Two Presbyterian Mission Agency ministries have merged to form Theology, Formation and Evangelism. The two areas involved were previously called Theology, Worship and Education and Evangelism and Church Growth.

Along with the new name comes a new reporting structure that was recently implemented by executive director Linda Valentine and approved by the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee. The new structure has largely been in place since November of 2014, so this action simply makes the structure permanent. No jobs will be eliminated.

“This new structure was designed to best use the skills and gifts of the current staff in the most effective way possible, to increase synergy among some ministries and to eliminate need for new hires,” said Valentine.

The changes include:

  • A new ministry area has been created, Theology, Formation and Evangelism, combining the ministry areas of Theology, Worship & Education and most of Evangelism & Church Growth. Chip Hardwick will serve as the Director of this new area. These ministries complement each other in fostering discipleship, formation, and leadership development. Within this ministry will be:
    • Theology
      • Theology and Worship
      • Theological Education
      • Congregational Ministries Publishing
    • Formation & Evangelism
      • Evangelism
      • Collegiate, Young Adult & Youth Ministries - Young Adults office was moved from the Deputy Executive Director for Mission office to align work with other youth and young adult focused ministries.
      • Church Growth & Transformation
      • 1001 New Worshiping Communities
  • The Mission Program Grant office and two staff members have moved to Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries. Sixty five percent of mission program grants have been made to racial ethnic worshiping communities, so these ministries already work closely together.
  • The two staff translators will be moving to Communications and continue to assist in making essential documents available in both Korean and Spanish.
  • The Deputy Executive Director for Mission position will be eliminated.
  • The ministry area directors will continue to report directly to the Executive Director.
  • Other staff and functions previously in the Deputy Executive Director for Mission’s office will remain in the Executive Director’s Office.

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee affirmed the organizational structure in their meeting, June 25, 2015.