On Sept. 25, two major television networks will air documentaries addressing immigration issues from a faith perspective. 

“Lives for Sale: Immigration & Human Trafficking,” will air on affiliates of NBC and “Our Nation of Immigrants: How Churches Reach Out” will appear on CBS stations.  These programs will probe growing concerns about immigrants, their rights and the harsh realities they face.

While politicians and the media wrestle with the thorny issue of immigration, the one-hour documentary “Lives for Sale” exposes one painful, rarely seen human side of illegal immigration — human trafficking, the growing black market trade in human beings in the US.

“Our Nation of Immigrants” shows the journey many foreigners embark upon to settle in the U.S. Although many of today’s immigrants are from different nations than those of earlier centuries, their needs are the same. This half-hour special explores how faith communities seek to assist and welcome these new Americans.

Both documentaries will air across the country, but local times will vary.  Each station decides if and when to carry the program within a period of several weeks beginning Sept. 25.  To find out if these documentaries are showing in your area, check your local NBC or CBS affiliate or visit the Interfaith Broadcasting Corporation website.

These specials are just two of the 12 documentaries produced this year by the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission, a partnership of American faith groups including the National Council of Churches and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) dedicated to providing outstanding moral and spiritual programming to affiliates of ABC, CBS and NBC. To learn more, visit their website.