Coudersport, Pa. church to reopen this weekend

First services to be held since Dec. 2 murder of organist during worship

January 4, 2013


First United Presbyterian Church of Coudersport, Pa., will reopen this weekend, just over a month after the church’s organist was shot and killed during worship by her ex-husband.

The 71-member congregation ― part of Northumberland Presbytery ― will gather for a candlelight prayer vigil Friday evening (Jan. 4). A short ceremony on Saturday will mark the reopening of the church. Worship on Sunday will be led by the Rev. Evon Marie Lloyd, Coudersport Church’s pastor.

On Dec. 2, church organist and choir director Darlene Sitler, 53, was gunned down during Sunday worship. Her ex-husband remains in jail, charged with the murder.

Story based on Associated Press reports.

  1. It is so sad to read about this trajedy. My prayers go out to the family of the victim and the family of the perpetrator. We also pray for him that he can come to terms with the crime he has committed and the pain and trauma his actions caused to so many people, especially the people in attendance that day. I'm thankfu to God that the church family decided to open and to have services again. The church (the body of Christ) is still the answer to this fallen world. We are the lights that keep the world from total darkness and caos. May this experience re-energized the congregation to be the best they can be in Jesus Christ. Pray for the Pastor, the Session and those in leadership, that they may continue to faifhfully serve Christ and to seek ways they can reach out to a broken community. As a Presbyterian Pastor on medical leave, dealing with personal pain and illness, I have time to Pray and study of the holy scriptures and hoping that God is not done with me. I pray the same prayer for this church, your story continues and God is not done with you. God Bless you with His everlasting love. Pastor S Ramos

    by Rev. Santos Ramos

    January 7, 2013

  2. i am so sorry to have to had to hear about your organist being killed within your church service. thanks to jesus that he is in jail - he needs to repent and turn to jesus for salvation. i am praying that he does this. could you keep me informed on what is happening within your church and what is happening to the person that done the shooting so we know how to pray for you

    by carol missel

    January 6, 2013