Louisville, Kentucky

From tiger moms to helicopter parents, popular models of parenting are constantly changing, making it more difficult for parents to find guidance for talking with their children openly about sexuality. Answering many questions that parents and children often ask, Sex + Faith (Westminster John Knox Press) offers a unique, progressive approach to discussing difficult topics such as birth control and sexual orientation. Author Kate Ott helps take the intimidation out of the “talk” by providing parents with a how-to guide for discussing faith and sexuality with their children at different ages.

Ott connects relevant biblical and faith stories with educational issues so that parents can answer their child’s questions, discuss sexuality at each stage of childhood, and show support of sexual differences. Debra Haffner, President of the Religious Institute, Inc. and author of From Diapers to Dating, encourages parents to pick up Ott’s book: “Let Kate Ott help you on the wonderful adventure of teaching your children about their sexuality in the context of your Christian faith!”

Kate Ott is Assistant Professor of Christian Social Ethics at Drew University, Theological School. She has two children and travels often, speaking to youth across the country. Dr. Ott published “Searching for an Ethic: Sexuality, Children, and Moral Agency” in New Feminist Christianity: Many Voices, Many Views and is also coeditor of Just Hospitality: God’s Welcome in a World of Difference and Faith, Feminism, and Scholarship: The Next Generation.

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Sex + Faith is available for purchase through The Thoughtful Christian website or by calling 1.800.554.4694.