The 2016 Youth Triennium of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Cumberland Presbyterian Church has issued the call for small group leaders, community life volunteers and other key leaders. Position descriptions and applications seeking over 100 adult volunteers with facilitation skill, enjoyment of young people, and a passion for mission are available online.

Gina Yeager-Buckley, Triennium director and associate for Ministries with Youth in the Presbyterian Mission Agency, describes the July 19-23, 2016 event as a five-day village, saying, “It takes a unique Presbyterian to staff that village. Hundreds of volunteers, youth, college-age young adults and adults give their time to serve God by serving among young people at the event.”

Working in a new small group matrix for 2016, each small group leader will lead two different small groups a day. She says by teaching the daily “GO” lesson, small group leaders are key to helping an anticipated 5,000 Triennium participants interact with the scripture and the day’s sub-theme, the invitation to “go” deeper in their faith, and explore how to use their gifts to take the next steps as young disciples.

“A Triennium small group leader is an encourager, a leader who invites and nudges rather than dictates or lectures,” says Yeager-Buckley. "We are looking for 100 plus adult leaders who not only enjoy young people but who are truly energized by them—and who find inspiration in their unique place of faith and curiosity.”

“At this event we’re asking participants to be bold, to take a risk in their life, within their day to day decisions, and especially in their next steps of faith,” she says. “So, we believe that God is calling leaders who balance knowledge with humility, energy with a willingness to really listen to our youth.”

More information on serving as a small group leader and in other volunteer roles at the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium is available at http://presbyterianyouthtriennium.org/.