Louisville, KY

Three new resources for Lent are now available from Westminster John Knox Press. These books provide a fresh perspective for the season, allowing you to reflect and connect in a new way.

Bruce Reyes-Chow encourages readers to pause in the bustle of their daily lives to reflect, engage, and share during the Lenten season. In language, platforms, and content, 40 Days, 40 Prayers, 40 Words provides multiple ways for people to connect around a common Lenten prayer. Forty devotions are each framed around a word inspired by the daily lectionary readings and include a short scriptural passage, inspirational prayer, and reflection.

In Meeting God in Paul, Rowan Williams explores the essential meaning and purpose of Paul's letters, focusing on the social world of Paul and the specific ways that the behavior and language of the Christian community was being molded and shaped in Paul's time. Questions for reflection or group discussion are provided for each chapter. The book also features a reading guide that includes a reflection and prayer for each of the seven weeks of Lent.

In Walking with Jesus through the Old Testament, Paul Stroble explores Old Testament texts that Jesus and the New Testament authors used to show how God’s promise was fulfilled by Jesus’ death and resurrection. In what Walter Brueggemann calls “winsome and accessible,” this book provides devotional and prayerful reflection for the reader as well as a deeper study of the Bible. This unique book examines forty Old Testament passages and how they point to or prepare us for meeting Jesus, taking readers on a journey with Christ throughout the holy season.

40 Days, 40 Prayers, 40 Words; Meeting God in Paul; and Walking with Jesus through the Old Testament are available for purchase through Westminster John Knox Press and other major retailers.