The funding arm of the Presbyterian Mission Agency that helps establish New Worshiping Communities is revising its “1001” grant program to better serve the movement.

“We’ve learned so much about the 1001 ministry from our mid-council partners and leaders of these new worshiping communities,” says Mission Program Grants associate Tim McCallister.

“We’ve re-designed these 1001 grants to better serve our constituencies.”

The New Worshiping Communities “Seed" Grant provides an initial $7,500 to help start a 1001 community.  

After a year the ministry can apply for an additional $25,000 “Investment" Grant.  18-months later they would have the opportunity to apply for of a $25,000 “Growth" Grant.

Both the “Investment” and “Growth” grant require dollar matching from a mid-council, congregation or in kind support.

All new worshiping community leaders are still eligible to apply for a Health Insurance Grant, worth $1,500 per year — twice renewable.

Since the 1001 movement began in July of 2012, Mission Program Grants has given out 162 $7,500 “Seed” Grants — originally designed for the first six months of ministry — and 40 $17,500 ”Investment Grants.”

Mission Program Grants is part of Evangelism & Church Growth ministries in the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.) Mission Agency.