Engage: Mission is now available for churches being called to mission in their own backyards. It is the third and final adult study from Engage curriculum, based on the well-loved Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) program of the same name.

This study prepares people in the pew to see their neighborhood as a mission field. Through prayer walks, discernment, and sharing the gospel, congregations set forth on the journey of being a church in the community. Through mission, acts of kindness, and hospitality, new people are included in the faith community.

“Many of our churches continue to expect people to show up for our services, programs, and ministries,” said Ray Jones, coordinator of evangelism, for the church’s mission agency. “Since [some] people in our culture have negative feelings about the church and do not believe the church can help them on the spiritual journey, it is essential that the church equips and nurtures people to live the life of Christ in their neighborhoods.”

Developed in partnership with the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Office of Evangelism, and Congregational Ministries Publishing, each seven-session curriculum resource—Engage: Gospel, Engage: Discipleship, and Engage: Mission—inspires a journey of prayer and faith sharing, equips members to live out and share their growing faith, and connects the church with its community.

“Churches need the simple reminder of the basics of our ministry: gospel, discipleship, and mission,” Jones said. “Through these basics, a faith community experiences the fullness of the gospel.”

Purchase Engage: Mission, Engage: Discipleship, and Engage: Gospel in English, Spanish, or Korean by clicking here—or call the Presbyterian Distribution Service at (800) 524-2612.