Milwaukee, WI

A constant companion
The Mission Yearbook's print edition travels with me on all my trips and remains at my place of prayer when I am home.

The accounts of God's work through the PC(USA) and affiliates into the world are inspiring and nurture my own creativity.

We say we are a connectional Church.  The Mission Yearbook facilitates our connectional life in Christ in the best and truest sense - with God, with one another and with the work.

                     George Goodrich
                     Co-General Presbyter
                      Yellowstone Presbytery

A doctor and nurse in Milwaukee take up Jesus’ challenge to help the multitudes. Seeing the overwhelming need of the uninsured in their community, they decided to care for those patients—for free.

The Bread of Healing Clinic, located in three churches in the heart of Milwaukee’s north side, is a free medical clinic for people with chronic illness but no health insurance. With just one doctor, one nurse, and one exam room, they opened their doors in 2000 and helped 126 people. By 2011 that number had risen to 1,500 patients!

Though the clinic has few resources, God has provided a way for it to help more people. A wide range of specialists are now volunteering their time so that services such as dentistry, podiatry, cardiology, neurology, physical therapy, and so much more can be provided at no cost.

Find out how congregations in the presbytery are supporting the Bread of Healing Clinic and what other services its volunteers are able to provide. Get the full story in the 2013 Mission Yearbook. Order yours now.

Tell us what Presbyterian mission means to you, how you use the Mission Yearbook, and why daily prayers, such as those offered in the yearbook, are important to all of us as Presbyterians.