian Mission Agency Board

Living out our faith

Stated Clerk issues statement on the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya

Board of Pensions changes prescription drug provider

Stated Clerk issues statement on Pakistan church bombing

Giving catalog to connect Presbyterians with impact of gifts to Special Offerings

Moody Bible Institute drops alcohol and tobacco ban for employees

Talmaks: Camp Meeting of the Nez Perce Presbyterians

Global survey documents trends in theological education

Prayer for Colorado

Hospitality integral to mission co-worker’s interfaith engagement

North Carolina Presbyterian pastor featured on ‘Day 1’

SFTS student starts street ministry in San Francisco

WCC consultation brings rights of religious minorities into focus

From burlap sack to digital file, church records get makeover

Diverse faiths enhance consultation conversation

What you need, baby, God’s got it

Prayer for Colorado - Oremos por Colorado

Prayer for Colorado - Korean

Consultation on interfaith relations maps way forward for PC(USA)

Historic Presbyterian church engages children in global mission

Who’s joining the exodus?

Remarriage rates plunge as divorced Americans have doubts

Become life shapers

Soul to soul

Egyptian Christians minister on in spite of violence

Interfaith Art Exhibit

‘Missionaries of Shalom’

From farm to iPhone

New Presbyterian hymnal published

We remain committed to eradicating gun violence

Pope Francis tells atheists to ‘obey their conscience’

From making decisions to making disciples

‘Presbyterian ministers for $400, Alex’

Balanced and transformed

Putting knowledge into practice

New, Progressive Approach to Having the “Talk” Revealed in New Book

‘Don’t make it harder than it needs to be’

Student faith worshiping community at UKirk Ole Miss grows tenfold

A matter of gifts

Seminary news

Feminists call temporary Western Wall prayer platform a ‘sundeck’

Celebrate Theological Education Sunday Sept. 15

WCC and Global Christian Forum seek Christian unity together

Is ‘Just War’ doctrine another victim of the Syrian conflict?

Pumping civility into our civic culture

Exhibition in Geneva raises awareness of Armenian genocide

PC(USA) Special Committee encourages churchwide study of the Confession of Belhar

‘God brought you here’

Presbytery and synod news

Youth create multi-faith community in Bossey

Union Presbyterian Seminary’s Building “Preaches” to the Community

Christians in Middle East: U.S. attack on Syria would be detrimental

Mid-Council Commission unanimously recommends fewer/larger synod model

PC(USA)’s Syrian partners urge dialogue, not military strikes

Churches to observe International Day of Prayer for Peace

Leader of the Anglican communion praises Mexicans for ministry with the poor

PMA’s Rob Fohr to lead webinar on young adult ministry

Religious diversity is increasing at the office, and so are pitfalls

‘Syria Update’ webinar set for Sept. 10 to update Presbyterians

Bert Tom, 79, remembered at Chinatown service

Virginia ‘Ginna’ Bairby is new managing editor of Unbound online social witness journal

A precious gift of peace

Palestinian Christians under attack

WCRC Member Churches called to prayer for Syria

Catholic migrant rights defenders in Mexico face growing pressure

A Call to Action

‘I do not call you servants any longer... Instead, I call you friends’

Evangelical leaders in Peru commit to fight corruption

The ethics of a Syrian military intervention: The experts respond

A Season of Peace to begin Sept. 8

PC(USA) church partners support call for no military action in Syria

New Being Reformed study illuminates the Advent season

Seminary news

Ecumenical publication in Latin America focuses on eco-theology

‘The church has to do something’

‘Once we were no people, now we are God’s people’

Stated Clerk issues statement in the wake of the escalating violence in Syria

Korean Presbyterians gather for spiritual, family retreat

Newest ‘Values Voters’ adversary to America: The Emergent Church

Prayer, not politics, is Egypt solution, says religious leader

‘Miracles of love’ reshape worshiping community

Living its calling

Crowds recall the faith that animated MLK’s unfinished dream

Indian churches reflect on the WCC assembly theme

Beloved Author of <i>Bridge to Terabithia</i> Returns With Modern-Day Christmas Stories

Love is a verb

Islamic TV station in England fined for inciting violence

‘The Butler,’ ‘I Have a Dream’ and the Trayvon Martin fallout

NCC calls for renewed commitment to racial harmony

‘Duck Dynasty’ success thrives on Christian stereotypes

A revolutionary response in a revolutionary time

GACEIR seeks information on Presbyterians’ interfaith experiences

Remembering a ‘life well loved’

Churches raised funds, encouraged crowds at ’63 march

Pray before meeting

Preparing for international service

‘God is the best artist’ takes off on social media

PC(USA) partners in Egypt call for peace in wake of violence

Glimpses of good news

Bar mitzvah training goes online in a digital age

The PC(USA) remembers the March on Washington

Cultivating conversations about race

We are family

Reformers want Congress to end ban on pulpit politicking

Paddling for peace

Seminary news

New book recounts church gardening as peacemaking ministry

Roots bound

Pedro and his butterflies

Two ecumenical bodies established for Sudan and South Sudan

Evangelical ‘Messy Middle’ is more accepting of gays

Fossil Free PCUSA

Based on true stories

Centre College lands $250 million donation

Lutherans elect Elizabeth Eaton first female presiding bishop of ELCA

Thin air

Picking up the pieces

Stated Clerk calls for prayer in the wake of the escalated violence in Egypt

Christian groups support new Brazil law providing hospital attention to victims of sexual violence

Can a Hebrew charter school teach the language but not the faith?

Celebrating a Decade of Hearing and Singing New Songs to God

‘Rosie’: hands across the HealthLine

Latin America lags on reproductive rights

Ethicist Shaun Casey to oversee religious engagement for State Department

Transformed from the inside out

Brave new world

Former charity head confirmed as U.S. ambassador to Vatican

A moving experience

Connecting online

Stony Point Center hosts Native American paddlers on journey down Hudson River

African chief evangelizes about adult circumcision

Sacred story telling

Trying to find Christ in everybody

Arizona congregation rallies to help wildfire-ravaged community

Presbyterian Hymnal producers respond to misinformation

Wives find renewed faith after husbands ‘visit’ heaven


A deeper look at marriage

From ebb to flow

Multiple paths to multiculturalism

Reporting as a priestly calling

Presbyterians stir debate by rejecting popular new hymn

Mission to repair souls and restore life

Making multicultural music

Prescriptions for the church

Being in the world

Integrated gospel, interconnected church, interdependent world

Once a ruling elder, always a ruling elder

World Mission conference at Big Tent concludes with worship

Homeless find a home in Presbyterian children’s hearts

‘You cannot reconcile with racism’

‘100 Words On’

Words of thanks

It’s your call

Praying with strangers

Making a difference in Colombia

Just a closer walk

Square burgers but not a square deal

The church speaks on race

Seminary Support Network focuses on quality of ministry

Beliefs shape behavior

Reconcile now

Discomfort zones

Retune, respond, re-present

Pentecost Presbyterians

‘Look around the table – is this one where Jesus would sit?’

One size doesn’t fit all

Comfort in the uncomfortable

Escaping poverty’s grip

Woman charged with paint vandalism at Washington National Cathedral

What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out

Big questions

Youthful elders

How to think the faith

Modern-day slavery

Not exactly like herding cats

A Missionary to the United States: Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri

‘Tis a gift to be simple

123 down, 878 to go

Survey: UK Muslims give more to charity than Jews, Christians

The Holy Spirit’s already in the house

Revolution reclaimed

Lupton challenges traditional methods of mission

Presbyterians urge Wendy’s to join Fair Food Program

Whither synods?

Nuns on the Bus push Congress to pass immigration reform

Communication from A to Z

Rev. Christine Coy Fohr joins World Mission

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Did Pope Francis change church teaching on homosexuality?

Changes coming to PC(USA)’s Church Leadership Connection

National Elders Conference at Big Tent offers opportunities to connect, explore, listen

Belonging to God

New health program in Congo hopes to improve maternal, infant mortality rates

House rejects call to allow nonreligious military chaplains

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Celebrates 25th Year in Louisville

Author Robert Lupton to address Big Tent’s World Mission Conference

Interfaith leaders back Kerry’s Israel-Palestine peace initiative

Faith leaders promote protection of displaced people

Report: Americans hold different views of what ‘religious’ means

Racial Ethnic and Immigrants Convocation at Big Tent features sermon by Carvalhaes

Cuban Council of Churches applauds President Raúl Castro’s courage

PC(USA) Special Offerings to kick off Big Tent during Louisville Bats baseball game

Taking a month to find out what really matters

A letter to members of Congress from Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons

Tweet your way out of purgatory (but there’s work involved)

Use your head, heart, hands

During flight to Brazil, pope talks about importance of giving young people jobs

Religious groups face uphill fight in House on immigration reform

Women as ‘witnesses for the Lord’

From Taiwan to Taize

Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) consultation calls for universal access to water and sanitation

Lawmakers ask Obama for religious diversity summit

Energizers before rain dances

Christians in Sudan face increased hostility

Sara. B. Moseley, first woman PCUS moderator, dies

Taize to hip-hop

Guantanamo Bay prison poses moral dilemma for White House

Conservatives say religious freedom is ‘under attack’ in military

Clear as a bell

Evangelism & Church Growth Conference to highlight 1001 initiative at Big Tent

Pray for peace in Zimbabwe

Encuentro conference to provide ‘big tent of welcome’

OGA’s preparations for the 221st General Assembly (2014) proceed with confidence following Detroit’s July 18 bankruptcy filing

Satan worship worries Christians in Northeast India

CUIC issues statement on the George Zimmerman verdict in the killing of Trayvon Martin

Heaven or hell

Notes about people

Paying Attention to the Needs around Us

Is the growth of the nonreligious good or bad? Americans are divided

Compassion, Peace and Justice Big Tent conference to focus on faith in action

Burning bushes

In praise of artisans

Mormon missionaries to tap online tools

Into the woods

Starting from scratch

Nurturing a much bigger imagination

Mr. In-Between

Church leaders affirm Cuban religious reforms

Priests’ reform group charts middle course

Church leaders issue statement on the George Zimmerman trial

Líderes de la iglesia hacen declaración acerca del juicio de George Zimmerman

Toya Richards tapped for top OGA communications post

Seminary news

Pope Francis: Christianity is incompatible with anti-Semitism

U.S. Department of the Treasury releases blocked CLAI VI General Assembly funds

Study of 1001 initiative leads to action

Bono: David sang the blues and Jesus did some punk rock

Presbyterian Youth Triennium prepares for more than 5,000 participants

‘Trashing the playbook’

Why Brazilians are protesting the World Cup

Hispanic Christians press lawmakers on immigration reform

Beautiful bureaucracies

Theology, Worship and Education to provide Big Tent scholarships

Green economy not taking off in Latin America

For some converts, Ramadan is loneliest time of year

Voices of faith challenge violation of women’s rights

Holy handwriting

Introductory study from Being Reformed invites participants to better understand the Heidelberg Catechism

Bob Whitesel headlines Healthy Ministry Conference

Invisible singles

Pope Francis proclaims John Paul II, John XXIII as new saints

Celebrate with us!

Behind the curtains

Presbytery and Synod News

New series by Being Reformed focuses on directional goals of the Presbyterian Mission Agency

Kenya’s Christians and Muslims unite to combat addiction

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) reacts to the Senate’s passage of immigration reform legislation

Groundbreaking study reveals the Heidelberg Catechism’s true identity

Church unity frees energy for social justice, says global church leader

Board of Pensions approves dues model overhaul

Thy sister’s keeper

Lutherans and Catholics bury the hatchet for Reformation’s 500th

Dream on

Special Offerings to sponsor scavenger hunt at Youth Triennium

Feds release first guidelines for confronting a church shooter

When ‘Christian’ and ‘citizen’ go hand in hand

Our quiet room

NCC officers welcome Senate passage of comprehensive immigration reform bill

Mother Dolores Hart, from kissing Elvis to joining the convent

Is America now the hardest Christian mission field?

ACSWP discusses broad array of topics at June meeting

Study says gays find most U.S. faiths unfriendly

Cold War, warm heart

The Rev. Richard Ray to preach at Montreat

10 years later, Mister Rogers is still making neighbors

Reunite, renew, respond

LWF calls for end to violence, impunity in Central America

Is yoga instruction religious? San Diego court case may decide

Earline B. Williams Confirmed as Deputy Executive Director for Shared Services

Seminary news

J.C. Austin to preach on ‘Day 1’

15 years later, religious freedom panel lacks real power

PC(USA)’s two-hour study on Christian marriage is now available

Best-selling Being Reformed studies now available for iPad, Kindle


Ex-gay group Exodus International shuts down, president apologizes

1001 movement passes milestone — more than 101 new worshiping communities in first year

The Rev. Fairfax Fair to preach at Montreat

Full participation of people with disabilities in churches

Rabbi has a message for old and young Jews: Change or die

Workshops exploring the PC(USA)’s marriage study announced for Big Tent conference

MRTI reports record proxy votes for environmental shareholder resolutions

Lifetree Cafes offer space for tough topics

Rye Presbyterian Church grant will help teach English in Port Chester

CWS praises 38 countries that have halved hunger

Pope Francis: Wasting food is like stealing from the poor

Bear hugs

Pastoral residency program, For Such a Time as This, receives $25,000

Consultation reflects on how to build peace with justice in Asia

Jewish federations support egalitarian space at Western Wall

Earline B. Williams named Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Executive Director for Shared Services

SDOP announces grant recipients

Inspiring African churches to uphold women's dignity

ELCA Lutherans elect first openly gay bishop

PDA receives $1.4 million grant from American Red Cross

Churches seek life, peace, justice and dignity for Africa

Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury to meet for the first time

Fields of dreams

College students showing up awakens Chicagoland congregation

Catholic leaders urge support for Boy Scouts after shift on gays

PC(USA) marriage study available for download

New hymnal orders continue to increase

Syrian civil war forces Sunni and Shiite Muslims to pick sides

Living water

CWS offers ways for faith communities to commemorate World Refugee Day

Feisty civil rights activist Will Campbell dies at 88

Health Insurance Grant program established to aid new worshiping communities

Award of Lombard Prize for theological essay on ‘paradise’ marks World Environment Day

Evangelicals launch $250,000 immigration campaign

Makeovers and more

'The Holy Spirit just went "pow"'

Service is worship

Lacking recognition, Italy’s Muslims face an uncertain future

All talk leads to action

Synod and presbytery news

‘Nuns on the Bus’ kick off immigration tour

Empirical hermeneutics

CLAI’s president-elect values strengthening regional ecumenical relations

Southern Baptist Richard Land passes baton to Russell Moore

A letter from the Stated Clerk to Suzan Johnson Cook, United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom

Theologian sees ecumenism as the dynamism of a renewed Christianity

Call to action

Oklahoma Muslims aid in tornado relief in bid to build bridges

Proud to be Reformed

Arab Christians have built hope in hopeless situations

Will there be a ‘mass exodus’ of religious groups from the Scouts?

Stated Clerk releases PC(USA) 2012 statistics

Putting faith into action

Churches express solidarity with Christians in the Middle East

(Presbyterian) Church of Scotland OKs gay ministers

Riders on the storm

From gardens to pantries

Churches in Africa hope for good governance and stable democracy

Congregations tend the soil and the soul with vegetable gardens

PC(USA) denominational curriculum We Believe offers new supplemental resources for children’s age levels

Montreat Conference Center’s Summer Worship Series begins June 2

Board of Pensions won’t change medical dues model until 2015

WCRC can be a “worthy partner” in addressing poverty and interfaith relations, says Ghana’s president


Christian leaders seek to overcome polarization

CLAI Assembly gets going with worship

Abundant life includes sexual and reproductive rights, says CLAI

Human cloning breakthrough prompts religious objections

Mexico’s community radio stations fight for survival and recognition

The greatest story ever (re)told

New translation of the Heidelberg Catechism achieves required two-thirds majority of presbyteries

Canadians turning away from organized religion

Ghanaian Presbyterians are open to African expressions of Christian faith

Creating a biblical ethic of peace in Colombia

Bridgett Green joins PPC editorial team

Franklin Graham calls IRS probe of ministry finances 'un-American'

Adapting theological education in Asia

Church leaders call for prayer in the wake of the May 20 tornado in Moore-Oklahoma City

Catholic population surges across the Global South

Two Young Adult Volunteers receive FTE fellowships

Seminary news

Lutheran and Reformed churches in France unite

Church-based scouting alternatives attract interest

Collective impact

Older Cuban women move to improve quality of life

Jesuits face a shrinking pool of university presidents

Pentecost Offering video contest winner announced

The Inheritance of Abraham?

Church leaders tackle the stigma of mental illness

Board of Pensions Releases ‘2012 Annual Review’

Laura Cheifetz joins the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

‘Nuns on the Bus’ will hit the road for immigration reform

Blessed to be a blessing

South Sudan president expresses appreciation for churches’ contribution to the new nation

50 years later, recalling the young ‘foot soldiers’ of civil rights

A whole new way of life

Montreat’s Imagine Conference explores what it means to be a follower of Jesus in today’s world

15 countries cited for religious freedom violations

New worshiping communities movement inspires church in Puerto Rico

Synod/presbytery news

How could slave traders pray in chapel built over dungeons? Jamaican pastor asks

Modern hymn writers revive a lost musical art

CLP? Easy as 123

Alto de Julio

Female converts to Islam facing growing scrutiny

The valley of the shadow

Jerry Pillay is an African church leader with a global perspective

Colm Toibin’s ‘Testament of Mary’ brings Jesus’ mother down to earth

A (new) vision leads to dwelling place for low-income senior citizens

When history gets hacked

Has something significant happened in Mongolia?

New World Council of Churches congregational resource invites ‘pilgrimage to Busan’

French Jews face uncertain future after scandal

A letter to President Obama from Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons

‘Just add water’

Living Waters for the World releases Mother’s Day e-card

Pope Francis’ preaching style is low-key, mostly private

Caribbean churches reflect on new directions for diaconal work

Theologian Richard Lischer tries to make sense of his son’s death

From the ashes

A letter from the Stated Clerk to the Chief Executive Officer of Wendy’s

Heath Rada is first candidate for GA moderator

A baptismal way of life

Homeless Jesus sculpture searches for a home

Nueva comunidades de adoracion

Alexey Smirnov on track for re-election

Uruguay is second Latin American country to adopt gay marriage

Former ‘Jesus freak’ traces the evolution of Christian rock

Something new in Nyack

Solidarity visit to Bangladesh amidst growing religious intolerance

Atheists find a Sunday-morning connection with other nonbelievers

U.S., Korean Presbyterians adopt common mission statement

Dues change discussion continues at Western/Central RBC

Boy Scouts proposal displeases religious leaders on both sides

Study on marriage ready for congregational and presbytery use

Transforming mission

Notes about people

Churches in solidarity with campesinos arrested during protest against mining project in Guatemala

Pope Francis redirects employee bonuses to charity

U.S. and Korean Presbyterians issue joint statement on easing tensions on Korean Peninsula

Heads we win, tails we win

Parliament of the World’s Religions survives financial crunch

Extending the legacy

‘Feasting on the Word’ curriculum announces new highlights as churches begin ordering for fall 2013

A Joint Statement on the Peace of the Korean Peninsula

Holy Communion in three tenses

From the Church Pew to the Global Pulpit

The upside-down tornado

PC(USA) marriage study available for electronic download April 29

White House council calls for action on modern-day slavery

Gun Violence: A Church Speaks Out

Belhar Confession recommended again for PC(USA)’s adoption

Lineup of experts set for Bread for the World’s 2013 national gathering

Muslim leaders: We stand against terrorism

Church leaders call for prayer after kidnapping of Syrian Christian leaders

A Call for Prayer from Setri Nyomi, General Secretary, World Communion of Reformed Churches

Moderator’s Colloquium on Ecclesiology set for this week

Mission board takes up positive investment in Israel-Palestine

Russia’s Chechnya: A breeding ground for terror

Full circle

Global gathering of Reformed and Catholic theologians continues 40-year dialogue

Pope Francis orders overhaul of U.S. nuns to continue

Ideas and concerns about challenges facing PC(USA) exchanged at Eastern RBC

CWS hopeful on immigration reform proposal

George Beverly Shea, the voice of Billy Graham crusades, dies at 104

Growing support for Presbyterian mission

Addressing immigration reform

PC(USA)-UCC congregation in Boston offers comfort to those affected by Monday’s bombing

Do legislators remember the Virginia Tech tragedy?

As they turn 150, Adventists still praying for the Apocalypse

Sobre la reforma de inmigración

Johnson C. Smith takes spiritual journey with students, preparing them for God’s call

Students, alumni, and others in Louisville Seminary community making a difference

What it means to be the Church

Pope Francis orders overhaul of U.S. nuns to continue

미국장로교지도자들이 보스톤 마라톤에서 발생한 비극적 참사에대해 드리는 기도

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board moves to reduce financial barriers to service for young adults

Líderes de la iglesia ofrecen un llamado a la oración a raíz de los eventos trágicos en el Maratón de Boston

Circle of life

Whitworth University affirms, expands Presbyterian partnerships

Fifty years later, church leaders respond to King’s “Birmingham Jail” letter

Living to serve

Food for thought

Vatican gets behind adult stem cell research

Recognized for excellence, three new church starts win 2013 Walton awards

Speaking out against hunger

Producer priest navigates Hollywood in a collar

Rest for the weary

Feasting on the Word Curriculum announces new highlights as churches begin ordering for fall 2013

‘Harvest revival’

New testing dates Shroud of Turin to era of Christ

Another kind of party

Presbyterian communicators win seven RCC awards

Cardinal Dolan: Catholic Church could do better on gay outreach

Immigrants in Detention and Solitary Confinement

The troublemakers

Called to Uptown

Obama recalls Holy Land trip at Easter prayer breakfast

No longer ‘white-knuckling it’

Presbyterian journalists win 18 ACP awards

American Atheists wrestles with its cherished ‘grumpy’ image

Like a good neighbor

A strong community which does not give way to tears

Despite censures, Womenpriests movement grows

From hunter to hospital chaplain

English-language church in Ecuador’s capital seeks pastor

Vatican defends Pope Francis’ washing of women’s feet

Te-Chien Chang has a passion for creation, Christian formation

We need to wash our dirty feet!

Scholars piece together a ‘new’ New Testament

From recipient to donor

Presbyterian Media Mission wins prestigious film award

Pope washes feet of two girls, two Muslims at youth prison

Oil industry sues to overturn transparency legislation within Wall Street Reform Act

Discerning the future of Portuguese-language ministry

Alcoholics Anonymous wrestles with its spiritual roots

Seminary news

Presbyterian Border Ministry changes name, mission focus

Pope Francis says the ‘nones’ can be allies for the church

National Day of Action in Support of Immigration Reform April 10, 2013

Sign up for the Advocacy Training Weekend

Unto the least of these

Theological education initiatives at WCC assembly

After giving up religion, atheists try giving up something else for Lent

Encouraging generosity

PEIA pastors, elders begin ‘Following God into the World’

Presbytery and synod news

Argentina’s Pope Francis heralds a new era for Latin America

Growing congregations keep pace with changing times

Commission on mission and evangelism prepares for WCC assembly

Melissa Rogers new head of White House faith-based office

Committee on the Office of the General Assembly celebrates ministry of departing staff members

Connective tissue

Time for new ways of promoting social change, says WCRC justice official

Lesbian provisions prompt Catholic bishops to oppose Violence Against Women Act

Only 421 days away!

Russia’s National Prayer Breakfast addresses morality, common good

Global data upend usual picture of Christianity trends

Why the first Jesuit pope is a big deal

Whither synods?

Faith community to Congress: ‘It doesn’t take a miracle to make a moral budget’

Fighting threatens Islamic artifacts in troubled Timbuktu

Let Us Play: Expressing Our Faith through Dance

Somewhere in a mountain town

Human trafficking is focus of church consultation in Cuba

Dwindling Catholic schools see future in Latino students

Blood flow

‘Tell the old, old story’

Churches address violence against women with disabilities

Pope Francis’ first day hints at a change in papal style

Farmworkers, supporters on the road again in Florida

Church in Jordan and the Holy Land joins WCC

Exhibit highlights blacks’ connection to Scripture

A letter from PC(USA) leaders on the election of the 226th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, His Holiness Pope Francis

2013 partner presbyteries chosen for small-church pastoral residency program, For Such a Time as This

Look out of any window

Five hopeful signs for U.S. congregations

What’s in a name? For a new pope, quite a bit

Cardinals searching for a CEO pope who can clean up the mess

Godly giving

Christians in Lahore rally in wake of Muslim riots

The church of improv

Just in time for Passover, Israel braces for locust invasion

New worshiping community, “little church” connects with young adults

Board of Pensions goes back to the healthcare drawing board

Lebanon Partners Overcome Odds to Serve Syrian Influx

Board of Pensions approves 1% experience apportionment

Courage and Compassion Amidst War in Syria

A new song

‘The one voice who has called us by name’

Everything you need to know about popes and conclaves

Following where God leads

Searching for brave and humble leaders

Reformed church theologians gather to set focus in a time of transition

Armenia struggles to absorb Christian refugees from Syria

Presbyterian children’s agencies form network to expand, improve services

Churches advocate for the rights of stateless people

Computer simulator preps military chaplains for the battlefield

Office of the General Assembly announces details of reorganization, staffing changes

PC(USA) Chief Historical Officer announces retirement

Theology and Worship hires new interfaith relations associate

World Mission hires three ‘catalysts’

CLAI assembly in Cuba will include support for Superstorm Sandy relief

Has there ever been a black or African pope?

What’s next?

Noted writer Carolyn Winfrey Gillette pens new hymn for One Great Hour of Sharing

Wagering on a new pope? You bet!

Living with God in the context of HIV/AIDS

Mental health of clergy requires balancing stress and success

Documentary film helps launch Bread for the World’s annual Offering of Letters

Gay, transgender band breaks barriers in Christian music

PC(USA) scholar featured in ‘ON Scripture – the Bible’ series

Observe Clean Water Sunday March 17

Rosa Parks statue unveiled at Capitol, celebrated by AME Church

Synod and presbytery news

Ecumenical vision for new financial system presented to Latin American governments

Benedict will be’Pope Emeritus’ after resignation

Committee on the Office of the General Assembly approves reorganization for the Office of the General Assembly

National events for new Presbyterian hymnal planned

SDOP disburses more than $160,000 to 10 U.S. self-help projects

When spouses lose faith, sticking together is hard

Youth groups invited to enter Pentecost Offering video contest

A new home she never dared hope for in Haiti

House passes bill to give disaster relief to religious groups

Presbyterian Delegation to Help Form an Intergenerational Approach to Eliminating and Preventing Violence Against Women

Sharing the impact of Special Offerings

Seminary news

Pope expected to live out a quiet retirement in Vatican monastery

Ten new Presbyterian mission co-workers complete orientation

Can’t say ‘no’

WCC to hold consultation on stateless people

Christian left sees optimism in Obama’s second term

‘Launching pad’ for organizing pastors

Wake up, Africa!

Controversy over Cardinal Mahony’s conclave vote reaches Vatican

Presbyterian global mission leader Don Black dies at 93

Drip, drip, drip

Orlando retirement complex caters to aging Hindu immigrants

Church leaders and Christian educators engage in new curriculum from PC(USA)

Chicago is ground zero in U.S. Muslim renaissance

PDA responding to tornado in Mississippi

Follow to lead

Catholic, Reformed churches agree on baptism

Play practice

NCC to consolidate operations in Washington, D.C.

Tibetans mourn as self-immolations near 100

MRTI approves shareholder resolutions

Pension industry legend Dan McGill dies at 93

Electing a new pope draws on tradition and secrecy

Board of Pensions postpones vote on medical dues overhaul

Playing with the locusts of life

Fasting like an Old Testament prophet gains followers during Lent

Boy Scouts shift on gays wouldn’t change rules on atheists

March 1, 2013 is World Day of Prayer

GreenFaith, PC(USA) Environmental Ministries announce partnership

Holy playfulness

You are what you eat (unfortunately)

Femicide continues to mark Guatemalan society

Pope Benedict XVI says lack of ‘faith’ could be used in marriage annulments

Javanese neighbors

Vatican admits it doesn’t fully understand youth culture

Church leaders urge fundamental immigration reform

Presbytery and synod news

Justice is the key to peace in Colombia

40 years after Roe v. Wade, abortion foes are winning — and losing

Seeking the shalom of the city

The things that make for peace

Notes about people

European court says U.K. equality laws trump personal religious beliefs

Political solution is the only way to end Syria conflict, human rights activist says

At halftime, a religious alternative to Beyonce

Presbyterian film critic’s top 10 spiritual films of 2012

Religious leaders in Geneva advocate for peace

U.S. mosques hit by shortage of imams

Movement on Immigration Reform is in-line with Policy of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Trigger spurs conversations on gun violence in a Chicago community

Seeking and doing justice

WCC assembly an opportunity for praying, listening, sharing

Cubans see Internet as crucial to future development

Hungry Jews in America? Kosher food pantries report growing need

Dare to believe peace is coming, Tveit tells Korean congregations

‘Virtual’ public schools draw interest of religious families

Shifts in balance of power create uneasy relations in Latin America

Church in a post-Christian context

Dagmar Heller’s book places baptism in ecumenical perspective

Citing religion, some health workers refuse flu shots

Gang of 6 reach an immigration deal!

Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religious Leaders Call For Bold New Initiative for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Before It’s Too Late

Christ to Christ

Head of WCRC’s justice program now based in Geneva

Churches, synagogues press for federal rebuilding aid after Sandy

Announcement of organization for communications and funds development

Peculiar and maladjusted

It is time to get radical

Career path

Africa rises, China falls on Christian persecution list

Margin call

New Lenten Study Available from Presbyterian Old Testament Scholar Patricia Tull

Sweet surrender

Obama extols a biblical vision of equality for all in second inaugural

Wear your PDA T-Shirt to church the first Sunday in Lent


PC(USA) Daily Prayer app on top 20 list for most-used lifestyle apps

New Books for Lent from Authors Dietrich Bonhoeffer and N. T. Wright

Cultivating wonder

Change partners

Book shares stories of Illinois congregation’s members

Frei Betto to receive José Martí Award

God is alive and well in America, says Gallup chief

In the wake of Sandy, CWS coordinating recovery trainings in New Jersey, New York

Church World Service urges action on hunger, immigration in letter to Obama

Obama’s use of Scripture has elements of Lincoln, King

Applications for small church residency program, For Such a Time as This, now being accepted

Religious coalition takes on the gun lobby

Seeking to be a bridge of reconciliation

Gwen Crawley died Jan. 2

Latin American Parliament recognizes the right to food

Years of tension yield to thaw between gays, Mormons

2013 Moderator’s Lenten study invites Christians to seek to live out the will and purposes of God together

Strengthening mission support

Mission in a mysterious field

Office of the General Assembly moves forward with reorganization

WCC blasts U.S. for blocking ecumenical meeting in Cuba

Bags of hope

Russell Moore: Why adoption is a ‘pro-life’ policy for evangelicals

National Faith Call-in Day for Humane Immigration Reform

Living Waters for the World names new education director

Pope Paul VI inches one step closer to sainthood

Worshiping Community launches faster than anyone imagined

100 percent placement

As bells toll, clergy push Congress on gun control

New curriculum from Presbyterian Mission Agency's office of Evangelism engages the church in the gospel, discipleship, and mission

Crowd pleaser

Indigenous groups present peace plan to Colombian government and FARC negotiators

PBS series depicts American abolitionists as fired by faith

Showing families a promising future

Lutheran ‘comfort dogs’ welcome students back to Newtown school

Coudersport, Pa. church to reopen this weekend

No longer a fringe group

Faith leaders want Americans to pray for collegiality

Bells that sounded — and some that didn’t

From local mission partnership to global advocacy

Christianity in Britain losing ground to Islam, secularism

Santa’s not the only black belt

U.S.-based Haiti advocacy organizations hopeful after UN launches initiative to eliminate cholera from Haiti

From nuns to ‘nones,’ 10 ways religion shaped the news in 2012

Self-Development of People invites Three Young Adults to Assist with Building Community Partnerships

Homer T. Rickabaugh dies at 80

Presbyterian youth meet in Lebanon to discuss faith, response to Syria crisis

Poll: More than one-third of Americans see signs of end times in extreme weather

Charities fight changes on tax deductions

Communication rights for Indigenous people are here to stay

Olympian Gabby Douglas talks faith, forgiveness and matzo ball soup

Out in the cold

A very sweaty Christmas

CBS Christmas Eve special celebrates power of hope

Polls show views on gays and lesbians shifting fast

Abraham Lincoln’s faith and the Presbyterian connection

Commission suggests ways to keep closer eye on lavish ministries

Requests for ‘Trigger’ screenings rise in wake of Newtown shootings

‘Rhythm for mission’

A missionary who preaches gender equality

Pope Benedict XVI tightens church control over Catholic charities

Office of Immigration Issues joins with community and faith partners in asking for the end of 287(g) programs.

Presbytery and synod news

Poll: Most Americans say employers should cover contraception

Living Waters for the World announces Christmas E-card

PC (USA) announces new coordinator for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Secession theology runs deep in American religious, political history

A letter concerning passage of the Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act

PNS to take holiday break

A call for unity

In the Aftermath of Two Mass Shootings This Week

‘I will give you rest’

A tribute to Presbyterian-friendly Dave Brubeck

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ moves evangelicals beyond black and white sexuality

Knit together

Seminary news

WCC seeks young adult stewards for Busan Assembly

U.S. dominates list of world’s ‘500 Most Influential Muslims’

In search of a spiritual leader

Former GA Moderator Cindy Bolbach dies at age 64

A challenge for the season: reaching out while turning in

Churches valuable for peace and security in Latin America, consultation told

The sacred ran through jazz legend Dave Brubeck’s music

Update - Call to prayer for the Moderator of the 219th General Assembly (2010)

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East dies at age 92

Survey shows camps, retreats have touched most Presbyterians

‘He will bring forth justice to the nations...’

Some Jews can’t get jazzed over Hanukkah

Thirteen Churches to Participate in Study on Marriage Pretest

Addressing the Moral Concern of Deficits through Principle, Not Politics

A challenge to do more

At Christmas, in celebration of birthdays

Luther anniversary links Protestant Reformation to contemporary issues

Pope’s final book on Jesus focuses on Christmas birth, hidden childhood

A Merry Christmas for Team Sweaty Sheep

PC(USA)’s West Africa Initiative promotes sustainable food production

Africa struggles with impact of small arms proliferation

Church of England rejects women bishops

Nurturing Christian vocation with college students

Plans begin in Havana for the CLAI VI Assembly

New ‘Terumah’ phone app will link churches with far-flung followers

How many loaves have you?

Muslim feminist scholar wins prestigious Grawemeyer Award in Religion

Nigerian youth adopt eco-justice for urban neighborhoods

Pope Benedict XVI faces uphill challenge in trying to resurrect Latin

“We are all Egyptians and that is the way we want to be!”

Church musician shot, killed during worship

Post-election survey: changing religious landscape challenges influence of white Christian vote

Church leaders say returning vets need time, attention

What do you think about God?

Bible Society of Egypt requests prayers for demonstrators

Identifying those in need

‘Jazz Noel’ concert scheduled to support Jersey Shore Hurricane Sandy victims

Leaving their mark

Judge rejects much of Schuller’s bankruptcy bid

Native of Sudan finds refuge in North Carolina church

Korean church leader shares vision for next decade

Jewish and Christian leaders try to revive at-risk interfaith group

Answering the call: the executive turned farmhand

Praise for Presbyterian Anne Lamott’s new book

Deadline approaching fast for Bible trivia TV show

The ‘nones’ say 2012 election proves they are a political force

Popular Advent devotional series

Commemorating dark days

Bolivian Lutheran congregation serves single mothers

Jews push back against Scouts over policy banning gay

The Office of Immigration Issues has a new logo

Leaders Guide available for new U.S. Congregations Study book on leadership

Change partners

Bread for the World joins global network of farmers in ending hunger

#GivingTuesday event aims to boost charities

Supporting planters as they grow

Situation in Greece more than an economic crisis

‘Mormon moment’ ends with a loss - but Romney’s religion still won

Touring Taiwan

Report: anti-Semitic incidents decline in the U.S.

Seminary news

New congregational resource invites pilgrimage to Busan’

Library of Congress exhibit celebrates Jewish history, artifacts

Historical society introduces downloadable exhibits

Russian Presbyterians form General Assembly

Chastened Catholic bishops told they have to reform themselves

Cross Cultural Young Adult Network Hopes to Lead the Church in Outreach to Young Adults

A faith-based storm shelter that just doesn’t close its doors

Moscow Theological Seminary perseveres despite challenges

WCRC to leave Geneva for Hanover, Germany

Buddhist, Hindu make history in new Congress

Monisha Smith selected as YAV Recruiter

Learning along the way

Hosanna Preaching Prize winners announced

‘Scandalous’ evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson gets star turn on Broadway

Contending for water rights in Bolivia

Statement on the Escalating Violence in and around Gaza

On the (soggy) ground in New York City

A strategy for ministry

Bishops and American nuns hold ‘cordial and open’ meeting

‘Elasticity of spirit’

Messages of prayer and solidarity pour in from PC(USA) international partners

On Sistine Chapel’s 500th, foot traffic remains a threat

Presbyterians and eschatology

Consolidated WCC library opens in Bossey

What do religious leaders want for Obama’s next four years?

Czeching in

Sultans of Satire aims to bridge gaps with Muslims, Arabs through comedy

PC(USA) CFO Joey Bailey announces retirement

Has security become the new religion?

Presbyterian church in Aleppo destroyed by bomb attack

Who is most likely to stray? Christians and Jews

A city under siege

Stony Point Center seeks 2013 calendars

Has security become the new religion?

Is it ethical to defy evacuation orders?

A priority for the poor

GAPJC rules presbyteries must consider property values when churches leave

Muslims back Obama, but by smaller margin than in 2008

Prepare your bags . . . God is going to change your language and nationality

Community centered

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Board of Pensions unveils new 2014 healthcare dues structure

New Mission Program Grants for 1001

Adventists call actions to allow women’s ordinations ‘mistakes’

Glendora Paul, world mission advocate, dies at age 82

Carter Center supports calls to investigate Israeli human rights violations

Are ministers and musicians allies or rivals?

Hurricane Sandy no Halloween treat

Hurricane Sandy: Church World Service responds in New Jersey and Cuba

Muslim women bridge differences to help refugees resettle in U.S.

The Daily Prayer app is here!

Workshop addresses ecumenical advocacy for rights of domestic migrant workers

‘Extreme Makeover’ family has a call to ‘change the world’

Office of the General Assembly prepares for reorganization

(Social) climate change

Orthodox churches reflect on WCC Assembly theme

Neither Obama nor Romney? Some Christians vote for ’None of the Above’

Church leaders offer call to prayer as Hurricane Sandy continues to rage

Speaking out

Korean Association of Women Theologians wins Swiss prize

Kabul school of rock gains acceptance among Muslims

Nadia’s kids

Permissible activities for churches and other entities, especially during election years

‘What it is to be a human being’

Youth eco-justice efforts expand

Majority of Protestant pastors back Romney, but many still undecided

Moscow’s Russian-American Institute for sale

Ferncliff plans $3.5 million expansion

Unitarian Universalists see chance for growth in growth of secularism

A message from the Stated Clerk concerning recent General Assembly statements on Israel

School daze

Presbyterian Church rejuvenates with new pastor

New Native American saint Kateri Tekakwitha stirs mixed emotions

Looking back, looking ahead

Church World Service resettles nearly 6,000 refugees

Shiite Muslims quietly establish a foothold in U.S.

(Financial) keys to the Kingdom

Jewish and Christian groups at impasse over U.S. aid to Israel

Cycle of attacks on Holy Land churches continues

Taliban unrepentant after attack on Pakistani teen, vow to kill her

PC(USA) stated clerk urges Palestinian leaders to work with each other, Israel

Coping with Alzheimer’s

Seminary news

Poll: Most Americans don’t think Scientology is a religion

A place of refuge

Presbytery and synod news

Catholic bishops rebuke Biden over contraception mandate claims

Reaching out to the Roma


There are alternatives, says leading development economist at ecumenical meeting

Shariah or not, Muslim divorces can get tricky

Eight New Church Grants Awarded

Connecting in a new way

Members chosen for three General Assembly special committees

Blood is thicker than gay ordination

PC(USA)’s Scott Black Johnston to preach on ‘Day 1’

Jewish groups say conspiracy theory over anti-Islam film won’t die

Building for the future

One nation still under God?

Communication is the invisible link that unites faith communities, says WACC president

Romney appeals to evangelicals through ‘Judeo-Christian’ values

Before things go dark

New roadmap for NGOs in Haiti aims to ‘weed out bad apples’

Religious groups team up to fight sex trafficking

Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis

Craig Barnes named Princeton Theological Seminary president

New members named to expanded General Assembly special committee

Developing capacity ― a way to be church

Christians have crosses, Jews have stars and atheists have ... what, exactly?

Scholar depicts Martin Luther in traditional Japanese Noh drama

Church lifts-off into new beginnings

Better together

Protecting Haiti’s children

Poll: Obama surges ahead among Catholic voters

Moravian pastor to lead a U.S. Episcopal church

Being Reformed studies explore confessional statements

Religious leaders ask Congress to condition Israel military aid on human rights compliance

Peace discernment process underway

Muslim parents wrestle with passing on Islamic values

Hindus in Pakistan say they are a forgotten community

Space shot

WCC conference probes sustainability crises

Spirit of St. Francis lives strong in Assisi

Inter-Anglican commission considers ecumenical dialogues

Aiding the oppressed

‘Paradise and the economy’ is theme of theological essay competition

Jewish voters still favoring Obama

African religious leaders demand end to illegal wildlife trade

Invitation to mission

PADVN releases domestic violence awareness resources

Mass movements in support of financial reform needed, Latin American peasant leader says

Report: Restrictions on religious freedom increasing worldwide

Australian Christians put global poverty deadline on nation’s agenda

Syria’s Good Samaritans

Poll: White working class voters are still looking for a candidate, and still religious

Indigenous theologians reflect on life, justice and peace in Taiwan

ENInews suspends service, seeks further funding

Serving a full sentence

Making the Word into flesh

Theologians and economists to join in push for new global financial system

Faith groups in Africa mobilize to protect environment

Charities struggle with cleanup from Hurricane Isaac

Turning God’s whispers into shouts

Message from the Middle East

Shelters for undocumented migrants under threat in Mexico

Dutch ecumenical leader wants churches to examine slavery history

Obama at the U.N.: A new religion doctrine

Knowing Jesus

Newly created Asian Forum on Theological Education meets and sets course

Evangelicals seek a future for thousands of frozen embryos

Middle East Christians are endangered, Protestant assembly hears

Hope in the midst of a firestorm

Open invitation

Promoting hope amid rampant violence

Faith leaders call for higher standard of public discourse

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship gives top award to Jewish, PC(USA) groups

Seventh-day Adventists facing pressure to allow female clergy

Latin American and Caribbean Lutheran churches discuss challenges

Mission board approves ‘path and process’ toward separate incorporation of Stony Point Center

Love in Jesus’ way: the basic tool for peace

New Zealand clerics seek an official measure of child poverty

Q&A with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Don’t live life backwards, Korean gathering told

Union Presbyterian Seminary opens new building, campus

WCC and Latin American churches express hope for Colombia peace talks

Five big questions about the ‘Jesus' wife’ discovery

In Australia, gay marriage debate goes local after federal bill fails

For Such a Time as This announces recruitment plans for 2013

National Council of Churches governing board adopts recommendations for future mission

Survey: Economy continues negative effect on churches

Religious leaders seek inquiry into misuse of Pakistan blasphemy law

Serving with hope

Inside out

Latin American and Caribbean Lutherans launch HIV network

Lily Dale, N.Y.: A gated community for spiritualists

Kenyan faith leaders issue guidelines for choosing elected officials

WCC holds public hearing on Pakistan’s blasphemy law

Tyler Clementi's parents leave evangelical church over views on homosexuality

Jerusalem music festival honors a range of faiths

Office of Financial Aid for Studies changes name to Financial Aid for Service

State of the union

GA moderator Neal Presa preaches in South Korea

PMAB revises 2013-2014 mission budgets

Homeless find support on Facebook, Twitter

Christian communicators support Argentina study of non-sexist communication

Mission worker Martha Sommers featured in documentary

PMAB stops funding for Barber-Scotia College in N.C.

Mission Agency Board congratulates Presbyterian Church of Korea on 100th anniversary

Bob Smylie named director emeritus of Presbyterian Ministry at the U.N.

Are Muslims allowed to dance? Depends who you ask

Pakistani Christians hail arrest of Muslim cleric for framing Christian girl

PC(USA) leaders respond to attacks in Libya

Evidence of continuing income inequality

Does megachurch ‘high’ explain their success?

Australian Anglicans accused of sexism over new marriage vows

Presbyterian Mission Agency Launches New Logo to Go with New Name

Office of the General Assembly bids fond farewell to Sharon Youngs, welcomes Emily Odom

Now what?

Presbytery and synod news

Youth learn ‘different ways of living Christian faith’

Black pastors move to counter new voter ID laws

Indian nun lives with indigenous people to defend land rights

Greening at the White House

New Finance Manager brings strong experience to Presbyterian World Mission

Seminary news

Caravan across U.S. calls attention to human impact of Mexico’s drug war

Activists hail release of Christian pastor in Iran, teen in Pakistan

Congo religious leaders seek to build awareness of war

Joint Orthodox-Pentecostal patrols proposed to guard church property in Russia

WCC wants safe communities for women and men

God is back in the party platform, but religion remains an issue for Democrats

In Cameroon, faith supports a road safety campaign

Minority witness amidst anarchy

The power of parable: Old Testament parables

Arson, graffiti, and price tags in the Holy Land

Prominent priest blames sex victims, says first-time abusers shouldn't face jail

New Zealand lawmakers back same-sex marriage


Central Committee appreciates text on ecclesiology

Romney-Ryan GOP ticket reflects religious shift

Asian churches mark Communication Sunday

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette pens new hymn for ‘Season of Peace’

WCC calls for dialogue and prayer in support of peace in Syria

Washington state churches told not to collect funds for gay marriage fight

World church council to hold hearing on religious minorities in Pakistan

‘Prayer is like medicine’

WCC statement invokes new understanding of mission

Muslim immigrants at home key to U.S. image abroad

Russian, Polish churches sign reconciliation agreemen

Lucimarian Roberts dies at 88

Tveit reports on churches’ work for justice and peace

Obama and Romney offer rare glimpse of their spiritual lives

Evangelical alliance criticizes treatment of religious minorities in Sri Lanka

Seven years after Katrina, New Orleans Jews wander no more

Australia’s clerics criticize plans for asylum seekers

Altmann affirms signs of hope in the ecumenical movement

‘No more solo’

Cardinal Dolan ― and Sister Simone Campbell ― to bless the Democratic convention

Lutheran federation to assist Syrian refugees in Jordan

Church Leaders Offer Call to Prayer as Hurricane Isaac prepares to come ashore

In the midst of unspeakable violence

Orthodox Academy of Crete hosts WCC Central Committee meeting

Kenyan church leaders react to protests against Chinese

Bible game show aims for religious audience

Jail break

J.C. Austin to preach on ‘Day 1’

Malawi churches unite to promote better management

Mars Hill Bible Church names Rob Bell’s successor

"We can do it together"

Transparency advocates laud new SEC rules on foreign business operations

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s GOP convention blessing prompts debate

ECG 2012 impacts lifelong Presbyterian

Cathedrals in U.K. to hold memorial services for infants

Walking with wounded warriors

Colombian president meets with Nasa Indians

Report highlights Islam’s global diversity

Canadian church approves boycott of Israeli settlement products

Partnership at work

Isabel Apawo Phiri joins WCC as new associate general secretary

South African religious leaders launch campaign to end corruption

Is skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee sacrilegious?

Making space and being salt

Presbyterian leaders meet in the Dominican Republic

Family Research Council accuses Southern Poverty Law Center of sparking shooter’s hatred

Livingston to leave U.S.-based church council

‘The ecumenical movement must expand its commitment to women’

First Guatemalan Lutheran woman pastor ordained

Poll shows Africa is most devout region of the world

Muslims petition Egypt not to include Shariah

Two lives, two worlds, one ministry

Report: racism persists in English-speaking Caribbean

Black churches split over gay marriage and Obama

“Prosperity gospel” attracts many African Christians

Seminary news

Aung San Suu Kyi addresses CCIA consultation urging new model of reconciliation

Nuns reject Vatican takeover but seek dialogue on differences

Japanese Catholic monastery practices an ecological way of life

Ministry of service, for the services

Latin American Lutherans discuss role of theological education

Population bill tests Philippine Catholic Church’s clout

For Sikhs, turban is a proud symbol — and a target

Mission co-worker Richard Williams named YAV Coordinator

A mission of health and hope

Kenyan Presbyterian church involved in fatal bus accident

National Black Presbyterian Caucus revisits its purpose and mission

What was Romney like as a Mormon bishop?

Congolese churches issue a ‘cry of distress’ over war

Chautauqua offers free stay to young Presbyterian ministers, families

Presbytery and synod news

Do the American nuns have a future?

In U.S., Amish report staggering growth

PC(USA)’s Reggie Weaver to preach on ‘Day 1’

London “street pastors” help Olympic visitors

Faith leaders urge Americans to combat attacks on religious minorities

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) offers prayers for the Sikh community

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. to Deliver 30th Annual Everett C. Parker Lecture

Catholics walk the ground traveled by new Native American saint

Faith groups condemn shootings at Wisconsin Sikh temple

James Solheim, ‘ecumenical communicator,’ dies at 73

Worth a thousand words

WCC calls on churches to observe International Day of Prayer for Peace

Evangelical church in Brazil celebrates centennial

Poll: Romney may see an evangelical ‘enthusiasm gap’

Going for the gold

What’s next?

New study connects communications rights and social change

New poll examines minorities' views on social issues

First female Anglican bishop elected in Africa

UPDATE on applying affirmatively for deferred action for some young people who may qualify for the DREAM Act

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Weakness is a virtue

WCC calls for ‘madang’ program applications

Mormons and Baptists compete for converts

New Worshiping Communities Spring Up in Northwest

French town creates ‘Esplanade of Religions’ for greater understanding

August call to prayer for Syria

Love is all you need

Don’t ‘go’ to church, evangelist tells ‘ECG 2012’

Join in all the reindeer games

Survey finds record 19 percent of Americans religiously unaffiliated

Korean church group proposes peace projects for WCC’s 10th Assembly

Narraforically speaking


Born again … and again … and again

Orthodox Church in America head Metropolitan Jonah dismissed over alleged rape cover-up

Kenyan Roman Catholic bishops oppose push for birth control

Reframing New Church Development

Sweet encourages church to follow Jesus

Into the great wide open

On campus

Malawi religious leaders and people living with HIV agree on common actions through dialogue

Bustin’ a move for God

St. Paul Saints baseball team to become ‘Mr. Paul Aints’ on atheist night

Ecumenical group criticizes continuing export of Filipino labor

Big picture, small picture

The pilgrim journey

Presbyterian churches smaller, older, research shows

Gallup reports new low in religious confidence

Russian Patriarch calls for reconciliation in ceremony at massacre site

Improbable providence leads GA to vice-moderator

Show and tell

Nominations open for Reformed church leadership award for women

Churches shifting summer worship from Sunday to Wednesday nights

Armenian Church awards prize to Russian film maker Alexander Sokurov

Presbyterian Centers for New Church Innovation announce 1001: Get in the Game gatherings

Maggs, Maloney announce retirements from BOP

Your church’s front door

NAACP urges black churches to address AIDS epidemic

Scotland will be first country in UK to legalize gay marriage

All around Abraham

Spiritual, But Not Religious

Religion has played role at Olympics since days of ancient Greece

In London, Olympic athletes offered free sports Bibles

The ministry rings on

Even better than a ballgame

Is gun control a religious issue?

EU and religious leaders call for solidarity to solve economic and other challenges

Serving in Africa and Asia

Faith community must address injustice to help ‘turn the tide’ of the HIV pandemic

A fledging pastor by the age of 6

Aurora worshippers seek solace, guidance after movie theater shooting

To fast or not to fast: Muslim athletes face dilemma at Olympic Games

Religion needs to open doors

Seminary news

Religious leaders call for prayer and tighter gun control after Colorado shooting

Iraqi refugees targets of sectarian violence in escalating Syrian civil war

In the Aftermath of a Massacre

Funding a movement

WCC’s Faith and Order Commission approves new theological agreement

Bible museum planned for Washington, D.C.

Nun and pastor risk staying in Homs, Syria to care for nursing home residents

Presbyterian leaders issue statement in wake of suicide bombings

Notes about people

Meet the (Presbyterian) Press

Study: Pastors' concerns for others may harm their own health

Scottish government delays decision on same sex weddings

PC(USA) partners to testify before Congress on La Oroya contamination

Water, water everywhere

Evangelical author sees a ‘Mormonizing of America’

Christian groups scale up humanitarian aid to victims of Syrian conflict

Six candidates for ministry receive first calls in third year of For Such a Time as This program

Future uncertain for Syrian Christians, church leader says

Women secure a third of Mexican parliament

What ‘Dummies’ need to know about atheism

Report: churches vital in tackling HIV/AIDS

Standing with displaced Colombians

An ideal time to stay at home

Vatican blames lack of priests on secularism, abuse, parents

Christian communicators support indigenous radio project in Peru

Calling all photographers

Tuesday morning memorial service set for Deborah Bruce

WCC urges Colombia to protect human rights defenders

Catholic bishops denounce ‘economic dictatorship’ in Brazil’s Amazon region

Historian predicts ‘bright future’ for Christianity, but warns of crisis in Catholicism

Poll: Mormons excited about Romney's rise, but wary of media

Presbyterian World Mission to participate in “Together for Justice” international gathering Aug. 13-15 in Chicago

Renowned Presbyterian researcher Deborah Bruce dies

Assembly in Brief is now available

Will new language legislation destroy the Ukraine?

Church of England postpones historic vote on female bishops

Reaction mixed to Episcopal Church’s approval of same-sex rites

A week with the Vietnamese church

Asian theologians express views on Christian hospitality

Trouble for Mitt Romney? Poll says anti-Mormon bias unchanged since 1967

Australian census shows numbers of non-believers are growing

Donations to U.S. religious institutions decline for second year

Schramm takes on mantle of Presbyterian Mission Agency Board leadership

Piecing it all together

Churchwide pastoral letter from the 220th General Assembly (2012)

Carta Pastoral Circular de la 220a Asamblea General

A name for mission

Presbyterian Writers Guild honors Buchanan, Kovacs

220th GA removes about 50 of the 300-plus authoritative interpretations

General Assembly Mission Council is renamed

Assembly approves actions in support of immigrants

General Assembly approves all recommendations of Church Growth/PILP Committee

220th GA calls for ‘serious study and discernment’ regarding Christian Marriage

Assembly rejects return to ‘fidelity and chastity’ language

Prayer at the 220th GA: ‘A respite from all the busyness’

220th General Assembly elects entire Nominating Committee slate

New Arab democracies doing in a few years what it took the U.S. over 200 to do

Multicultural Network celebrates church’s diversity

Boycott added to Presbyterian tools for Middle East peace

Voices of Sophia breakfast: Thorson-Smith reflects back and looks forward

YAADs model community for Assembly

220th General Assembly authorizes study of health insurance companies

GA220 Friday worship: ‘The water of baptism confounds the boundaries that people hold so dear’

Ecumenical Breakfast: Christian students committed to ‘an economy of life’

J. Herbert Nelson rallies Presbyterians to continue the struggle for peace and justice

Vast, beautiful universe says astrophysicist

Pastor’s role examined in Company of Pastors luncheon

Growing Robust Churches Breakfast

AEPs dinner: presbytery leaders reflect on change

220th General Assembly opts for ‘positive investment’ over divestment

Presbyterian World Mission Luncheon celebrates the past and embraces the future

220th General Assembly asks Board of Pensions to discuss shared benefits plan

GA 220 mission tour is a trip of remembrance

General Assembly retains PC(USA) property clause

General Assembly adopts wide range of social justice issues

Interim ministry training: It’s guiding, not telling

Theological Education Awards Breakfast

National Asian Presbyterian Council banquet offered time to share stories

The power of story: Native Americans speak in changing times

Assembly receives permanent committee reviews

GA asks COGA to study per capita giving

Presbyterian Publishing Corporation Breakfast

General Assembly rejects non-geographic presbyteries

National Black Presbyterian Caucus dinner

220th GA approves recommendation for development of clear definition for affiliated school

General Assembly commissions new mission personnel and honors retirees

A whole-hog success

220th GA Church Growth Committee recommends approval of 1001 movement

PFR breakfast includes numerous awards

Tom Trinidad is confirmed as new vice moderator of 220th GA

Bailey: ‘We can disagree without hate or fear’

Korean Centennial Service celebrates grand act of God in creating the Presbyterian Church of Korea

Committee on Immigration Issues is united in support of immigrants

YAADs have much on their minds while at the 220th GA

Special Presbyterian night at the ballpark

Commissioners approve new Heidelberg catechism translation

220th GA committee on Board of Pensions, Foundation, and PPC sends several overtures to full Assembly

Presbyterian Coalition honors Schlossberg

New direction for collegiate ministries

220th GA Ecumenical Worship Service embraces global church

Assembly celebrates anniversaries of Cuban, Guatemalan, Korean churches

A prayer on Independence Day

GA Procedures Committee asks for COGA study on presbyteries’ per capita obligation

Assembly committee rejects proposal for non-geographic presbyteries

McCabe resigns as vice moderator of the 220th GA

Civil Union and Marriage Issues Committee recommends change to definition of marriage

Church Orders to recommend adding “repentance” and “grace” to ordination standards

Belhar Confession to be recommended for inclusion in Book of Confessions

Biennial Assemblies Committee declines to mandate quota on young adult commissioners

Assembly committee recommends divestment

Health Issues Committee addresses reproductive health care access

Social Justice Issues Committee finishes work

220th GA Theological Issues, Institutions, and Christian Education Committee recommends development of clear definition for affiliated school

Mission Coordination Committee leaves special offerings relatively unchanged

Missionaries were “social radicals”

Nelson calls on church to remove the labels

OnebyOne Luncheon: Linda Harvey shares concerns for America’s children

Presbyterian military chaplains share stories of combat, faith

Students’ research highlights urgency of collegiate ministry

Anderson is speaker at the Covenant Network Luncheon

Faith trumps identity

Civil Union and Marriage Issues

Middle East and Peacemaking Issues

Church Polity

Church Orders

Authoritative Interpretation Review

Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

Mission Coordination

Social Justice Issues

Church Growth and PILP

Confessions of the Church

Theological Issues, Institutions, and Christian Education

McLaren is featured speaker for GA Breakfast

Brian McClaren brings a message of hope for the future

Musicians add richness to the 220th General Assembly (2012)

Speakers put a human face on immigration issues

GA 220 Mission and Cultural Tours

“Home Runs for Hunger” a hit in Pittsburgh Presbytery

Gradye Parsons unanimously reelected stated clerk of General Assembly

1001 Worshiping Communities T-Shirt giveaway

GA 220 Exhibit Hall offers something for everyone

Alyson Janke receives Jenkins award

Heinz History Center Exhibit on Presbyterian Pioneers starts with lecture on July 2

Women of Faith Awards Breakfast honors three recipients

Team Sweaty Sheep bicyclists finish trek to General Assembly

Tara Spuhler McCabe confirmed as GA vice-moderator

GA Moderator’s Press Conference

Ohio church severely damaged in Friday’s storm

Confusion is better than certainty, says first gay Episcopal bishop

Neal D. Presa elected moderator on fourth ballot

Riverside Conversation on reports from the GA Stated Clerk and Executive Director of the GAMC

Riverside Conversation on Equipping the Church for Ministry with God’s Diverse Family

Moderator Cindy Bolbach opens 220th General Assembly (2012) with worship

Mendenhall receives Ernest Trice Thompson Award

GA 220 gets underway

Riverside Conversation: Nature of the Church in the 21st Century

Riverside Conversation on Middle East Peace

Riverside Conversation: Biennial Review Committee

Pittsburgh happenings during GA

“Wait for the Lord” makes GA debut during opening worship

Local churches host GA participants

Communion Ware Honors Pittsburgh’s Glass-Making History

Church governance, sexuality, peace issues top GA agenda

After 54 years, PC(USA) General Assembly returns to Pittsburgh

News from GA will be plentiful and in many formats

Parsons issues statement on Supreme Court decision on healthcare law

ABC’s for GA

GA backgrounder: Mid Councils Commission

Ecumenical accompaniers share updates on Palestinian territory

Religious groups vie for Internet space in domain name grab

In Australia, churches speak out on gay marriage ahead of parliamentary debate

GA backgrounder: the 21st century church

Psalms in the summer

Russia’s Presbyterians are forming a General Assembly

Catholic theologians stand up to the Vatican

Japan to restart nuclear reactors as faith groups continue opposition

Being Reformed releases mission-focused study

Non-anxious moderator seeks same for GA220

GA backgrounder: confessional statements

Presbyterians for Earth Care to present annual awards at GA

Black Mormons face a political choice like no other

Jerusalem councilwoman proposes interfaith forum for women

A new morning in Vietnam

General Assembly backgrounder: Same-gender partner benefits

WCC forum issues a call to promote ‘economy of life’

Young snake handlers grasp the power of faith

Thai village will get first Christian crematorium

El liderazgo de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EEUUA) expresa tanto apoyo como preocupación sobre la decisión del Tribunal Supremo acerca de la SB 1070 de Arizona

VoiceLine summaries from GA will be available

General Assembly backgrounder: Immigration

Acts of faith

Black preachers divided on same-sex marriage, not Obama

World Council of Churches announces Geneva site development

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders express both encouragement and concern over Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona SB 1070

A spiritual mentor

Presbyterian Network to End Homelessness releases handbook

General Assembly backgrounder: Middle East peace

Notes about people

Technology shifts the meaning of ‘death us do part’ in funeral rituals

Japan to restart nuclear reactors as faith groups continue opposition

Los temas de sexualidad, gobierno de la iglesia, y paz son los más destacados en la agenda de la AG

Stated Clerk releases PC(USA) 2011 statistics

Carlos Malave to head Christian Churches Together

General Assembly backgrounder: ordination standards

Rocking Russian grannies to build church with prize winnings

With nomination clinched, focus turns to Romney’s Mormon faith

General Assembly leaders offer a renewed call to prayer and action for the people of Syria

37 presbyteries honored for generosity in 2011

General Assembly backgrounder: special offerings

Southern Baptists elect Fred Luter as first black president

Christian-Muslim peace summit underway in Beirut

Feasting on the Word curriculum celebrates new Canadian distribution

Sexuality, church governance, peace issues top GA agenda

Like countless spiritual pilgrims, Esalen Institute faces its own midlife crisis

Israeli archaeologists find ancient seal that mentions Bethlehem

General Assembly backgrounder: Same-sex marriage

Friending media

Churches ask Philippine government to improve human rights record

Mosque construction continues to attract opposition across U.S.

Presbyterian World Mission calls young leader with broad experience to key role

Major agreement reached to reaffirm purpose of Japan Mission in alliance with Presbyterian World Mission and Yodogawa Christian Hospital

Presbyterian Pan American School celebrates 100th anniversary

Canadian Anglican and United churches renew dialogue

Studies say atheists, believers both do good, but for different reasons

Black Baptist says church shouldn’t be defined by race

Student Christian leadership group sets action plan

Mission Program Grants totaling $100,000 awarded

Better together

The Pennsylvania mission connection

A sustainable mission

Still a long way to go in fight against sexual violence in Central America

Evangelicals press U.S. Congress on immigration

In Indonesia, church head seeks help to mediate tensions

Discerning a calling

Tusculum business program recognized by Clinton Foundation as model for global action

Interfaith special on HIV/AIDS to air on CBS

Church delegates to bring ethical perspectives to environment summit

10 years after Catholic sex abuse reforms, what’s changed?

(Not so) easy riders

Presbytery and synod news

Rabbi Rick Jacobs takes helm of Reform Judaism

Egyptian Christians seek freedom guarantees ahead of run-off vote

33 church leaders publicly oppose special offerings overhaul

Back from the brink

As Muslim community grows, Muslim funerals follow suit

Church leader says religious freedom is growing in Myanmar

Diversity in Leadership Network is About Matching Skills to Needs

A ministry with bite

Change management consultant elected NCC transitional general secretary

Taize movement brings throwback appeal to U.S.

Asian group’s general secretary asserts women's right to leadership

Showered with praise

WCC to launch book series on Orthodox theology

U.S. churches tread lightly on politics in 2012 election

Korean churches plan peace train ahead of 2013 WCC assembly

Basic training

Social networking, Cuban style

Does love last longer in arranged marriages?

Amnesty International report notes persecution of religious minorities

Trusting God to provide

Seeking a nonviolent future for Mexico in the Bible

China Christian Council to host WCC meeting in China

Southern Baptist heavyweight Richard Land in the fight of his life

Christian network: Japan disaster victims still ‘isolated and uncertain’

Federal appeals court rules against gay marriage ban

In Cameroon, new churches sprout, many illegally

2012 Samuel Robinson Award winners announced

From 10,000 lakes to the desert

Presbyterians, other faith leaders meet with White House chef

Pope Benedict XVI wants Catholic colleges to ensure faculty are faithful to church doctrine

Ecumenical panel kicks off UN forum on indigenous issues

Presbytery and synod news

Joel Ortega Dopico: ‘Come together as a Cuban family’

In a changed world, churches need to rethink communications

The Rev. Patrick Conroy, U.S. House chaplain, talks about conflict and his unusual congregation

Janet Edwards steps down as GA moderator candidate

Southern Sudanese again seek safety at Kakuma camp

Israeli artifacts support Solomon’s Temple, archaeologists say

‘A different time’

Thomas Long to preach on ‘Day 1’

Taize movement brings throwback appeal to U.S.

New Zealand Anglicans choose unconventional bishop

Success stories

Online directory for theological institutions launched

Theologian sees links between Christianity and African traditional religion

How did Mormons grow so fast? They changed how they counted

Trade Agreements vs. Democracy

Exploring the value of theological friendship groups

Churches to observe 'World Week for Peace in Palestine-Israel'

Ecumenical award goes to Church World Service leader

Sikhs launch app to report profiling

United Nations warns on trafficking of indigenous girls near the Nicaragua-Honduras border

Anglican world marks 350 years of the Book of Common Prayer

Narnia or Neverland? Christians choose their favorite fantasy land

Cultivating community

Global Reformed church movement sets priorities for 2012-2013

For clergy, lost faith can lead to lost family, jobs

Presbyterians value special offering causes

John C. Martin Award announced

GA 220 marks 175 years of world mission

Agents of peace

Jamaica’s rich biodiversity faces multiple threats

France will have new denomination with Protestant merger

Arctic Christians get first complete Inuit Bible

The reshaping of World Mission

Presbyterians divided on same-sex marriage

Cultivating leadership

All in the family: a history of splits in the American Presbyterian Church

Evangelicals say it’s time for frank talk about sex

Presbyterian Church of Mexico begins anniversary celebrations

Funding needs in the U.S. and around the world

Redwood Presbytery votes to oppose GAPJC decision rebuking Spahr for performing same-gender marriages

Ecumenical Patriarch honored with ‘Freedom Award’

Orthodox patriarch calls Putin Russia’s legitimate leader

Syrian Christians live in uneasy alliance with Bashar Assad

Spirit of understanding

Plans for WCRC focus discussion

Greek churches ‘face disaster’ as crisis deepens

Young ‘Millennials’ losing faith in record numbers

Share what God is up to in your congregation

Planting the future

National Presbyterian Church of Mexico begins 140th anniversary

Supreme Court decision on religion upends campus religious groups

Indonesian authorities restrict places of worship after Muslim protests

Preparing leaders for Eastern Europe

GAMC approves lower 2013-2014 mission budgets

GAMC Approves Budget and Plan for 2013-2014

Emergent seminaries for the emergent church

Why the United Methodist Church canceled votes on same-sex marriage and gay clergy

Anglican-Roman Catholic meeting ponders ecumenical dialogue

The ecology of grace and gratitude

North Carolina debates approval of same-sex marriage ban

Dynamic new church ministries receive Mission Program Grants

Order of the day

Missing French reporter’s journalistic mission in Colombia

Listen to the most vulnerable, church alliance urges World Bank head

‘The Voice’: New Bible translation focuses on dialogue

White House honors Presbyterian Hunger Program partner Student Action with Farmworkers

Love affair

Kinnamon returns to familiar turf: the classroom

Good theology can change the world, asserts WCC conference

Soldiers’ Bibles exhibit a walk through American history

WCRC seeks nominations for Sylvia Michel Prize


Methodists reach across historic racial boundaries with communion pact

Churches cite rising tension between North and South Korea

Presbyterian journalists win 14 ACP awards

Water works

Methodists uphold policy that calls homosexuality ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’

‘Green and Just’ webinar to foster conversation about environmental issues

PC(USA)’s Pen Peery to preach on ‘Day 1’

Man behind ‘near-death experience’ ponders the afterlife

France hears the gospel, or at least the music

Becoming a channel of hope

Religious belief highest in developing and Catholic countries

Religious questions for Pa. voter ID law draw fire

“Called to serve”

Church works to turn old Orlando motel into Faith Arts Village

Ohio congressman on a mission to bring meditation to the masses

Bosnian cardinal laments Sarajevo’s ‘disappearing Christians’

Presbyterian Committee on Northern Ireland honored

Man spends 12 months practicing 12 different religions, and finds peace at year’s end

Guatemala churches supporting families opposed to mining

Presbyterian teen chooses service over a sweet 16 party

Branson taps Des Moines pastor as running mate

Catholic bishops issue rallying cry for ‘religious freedom’

Mali hopes for peace after inauguration of civilian president

Empowering Haitians with disabilities

Australia’s Anglican church still divided over women’s ordination

Vet hears God’s call in providing artificial limbs

Easing a political refugee’s hard road to opportunity

Growing the PC(USA) deep, wide, and diverse

Knitted together

Youth in Peru less likely to consider themselves religious

‘Reverts’ return to their childhood faith

MRTI holds long-sought meeting with Caterpillar

‘Dancing with the foxes’

Another Cuba

Vatican orders crackdown on American nuns

Lutheran groups explore common observances of Reformation anniversary

Notes about people

Campaign promise

Radiation protection standards are skewed towards industry, says Japanese interfaith group

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (Hindu) match

Call for prayer from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) partners in Sudan

‘Unreconciled diversity’

‘Day 1’ receives video production grant from Odyssey Networks

Vatican praises Buddhism for the ‘wisdom’ it teaches its young

Mississippi, Vermont score at opposite ends of religious spectrum

RCC’s Wilbur Awards honor multi-media

What do Presbyterians prefer in pastors?

Religious freedom ambassador settles into role, diplomacy

Sudanese bishop says peace depends on lifestyle change

International leaders gather in Washington to support ‘the Cuban Five’

Church groups express concern over escalating Sudan conflict

Anti-Shariah movement loses steam in state legislatures

Presbyterian partnerships in mission: Church World Service

Edwards taps Krehbiel as vice-moderator running mate

Bowling lanes disappearing from U.S. churches

Catholic priest gives bird’s eye tour of Jerusalem from rooftop

An agent of generosity

Parsons, Valentine issue Earth Day ‘meditation’

Dallas II October consultation to create collective impact for mission

From Cuba with love

Presbyterians win 15 RCC awards

Peruvian government leader defends mine opposition

Religious freedom ambassador settles into role, diplomacy

Film about Argentinian ‘tragic events’ receives award

New hymnal contents released

Third vice moderator candidate announced

Filmmaker looks at religion, human rights through eyes of Flemish painter

Son says sibling rivalry fueled Crystal Cathedral downfall

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Ministries’ Effort Receives International Award

Company of New Pastors announces new leadership team

Committed to Serve

Residents’ protests continue as Peruvian gold mine awaits green light

Orthodox primates stress need for peace and stability in Middle East

Refugee finds his own church ‘sanctuary’

220th General Assembly committee leadership named

Agents of reconciliation

Presa taps D.C. pastor as GA vice-moderator running mate

Orthodox patriarch hits at ‘unacceptable’ attacks on ecumenism

‘Covenant’ to bind Anglican Communion appears dead

Lessons in ‘normal’

Mexican Senate ratifies lay state and establishes religious freedom

Bart Ehrman’s new portrayal of Jesus is surprisingly sympathetic

Holy Week draws pilgrims to St. Thomas shrine in India

Piece by piece

Pope’s Easter message includes Middle East

Dalai Lama wins Templeton Prize for work on science, religion

Small conferences, large reach

Churches campaign for treaty on illicit arms sales,

Where was Jesus buried?

In Cameroon, Muslims and Christians support electoral reform

Presbytery and synod news

Seminary news

Passover traditions reflect ethnic, regional customs

In Myanmar, army’s attacks on Christians continue

EHAIA, an African initiative going beyond Africa

A change of scenery

Women faith leaders call for greater oversight of the cosmetic industry to protect children

Mission Program Grants totaling $100,000 awarded to four new church developments

What did Jesus do on Holy Saturday?

Religious leaders hail Senegal’s peaceful elections

New Presbyterian hymnal contents to be released

Notes about people

Ending child malnutrition in Kenya, one sprinkle at a time

As Rowan Williams retires, speculation turns to successor

Pope Benedict XVI denounces cultural shift toward gay marriage in U.S.

A new silent majority?

Pope asks Castro for more church freedom, Good Friday holiday

Protestant elected mayor of major Russian city

Malawi president rejects calls from faith leaders to resign

Why is it so hard to do religion in prime time?

Motivating a movement

Haitian, Dominican bishops create commission to help rebuild Haiti

Dalai Lama awarded 2012 Templeton Prize

Pastor says hospitality staff can't live by bread alone

CUIC issues statement on killing of Florida teenager

Mission in Haiti: young adults working to help others

Board of Pensions: no 2012 experience apportionment

Faith leaders join in honoring farm workers at Department of Labor hall of honor

At Mass, pope recognizes Cubans’ struggles, calls freedom a necessity

Panel says bishops have the last word on Catholic theology

Church leaders see hope amid suffering in Manila's slums

Making a 180 degree shift, one degree at a time

Churches on the move amidst changing landscapes

Harold Camping says May 21 prediction was ‘incorrect and sinful’

Report: Christians are half of world’s migrants

Reports of numerous GA special committees to 220th GA are now available online

Fast forward

‘Mission from the margins’ explored at CWME event

Churches lost $1.2 billion in recession

Religious minorities subject to cruel treatment, U.N. expert says

From the pulpit to the stage

Mexican Lutheran church celebrates female leaders

Church leaders stress partnership as Christianity grows in global South

Cash-strapped Italy looks to tax church-owned properties

Welling up

Religious leaders press ‘faithful’ federal budget

White House proposal gives religious groups more say in birth control mandate

U.N. experts urge Pakistan to improve security for religious minorities

Connecting through mission in Haiti

Gillette pens ‘gift’ for Living Waters for the World

Pope to find challenges, opportunities in Cuba

Rio+20 summit must include ethical principles, say experts

Stated Clerk Nomination Committee selects Parsons for a second term

Cuban Presbyterian theologian, artist René Castellanos dies at 97

Called as partners in Christ’s service

High note

Evangelicals voting in record numbers in GOP primaries

Doorways into the life of a church

Egyptian Bible Society remembers Pope Shenouda III

Egyptian Christians mourn death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III

Rewriting the story

Caribbean nations need common climate change strategy, Cuban expert says

After losing school job, gay teacher loses church job

New book explores a Jewish view of the New Testament

2013 Presbyterian Youth Triennium theme announced

Finding new ways

Seminary news

U.S. mosques report rapid growth in past 10 years

Archbishop of Canterbury to step down, accepts position at Cambridge

Shopping around

‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Roy Moore poised to return to Alabama court

Church council seeks to re-define mission and evangelism

Gratification is ‘flip side’ of generosity, Taylor says

‘One in Christ for the sake of all’

Doctor who championed ‘death with dignity’ dies at 83

Filipino church leaders raise concerns on ‘People Power’ anniversary

Tornado survivors band together to aid community

Repairs, funds are slow-going at quake-damaged National Cathedral

Russian election sparks debate in Orthodox Church

Rob Fohr tagged to serve in new young adult catalyst position

Docket in your pocket

Notes about people

Both sides gear up in N.C. gay marriage fight

South Sudanese face deadline to leave the north

Ecumenical leaders oppose Congressional resolutions on Iran

Assembly of Middle Eastern Protestant churches discusses future of Christians in region

After C.S. Lewis College flops, a free campus for the taking

ACT Alliance report looks at successful gender equality programs in 13 countries

220th General Assembly (2012) registration is now open

Pittsburgh area congregations to host assembly goers on Sunday morning

Hearing the silenced voices

NEXT leaders map out next steps

In Cameroon, faith leaders fear expansion of extremism from Nigeria

Poll finds Americans split on contraception mandate

2.3 million reasons for change

Presbyterians challenge nationwide prison privatization

You’ve heard of evangelicals, but just who are they?

In Brazil, public health is theme of bishops’ campaign

Creating space for something new to be born

Presbyterian leaders oppose rush to war with Iran

NCC, PC(USA) launch Lenten fast to protest mistreatment of tomato harvesters

Don’t lose sight of Middle East peace, U.S. religious leaders say

Rick Santorum’s secret army: home-schoolers

Rev. Janet Edwards is fifth moderator candidate

Presbyterian leader George Telford dies at 78

Why do Mormons baptize the dead?

Church-related group outlines key issues facing digital media platforms

Same-gender partner benefits approved for benefits plan of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Peace train

Next Church is coming

Historian tackles doubt, divorce and the priesthood

Survey: more Israeli Jews express belief in God

We Believe offers affordable, age-appropriate denominational curriculum for all age levels

Presbyterian-related documentary nominated for two Emmys

WCC disowns doctrine used against indigenous peoples

Lenten reflections focus on water as God’s gift and a human right

FBI, Muslims report progress over training materials

Disarming hands and hearts

Palestinian Lutheran pastor receives German media award

Grief without God is a challenge for nonbelievers

Indonesia may pass new law on religious identification

A call for prayer and action for the people of Syria

A peaceful refuge

Colombian church to host 2012 Lutheran World Federation Council

Violent repression of church demonstration in Congo raises concerns

Nonprofit groups oppose Obama’s change in charitable deductions

Forged by war

Security and international peace focus of WCC consultation

Libyan Christian leaders stress reconciliation

Anglican breakaway groups confront a new power struggle

Leaving room for the Spirit

Feeding advocacy

Blacks say atheists were unseen civil rights heroes

Prison drama takes Ecumenical Jury prize at the Berlin International Film Festival

Campus ministry abuzz over giant face poster

A festival every fifth Sunday of the month

WCC Executive Committee sends message to Syrian churches

Fears grow Syrian conflict may slide into civil war

U.S. tourists to Israel advised to dress modestly

GAPJC upholds Spahr rebuke for performing same-gender weddings

GAMC approves sweeping changes to special offerings

Southern Baptists to stick (mostly) with same name

Christian communicators celebrate World Radio Day

A new vision for collegiate ministry

Paul Simon’s long meandering spiritual journey

Chaplains hear call to serve God while serving country

Pope contributes to restoration of Algerian basilica

2012 Walton Award winner announced

GAMC recommends divestment from Caterpillar, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard

Women of Faith Awards

Native American Ministries Consultation

COGA, GAMC propose 35-cent per capita increase over two years

State takes control of Sheldon Jackson College archives

Evangelical churches rise in France, attracting youth

Will Mormons’ racial history be a problem for Mitt Romney?

707: An idea that’s taking off

‘Games pastors’ to help visitors at London Olympics

Study says U.S. Muslims don’t want Shariah, either

Retired mission workers translating Bible into Anuak with Africans

New beginnings for Presbyterian Church

McDonald says seminaries exist to serve gospel, not themselves

Youth longing for peace in the Arab world

As New Orleans still recovers, prayer teams cover one block at a time

Zambian Catholic bishops oppose repatriation of Rwandan refugees

Ashley called as new associate for leadership development

Yamada says church must focus on multiple futures

Catholicism still dominant in Caribbean, but its influence wanes

Americans intrigued but wary still of Mormon beliefs

Egypt's humanitarian problems need addressing, say Christian representatives

Trader Joe’s Signs Fair Food Agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

SDOP welcomes community partners

Haiti recovery: no room for complacency, no time for blame, says Church World Service

Pro footballer Tebow is top religion author of 2011

Berlin churches oppose ‘inhumane’ detention of asylum seekers

Legacy album connects family heritage, musical tradition

Notes about people

‘A miniature Christian bookstore’ in the palm of your hand

Ecumenical group affirms relationship with Rome

John Buchanan tapped for top Writers Guild award

Christianity, religion risk oblivion in many parts of world, pope says

Workers at religious institutions fear future of pensions

European humanists demand ‘equal rights’ with churches

New beginnings

Commission calls for national racial ethnic ministries task force

2011-12 Women of Color awardees announced

SDOP disburses more than $240,000 to 13 self-help projects in the U.S.

In academia, Islam remains a risky third rail

Ecumenical group cites increased attacks against Palestinian villages

Come and see…

New Orleans pastor poised to be first black to lead Baptists

Vatican to host global summit on sexual abuse

Speaking a word of grace

Veteran Pastor James C. Howell Examines Micah's Life and Message in New Book

Commission proposes non-geographic presbyteries

Notes about people

China frees underground church leader

As missionary movement turns 200, questions for the future

Grants still available for 'communities of theological friendship'

Read your own story into the Bible story, APCE told

Life after synods

International ecumenical accompaniment is crucial in Colombia, religious and community leaders say

WCC accepting applications for 2012 stewards

Megadeth star takes thrash metal ― and seminary ― on tour

Cairo congregation ministered to Tahrir Square protesters


Ecumenical panel recommends steps to advance Christian unity

Poll: Preachy politicians turn off many voters

Kashmir Shariah court order targets Christians

Presbyterians back disaster relief

Task Force encourages 20/20 Vision for Special Offerings

Despite roadmap, severe human rights violations continue in Madagascar

Cover designs for new hymnal released

Investing in success

After Fiji flood, churches, Christian agencies help thousands

Study portrays Mormons as outsiders looking in

Animated faith: Disney, discipleship and Dr. King

Between life and death

Global economy is focus of Ecumenical Advocacy

Health, human rights experts call for ‘safe spaces’ in churches

Traveling repairmen help rebuild churches

Faith sharing in fresh ways

New Believer remembers joy of baptism

An honest question

Working together for social justice and decent work

After minor turbulence, Alaska Airlines suspends prayer cards

In Fiji, Methodists frustrated over repressive decree

Evangelical Covenant Order unveils polity

Report shows Christianity shifting to Africa

Churches in Sudan encounter more hostility after south’s independence

Old challenges, new solutions

Russian Protestants commemorate MLK Day for the first time

N.C. man has a ‘gentle madness’ for church fans collection

El Salvadoran president officially apologizes for 1981 massacre

Risky journey

Presbyterian film critic releases Top 10 movies of 2011

24 PC(USA) leaders issue ‘Letter of Reconciliation’

NCC names Chapman as interim general secretary

For many, ‘Losing My Religion’ isn't a song: It’s life

Fellowship’s theology document may remain a work in progress

North Korean Christian leader Kang Young-sup dies

It’s 2012, which means another doomsday may be upon us

Is it Ethical for Christians to Use Genetic Screening?

Financial Aid for Studies announces Transformational Leadership Debt Assistance

The way of the cross

Lifelong learning

Bread for the World launches annual letters campaign

Atheists face uphill climb with new political party

In Israel, a clash over religious gender segregation

Fellowship of Presbyterians unveils name for ‘new Reformed body’

Presbytery in the mirror … and furthermore

Latino evangelical coalition highlights issues in U.S. election

U.S. jumps to top of charity index

Planting a missional imagination

Presbytery in the mirror

Would Mormons try to influence a Romney White House?

In Israel, Christian population has lowest growth rate, report says

A capital idea

Rural and remote

It’s 2012, which means another doomsday may be upon us

Report names 50 worst countries for Christian persecution

Webinar to explore new publishing technologies

Seminary news

Religious leaders: Same-sex marriage threatens religious freedom

Honduras to use evangelism to fight police corruption

Haiti: two years later

Applications for small church residency program, For Such a Time as This, now being accepted

Eight leaders urge congregations to rethink leaving the PC(USA)

Cuban Biblical Network celebrates its 10th anniversary

Holy Land pilgrimage can lead to inter-religious understanding

Supreme Court sides with churches in employment fights

2012 Lenten study explores how gates are conceptually used throughout the Bible; written by Gradye Parsons, stated clerk of the PC(USA)

Notes about people

Church of Scotland supports Israeli agricultural project

Rob Bell says goodbye to Michigan megachurch

‘The hidden treasure of prison ministry’

Presbytery and synod news

Hungarian court annuls law that withdraws legal recognition of churches

Pope names 22 new cardinals, including two Americans

A hospital for Léogâne

Bringing the power

NCC announces Kinnamon's departure, transition plan

Vatican launches Catholic home for U.S. Episcopalians

Egyptian Christian leaders consider dialogue with Islamic groups

Expanding mission sending

Back to the garden

Building a presence

Dissident’s book reveals ‘secret history’ of Christianity in China

Muslims caught in reality show crossfire struggle to understand controversy

The New Jerusalem

Top 10 Presbyterian stories from 2011

Romney's evangelical problem starts with theology

Orthodox emergency care group trains Arab women in home safety

Full-contact relating

Magi would have a tough time finding frankincense

Faith group says ‘human dignity’ should be key to bioweapons accord

Christmas in Bethlehem

American city will see ‘multi-faith neighborhood’

New Reform Jewish leader promises revitalization

PNS to take holiday break

Physician, heal thyself

Could “Arab spring” turn into “Christian winter”?

Churches in Colombia express concern over recent law changes

2011: A year of taking it to the streets

A world apart

School daze

Bin Laden’s death rated top religion news story

Churches in Congo slam presidential election process

The dance of life and death

“As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us open our hearts for the joy that characterizes the season”

Christmas symbols are in the eye of the beholder

Philippine Catholic Church at odds with health department over HIV prevention

Church throws party for neighborhood

Ringing in a record

Advent a make-or-break chance for churches, visitors

Religious groups in Scotland overwhelmingly disapprove of gay marriage

Christmas Message 2011 from the World Council of Churches general secretary

Noted author John Philip Newell to preach on ‘Day 1’

Muslim reality show, under fire, denies charges of extremism

As church-based civil unions kick in, Church of England says no

As the year closes, the call to observe the “Decade of Hearing and Singing New Songs to God” is renewed

Eight new mission program grants totaling $250,000 awarded


Cuban, U.S. Councils of Churches issue joint statement

Young hip Jews leading a Hanukkah music makeover

Court upholds Berlin school’s ban on Muslim prayer

Parsons and Valentine join NCC in speaking against Islamophobia

PC(USA) New Church Development leader to attempt world record for continuous bell ringing


In India, tribunal says state government failed to protect Christians

Parents, pastors wrestle with place of Santa at Christmas

Rebirth and new life

New titles released from Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding; popular studies now available in Spanish and Korean languages

Notes about people

Nationwide survey in Mexico reveals religious discrimination

Action group provides new life to HIV-infected in Indonesia

Poll suggests believers can be swayed on nukes, environment

Haitians rebuilding Haiti

Campus as mission field

Join us for worship in Bethlehem this Saturday

GOP candidates make pitch to Jewish voters

In some Arab villages, imams now preach driver safety

Fellowship releases 2 guiding documents discussing creation of new Reformed body

U.S. churches will continue to press for Cuba-U.S. normalization, Kinnamon says

Israel inaugurates ‘Gospel Trail’ to follow Jesus’ steps

Cathedrals becoming rallying points for anti-capitalist protesters

‘Give a Gift with Spirit’ campaign lifts up Reformed titles as gifts for Christmas; sponsored by Congregational Ministries Publishing

Partnership in a ‘newborn nation’

Hindu Christian Forum launches at Lambeth Palace

Angry churches pull money from big banks

Gifts to Theological Education Fund (TEF) top $50 million

School supplies

Mission Crossroads magazine content now available online

More than consultation — collaboration

Cluster bomb accord derailed after failing to meet humanitarian concerns

Atheists launch campaign to get unbelievers

“Our first Christmas together”

California church wins ‘Energy Oscar’

Faith groups in Kenya seek to strengthen HIV/AIDS strategies

Religious groups spend nearly $400 million on D.C. advocacy

A gift that keeps on giving

John Calvin would have been in the Occupy Wall Street movement, says WCRC’s Nyomi

Fundamentalist Bob Jones U. maintains stunning Catholic art collection

Number of Somali refugees declining due to aid and rainfall

Living into her gifts

Hey elders: Try a little humility

Crystal Cathedral is cautionary tale for pastors

Indian churches propose anti-corruption legislation

Pray for embargo’s end, Cuban parliamentary leader tells U.S. religious leaders

Study: religious services make some women happier

Ecumenical group highlights Israeli demolitions

Connecting with college students

Salem witch trials get a second look

‘From Gutenberg to Google’ is one theme of Reformation anniversary

Seminary news

Report: hunger affects millions in Latin America, Caribbean

Tea Party, Occupy movements fail to capture Americans’ hearts

Radical Somali group bans aid agencies

New online journal blends information, action

Black seminaries embrace hip-hop

As Uganda re-considers anti-gay law, former bishop calls for tolerance

Russia Mission Network holds 7th annual conference

El Salvador gives award to Archbishop Romero Trust

As injured vets return home, congregations reach out

Presbytery and synod news

A vista of mesas, a vision of peace

Kathryn Lohre installed as NCC president

Freedom of religion in Russia faces increased limits

Students ‘do interfaith’ through universal language of music

Faith and food: a worldwide blessing

The Big Banana - NY Premiere

Mission at any age

Christian leaders press Middle East stalemate solution

Japan’s Christian leaders criticize government involvement in trade talks

Was the First Thanksgiving a religious celebration?

Proclaim words of hope, Campbell tells moderators

A long vision

The Rev. Charles “Chip” Hardwick named Director of Theology, Worship and Education

“What Christ’s church could and should look like”

Prayers for policy makers

Former GA moderator Silas Kessler dies at 100

After Miss. defeat, what’s next for ‘Personhood’?

Burma stepping up attacks on Christians, says rights group

Applications being accepted for GA stated clerk

BOP keeps eye on federal health care reform developments

Pope to make second trip to Africa

An unintentional tentmaker

Climate is good for pope’s possible visit to Cuba

Evangelicals call for nuclear cutbacks

Sudan churches remain united despite country division

Weighing the inheritance

South African expert on gender, religion and health

Steve Jobs’ private spirituality now an open book

UK to allow religious gay partnership ceremonies

Communities of Theological Friendship

A family of Léogâne

World Mission committed to continue ministry in Mexico and along border

The long journey of reconciliation

Ecumenical Water Network breaks new ground

U.S. Muslims get their turn at reality TV

U.N. criticizes China crackdown on Buddhist monks

Solidarity, peace and human rights focal points of PC(USA) visit to Madagascar

NCC governing board approves leadership transition process

Expert says churches must adapt to new profile of charitable giving

Churches call for greater efforts to counter arms trade

U.S. seminaries consider radical changes

From gracious hosts to gracious guests

Self-Development of People announces grant recipients

Tibetan protests spread to Nepal

Hawaii moves closer to California

Climate justice youth caravan heads for South Africa

Muslim superhero comics gain fans ― and controversy

Reformed reconciliation

Thomas W. Gillespie, retired Princeton Seminary president, dies

Catholics urge civility in politics

Chinese prison Bible to be displayed in U.S.

At the intersection of church and world

Interfaith Tokyo symposium explores attitudes on suicide

Circus ministry is a high-wire act of faith for chaplain

LPTS goes tuition-free for master’s degree students

‘In our DNA’

St. Paul’s dean resigns, cites protest controversy

Faith, political leaders find out how far food stamps go

Showered with fellowship

NCC documentary highlights churches’ outreach to struggling communities

Succession rules changed for British monarchs

U.S. activists bemoan low priority given to religious freedom

Samuel Robinson Award leads Whitworth University student to “fall more in love with the story of scripture”

Bridging divisions in Northern Ireland

Room to breathe

Heeding the call

New book tackles history of the popes

Catholics see difference in loyalty to faith, hierarchy

Great Ministry Practices: Using social media to broaden the reach of traditional ministries

Refugee resettlement dropped 25 percent in FY 2011

WCC starts global theological education survey

What would Jesus laugh at? A lot, says Colbert’s ‘chaplain’

In Philippines, native wisdom enhances Christian spirituality

God: just an “imaginary friend”?

Churches pledge support for migrant Caribbean workers

Gallup Poll: 35 percent oppose death penalty

Reformation Sunday marks need for ongoing church renewal

Weekend of Joy: Four Baptisms in the Guadalupe River

The earth is the Lord’s

Pakistani judge who sentenced governor’s assassin vanishes

WCC assembly planning committee meets

Mormon leaders quiz followers on reading habits

Creative Services group wins four awards

The pied piper of Detroit

Be the burning bush

Study: Religion can affect your soul ― and your wallet

CUIC strives to heal divisions of racism in church, society

Presbytery and synod news

Repression of religious minorities is increasing, says human rights group

PC(USA) leaders recognize Reformation Day in churchwide letter

Presbyterian Historical Society features Civil War resources

Christian leaders say yes to Palestine U.N. membership

Seminary news

First Catholic bishop charged with sex abuse cover-up

Church partners respond to Thailand’s flood disaster

Texas pastor is fourth candidate for GA moderator

Spanish translation of Tutu letter to Gradye Parsons

D.C. pastor to lead Democrats’ faith outreach

‘A long loving look at the real’

WACC president says communication is building meaning in common

Forum: migrant Christian communities transforming traditional churches

Muslim superhero comics gain fans ― and controversy

Welcome home

A resource for all seasons

Cuban seminary commemorates 65th anniversary

Should our bodies become bullets after death?

Glory days

Peace Prize winner Gbowee says faith helped in peace campaign

Orthodox get green light to rebuild at Ground Zero

Follow Jesus into the world; invite the church and others to join you

‘A wave of the Spirit’

Pittsburgh pastor preaches winning sermon in Geneva

Sheen, Estevez find ‘The Way’ to make a non-preachy religious film

Egypt still rocked by sectarian violence in post-Mubarak regime

Explore the logo designs for the 220th GA (2012)

Planting, digging, watering

World Christianity has a new address, a new look and many names

Scotland’s gay marriage discussion stirring controversy among faith groups

How George Harrison changed the way we believe

Partnership, contextualization, recreation

Asian ecumenical group sees Philippines as ‘model’ for peace

Exiled Libyan Jews look with hope toward homeland

Presbytery and synod news

Presbytery of Charlotte endorses third moderator candidate

Congregation rallies after vandals attack

Religious groups latch on to the Groupon craze

People of faith join Wall Street protests

Great Rivers endorses 2nd candidate for moderator

Charges dismissed against D.C. prayer vigil leaders

U.N. condemns Coptic killings in Egypt

‘Protest chaplains’ shepherd movement’s spiritual side

Announcing the Second Annual Multicultural Institute at Montreat

COGA weighs 10-A responses from partner churches

Seven things learned from the Values Voter Summit

South Koreans’ visit to North Korea aims to ease tensions

MGB Commission votes to eliminate synods

Clinton's anti-child-marriage initiative finds relevance in churches

Raising ethical dimensions in debate on climate justice

Dead Sea Scrolls now available online

Mobilizing youth and women to reduce HIV

Pentagon: Chaplains can celebrate gay marriages

Economics/foreign policy expert assails Cuba embargo

25-year-old Belhar Confession still relevant for South African churches

For Such a Time as This small church residency program extended

Pittsburgh Presbyterians hit hunger out of the park

Japanese Christian doctor turns 100, looks toward 110

Churches in North America and the Caribbean plan increased cooperation

Southern Baptist president floats name change

Living out Micah 6:8

PHEWA seeks nominations for social justice ministries awards

Christian leaders plot ecumenical future in Indonesia

Dalai Lama refused visa by South Africa

Alan Gripe, interim ministry pioneer, dies

Conference to address criminal justice crisis in the U.S.

Supreme Court to weigh churches’ hiring rights

Lutherans seek greater unity ahead of 2017 observance

GAMC leaders reflect on Middle East trip

Farmhouse becomes mission center to house new church development

New daily devotionals based on Feasting on the Word series to be published

Evangelism on the Great Lawn

‘The only hope is Jesus Christ’

Palestinian, Israeli students use art to bridge differences

Evangelicals line up behind Rick Perry

Stillman Choir to be featured in 2011 Christmas Joy Offering video

PC(USA) leaders call for release of Iranian pastor

Neal Presa is first candidate for GA 220 moderator

Stronger congregations, deeper relationships

Partisan politics affecting role of faith groups in U.S., says prominent journalist

Poll finds evangelicals stand apart on evolution, climate change

No fear

Christian bookstores try to gain off Borders' loss

Raphael’s twin Madonnas reunited for pope’s visit to Germany

Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association (PHEWA) seeks nominations to recognize ministries of social justice

Loving God by loving neighbor

Religious dialogue helped release of U.S. hikers in Iran

More Americans designing a make-your-own religion

‘Dare to be sympathetic’

Catholics warn of ‘national conflict’ over gay marriage

Jerusalem interfaith dialogue sees increased participation

Reconciliation amid great pain

Can young Jews become more Jewish without much Judaism?

Muslims helping to rebuild Christian school in Kashmir

‘Know justice, know peace; know peace, know justice’

China’s influence in Africa includes church construction

Study probes why college students leave church

Feasting on the Word Curriculum serves up new seasonal pricing plan

Retaining our Reformed vision

After Fukushima, faith groups ponder nuclear power

Poll shows young evangelical divide on gay marriage

Working with others for Christ

Mission program grants awarded

New challenges growing out of Arab Spring

In recession-hit Hungary, churches take over state schools

Christian-Jewish relations still a source of debate

Presbytery and synod news

A journey for justice

In Indonesia, church runs afoul of Islamic street name

The divine surprises of adoption

Digging up the past

Senators probe politics and piety in new books

CWS climate change project receives ACT award

Lutheran federation asks U.N. to intervene in Honduras

Forgotten, but not gone

New forms of telling a very old story

Religious minorities criticize Indian anti-corruption campaign

WCC president calls for solidarity with the poor

Introductory study for congregations offers insights to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s new Form of Government

Mienda Uriarte to coordinate the PC(USA)’s mission work in Asia and the Pacific

Water water everywhere

A connectional community

Hong Kong Christians support residency for migrant workers

Obama administration criticizes eight countries on religious freedom

Changes coming to PC(USA) ordination exam process

PPC announces new hymnal title, colors, prices

German Web site allows congregations to rate clergy

Poll: NY may be more spiritual, but not because of 9/11

Rethinking theology for HIV response

Presbytery Grants for Congregational Transformation announced

Fueling a relationship

Refugee resettlement special to air Sept. 25 on CBS

Political issues highlight Pacific churches’ anniversary meeting

Poll: Americans are tolerant of other faiths ― except Islam

Presbyterian author constructs a Christology from the margins in latest book

MRTI recommends PC(USA) divestment of three companies

"Perhaps this is my season"

MRTI reports on engagement with companies doing business in Israel-Palestine

New network of church-based HR professionals formed

Christian communications groups pledge to work more closely

‘Roamin’ Catholics' wander in search of new church

9/ll plus ten

Notes about people

Catholic schools in Kenya prohibit Muslim head covering

On 9/11, preachers find no easy words

Presbytery and synod news

Orthodox leaders smooth path to proposed summit meeting

In U.S., interfaith worship doubled since 9/11

Warren Wilson College hosts luncheon for Western North Carolina Presbytery’s For Such a Time as This pastoral residents

Since 9/11, number of Presbyterian churches engaged with other faith groups has increased 50 percent

Association of Presbyterians for Cross-cultural Mission announces its closure

Seminary news

Church council sends peace teams to South Sudan

Interfaith understanding remains elusive 10 years after 9/11

Joining Hands partners sponsor photojournalism contest on ecological injustice and solutions

…Always being reformed

Armed civilians heighten Tripoli danger, cleric says

After 9/11, some run toward faith, some run other way

Popular study from Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding now available in Korean language

Berlin’s Protestants celebrate roots in Judaism

Facebook game players ‘elect’ new popes

Many Voices, One Song: Join Presbyterians in song on September 4

Sing, sing a song

Church leaders call for prayer and support following Hurricane Irene

Australian churches welcome refugee ‘swap’ ruling

Jedis and Pastafarians: Real religion or just a joke?

A harvest of righteousness is sown in peace

‘Best friends’

After hurricane, faith-based groups mobilize relief

Bats in belfry plague British church

Is Twilight bad news for girls?


PC(USA) stated clerk condemns bombing of U.N. compound in Nigeria

Alive with a new hope

Son of Pakistani governor who criticized blasphemy law is kidnapped

Charity group brings dollars, and controversy

Filling the empty warehouse

A new Presbyterian order?

PDA, presbyteries prepare for Hurricane Irene

WCC general secretary calls for urgent action in the Horn of Africa

Asian ecumenical group opposes South Korea base construction

States scramble to find prison chaplains after cuts

No more ‘stinky talk’

Ecumenical team pays solidarity visit to Myanmar and to refugees

Somali refugee camp expanding into Kenya’s third-largest ‘city’

At Church of Beethoven, music is the message

World Mission responds to ending of partnership by Mexican Presbyterian Church

Latin American Protestant leaders criticize U.S. budget decisions

Earthquake damages Washington National Cathedral

Study sees link between education and views of heaven

Newly revised study encourages congregation-wide reading of Bible in its entirety as Bible literacy in U.S. sees steep decline

Mexican Presbyterian Church votes to end 139-year-old relationship with PC(USA)

Church of Scotland GA votes for more dialogue on same-sex issues

Mar Thoma church in India celebrates 175th anniversary

A soundtrack for your inner Dude

Waiting on the Lord

An ‘airport’ congregation

Pakistani police claim Bhatti murder due to family dispute, story says

Study of secularism sees boost on college campuses

Church leaders point to worship resources for 9/11 remembrances

We have the power

A different kind of discipleship

Tutu: lingering effects of apartheid include ‘self-hate’

Virginian on national religious history museum quest

Mission in a post-Christian society

Latin American Protestants, Catholics hold historic meeting

Religious groups in Nepal start equal rights campaign

Colleges sign up for Obama’s interfaith program

Taste and see that the Lord is good

Peace convocation to inspire prayer for Sept. 21

In Australia, Christian leaders support asylum seekers

Women show deep drop in church-going, survey says

New international mission appointees complete orientation

The universal tentmaker

Not out of Africa

From unchurched to church planter

Christian activists in India seeking stronger rules to curb alcoholism

More Catholic departures than baptisms for first time in Germany

Changing times, changing needs

WCRC issues call to prayer for security in Mexico

Faith groups concerned about North Korean leadership of U.N. group

Mormons add shorter stints to boost missionaries

Thirty-seven presbyteries honored for giving

Here, there and everywhere

Hungry in Hungary

Church leaders seek long-term solutions to Horn of Africa food crisis

Poll: Americans want religious presidents, but are vague on details

A way of life

Presbyterians compose worship resources for 9/11

Campus Crusade ditches name for ‘Cru’

Pioneering Japanese Protestant to be portrayed in TV series

All the church’s a stage

Helping others while in the midst of your own disaster

Resurrecting urban ministry

Northern Sudan Christians face challenges after south’s secession

State Dept. tries to raise visibility of religion

‘Friending’ church

A dream fulfilled

Haiti’s reconstruction still an uphill battle

In England, faith groups work to heal riot-scarred towns

As candidates run for office, some run from their church

Something stirring along the water’s edge

Notes about people

Orthodox Patriarch calls for reconciliation of Russia and Georgia

Poll: American Muslims hopeful about life in the U.S.

Ordinary encounters, extraordinary power


World-changing ideas

Christian agencies continue work in Somalia despite security issues

Blogosphere abuzz over Rupert Murdoch as ‘Bible mogul’

Joplin after the tornado: a photo essay

Teaching what they learned

Ecumenical ‘accompaniers’ aid Palestinians

Grinding it out

Willow Creek cuts ties with ex-gay Exodus International

Presbyterian puppetry

Passage of debt-ceiling bill prompts response from Stated Clerk

GAPJC clears Scott Anderson for ordination

Ramadan treat dates back to Muhammad

Not Fade Away

Week of Prayer 2012 asks what victory means for unity

Hungarian churches divided over new religion law

Professor tweets Quran for Ramadan

A song of New Hope

Child of apartheid to lead world Methodists

Norway’s churches at center of country’s efforts to heal after attacks

Poll: Anti-Muslim sentiment grew after bin Laden death

Rebuilding in faith

Presbytery and synod news

Pressure mounts on Iran to acquit Christian pastor

Poll: God has better approval rating than Congress

Ten candidates for ministry receive first calls in second year of For Such a Time as This program

The Reverend J. Herbert Nelson is arrested in protest over debt ceiling negotiations

No more ‘mommy voice’

Brandon preacher’s husband content with unconventional role

Japan’s ecumenical office responds to ‘triple disaster’

More questions, fewer answers, on the afterlife

Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons calls on elected officials to protect vulnerable people in the debt ceiling talks

New steps into history

Sacks of hope

Kenya promises to expand camp for refugees

U.S. conservatives on defense after Oslo killings

A common table

Talking about God

Greek churches face financial disaster in economic crisis

Jewish foes of circumcision sit out attempts to ban it

Search, and you will find

Book fair

Students of diverse faiths seek understanding at Bossey

State discrimination forces Dalits to leave church, says Catholic bishop

Acting school aims to make Hollywood more like Holy-wood

Presbyterian competes in national wedding dress design competition

Seminary news

Christian agencies warn that 10 million people face famine in Horn of Africa

Mormon leaders told to stay out of politics

Presbyterians promote compassion, peace, and justice

Beginning their work together

Newly ordained Catholic priests excommunicated in China

Iraqi pastor bemoans flight of Christians

Gagging orders

Church council warns of food shortages in North Korea

Sharon Watkins re-elected president of Disciples

Weekly liturgical helps in Spanish one of most popular web resources

What’s in a name?

CBS, NBC specials show connection between immigration and faith community

Russian pro-lifers to launch women’s health clinics that don’t provide abortions

Saintly relics, from the macabre to the magnificent

‘Fair trade, not just free trade’

‘Trying something better’

CLAI chooses Cuba for its next General Assembly

South Sudan Catholic bishop dies a week after independence

Ecumenical veteran sees a ‘new frontier’

Board of Pensions announces two-step dues increase

From Brazil to Angola, not content to accept injustice

Interfaith leaders press for poverty assistance funding

Pakistani religious minorities criticize recent government initiative

Championship coach tackles God on the gridiron

Carrying Rosa

Christian youth to be trained for eco-justice

Churches and aid agencies lobby for ‘Robin Hood’ tax

Report says Islamophobia on the rise

A journey of letting go and bringing together

South Sudan churches hope for new nation’s peace and growth

Parochial schools not immune to bullies

Presbyterians stage pro-immigrants public witness during Big Tent

Tradition of mission

Global Christian leaders hail Southern Sudan’s independence and assure continued support

Catholics look into buying Crystal Cathedral

Do you feel the call?

Through the eyes of Haitians

Christians reach broad consensus on appropriate missionary conduct

China vows to ordain bishops without Vatican’s OK

Episcopal Church defends top bishop’s record in abuse case

Alabama and Tennessee July long-term recovery trainings to help most vulnerable tornado survivors

Abortion fight taken up by Russian Orthodox and American evangelicals

Jewish concerns remain as Delta, Saudis deny discrimination

Fresh role likely for charities as Nepal’s refugees find new home

Schuller removed from board at Crystal Cathedral

Archbishop of Canterbury urges greater church involvement in environment and social media

Report: Mercedes to unveil new eco-friendly popemobile

Lives Transformed: ‘Start with the Kids’

Environmental Ministries Action Network launched

Stated Clerk releases PC(USA) 2010 statistics

Everybody into the pool!

Breaking the ‘cradle to prison pipeline’

Having what it takes

WCRC calls for week of prayers for Sudan amid signs of progress in negotiations

We are Presbyterians

Presbytery and synod news

Sudanese clergy seek to give aid in South Kordofan

Critics push Obama to change faith-based hiring rules

Community owned and operated

1001 in 10

Seminary news

Leaders examine religion’s place in Israeli democracy

Pawlenty’s prominent pastor not a political pawn

Big Tent’s Peacemaking Conference focuses on reconciliation, understanding

Not complicated, but not easy

Anglican-Lutheran dialogue examines service and witness

Greek Orthodox rally to rebuild Ground Zero church

Finding 'speranza' in Moldova

Stated clerk speaks out against Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Nudity in religious art: godly or sinful?

Church of England to allow gay bishops … sort of

Middle East Monitoring Group announces search for narratives

WJK Titles Named Gold and Silver Books of the Year from <i>ForeWord Reviews</i>

PC(USA) leaders call Wisconsin governor to protect campus ministry

Japanese interfaith group opposes U.S. bases on Okinawa

All Southern Baptist eyes on black New Orleans pastor

‘Learning to live together’ inside the Big Tent

All but one PC(USA) constitutional amendment headed for approval

Notes about people

Japanese churches must become more active, warns theologian

Americans see room to disagree but remain faithful to religion

Presbyterian leaders offer a call to prayer for Sudan

Leading in healthy, bold and dangerous ways

Religious leaders assess UN AIDS declaration

Gallup says 9 in 10 Americans believe in God

SDOP grants more than $150,000 to 9 U.S. self-help projects

World Mission Matters encourages participation

U.N. environment agency sees work with faith groups, African cleric says

Lesbian minister to face Methodist church trial

Through the Storm

Can I get a witness!

Pakistani court postpones trial in 2009 attacks on Christians

Bishops open meeting to review sex abuse rules

A circuitous journey

Thinking theologically about technology

Conference to address issues faced by Christians in the Middle East

After controversy, Baptists affirm belief in ‘eternal’ hell

Church: it’s not just for Sunday mornings anymore

Stated clerk issues call to prayer for Nepal Christians

Lutheran federation president urges members to pursue justice

Religious freedom envoy condemns religious intolerance

PC(USA) presses Obama on human rights in Colombia

Healing memories

African faith leaders call for action on climate change

Southern Baptists look to minorities to jumpstart growth

PC(USA) Middle East Monitoring Group releases Kairos Palestine Study Guide

Distinguished Christian educator Ellis Nelson dies

WCC will return 60s-80s torture documents to Brazil

Israel sees slow but growing acceptance for gay Orthodox

First-ever gathering set of churches and organizations of Afro-descendent minorities in Latin America

Renewed Sudan fighting causing humanitarian crisis

Catholic bishops to take second look at abuse reforms

A big dance floor: building trust and being the church

Renewal and witness at the heart of Pentecost

Muslims contribute to German society, church gathering told

Judge hears monks’ suit over right to build caskets

Icing on the Kake

Collaborating community

Human rights groups praise indictments in Salvadoran Jesuits case

Ore. faith-healing trial draws to a close

Majority of presbyteries approve new Form of Government

Most Presbyterians prefer monthly Lord’s Supper celebrations

Cuba’s churches grapple with a changing society, says council leader

Satan doesn't have a blog, but if he did ...

A churchwide letter concerning the new Form of Government

Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) have approved a new Form of Government

Presbyterian-run student housing at a crossroads

Octogenarian learns how to read so he can better understand Bible

King’s daughter leaves Georgia church after scandal

Guided by the Spirit

‘Climate justice’ new concern of Christian communicators

Christians shatter taboos around talking about money

MGB Commission mulls data, identifies some ‘operating assumptions’

A few friendly faces

India’s Catholics plan first synod for lay people

Add one of these to your summer reading list

Growing a community

Church of Scotland moves closer to accepting more gay clergy

Katrina volunteers keep coming, even if they have to pay

Making room for the little shots

Pilgrims return to Jesus’ baptismal site as Israel removes landmines

How didst the KJV come to be?

Saving lives, strengthening pastoral ministry

Calling all elders

People of faith fast to protest U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Canadian editor elected president of Ecumenical News International

Same-sex relations, marriage receive record approval

Presbyterian pastor responds: What makes a good spiritual life?

Former GA moderator Bill Lytle dies

Alaska Presbyterian icon Walter Soboleff dead at 102

International Ecumenical Peace Convocation addresses issues of nonviolence and the environment

Churches asked to share pulpits with Muslims

Korean-American church leader Youngil Cho dies

With nFOG vote close, advocates renew call to pass it

Zimbabwe church groups pray for peace ahead of elections

For many blacks, there’s only one Bible, and it’s the KJV

Presbyterian leaders reflect on week of deadly storms

Percolating on the meaning of ‘call’

Evangelist says Rapture date was off by five months

Finding God in unexpected and Marvel-ous places

A congregation for the community

Theologian Kung says only radical reforms can save the Catholic church

Muslims battle to be official voice of U.S. Islam

Reading justice in the inner city

Japan’s churches urged to work together after ‘triple disaster’

Acceptance grows for autistic kids in church

Board of Pensions hears feedback on proposed same-gender benefits

Orthodox churches object to national identity cards

Study: 2 in 10 atheist scientists are `spiritual'

Blessed be the ties that bind

Seminary news

In Zimbabwe, Catholic bishops are among Mugabe’s toughest critics

Scholars chase Bible’s changes, one verse at a time

A Presbyterian church finds a place to call home

U.N. report on Sri Lankan conflict evokes mixed reactions

Study links reliance on God with reliance on treatment

Resources ready for Presbyterian Heritage Sunday

Human Trafficking: The Story of Mariano Lucas and the Impact of the Campaign for Fair Food

San Francisco Theological Seminary names new president

Notes about people

Mennonites appoint first leader from Global South

Economic bell tolls for nation's church steeples

PDA, Red Cross provide spiritual care training in wake of natural disasters

70th anniversary celebration of the Council of Churches of Cuba begins

Indian churches challenged to address caste discrimination

Feminist pioneer challenges Orthodox patriarchy

PPC welcomes the Rev. Meg Flannagan to hymnal staff

Bare Bulb Coffee hopes to shine a bit of light

Palestinian agreement sign of hope, WCC’s Tveit says

Methodists express repentance for massacre of Native Americans

Abuse victims oppose pick for House chaplain

24 former GA moderators call for unity after 10-A passes

From Chernobyl to Japan’s ‘tsunami stones’

Two-thirds of Americans say bin Laden’s in hell

Nairobi blast survivors meet bin Laden’s death with prayer

Twelfth volume in Feasting on the Word completes acclaimed series, expansion projects in works

PC(USA) relaxes constitutional prohibition of gay and lesbian ordination

Colombian Presbyterian women seek to change culture of violence

Religious leaders urge Russians to heed lessons of World War II

RCA, CRC join to plant churches

A churchwide letter concerning Amendment 10-A

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approves change in ordination standard

Christian-Muslim clashes in Egypt leave 12 dead, Coptic churches burnt

Muslims hope bias ends with bin Laden’s death

Worldwide action for Palestine-Israel peace coming up

Frank Yamada named McCormick Theological Seminary president

Notes about people

Panel cites Egypt for violation of religious freedom

‘Simple churches’ find a foothold across the U.S.

2011 Samuel Robinson Award winners announced

‘Do the things that a church must do’

Czechs back oppressed Roma, march against neo-Nazis

Japanese pastor fears “tsunami” of visitors during holidays

Minister moms split between pulpit and potty training

Faith unTapped

Posthumous David M. Bailey album released

After beatification, focus turns to John Paul II's legacy

Osama bin Laden is dead. Discuss.

PC(USA) ministries offer reflection resources in wake of bin Laden’s death

World Association for Christian Communication tackles difficult questions about its future

Taiwan Presbyterians invite Japanese pastors to study disaster relief

Think you’ll need last rites? Better plan ahead

Fire can’t stop church’s hunger ministry

Presbytery and synod news

African leaders call for more effective aid programs

PC(USA) publications win 10 Associated Church Press awards

Big Tent to stay in Indianapolis

Evangelical icon David Wilkerson dies in car crash

The Rev. Trina Zelle called to serve as the new National Organizer for the Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association (PHEWA)

Growth of Protestantism in Latin America will tend to stabilize, says Brazilian sociologist

Church-state ties will be on display at royal wedding

Oops, we did it again

La Vida De La Rosa

Interfaith Broadcasting Commission announces NBC-TV specials

Mennonite World Day of Prayer focuses on Latin American women

‘Soul Surfer’ rides the wave of ‘real’ Christian films

New Church Development growing spiritually, making disciples, baptizing adults

The big table

Building “right relations” between people and the earth

John Paul II’s feast day will be October 22, Vatican says

Should religion have a role in U.S. foreign policy?

Forging ahead

Templeton Prize awarded to British cosmologist

Museum to feature treasure trove of biblical artifacts

Lives transformed: Maseabane and the people of Lesotho

Biker Sunday

Solidifying a relationship

European churches debate anti-Christian violence response

Study: congregations slowly recovering from recession

Agents of transformation

Lack of money will leave more churches without pastors, Presbyterians predict

Ivory Coast churches prepare to help victims of turmoil

Scholar challenges Thursday date of Last Supper

Parsons joins Obama for White House prayer breakfast

Calculating the cost

Christ’s last words unite Philippine churches

Just how long did Jesus stay in the tomb?

PMM wins top Houston Film Festival award

After Japan disaster, faiths join to prevent suicides

U.S. Senate confirms religious freedom ambassador

Financial Aid for Studies announces new Theological Student Loan (TSL) Forgiveness Program

Jinkins inaugurated as Louisville Seminary president

Notes about people

Ethiopian Jews in Israel learn about the Passover Seder

At interfaith church, a rabbi does the Easter sermon

SFTS professor wins best first book award

Lutheran church in Brazil marks 50 years of mission

Report: Small churches feeling financial squeeze

Forgive, don’t forget

Archaeologist claims to find nails from Jesus’ cross

‘Word is God’ at Shakespeare theatre’s London season

More good news for 2011 Walton Award winners

Kinnamon renews NCC’s call for common Easter date

‘We cannot be ecumenical by ourselves’

Churches in India endorse protests against corruption

Fed up with Hollywood, churches make their own films

Staying power

Humanitarian situation in Ivory Coast is dire as leader captured

Study suggests young adults can get fat at church

New books in “Belief” offer theological insights on 1 & 2 Peter and Jude, Ephesians

Building on the past, for the future

Theology major immerses himself in urban, global and poverty ministries

Expert says faith groups play an environmental role

New looks at a very old book

Big Tent location up in the air

Trees and tweets for World Sunday for Peace

Orthodox churches find it difficult to overcome differences

Supreme Court takes dim view of church-state challenges

Called to leave home

COGA hears initial plans for 2012 General Assembly

CBS special to show how faith communities are aiding job-seekers

Latin American council seeks to strengthen youth work

TSA, airlines tread carefully on religious expression

Peace Discernment Steering Team appointed

Seminary news

Vatican announces details of John Paul II's beatification

Poll: Most Americans don't blame God for disasters

In our midst

2011 and 2012 mission budgets are increased

NCC and its interfaith partners express sadness over Islamophobia and mob violence

Declining ratio of women in India a challenge, church leader says

Supreme Court to weigh churches’ employment rights

PHS to mark sesquicentennial anniversary of American Civil War

PC(USA)-related conference centers face challenges, transitions

Becoming a voice for national unity in Russia

De Santis appointed editor of ENInews

In Senate Muslim hearings, a decided change in tone

2011 Walton Award winners announced

‘No other more important human issue’

‘The World House’

Presbyterian communicators win 18 RCC awards

De Santis appointed editor of ENInews

In Senate Muslim hearings, a decided change in tone

A crisis in ministry

Synod PJC upholds Spahr’s conviction on same-sex wedding charge

WCRC representatives to meet with farm workers

Adventists grow as other churches decline

A heart and history of mission

SJC trustees hand over deed to new owner

U.S. church council renews call for common Easter

Chaplains offered exit plan as gay training starts

Looking inside Presbyterian congregations

It’s never too late to pray

Churches in Japan recovering in the midst of ecumenical spirit

U.N. passes religious freedom resolution

Churches across the country sample new Feasting on the Word Curriculum

Was America founded as a Christian nation?

By all writes

Words of grace for a century

Number of Catholics worldwide edged up, Vatican says

Charitable giving stabilizes as recession ebbs

'In Christ we are not alone'

Arizona student group attacked in Peru thanks supporters

ACWC goes to Washington

Obama praised, criticized for Romero commemoration

Some question conventional wisdom on divorce stats

A group effort

Notes about people

Anti-Christian violence continues in Pakistan

Co-creator shares genesis of Mormon musical

‘Here for the long term’

New Media Project to survey ACP members on faith/tech nexus

Two new books focus on an interfaith world

‘Book of Mormon’ musical called surprisingly sweet

New study from Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding encourages conversation regarding the Confession of Belhar

Stated Clerk issues statement in wake of Jerusalem bombing

Presbyterian students back in U.S. after attack in Peru

On World Water Day, student Christian group focuses on ‘water justice’

Obama taps U.S. campuses for interfaith service projects

Debate is needed on future of secularism in emerging democracies, historian says

Being a pastor is hard, and failure is easy

Update: PC(USA) continues response to Japan disasters

Presbytery and synod news

Churches urge NATO to remove all nuclear weapons from Europe

Turkish Protestants still face "long path" to religious freedom

Museum restores Jefferson’s unique Bible

MRTI reaches agreement with Time Warner

Scholars study WCC in 1960s and ’70s

WWND: What Would Niebuhr Do?

Russian Orthodox Church expands prison ministry

Collegiate Ministries task force named, will meet this fall

Let a thousand flowers bloom

U.S. Lenten campaign seeks to bolster dialogue about poverty

Japanese look to ancient traditions for strength

Sharing God’s love at the U.S./Mexico border


Youth and the ecumenical movement: ‘There is a delicate dance going on in our churches’

Churches rally support after Japan earthquake

Confession? There’s an app for that. Several, actually

No 2011 pension experience apportionment, BOP says

Inspired by faith

In Japan: a priest dead, a chapel “drowned”

The God Factor: Big questions from a small film

Heidelberg Catechism Special Committee reaches unanimous decision on common translation

Presbyterian Historical Society names new director of administrative services

PC(USA) framing response to Japan earthquake, tsunami

Leaders call for prayer on Japan earthquake and tsunami

Ecumenical Advocacy Days meets March 25-28

In the watery Netherlands, a modern Noah builds an ark

With all eyes on Capitol Hill, Muslims watch warily

Walking in her great grandfather’s footsteps

PC(USA) stated clerk signs on to letter calling for just peace in Israel/Palestine

Notes about people

Madagascar church leader appeals for support following ‘harassment’

Pope says Jews not to blame for Jesus’ death

A congregational coffee shop

Special Committee on Domestic Partner Benefits

Inter-Orthodox consultation begins discussion on the nature of the church

International Women’s Day turns attention on Scripture, communication, advocacy

Court rejects challenge to ‘In God We Trust’


Budgets: Can’t cut moral responsibility to save lives, say faith leaders

Jamaica and the vision of a just peace

Anglican bishop in Jerusalem seeking renewal of visa

Age-old Lent gets a 21st-century makeover

Financial situation for one-third of Presbyterian churches is at least “good” even with economic crisis

Giving shape to peaceful relationships

Philippine Protestant council hails plan to resume peace talks

On evangelical campuses, rumblings of gay acceptance

Mother’s Day Project aids African children and families

Westminster John Knox Press books recognized by <i>Christianity Today</i>, Academy of Parish Clergy

One church, three locations

Canadian Anglican leader sees “great hope” in the Cuban church

Israel revokes Anglican bishop's residency permit

Jews hope Vegas will draw lost members back to the fold

Stated clerk backs public employees’ collective bargaining rights

Zambian nurse wins Swiss prize

World Day of Prayer focuses on women of Chile

Blacks bristle at notion of ‘slave of Christ’

What’s next?

WCC calls for more ecumenical peace-building in Colombia

Pakistan's minister for religious minorities assassinated

Islam dominated religion coverage in 2010

Listening and learning

WCC Central Committee focuses on peace, justice

A poignant Sunday in quake-ravaged Christchurch, New Zealand

U.S. rabbis blast Israel over new conversion rules

WCC’s 2013 Assembly theme focuses on justice and peace

SDOP disburses $260,000 to 14 US self-help projects

Pope, Russian president vow to strengthen relationship

Stuff we don’t want, stuff they can’t use

"Absolutely joyful, but scary too"

New book offers spiritual analysis of Bob Dylan

WCC pressed to develop new policy statement on gender justice

In Christchurch, New Zealand: shattered churches, grieving parishioners

2011 Eco-Stewards accepting applications

Churches in India challenged to support indigenous people

Religious voices enter Wisconsin union debate

Educating for the future

WCC calls governments for implementation of water as human right

Libyan Christian clergy vow to stay on amid violence

States caught in crossfire over guns in churches

Southern Sudan independence secured, ecumenical movement turns to nation-building

‘Bearing fruit and growing in the knowledge of God’

Episcopalians, Moravians inaugurate full communion relationship

Churches, charities not in competition for dollars

WCC criticizes U.S. veto of UN resolution on continued Israeli settlement-building

Presbyterian Writers Guild seeks best new author

Anti-Semitic incidents last year in Britain were second-highest

Egypt’s Christians keep wary eye on Muslim Brotherhood

Church educators get a taste of the new online lectionary curriculum based on the award-winning commentary Feasting on the Word

Massive flight of Iraqi Christians can’t dim churches’ witness, leaders say

WCC explores how to adapt to changing religious world

WCC sponsors graduate class in peacemaking

Kandhamal Christians struggling after carnage

Buddhist Bhutan wrestles with `shocking’ abuse study

In opening addresses, WCC leaders stress unity

Some Presbyterians cutting back on health care

Indonesia urged to repeal blasphemy laws

Biggest obstacle for Catholic nuns lies at home

‘A new leadership environment’

Membership trends for U.S. churches reported to be “stable”

Woman recounts bomb memories from historic Birmingham church

New pastors, small churches

Author accounts for damaged state of contemporary Christianity, offers ‘upgrade’

Belhar Confession generating spirited discussion online

Not toy, not tyrant

Philippine church celebrates 100 years of Protestantism

Pope can't be organ donor, church says

Theology must drive polity, MGB commissioners told

Sudanese churches seek action on Ugandan rebel group

Faiths’ ad campaigns chase after the great ‘I Am’

“Let’s Move” 1,000 Presbyterian congregations

Standing against the world

A year after quake, Haiti community media still struggling

New Nepal PM urged to ensure Christians’ rights

Scientists probe brief brushes with the afterlife

SFTS closes Southern California campus

Notes about people

Church of Scotland to discuss sustainable farming

Consumer protection chief seeks allies in faith leaders

GAPJC reinstates ‘not guilty’ verdict in Southard same-sex marriage case

‘Be strong and courageous’

Russian Orthodox clergy may run for office

Controversial N.Y. mosque loses another leader


Japan’s Christian council plans to restructure

Obama names second round of faith-based advisers

New mission workers complete orientation

When the church and culture collide

Churches closing in north Sudan after referendum

Muslim countries cited on religious freedom

The Thoughtful Christian launches increased discounts on books, unveils new blog

Future of the church

CMEP urges support of U.N. Israel-Palestine resolution

Recognizing their strengths

Survey: Typical U.S. atheist is white son of religious parents

Presbytery and synod news

Seminary news

Interfaith Harmony Week to be celebrated

Does God play favorites on the gridiron?

Judge kills most of Lutheran retirees’ claims

Souper Bowl of Caring gears up for 22nd year

A Hungarian sabbatical of blessing and peace

Pentagon: No change for chaplains with gay ban repeal

The God Factor: National Prayer Breakfast again overshadowed by controversy

Discerning a dream

Religious leaders must be more open, says senior Muslim in UK

Cash-strapped cities look to tax churches for road use

Popular author Don McKim writes new book on Presbyterian faith

Presbyterians rally to oppose Arizona-style immigration law in Kentucky

‘Flying Dutchman’ will minister to oil and gas industry

Technology unites missionaries, families around the world

The Rev. Dr. Ann Philbrick named new associate for Church Growth and Transformation

The entire PC(USA) organization is behind me

General Assembly leaders offer a call to prayer

Arts program to take over Sheldon Jackson College

LWF launches youth initiative on environmental justice

Russian Orthodox leader chides faithful over sloppy dress

Judge upholds law preventing guns in churches

From the darkness of the mine to the light of day

Planting seeds of hope

Sudan faith leader supports call to forgiveness

Liberal UCC steps in to boost ranks of chaplains

First response in Tucson

Ecumenical Advocacy Days held March 25-28

Billy Graham says he ‘would have steered clear of politics’

Why is Hollywood obsessed with Catholic exorcisms?

Churches urged to observe interfaith harmony week

When history comes alive

Churches Uniting in Christ members recommit to ecumenical tasks

Several leaders will boycott Anglican summit

Former UCC president suspended after affair

General Assembly Mission Council continues popular “Deep and Wide” video series

A welcoming Departure

CWS urges U.S. to restore funding for global hunger

Minority Christians cling to tenuous hold in Pakistan

Institute probes religion’s role in peace-making

Three as one

Indigenous theologians meet to ‘affirm spiritualities of life’

Exiled Sudanese clergy hope for peaceful return

Army faces questions over ‘spiritual fitness’ test

Special Committee on Existing Authoritative Interpretations begins its work

Northern Korean Christians help feed most vulnerable

Pastor Offers Insights on 40 Treasured Bible Verses

Survey finds one-fifth of PC(USA) churches involved in homeless ministries

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity focus on Jerusalem

NCC praises new Obama policy towards Cuba

Faith gets star treatment at Sundance

2011 Moderator’s Lenten study focuses on sacrament; brings faith community together

PC(USA) groups call for halt to Justice Department subpoenas of pro-Palestinian activists

Rise in global food prices cause for alarm

Churches mobilize as flooding affects Brazil

Alabama governor says only Christians are his ‘brothers and sisters’

2011 partner presbyteries chosen for For Such a Time as This pastoral residency program

Food for the soul

Cuban ecumenical leaders affirm ‘signs of a new understanding’ after visit to U.S.

Australian churches come together in flood crisis

Civility Project disbands after low interest in Congress

Members named to final two GA219 special committees

A letter from Birmingham

The shooting in Tucson — is it close enough this time?

Ecumenism takes time to bear fruit, says NCC leader

Behind a mighty civil rights icon, a rich prayer life

Faith leaders to Congress: ‘soul searching’ needed about toxic rhetoric

Pakistani churches criticize government's refusal to amend blasphemy law

Jews troubled by Palin’s use of ‘blood libel’

PC(USA) leaders send solidarity letter to Egyptian partners

Lutheran World Federation (LWF) general secretary cautions of religion’s role in fueling violence

Haitians mark a ‘very, very difficult year’

Poll: Americans see religion’s role declining

‘Civility’ author comments on Arizona shooting, political blame game

Second Tucson shooting victim with Presbyterian ties identified

Presbytery and synod news

A year later, quake-ravaged Haiti struggles to recover

Senator concludes probe of ministry finances

Being something

Local action against hunger needed in 2011, says CWS

WCC delegation consoles Pope Shenouda

Atheists’ diversity woes have no black-and-white answers

PC(USA) member among those killed in Arizona shootings

Luke’s Gospel comes to life in Charlotte

PC(USA)-backed domestic violence special begins airing Jan. 9 on ABC

Seminary news

Prayers sought on Jan. 9 for Coptic Christians

Religious profile of 112th Congress remains stable

Pastor outlines list of ten things Christians don’t — and do — need to believe

Reflecting reality

Interim editor appointed for ENI

Assassination complicates controversial blasphemy law

I Believe You: Faiths’ response to intimate partner violence

Presbyterian Writers Guild seeks best new author

World Association for Christian Communication conveys support to U.N. new women’s program

Mormons lift the veil on official ‘handbook’ of teachings

Facing life and death

International ecumenical and interfaith leaders condemn New Year church bombing in Egypt

King James Bible still influential, argues literary scholar

Books probe Christmas’ religious origins

Carol Weir’s memorial service set for Jan. 2

Haiti earthquake response is top 2010 Presbyterian news story

Chinese church officials see unity behind growth

Faith now ‘a consumer commodity in America,’ warns new book

U.S. clergy’s professional reputation hovers in the middle

Away with Christmas!

WCRC drafts programmatic objectives for next 6 years

Latin American churches explore ecumenical dialogue

Privatization deters poor’s access to water, say Asian church leaders

International adoptions changing face of U.S. Judaism

Give the gift of water

Lives Transformed – Eliecer Barrantes

Finding God’s magic touch

Cuban church leaders seek eased travel restrictions

God Box in New York more diverse as it turns 50

Bishop says Mary appeared in Wisconsin, but who can say for sure?

Carol Weir dies at 86

PNS to take a holiday break

Barn dance

ENInews to shut down in its current form

Obama, in shadow of worrisome polls, embraces ‘Christian’ label

Timeless stories

PC(USA) named in lawsuit by alleged victim of sexual abuse on mission field in 1988

Presbyterian theologian takes helm at Indian church council

American exorcist plies his lonely trade

Church critical to Sudan’s future, mission network told

More than fair

Plans for mosque in Moscow district spark controversy

Hangovers, debts may last longer than holiday happiness

Bullying: ‘a national disaster’

Turning lives around

Food insecurity war can be won, says church advocacy body head

Celebrating Christmas before Dec. 25? Bah humbug!

For the peace of Jerusalem

Sharing of joys and concerns

New books offer spiritual renewal for individuals and families this Christmas

Turning over Ike’s reins

Philippines justice minister discusses human rights with WCC delegation

German Protestant head says a European Islam needed for dialogue

Mormons soften language on gays

Brian McLaren looks to the future

The hopes and fears of all the years

PC(USA)’s Public Witness office seeks financial support for young adult interns

PC(USA) initiates formal dialogue with Adventists

Filipino sugar laborers’ lives painful, church group finds

Play examines black church arsons in the South

Praying for change in Myanmar

Notes about people

Philippines Protestant leader renews appeal to free 43 detainees

Israel finds common cause with evangelicals

Timeless stories

Presbytery and synod news

Europeans feature in Pope’s new list of cardinals

Muslims say respect is key to better relations

Company of New Pastors tells recent seminarians: "Don't forget the voice you heard"

ACSWP seeks nominations for two task forces

PC(USA)-backed revenue transparency coalition honored

Police raid Sudan churches’ offices during referendum build-up

Military chaplains voice ‘intense’ views on gay ban

‘Walking delicately’

Seminary news

Popular anger unabated over chaotic elections in Haiti

Global and Asian churches leaders warn on Korea standoff

Poll: Americans of all faiths see a civility problem in U.S. politics

Partnership is only mission way in China, Adeney says

WCC Living Letters team to visit the Philippines

WCC leader to meet with Pope in Rome

Blasphemy resolution passes U.N. committee

Partnering party

Korean Presbyterian council supports Belhar

Canadian court rules dissident churches must abandon property

Actress pushes churches to reach out to prisoners

The Stated Clerk writes a churchwide Christmas letter

Noted author Louis Weeks to write new book on current state of PC(USA)

Short-term trip, long-term relationship

UNAIDS says Pope’s condom move makes HIV cooperation easier

Poll: Christians most likely to want New York Islamic center moved

A place to rest their heads

Churches warn on British welfare changes and poverty

Bishops defend opposition to health care reform

Hunger program announces grant recipients

European, Latin American church leaders call for climate justice

Respect result, Christian leaders say in advance of Sudan plebiscite

U.S. activists lobby against U.N. defamation resolution

BOP continues to adjust to new U.S. health care plan

Air lift

U.S. Episcopalian to lead global Christian students’ federation

Clinton details religious freedom, nominee faces senators

A great dinner party

Recording recovery

Haiti: living in fear of sickness and death

U.S. Episcopalian to lead global Christian students’ federation

Obama signs order to reform faith-based office

Lives Transformed – The Rev. Nancy Benson-Nicol

PC(USA) leaders praise Florida farmworkers deal

Discipleship leads to change at center of being

Germany’s Protestants elect steel worker’s son as new leader

Mission program grants awarded

One baptism

Better together

Holy Land Jews and Muslims pray together for rain

Dalai Lama’s newest book also his most personal

Growing a dream

Circling back

Zimbabwe church groups warn over new elections

Dalai Lama’s newest book also his most personal

Even in tough times, Presbyterians optimistic about ending hunger in the United States

Ecumenical women a powerful presence at the Centennial Gathering in New Orleans

Air Force Academy cites progress in tackling religious intolerance

Chechen leader campaigns on bride kidnaps, supports headscarves

Building community, box by box

Ecumenical Gathering studies, worships, speaks out

WCC leader: faith cannot be imposed through force

Study: Americans crave forgiveness but are choosy on dispensing it

Peacemakers face intimidation during Colombia visit

The music remains

Archbishop Aymond: all of us were strangers once

World’s ‘lowest city’ Jericho celebrates 10,000 years

Supreme Court wrestles over religious scholarship program

Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese Presbyterians gather

NCC governing board calls for end of Afghanistan War

CWS resettles nearly one tenth of refugee arrivals to U.S. in 2010

China helps human rights by feeding its people says Swiss ethicist

U.S. is feeling charitable, just not through churches

One in God’s image

House of Manna becomes house of hip-hop for friday night outreach worship celebration

Presbyterian Historical Society announces restructure

Middle Governing Body Commission urged: ‘think big’

Faith and Order movement marks centennial

Notes about people

Forbes magazine names Pope world’s fifth most powerful figure

Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson to retire in 2013

Christians, Muslims call for mutual commitment to justice

Seminary news

No tolerance for caste discrimination, says India church gathering

Gallup: Most religious Americans have high levels of well-being

Plans proceed for second Big Tent event

Korean peace impossible without justice for all, Reformed church leader says

Christian and Muslims to mobilize joint crisis group

Some religious charities receive more despite overall drop in contributions

New Gillette hymn captures the theme and spirit of the NCC’s Centennial Gathering in New Orleans

Catholic-Reformed dialogue completes documents on baptism, Eucharist/Lord’s Supper

Bishop of ancient Christian church warns on Protestant dialogue

Have Democrats lost faith in faith-based outreach?

COGA writes off $315,000 in ‘uncollectible’ per capita

Truly moving pictures

Israeli criticizes Vatican meeting on Middle East

Americans say religious messages fuel negative views of gays

2010 Samuel Robinson Award recipients reflect

“Holy Spirit-powered”

Christian witness through a wire fence

PC(USA) leaders express deep sorrow over church killing in Iraq

‘Protect religious minorities’ says Muslim leader at talks with Christians

Personal ties hold U.S. religious fabric together, says new book

WCC condemns attack on church in Iraq

Office of Public Witness revamps internship program

ACT Alliance says a billion hungry is not right

Palin, at center of political stage, keeps mum on faith

Rising from the ashes

The high cost of religious persecution

Indonesian Christian group warns on quake and tsunami deaths

Gays tell teens ‘it gets better’ despite religion

Commissioners, advisors give GA219 high ratings

At the Heartland Film Festival

Turkish aide wants Hagia restored for Muslim, Christian worship

California’s Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy

Inside out

Tension in Sudan ahead of vote is dangerous, warns church envoy

Behind Colbert’s right-wing funnyman, a quiet faith

New Books in Emerging Theology

SDOP announces scholarship contest winner

Catholic media in Cuba multiply, but change is slow

First woman to lead Church of Norway bishops

After teen suicides, gay opponents look inward

PC(USA) partners merge in South America

Anglican congregation’s plan for Roman exit not seen as exodus

Survey: Jewish disapproval of Obama rising

Board of Pensions appoints special committee to consider same-gender benefits

Church of North India turns 40

Zacchaeus’ tree now a top tourist destination

Presbyterian colleges selected to participate in interfaith leadership training


WCC leader’s speech reaches to evangelical Christians

Critics still waiting for action from faith-based office

“Where God wanted me to be”

Tools for the trade

Seminarians encouraged to develop 'a deeply theological core'

Christian communication groups gets first female head

Report finds strong growth in U.S. Orthodox churches

Training twins

Film on effects of Afghan war wins human rights award

Tea party more religious than U.S., less than conservative Christians

Breaking ground

Presbytery and synod news

African churches can play key role in Middle East, says WCC head

Catholics face vocal ‘mutiny’ over gay teachings

Presbyterians reject idea that government spends too much on public schools

Menaul School receives grant from PW


WCC leader praises Nobel Peace Prize for Liu Xiaobo

NCC special uncovers realities of aging in America

Author finds faith and fanaticism in South’s football god

Beckmann Receives World Food Prize as New Book on Hunger Releases

Training camp

SDOP disburses $240,000 to 13 U.S. self-help projects

Revised Bible seen as ‘uniting point’ for Chinese Christians

Parishes leaving ELCA find an unexpected price to pay

Beblawi to coordinate the PC(USA)’s mission work in Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia

Synod PJC upholds Scott Anderson ordination approval

Youth in Mexico City affirm that they believe in God but not in the church’s hierarchies

Pope denounces violence in God’s name at meeting on Middle East

Scholar: Israelites beer drinkers, too

World Communion of Reformed Churches launches new website

Catholic condemnation of Nobel Prize stirs Italian press reaction

Poll: Most Americans OK student religious speech

GAMC approves revised mission budgets for 2011, 2012

ELCA presiding bishop announces new churchwide organization design for 2011

South African ‘moral compass’ Tutu officially retires

Miniseries traces religion’s U.S. impact across 400 years

As Presbyteries begin study of Belhar, survey shows Presbyterians have much to learn

Panel completes investigation of abuse claims; pursues truth, healing and justice

Special committee named to review biennial General Assemblies

Seminary news

Catholic bishops to discuss Middle East Christianity

Supreme Court torn on free speech rights, private funeral rites

WCC publishes Justice Not Greed

WCC leader: ‘Keep train on track’ for Sudan peace

Self-taught iconographer writes ‘God’s story in pictures’

Physical presence is key to effective mission partnerships, global church leaders say

COTE authorizes task forces to further leadership needs studies

Pray, partner, advocate with Colombia, pastor urges

Interfaith council condemns West Bank mosque burning

Ban on school Christmas carols upheld

Members named to the General Assembly Commission on Middle Governing Bodies

Approach of winter complicates Pakistan flood relief

Understanding is the key to success in Bolivia, pastor says

Evangelical Christian pilgrims converge on Jerusalem

Definition of family shifting, scholar says

david m bailey succumbs to brain cancer

Church near site of Russian tsar’s and family’s remains burns down

Heaven trumps hell in Canadian poll

Presbyterians are older, even more involved in their communities

The Rev. Dave Crittenden selected to head GAMC Stewardship Ministry

Final jeopardy

Conflict resolution, cultural awareness are topics of Indonesian leader’s talks

Christians call for calm after Indian verdict on holy site

Charity report: U.S. ties for fifth in global giving

Presbyterian Office of Public Witness invites internship applicants and church partnerships

Parsons letter to Congress supports DREAM Act

Season’s greetings

To abandon peacemaking is to betray the faith, says Philippines church leader

Women under-reported in global wealth-gap news

Mormons catch a glimpse of life in the big leagues

Meeting the challenges

Stated Clerk launches “Tilling the Soil”

Lisa Larges moves closer to ordination

Rabbi warns of 'new intifada' as Palestinian-settler tensions rise

Poll finds unbelievers know the most about belief

Despite overall membership decline, some good news

Communication, cooperation are keys to Middle East peace, Palestinian Christian says

Pennsylvania government, religious leaders to honor Native Americans

Foreign bio-fuel projects 'undermine 'African food security

Three years on, Creation Museum is evolving

Ecumenical leaders from the United States visit Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador

Mexico 'country of contrast,' says peacemaker

Romania church leaders say Roma deportations wrong

Justice Department: FBI erred in targeting interfaith center

Sudan Christians need people more than money, religious leaders say

Transforming congregations

U.N. Millennium Development Goals summit gets mixed grades

Is burning a Quran an insult or intimidation?

Three Presbyterian institutions host bestselling author Eric Metaxas

"The beginning of a new day"

A bequeath and legacy

Reconciliation is ‘compulsion’ for Pakistani religious leader

Sudanese churches’ leader calls for Obama’s help over referendum

Bible study asks, ‘What Would Andy Do?’

Presbyterians rally behind San Bruno congregation

Women’s justice is key church role, African leader says

Russia’s prisons look to faiths to bring moral guidance

Christian women prefer Sunday services to shopping, study says

Racing for hunger

Judging movies in Montreal

Church grouping says action needed, if one sixth of world hungry

Belgian Catholics' abuse plan falls flat with critics

Koenig named director of Presbyterian ministry at the UN

A child … well, a teenager … shall lead them

Office of Public Witness touts health care conference call with President Obama

Indonesian church leaders say attack on its members ‘barbaric’

Pope meets with abuse victims, laments ‘shame and humiliation’

Small is beautiful

Root connection

Sri Lanka could face 'constitutional dictatorship', warn churches

Outgoing Reformed Christian leader looks back

Congregations caring for creation

“Go to a land I shall show you”

Trust is needed, says Finland’s first female Lutheran bishop

Jesus seminar to mark 25 years of questions

Workshop to help churches build ‘military ministry’

Kenyan religious leaders want repeal of traditional brews law

For Muslims, the bonfire that wasn’t still carries implications

Moravians vote to establish covenant relationship with PC(USA)

Religion root of homophobia, says Latin American academic

German church leaders urge concessions for Christians in Turkey

Court rules university wrong to exclude student group

Clint McCoy dies suddenly of heart attack

Bolbach appoints Middle East Monitoring Group

Pope to defend religion against rising secularism during British visit

Muslims go ‘green’ for Ramadan

A time for Christian witness

Striking a balance

Hiroshima pan flutes from Palestine olive tree blow peace tunes

Muslims wary of closeness between holiday and 9/11

Rochester Presbyterian youth featured on CBS special

Seminary news

As Ramadan ends, Muslims seek school holiday

Conservative Lutherans form new church body

Divine deposits

Court overturns border volunteer's 'littering' conviction

‘Knit together’

Mini-Luthers on Wittenberg market square cause offense to some

On other side of church closings, new reasons for hope

A call for respect for Muslim neighbors

Remember your baptism

For Jews and Arabs, a focus on friendship

Italian Protestants approve same-sex blessings

Recession prompts plans to lower high costs of the High Holidays

PC(USA)’s Pakistan flood relief nears $250,000

Recovery and relationships

South Korean church council says rice needed for flooded North

Ironman Philip Lotspeich

Long hand

Focus on human aspect of Holy Land conflict, says WCC leader

Poll: Majority opposes mosque near Ground Zero, sees site as ‘sacred ground’

Christian leaders laud Obama's Middle East peace talks

Notes about people

Scottish church official supports decision to release Libyan bomber

Christian counselors claim discrimination over gays

Faith leaders decry questioning of Obama’s faith

Spahr plans to appeal same-sex marriage conviction

Poll: Muslims give Obama highest approval ratings

The Rev. Dr. Jin S. Kim will serve as GAMC field staff for Korean English Ministries

MC student conducts research at ORNL that could aid Homeland Security

Spahr found guilty on same-gender marriage charges

Five years after Katrina, U.S. mourns dead, survivors remember

New Catholic Mass approved for 2011 roll-out

Feed my sheep

Inaugural class of pastoral residents receive first calls to ministry through For Such a Time as This pastoral residency program

Church warns of Malawi ‘dictatorship’ after leader’s arrest

Jews keep wary eye on new ‘Hebrew Catholics’ group

Wood working

Climate change shows we are ‘one humanity,’ says WCC leader

Study says religious hospitals more efficient, provide better care

Red letter days

Journal examines anxieties and resilience of US churches

Age-old Amish experience a 21st century boom

Presbyterian Office of Public Witness, Network to End Homelessness partner to survey, analyze homeless ministries throughout PC(USA)

Building a culture of peace in Jamaica

Protestant Reformer to greet Pope in Scotland

Study finds prayer aids relationships

All are welcome

Citizens mobilize for housing in Haiti

Mini Luthers to stand in Wittenberg market square

Closer to heaven, workers repair steeples and lives

Paddling around the world

Fundraising for education

Philippines president ‘misreads’ misery’s roots, says church head

Jews, Muslims make pilgrimage to Auschwitz

Changing the wind

Christian and Muslim groups denounce ‘burn Quran’ initiative

After public family feud, another Schuller steps in

Presbyterian Youth Triennium’s head cheerleader

Parsons to join Office of Public Witness in webinar on general assembly issues

Taking care of #1

Mapping the future

Christian leaders deplore expulsion of aid agencies from Somalia

Religious groups press for CIA torture probe

Let go

Presbytery and synod news

Tributes mark 70 years of Taizé spiritual community

Fight over N.Y. mosque becomes a partisan wedge issue

Where Are You on the Food Chain?

Fight the good fight

After World Cup, deal with social issues, say South African church leaders

‘Eat, Pray, Love’ leads resurgence of spiritual memoirs

Celebrating by giving

Seminary News

Princeton Review names most, least religious colleges

For clergy, losing faith can be an occupational hazard

Mission worker with many roles

A whole new world

Presbyterians Today looking for ‘unsung servants’

Is the Tea Party unbiblical?

World has forgotten about Somalia, says church aid alliance

Room at the table

Notes about people

Russians pray for rain while churches collect aid

Study finds strong Amish growth, western migration

Young people from Russia enjoy Youth Triennium

The bucket list

Christian group ‘wants to stay’ in Afghanistan despite killings

Why the Prop 8 ruling scares religious conservatives

New Theological Commentary on the Bible Series Opens with Bill Placher’s Final Work

Former GA Moderator Howard Rice dies at 78

One of a kind

Pension fight raises moral concerns for ELCA, publisher

Pray for protection of our rivers, says Korean group

‘The Waltons’ star Ralph Waite finds a home in church

Into the deep

Go green, environmental activist tells India’s churches

Focus on the Family announces 110 job cuts

‘An unusual generation’

Young Muslims, Jews and Christians become peace facilitators

Churches remember Hiroshima by urging ban on nuclear weapons

Judge says ‘moral and religious views’ don't justify gay marriage ban

A different kind of refugee camp

Good news for all

Church agencies battle flood damage to bring aid to Pakistan

Quietly, another mosque operates in shadow of Ground Zero

BOP approves health care reform-related changes

Baptists warn against ‘culture of Islamophobia’

Catholic patriarch blasts Israel for allowing gay parade

Revolutionary choices

We are family

Jordan River called ‘too polluted’ for pilgrims’ baptisms

Gay debate mirrors church dispute, split on slavery

‘All God’s Children’

Mollie Hopper is laid to rest

Do all dogs go to heaven? New books seem to think so

Ambassadors across the generations

Acting out in love

Churches at global meeting urged to tackle military outlay hikes

Bible Belt megachurches on a building boom

‘Forward Ever, Backward Never’

Engaging the immigrant experience in worship

Social media 'may' help Philippine church cope with fewer pastors

Students seek to revive progressive movement

Esther for a new generation

A family affair

Tutu announces retirement plans, thanks South Africans

Hospitals revamp chapels into meditation rooms

Take a risk

Taking water to the Jordan

Citing Madoff losses, American Jewish Congress suspends operations

Board of Pensions to study General Assembly’s action urging domestic partner benefits eligibility

Moments of call

Opening doors, minds, hearts

Churches stunned as two Christians shot dead in Pakistani court

Christian magazines find specialization is (sometimes) key to survival

‘Step into greatness’

Renewing and re-forming

Church-backed alliance warns on HIV funding reductions

U.S. nun creates impromptu oasis to heal Haitian bodies and souls

Tutoring program helps Baltimore kids

Notes about people

Survey of British Jews finds majority for Israel-Hamas talks

Musicians gather to shepherd future of hymnody

Rising from ashes

PC(USA)-backed financial disclosure legislation passes

Faith leaders warned on statements about HIV/AIDS

Methodists study the hallmarks of healthy churches

Tebbe named president of Forman Christian College and Friends organization

Orthodox women seek ‘theology of healing’

YMCA world council meets in Hong Kong, chooses Norwegian head

Preacher re-enactor brings age-old gospel to battlefields

Gulf Presbyterians divided on drilling moratorium

The Middle Governing Body Commission: questions and answers

US study analyses ‘the religion-racism paradox’

Churches opt for starting own humanitarian agencies

Help is on the way

Bill Wiseman is dead at 91

New Form of Government questions and answers

Six months later, many in Haiti feel ‘it just happened’

Abuse scandal may lead to exodus for German Catholics

Civil union and marriage issues questions and answers

House to house

World Student Christian Federation launches fund for learners

Do all dogs go to heaven? New books seem to think so

Actions on Middle East peace questions and answers

Services held for Dottie Hedgepeth

Indonesian musician remembered for hymns, worship

Faith leaders call BP spill a ‘sin against creation’

The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) recognized for excellence in community service and corporate social responsibility

Deborah Block elected to chair of Presbyterian Publishing Corporation board of directors

Two final videos announced in the ymiLIVE video

Ordination standards questions and answers

U.S. church workers wounded in Uganda bomb blasts

Church brokers deal to free 52 Cuban dissidents

Post General Assembly pastoral letter from Moderator and Stated Clerk

GA approves ‘Breaking Down the Walls’ report on Middle East

GA 219 closing worship

Committee on Health Issues closes out Friday business

Moderator bestows smart new title on those considering polity business

General Assembly calls on the United States to cease combat in Afghanistan

Assembly approves benefits for same-gender households

Quantum mechanics in the Bible? It’s in there, says speaker

Grand Canyon Presbytery encourages ‘accompaniment’ program in Arizona

God is the source of all living water, preacher reminds worshipers

Youth of all backgrounds offer enthusiastic help to travelers

The people behind the news

Post-Assembly summaries are available

Attorney helps spell out law regarding church property issues

Author Eugene Peterson shares words, wisdom and wit

Scoutmaster offered refugee boys an alternative to gang life

Women must not forget how oppression works

GAMC leaders to look at compensation for pastors and employees

Presbyterian Voices for Justice Awards luncheon

Assembly approves measure in response to Arizona immigration law

The 219th General Assembly maintains current definition of marriage

PC(USA) makes great strides with ecumenical, interfaith relations

PC(USA) hopes to achieve more diversity in church jobs, volunteers

Modern-day slavery ‘alive and well’ in 21st century

PVJ/Voices of Sophia speaker reflects on de-centering privilege

'God stands with outstretched arms,' speaker reminds crowd

For homosexuals, community more important than counseling, speaker says

Share your love of Jesus, not your love of the iPad, speaker urges

Assembly okays middle governing body commission

Barbara Wheeler receives award for theological education from COTE

GA narrowly approves overture to amend ‘fidelity, chastity clause’ in ordination standards

Looking back at Indians’ history with church helps build toward multiculturalism

Kim calls on church to be ‘mutually submissive’

Spreading the “Good News” in a broken world

Synod of the Covenant hears update on mission

Mission honorees’ work tallies 222 years of service, spanned the globe

Soldier found peace and ‘liberation’ after refusing to return to war in Iraq

Excellence award presented to retired Auburn Seminary president Barbara Wheeler

PHEWA awards reception honors “whole ministry”

Voluntary AIDS/HIV test participants include top PC(USA) officers

Advocates of Palestinian school, artisans honored for 17 years of service

Politics, sex and a popular pastor of the 1800s: The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher

Presbyterians for Renewal reminded: believers result from history, tradition

Peacemaking Program celebrates 30 years

219th General Assembly approves new Form of Government

Four More Years

Whitsitt installed as Vice Moderator of the 219th General Assembly

Belhar Confession passes first hurdle on journey to The Book of Confessions

Young singers bring Jesus’ love to Hell’s Kitchen

Atlanta youth group participants are upbeat about GA experience

The practice of patience and self-restraint: the church and social media

Screenshots show Stated Clerk’s silent sentry

Getting face time with job candidates is valuable opportunity for those with positions to fill

Assembly mourns two longtime leaders

Navigating the sea of change

Former Moderator challenges audience to commit to faith community for the long haul

Breakfast bytes: PCs and the PC(USA)

Asian-American Presbyterians sound call for unity

Thanks to PC(USA), local shelters will help keep folks warmer this winter

New Maryville College president likes school’s commitment to faith and learning

Christians experience unity through relationship rather than agreement, speaker says

Singing Miriam’s song, exploring ‘unknown wilderness’ ahead

COTE recommends approval of nominations of new seminary presidents

Assembly Committee on Social Justice Issues completes full docket

Gun violence measure approved by Social Issues Committee

Committee recommends study of new approaches to peacemaking, nonviolence

Commission sought to find way out of Puerto Rican church impasse

Definition of marriage to include union of “two people”

Middle East Study Committee report advances to full Assembly

Tension between hope and uncertainty remains for interfaith papers

Committee on Review of GA Permanent Committees wraps up work

New language offered for ordination standards

Mission Coordination Committee makes tough decisions

Church Polity Committee reconsiders definition of youth

Polity Committee disapproves overture to increase oversight of events at GA

Medical Benevolence Foundation launches $10.5 million Haiti initiative

Doctor speaks emotionally of those in need of abortions

Hello, I must be going

Sharing the Good News isn’t rocket science, Jones tells evangelism lunch

Take young adults seriously to keep them connected, speaker says

Health Committee passes overture on coerced abortions after amending language

New form of government moves on to full Assembly

Conversation continues on changes in mainline denominations

A modern ministry for a modern military

Rowin’, rowin’, rowin’ down the river

Peacemaking committee recommends Unites States cease combat in Afghanistan

Don’t discount the little guys

World Mission leader says church is opening a new chapter in its mission history

Language in overture on violence against pregnant women spurs debate

Heidelberg Catechism and Belhar Confession to go to full Assembly

Theological artist adds visual texture to worship

... And the password is 'trust'

Middle East breakfast discussion focuses on MESC report

Social media joins the church

Church Orders and Ministry Committee hears from both sides of G-6.0106b

Social justice committee looks at wide range of topics

Social Justice Committee focuses on aid for wetlands education center

Committee recommends middle governing body commission

Grueling debate ends with negative vote on ‘Christians and Jews’ paper

Committee recommends denouncing Caterpillar for actions in Middle East

Form of Government Revision Committee stands behind flexibility of proposed revision

Special committee report on civil union, marriage issues approved 47-8

A river runs through Assembly’s daily worship services

Mission Coordination Committee begins its work

Committee on church growth discusses role of union churches, increasing diversity

Respectful engagement is the way forward, Niebuhr tells Covenant Network

Author tells GA breakfast-goers how cultural shift changes society, religion

Their aid is of 'bib'-lical import

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program shares overview of its work

YAADs bring new energy to GA while gaining experience

Assembly committee recommends Valentine for second term as GAMC leader

Skype gets pastor to two places at once on Sunday morning

Bills and Overtures Committee refers 12 commissioner’s resolutions to committees

ACC offers approval to revised Form of Government

Speaker tells Presbyterians Pro-Life to 'promote life'

Women of Faith award given to four recipients

Amendments to the Book of Confessions before Assembly

Committee on General Assembly Procedures opens business

Special guest makes appearance at Coalition breakfast

Awards ceremony highlights national support for MLP churches

Phyllis Tickle addresses middle governing body leaders

Outgoing Moderator reminds denomination of need to involve younger members

Global effort is local attraction

Lydia Women’s Empowerment Project: Embraced, Empowered, Employed

‘Deadheads’ turn into 2nd-chance crosses

Wisconsin potter crafts Communion ware for Sunday worship

Feeding tummies and souls

Cynthia Bolbach elected Moderator on fourth ballot

Report on Civil Union and Marriage among the Conversation Mix

Form of Government Task Force engages commissioners

Participants get close-up look at MESC report

Hip Hip Hoo-Rhee! Ernest Trice Thompson Award luncheon honors past moderator's half-century of ministry

PC(USA) leaders share hopeful vision for GA 219

Participants in morning conversation share personal stories of understanding, celebrating racial diversity

A bang!-up Sunday is planned for Assembly goers

Hopes for Mideast peace are shared among several faith leaders

Experiencing mission

Stated Clerk touts middle governing body commission

GA 219 commissioners face weighty agenda

Form of Government Revision Committee meets early

'Bring on the Presbyterians! We’re ready!'

PNS will be on hiatus during General Assembly

Protestants repent for churches’ role in oppressing First Nations

Church attendance inches up, Gallup says

Stated Clerk releases PC(USA) 2009 statistics

GA 219 commissioners face weighty agenda

SDOP celebrates partnerships in Dominican Republic

Parsons touts middle governing body commission

S. African president ‘patches’ breach with national church grouping

Churches torn on allowing child molesters in pews

PC(USA) students receive FTE fellowships

Sudan church head calls for urgent resolution of Darfur conflict

Sex, violence warnings come to Christian movies

16 former moderators support Middle East report

Russian Patriarch meets WCC leader in Moscow

Church leaders meet with Secretary of Agriculture on childhood hunger

Supreme Court rules against Christian legal group

Presbyterian leaders fight stigma, get tested for HIV

Native American speaker calls for truth and reconciliation commission

Arizona Presbyterians resist new immigration law

Officers of new global Reformed organization elected

U.S. ‘broke commitment’ on visas for global church gathering

Oil spill prompts environmental soul-searching

Celebration of a century

What commissioners and advisory delegates do at GA

College News

US faith groups give G20 nations failing grade on poverty

Oil spill prompts environmental soul-searching

Six degrees of cooperation

Do you have Calvin on the brain?

New book honors life and work of Clifton Kirkpatrick

Feasting on the Word Curriculum – coming in fall 2011

Wrapped with a message

Children help usher in new era for Reformed churches

Linked together

Nyomi, van Houten look to future of WCRC union

Solid steps in Cuba consolidate strategic alliance around theme of women, gender

World Communion of Reformed Churches is born

15 new PC(USA) mission workers to be commissioned

American Indian religious educator to address global church event

Reformed reunion

In the garden

Reformed Women Gather in Grand Rapids

Still time to pledge

Old Testament for Everyone author John Goldingay appears on latest edition of WJK Radio

Seattle Presbytery ordains PC(USA)'s first Iranian pastor

Spreading the news

GA committee leadership is complete

Using social media at the General Assembly

Youthful volunteers

Notes about people

Passing the torch

A test of solidarity

Moderators and vice moderators chosen for 18 committees

Clare Lewis named publisher of Congregational Ministries Publishing

Listening to God’s call


Hopes for the 219th General Assembly (2010)

University of Dubuque pulls back SJC campus offer

Horseback evangelism

SDOP disburses more than $260,000 to 14 self-help projects in the U.S.

Peace of Kake

Louisville Seminary calls new leader

Faith-based groups, including PDA, respond to Tennessee flooding

At sea with 'The Presbyterian Navy'

Broadening the call

Stated Clerk issues statement on Gaza blockade incident

Moderator reflects on time in Haiti

Always enough

Gratitude for our military chaplains

2010 Samuel Robinson Award winners announced

Building community

‘Grace relates to place’

California pastor 6th to stand as moderator

GAMC releases list of positions impacted by budget

No man's land

Hopeful changes

Minnesota science museum exhibits Dead Sea Scrolls

A landmark dispute

Presbyterian Haiti relief contributions top $9.5 million

Cynthia Campbell announces retirement

PC(USA) General Assembly Mission Council affirms Congregational Ministries Publishing (CMP)

People with passion called for a purpose

Presbyterians Today announces photo contest winners

PC(USA) General Assembly Mission Council approves 2011-12 plan and budget, announces staffing changes

GAMC approves re-organization of PC(USA)’s mission enterprise

McFayden named to BOP church relations post

Welcoming to all

GAMC confirms new deputy executive for mission

Clean-up continues

Looking for 500 voices

Generation to generation

Philadelphia pastor fifth to stand for moderator

PC(USA) publications take home 16 Associated Church Press awards

Wisconsin pastor is fourth GA moderator candidate

More with less

Staying at the table

Mission program grants awarded

'Flood mud' in Bellevue

Standing together

Paula Sanders: COLA executive coordinator

Notes about people

Beyond the challenge

Stairway to heaven

2010 Walton Award winners announced

'Edinburgh 2010' conference slated for June 2-6

Tennessee churches inundated by floods

2010 Walton Award winners announced

PC(USA) leaders press for immediate immigration reform

Seminary news

'A different world is possible'

Standing where God stands

Barnes-Davies wins Angell Award for best first book

Maggie Lauterer is third GA moderator candidate

Christian Films

Missing in action

Don Marsh is dead at 86

The feeding of the 90,000

CWS rips Arizona immigration legislation

Law and (Presbyterian) order

Mission: support

The boat is gone

Crossing borders … encountering God

Notes about people

Roger Dermody chosen as GAMC Deputy Executive Director for Mission

Crossing Borders conference issues statement on immigration reform

Surprised by joy

219th General Assembly committee leadership named

Grand Rapids has long history as a center of faith

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to give $500,000 for seeds of hope in Haiti

The intersection of memory and hope

Sunday at Luyano with Jerry

Prayer volunteers

Strength in numbers

A resurrection story

Growth spurt

Milestone on the journey toward a fair food industry

Home sweet home

Seminary news

Moral politics

A new outlook

We belong to God

Youth movement

‘Project Overture’: March sadness

Stated Clerk issues statement on signing of START treaty by United States and Russia

Stated Clerk issues statement commending CIW and Aramark agreement

Material matters

He lives forever

Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary

Celebrating gifts

‘Priestly in love, prophetic in speaking truth to power’

Moscow missionaries, parishioners safe after blast

Resurgence in Cuba

Grace Presbytery calls Jan DeVries as new executive

The future is now

Adding their $2 worth

‘A good image’

'A place to call home'

Partner presbyteries chosen for new pastoral residency program


Discover an old country

Reviving a community

North Minneapolis Presbyterian church hopes to offer refuge for victims of prostitution

'Musical and missional'

As Presbyterian women watch, U.N. creates new women’s agency

J. Herbert Nelson named director of public witness, Presbyterian Washington Office

Pregnant with hope

Theological education on the bubble

Seminary news, March 15, 2010

BOP’s investments gain, but not enough for apportionment

New Mexico presbyteries to share staff

Serving the service

Theologians draft manifesto for church unity, justice

Full report of PC(USA) Middle East Study Committee is now available

Spring Cleaning

Notes about people, March 10, 2010

Complete Great Ends of the Church series now available

Fast forward

Surf’s up!

College News, March 9, 2010

PC(USA)’s Middle East Study Committee releases part two of final report and recommendations to GA

Presbyterians win eight RCC awards

Calling for change

Partners with a purpose

Eugene Peterson wins top writing honor

GAMC approves new strategic direction for Presbyterian World Mission

Middle East Study Committee approves final report and recommendations to General Assembly

Heidelberg Catechism Special Committee approves final report

Presbyterians favor pushing corporations not to promote violence

Sowing seeds of the future

PC(USA) Stated Clerk issues statement calling for end to violence against Christians in Mosul

GAMC approves guidelines for decision making

Chilean pastor: ‘Trust in the Lord’

Top presbyteries named for support of Presbyterian Hunger Program

PC(USA) leaders ask for prayer in wake of Chilean earthquake

GAMC forwards papers on Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim relations to GA

Navigational tools

Presbyterians respond quickly to earthquake in Chile

‘We can heal the future’

“Women of Faith” named

General Assembly Mission Council renews support for Deep and Wide initiative

Valentine re-elected to second four-year term

GAMC recommends Caterpillar’s profit from non-peaceful activities in Israel-Palestine be denounced

PC(USA)’s ‘Women of Faith’ named

GAMC examines leadership needs in the church

Abiding hope

GAMC mulls planning guidelines

Thousands of faith leaders send letter, run full-page ad for health reform

All together now

Living community

COGA proposes middle governing body commission

COGA recommends Portland as site for 2016 GA

‘We cannot be afraid of the future’

Scott Anderson approved for ordination

Registration still open for Presbyterian Writers Guild annual conference

Lights! Camera! Faith statements!

‘Evil hides in familiar places’

“Crossing Borders: Encountering God” conference to inspire conversation on border issues confronting the church and the world

PDA’s Haiti response tops $500,000

Broadway stars come out to support Haiti relief

PNS seeks Mission Challenge success stories

More money for Haiti

Veteran of African mission named to coordinate the PC(USA)’s Africa work

Staying connected

Seminary news

Finding their place

Notes about people

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance rushing help to Haiti

Young people team with youth ministry specialists to co-lead Pathways seminar

‘Put your hand in God’s hand’

Into Africa

Building on the past

A 2008 Presbyterian snapshot: More older members, more female pastors

Grounds for service

Make way for connections

‘Holding on with our fingernails’

Balancing act

The Rev. David Loleng named associate of evangelism

Ties that bind

Minneapolis congregation awarded grant to spark search for future leaders

The theology of diversity

Food for thought

We get letters

Sing, sing a song

Goings and comings

Home is a field, but families remain families in Haiti

Collegial leadership

Self-Development of People announces grant recipients

Chicago church reaches out to young men

What we were made to do

PC(USA) stated clerk issues statement on Supreme Court’s election finance decision

Planting new churches is best evangelistic strategy for renewal in 21st century

Middle East study team nears release of its final report

An unlikely leader

Final answer (not!)

A Valentine for Haiti

ACSWP readies papers for General Assembly

A Valentine for Haiti

Sales of new PC(USA) curriculum are booming

A concert for God

Songs in the key of life

Making joyful noise

Notes about people

Seminary news

PDA’s Ackley records video message to Presbyterians

‘Loyal radicals’

Reaping what they sew

CWS campaign: ‘Tithe Wall Street bonuses for Haiti’

Caring for Haiti’s kids

‘Urban Presbyterians Together’ wants spirituality to meet city’s needs, create better future

Practical education

Living Waters’ Haiti water systems to convert to solar

Committee recommends steps toward traditional marriage and same-gender ceremonies

COLA picks communion ware for GA’s opening worship

Empowering change

A missional spirit

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance accepts $4,000 donation from Jeffersontown City Council for Haiti relief and recovery

“Re-Membering Peace: Still the Believers’ Calling”

“Presbytery Ten-Year Trends” now available online

Haitian hospital approved for $200,000 from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Match up

Skyping out the mission field

Memorial service held for Arabella Meadows-Rogers

‘God’s people in any circumstance’

PC(USA)-backed hospital in Haiti still standing

Writers Guild schedules annual conference

Notes about people

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance rushing help to Haiti

Filling the room with the love of Christ

Marj Carpenter breaks hip in fall

Quake destroys longtime PC(USA)-related hospital

PC(USA) Middle East caucus condemns Egypt attacks

Middle East churches Assembly issues final communiqué

PC(USA) missionaries, mission groups in Haiti reported safe

Presbyterian Writers Guild seeking best new author

Crisis team meets to frame Haiti earthquake response

Jin S. Kim is second candidate for GA moderator

Forming a lasting partnership

Test Post

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) hosts traveling celebration of the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘Project Overture’: On the road to General Assembly

Sprouting up

Seminary news

A tiny star shining brightly

Memorial services this weekend for Arabella Meadows-Rogers and Harold Kurtz

Notes about people

Jann Treadwell is named APCE’s Educator of the Year

SFTS names Laird Stuart interim president

First candidate for GA moderator announced

Gifts that keep giving

Globe-spanning missionary Harold Kurtz dies

PNS to take a holiday break

Presbytery and synod news

Christmas message 2009

Notes about people

Palestinian Christians call for just peace in Palestine

Arabella Meadows-Rogers dies

Well water

Healing salve


Presbyterian leaders oppose Ugandan anti-gay act

‘Spare Kids the Ads’ campaign focuses on healthier marketing

Days of future past

Women face greater violence risk in the Dominican Republic, Latin American leaders say

All in the families

Christmas Joy Offering children’s art contest winners announced

Presbyterians back carbon emission agreement

Nigerian faith leaders launch campaign against malaria

Notes about people

A biblical challenge

Building a world of interfaith cooperation

Give a Presbyterian this Christmas!

Montreat’s Left Bank building to get $500,000 upgrade

Seminary news

Equipping for service

Calvin and dump trucks

Permanent lodging

Room to grow

A manger far

Learning the language of love

Home for the holidays

GA Middle East study team meets with UN officials

Faithful response

Brave new world

ABC to televise special on people with disabilities

NCC/CWS opens with call for renewal

FTE offers fellowships for 2010-2011 academic year

Life and Thankfulness

GAMC executive deputy director for mission to head Presbyterian Foundation

Achtemeier charts spiritual journey on homosexuality at Covenant Network gathering

MRTI recommends denouncement of Caterpillar, Inc. for corporate irresponsibility in Israel/Palestine

The Discernment journey

Straight A

Senior Presbyterian military chaplain addresses Fort Hood killings

Seminary news

Presbyterian News Service announces ‘Project Overture’

History as it happens

GAPJC issues technical rulings in closely-watched cases

Reaching out in Europe and central Asia

PBS to air documentary on American religious history

Unusual loan revives two weeklies

Getting heard

Nominees sought for best Presbyterian writer

‘Between Iraq and a hard place’

Church as a way of life


Partners across borders

Renowned Christian educator Mary Duckert dies

Rising market lifts BOP’s portfolio 21.2 percent

The old college try

Living together, faithfully

Seeking land

Graduation day

UN expert: Governments failing indigenous declaration

Family gathering

Money’s no object

Dissident Cuba blogger cannot receive prize

Change partners

When water is personal

The ‘wholesaler’

Professing faith

Ginny Davidson dies at 93

Presbytery and synod news

Common ground

Bowled over

Seminary news

Working with, not working for

Calvin legacy is mixed in South Africa

A seed grows in Tijuana

Connecting, learning, sending

Media Violence Fast ’09 counters anti-immigrant hate speech

‘Life in Haiti abounds’

Presbyterian Native American nursing school honored with National Historic Landmark status

Text and context

Seeking a lasting peace

A PK on Broadway

A new meaning of ‘partnering’

Seminary at the crossroads

Partnering presbyteries

From texts to haiku

Bible requires new reading, says Nicaraguan theologian

Notes about people

Seminary news

From greed to need

Carolyn Gillette pens new hunger walk hymn

SFTS president resigns to return to pastoral ministry

Self-Development of People announces grant recipients

College news

PC(USA) responds to south Asian disasters

Legendary mission innovator Margaret Flory dies at 95

Yodogawa Christian Hospital contributes more than $200,000 to PC(USA) mission in Asia

Cool, clear water

Why they serve

Seattle pastor gives Nigerian polio victims a lift

Serving up hope

“Peace without Borders” concert bridges borders and differences in Cuba

Meeting John Calvin


Planned community

GAMC lowers 2010 mission budget by 6 percent

Council reaffirms support of Presbyterian News Service

CIW announces agreement with Compass Group NA

GA special committee unanimously recommends adoption of Belhar Confession

Big Tent garners high ratings from participants

Malnutrition killing children again in Guatemala

Task force approves final Form of Government report

Crossing obstacles

Priests targeted in drug-related and other violence in mexico

‘We cannot agree,’ says marriage/unions panel