PC(USA) to live stream weekly Lenten devotions

Periscope platform to connect national church ministry with congregational leaders

February 8, 2016


“Sometimes 15 minutes on Wednesday is the help we need to focus our week, and find our way through a season like Lent,” said the Rev. Barry Ensign-George, associate for Theology in the office of Theology and Worship

That’s just what members of the office of Theology and Worship—together with colleagues at the Presbyterian Center—will offer Presbyterians, and all who wish to participate, this Lenten season. 

Beginning Ash Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 1:00 p.m. EST, “Periscopes for Lent” will broadcast live through Periscope, an application offered by Twitter.  Each “scope” will follow a brief order of daily prayer. “Periscopes for Lent” will take place each Wednesday through Lent, concluding the Wednesday of Holy Week (March 23) with a reading of the Passion narrative.

In addition to daily prayer, two of the lectionary passages for the upcoming Sunday will be read, giving followers a chance to look ahead to the Sunday to come. Those who follow the broadcast live will be able to submit their own prayers.

Each week’s broadcast will last approximately 10-15 minutes. The broadcast scheduled the Wednesday of Holy Week, March 23, will be a reading of the Passion narrative and its duration will be slightly longer.

“Periscopes for Lent” will be broadcast through Periscope, the live broadcast application of Twitter.  The app can be downloaded on a mobile device and the broadcast can be viewed by clicking on a prescribed link to the PC(USA)'s Periscope channel at specified times from a user’s computer.

Following each live broadcast the “scopes” will be made available online for those who were unable to join the live broadcasts and for anyone who may wish to view the devotionals at a later time.

“’Periscopes for Lent’ will offer a moment for reflection, with scripture readings that help prepare those who listen for gathered worship on the following weekend,” said the Rev. Barry Ensign-George, associate for Theology in the office of Theology and Worship.

The office of Theology and Worship first tested the Periscope platform by offering weekly devotions during Advent 2015. “The ‘periscopes’ were a chance to connect with a wide group of people, serving the desire for focus on the season and its deep meanings,” said Ensign-George. “We look forward to serving that same desire during Lent and Holy Week.”

  1. Monica, thanks for your comment. This week's Periscope for Lent can be found at the webpage for Periscopes for Lent: http://bit.ly/1PPT971. To follow each coming week's Periscope for Lent live, each Wednesday at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time), go to the PCUSA Periscope page: https://periscope.tv/Presbyterian. The Periscope will remain live at that place for 24 hours afterwards. If you have trouble with either of these, please email me and I'll provide additional help: barry.ensign-george@pcusa.org.

    by Barry Ensign-George

    February 11, 2016

  2. I agree with Monica--this is a great idea but how does one connect?

    by Sandy Irving

    February 11, 2016

  3. Great idea. I would love to participate but the article does not help to understand how to use the app or where to find it. Any further guidance would be appreciated.

    by Monica

    February 11, 2016