The Presbyterian Mission Agency has partnered with the website building company Worship Times to create affordable websites for new worshiping communities.

Worship Times will match financial contributions from the mission agency to offset the costs of new websites for up to 50 new worshiping communities within the 1001 movement.

“What a great partnership for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)” said Philip Lotspeich, mission agency coordinator for church growth. “It significantly reduces the financial burden for the church as it continues to ignite the 1001 new worshiping community movement.”

For a web presence featuring a blog, storage for pictures and access to a video training library, worshiping communities will pay an initial $99 fee and $29 dollars a month for Worship Times updates and support.

For $8 a month, communities will also be able to publish sermons and bulletins and have their events on a calendar.

“Most of Worship Times’ staff come from ministry backgrounds,” said Lotspeich. “They understand how to integrate a church’s mission with their website. We believe this is a great way to empower our worshiping communities for ministry in the 21st century.”

Worship Times also offers websites with online donation capabilities, podcasting and iTunes support for a $299 start-up fee and a $77 monthly support fee.

To learn more about starting or revamping your worshiping communities’ website, click here.