Subscribers to the Presbyterian News Service’s daily email distribution of stories will now receive a single email each day with a digest of the day’s stories and links to them rather than several separate emails.

The change is designed to reduce the number of individual emails subscribers receive each day, to appropriate the successful model used for the weekly PNS digest—which has proven to be very popular with readers—and to streamline the workload of Office of Communication staff members.

Once each day, subscribers to the daily PNS email service will receive an email listing the headline, sub-headline and at times the first paragraph of each PNS story published that day. Each headline will be linked to the full text of and photographs accompanying that story.

Breaking news stories will still be published and emailed as they happen.

“We think readers will appreciate receiving each day’s news in a single package, rather than having their inboxes cluttered with several separate emails,” said PNS Coordinator Jerry Van Marter. “This will also make life a lot easier for those colleagues who help us distribute the news to readers.”

The change is effective immediately.