Outdoor Christmas Eve services might not be out of the ordinary for congregations in some areas, but they don’t happen every year in Minnesota. After all, this is December and it is Minnesota ― not the most conducive to outdoor anything save for skiing or ice fishing.

But conducting an outdoor Christmas Eve service is just what Chain of Lakes Church, a new Presbyterian congregation forming here and in the Lino Lakes area, plans to do today at 4:30 p.m.

“Our friends at our current worship location weren’t able to be host to our congregation on Christmas Eve, so we decided to try worshipping outdoors,” said the Rev. Paul Moore, organizing pastor for Chain of Lakes Church.

“We’re guessing that most people have not had the opportunity of celebrating Christmas Eve outdoors,” Moore said. “This is an experiment for us.  We want to invite the community to try it out.” 

Everyone who attends the celebration will receive hot coffee or hot apple cider.  Three fire pits will be burning on the perimeter of the space.  The celebration will be shorter than a regular Christmas Eve celebration, Moore acknowledged.

“We are going to sing carols, hear the story, light candles, and welcome in the light,” Moore said.  “For many people celebrating Christmas Eve is a highlight.  Why not try something different and join us outside.”

The property is located on the northern edge of the Lakes Development in Blaine.  It can be found from the intersection of Main (125th Ave.) and Harpers by going south on Harpers, taking an immediate right on Marina Circle Drive and then turning right on Edison.

In case of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled, Moore said.  That information will be shared on the church’s web site,

Chain of Lakes Church is a New Presbyterian Church Development sponsored by the Presbytery of Twin Cities Area.  Starting with seven families the church is a growing group of 40 families.