Environmental Ministries Action Network launched

July 5, 2011


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Environmental Ministries is launching a new network—the Environmental Ministries Action Network (EMAN).  This network is open to anyone who is involved in environmental stewardship in their congregation and/or presbytery.  The goal of EMAN is to inspire and equip Presbyterians to care for God’s earth and to increase the channels of communication between the PC(USA)’s Environmental Ministries and those congregations and presbyteries with environmental stewardship programs.  

Environmental Ministries will be in regular communication with EMAN participants to provide them with tools and resources for their work to care for God’s creation.  Participants will receive a guide for creating effective environmental stewardship ministries and will be eligible to apply for grant funds for environmental projects through their church or presbytery. 

Environmental Ministries asks that participants in EMAN publicize new resources, programs, events, and Earth Day Sunday resources from Environmental Ministries in their presbytery and church; update Environmental Ministries on environmental stewardship efforts in their church and/or presbytery every six months; and connect with other EMAN participants in their presbytery.

This new network will follow in the footsteps of the Stewardship of Creation Enabler (SCE) network.  Since 1995, SCEs have been active on a presbytery level as educators, motivators, and facilitators of action to protect God’s Creation.  As we transition from this structure to one that involves more people who are active on the congregation level, we’d like to thank SCEs for their service. Many of these SCEs will continue in their ministry and for this we are also grateful. We look forward to continuing to work with them and to welcoming new folks into EMAN.

Sign up to join the network at the Environmental Ministries Action Network webpage.

If you have any questions about this new network, please contact Katie Holmes by email or call (888) 728-7228, x5624.

  1. Dear Roger (and others interested!), I think there are many great resources connecting evangelism and stewardship, including biblical passages! A few things, depending on what level of information you'd like, are: 1) PCUSA church policy (some electronic copy here: http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/environment/pcusa-environmental-policy/) (hard copy ordered here: http://store.pcusa.org/OGA90002) 2) A biblical/theological foundation study booklet on earth care (you can download it, or order it hard copy here: http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/environment/information-and-advocacy-links/) 3) NCC Eco-Justice program resources on green building available at: http://nccecojustice.org/resources/index.php#greenbuildingresources Hope this helps!

    by Rebecca Barnes-Davies

    November 6, 2012

  2. Crosslake Church will soon publish its studies re building efficiency, purchase of wind generated electricity, use of geo-thermal heating/cooling, carbon sequestration from our forest acreage, and a proposed rooftop photovoltaic system. Does anyone have a curriculum designed to help a congregation "find their tongues" linking energy stewardship and evangelism?

    by Roger Grussing

    November 3, 2012

  3. I am a pastor at Forest Hill Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Hts, OH. We are investigating organizations that might come and do a program on theological-ethics about the environment for all ages. An evening event perhaps? We are an Earth Care Congregation, second year. Thanks and peace, Clover Beal Associate Pastor, Dir. of Lay Leadership Development Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian 3031 Monticello Blvd Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118 216/321-2660

    by Rev. Clover beal

    January 4, 2012

  4. Westminster Presbyterian Church, Rome GA has begun construction on a community garden. Brandon, a chuch member, this November has constructed 10 raised garden beds for an Eagle Scout project. He and I have agreed to be co-directors of the community garden. We are looking forward to the spring planting with 3 and 34 year olds in the church's preschool, members of the community, and church members. I would love any suggestions and information on funding.

    by Jennifer Jones

    December 12, 2011

  5. Roger, thank you for your comment and your church's environmental ministry. This is exciting to hear about the steps that your congregation is taking towards carbon neutrality. If you'd like to share more information for a story on the Environmental Ministries blog at www.pcusa.org/eco-journey, please feel free to email environment@pcusa.org. I encourage you or anyone from your church to join the Environmental Ministries Action Network. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your congregation in its environmental stewardship efforts.

    by Katie Holmes

    July 5, 2011

  6. Crosslake Presbyterian Ch, CL Minn is a recent new ch dev. Building 11 yrs old heated & cooled by geothermal energy. Good payback experience. Buys wind generated electricity. 10 acres of forest for carbon sequestration. Presently trying to fund installation of photovoltaic cells on roof. Ideas welcome. Goal: carbon neutrality.

    by Roger Grussing

    July 5, 2011