The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) has announced a new Peace Communities Partnership initiative in which it seeks to encourage and support “diverse intentional peace communities” across the country.

PPF will fund up to seven community grants of $500 per month for one year. Each community will be expected to send two or more members to a national gathering so Peace Communities Partnership can cement relationships, learn from one another, share experiences and support each another.  

“Existing communities, communities soon to form, or communities still being dreamed are welcome to apply,” promotional materials for the initiative state. PPF is accepting applications online until April 15. Groups chosen for the grants will be announced at this year’s 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), June 14-21 in Detroit.

“The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has always taken seriously its call from God to be movers and shakers within the PC(USA) and beyond, encouraging one another to participate in God’s nonviolent work of love, peace, and justice in the world,” PPF said, announcing the initiative. 

“As we work to strengthen our witness, we are clear that we do not intend to replace local congregations, but to revive our ability to live a vibrant witness to the power of the gospel. We now broaden that understanding by recognizing the many ways across the Church to live in Christian community outside of traditional congregational life. We desire to connect with and support intentional peace communities involved in inspiring peace work across the country,” PPF stated.

Click here to watch a video of a PPF representative explaining the concept of a “peace community.”