The Presbyterian Mission Agency announced today the creation of two newly configured organizations, Communications Ministry and Funds Development Ministry. Terri Bate will serve as Senior Director for Funds Development Ministry. Recruiting will begin for a Senior Director for Communications Ministry. The new structure, upon GA approval, will replace the previously consolidated structure: Communications & Funds Development.

An evaluation of the Communications and Funds Development ministry was undertaken in 2012. Led by Linda Valentine and Roger Dermody, the evaluation was assisted by TAG Consulting. TAG conducted dozens of interviews with CFD staff, Presbyterian Mission staff “clients”, board members and constituents. Identifying both areas for change and areas of strength, the evaluation was factored into the design and direction of the new organization. One of the observed weaknesses of the former organization was the complex set of reporting relationships created by the consolidated structure.

Communications and funds development are crucial to the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s role to “inspire, equip and connect” the church for mission. “We have made considerable progress in both fields in recent years,” said Valentine. “Going forward, we will deepen the direct partnership relationships with internal clients, engage in varieties of communications to reach new and existing audiences, using both traditional methods and new technologies.” In addition to continued emphasis on funds development for World Mission and for ministries supported through Special Offerings, we will be identifying funds development strategies for other ministry priorities for which funds will need to be garnered in the coming years, addressing both ministry needs and changing patterns of giving.

The Funds Development Ministry will consist of:

  • Major Gifts, led by Pam Jensen,
  • Church Support, led by Chris Roseland,
  • Special Offerings and Appeals, led by Sam Locke, and
  • Relationship and Development Operations, led by Mike Schroeder.


The Communications Ministry will consist of:

  • Communications Services, led by Jeffrey Lawrence,
  • Mission Communications, led by Gail Strange and
  • the Office of the Senior Director which, in addition to overall leadership of communications, will provide agency-wide, governance and Executive Director Office communications support.


Communications Services will function like an internal agency to design, plan, produce, provide advice on and execute all forms of communications, including digital, web, video, and print, and will produce mission resources Presbyterians Today, Mission Year Book and Presbyterian Planning Calendar. “Our website efforts will be streamlined for maximum efficiency,” said Valentine, “editorial functions will be consolidated and we will increase our use of emerging technologies.”

Mission Communications will be strategic communications partners to client ministries, developing and implementing communication plans for ministries. A social media specialist will be added to this group.

The Office of Stewardship and the Director of Stewardship position were ended as of December 31, 2012, upon determining that the preponderance of the work is better accomplished by entities outside of the Mission Agency. The Presbyterian Foundation will undertake the stewardship e-newsletter as part of its ongoing stewardship services to the church. The Mission Agency will continue to be a partner in the Kaleidoscope Stewardship annual conference, support shared mission support and presbytery support recognition.

Dave Crittenden will serve as Interim Senior Director for Communications through March 1, 2013. Both Bate and Crittenden will serve on the senior leadership team of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

This restructure eliminates the positions of six staff members within the Presbyterian Mission Agency. Six new positions will be created. Recruitment for new positions will begin immediately.