1001 movement passes milestone — more than 101 new worshiping communities in first year

‘Holy Spirit movement’ gives PC(USA) a ‘reason to celebrate’

June 20, 2013


1001 New Worshiping Communities, an initiative of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), passed a major milestone of 101 New Worshiping Communities this week, and then some.  As of today there are 115.

“We’re seeing the number go up on a daily basis,” says 1001 New Worshipping Communities associate, Vera White.  “This is a reason to celebrate, to acknowledge the movement of the Holy Spirit in our church.” 

Of those 115 identified new worshiping communities, 70 have registered on the 1001 website

“We want to keep the door as wide open as possible for innovative ministries, especially in these early years of this grass roots movement,” says White. 

“To welcome all who choose to self-report and identify with the 1001 movement is important,” she adds.  It provides a way for our coaches and trainers to connect and partner early on with the leaders forming these communities.” 

The Presbyterian Mission Agency is providing financial support to many of these new worshiping communities in their first year.  Through Evangelism and Church Growth ministry, Mission Program Grants has given out 31 New Worshiping Community Seed grants totaling $7,500 each.   

Another 36 have received level one or two new church grants in the past year. Two leaders have received assistance with health care cost — another two are pending — through the just announced, new Health Insurance Grant program

White acknowledges counting these 1001 new worshiping communities are an important part of the ministry — of being accountable to wider church. 

“It’s the number one question I get every day,” she says. “How many are there?  But we’re asking additional questions that are related to the movement’s core principles of making new disciples, transforming the church and changing the world.”

Some of the questions are:

  • How many new people are participating in these worshiping communities? 
  • How many contacts with non-churched people have they had?
  • How many new leaders have they raised up for the whole church?
  • What impact have new worshiping communities had on existing congregations?
  • How many congregations are participating in ministry outside the walls of their church?
  • How many churches in each presbytery are partnering with a new worshiping community? 

On July 6, 2012 the 220th General Assembly declared a commitment to a church wide movement that results in the creation of 1001 new worshiping communities in the next 10 years. 

 As the “official” first year anniversary of the movement approaches watch the  newest video stories.  Look for additional stories in July to see how this 1001 movement is taking shape in the denomination. 

For more information, follow the 1001 Movement on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. I don't know how all these churches are being formed when most churches are losing members. Maybe the PCUSA should help the established struggling congregations who have paid their salaries and support this mission. I feel my church has been abandoned.

    by linda sonne

    August 20, 2013

  2. Praise God for creative expressions of the Kingdom! This program is still in its infancy, and already we can celebrate some signs of the Spirit. Let's learn from those thinking "outside the box," rather than complaining that the box is shrinking. I encourage the naysayers to watch these inspiring videos and ask: how will WE advance the kingdom around us?

    by Barnabas Sprinkle

    July 30, 2013

  3. Per usual the pcusa is providing misleading statistics. Sure there are 70 plus NWC on the web page but a few spot checks suggest otherwise. 1) Common table in Oregon has closed their doors to revision 2) east Raleigh has not held worship yet (so new they are not even worshipping yet) 3) many of the satellite and nesting models (typically your sustainable forms) are primarily from churches that are leaving the denomination for more evangelical communities. 4) Kairos was started prior to the 1001 movement. also to applaud the gifting of $7,500 (5% of an average startup's annual cost), that woldn't even cover BOP dues for a pastors minimum salary is atrocise. And finally not to ask how many people have put their faith in Christ or Creedo-baptisms occurred so what the priorities of the PC USA are. Rearranging deck chairs.

    by Tim jones

    June 28, 2013

  4. While I appreciate that the denomination added 115 new congregations, we at the same time lost 102,000 members in 2012. This effectively means that we lost 1002, 1000 member congregations in 2012. I highly doubt that these 115 congregations have reached 1000 member lovely yet. So how is the nomination growing if we are losing more people in one year than we expect ti get over the 10 years of the 1001 New Congregations project? Until our denomination effectively answers this question we will continue to lose members And become increasingly irrelevant in today's culture.

    by Bob Titus

    June 21, 2013