International partners of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) from all around the world have sent messages here expressing concern and solidarity in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and assuring U.S. Presbyterians that they are praying for them as the recovery gets started along the northeastern seaboard.

As of Nov. 12, partners from Cuba, Africa, India, Scotland and Peru have sent supporting messages to the Presbyterian Center in Louisville: 

  • “Kindly receive our warmest regards from Cuba precisely in this hour of pain and challenge and, above all, full of hope, with the permanent certainty that our faith is capable of defeating all sorrow.

 “We raise our prayers to our Lord seeking for relieve for all who have suffered the effects of the storm Sandy in your  country. We also pray that our fellow churches and organizations there find the opportunity to express solidarity and loving  testimony to all affected people.”

― the Rev. Joel Ortega Dopico, moderator of the Council of Churches of Cuba and pastor of Varadero Presbyterian Church

  • “We, at the Church of Scotland, were shocked to witness the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy throughout the areas of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States last week.

 “We are conscious of the work that your church will be undertaking in attempting to bring relief to those who have been  stricken by the disaster and want to assure our brothers and sisters in those areas of our thoughts and prayers at this difficult  time.”

― Ian Alexander, World Mission Council, Church of Scotland

  • “It is with profound sadness, agony and shock that we are sending you this message on behalf of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) member Churches. The tragic effect and impact of the unparalleled Sandy storm on the people of the Eastern Coastal States and indeed on the entire people of USA ― young and old ― is simply heartbreaking.  The loss of life, the destruction of property we saw was unbelievable and inconceivable. As Africans, we know the depth and intensity of human sufferings. So we agonize with all the people of USA.  When one part of the body suffers, every part suffers (I Cor.12: 16). Therefore, your cry is our cry; your agony is our agony; your problem is our problem.

 “We want, through you, to assure the churches, the families who are affected by this tragic and unexpected event and the entire  people of the United States of America of our constant prayer at this very difficult and taxing time. As Africans we have unforgettable memories of the solidarity and attention the people of America gave us and continue to give during our difficult times.

 “May God the Almighty be with all the people of America and specifically with the families who feel lost and troubled so that their confidence, national pride and admirable culture are restored.

 Indeed the anxiety and fear of what comes next for those who have survived is difficult to contemplate. But crisis brings new opportunities. May this predicament become for the people of USA a source of renewed hope, faith and vision.

 “We want to assure you that we will continue to uphold all of you in our prayers. Please convey our condolences and prayers to the bereaved families as well as the families of the injured and the displaced. May our Lord give them strength and courage as they pass through this difficult period.”

― the Rev. Andre Karamaga, All Africa Council of Churches, Nairobi, Kenya

  • “We are deeply moved by the news appearing through print and electronic media of the devastating Hurricane Sandy in the United States, more precisely in places like New York, Washington, D.C. and New Jersey, paralyzing the normal life in the metropolis and affecting scores of people and eventually rendering many of them homeless.

 “We appreciate your courage and fortitude which enabled you to withstand such a tragedy of mammoth proportion which we believe came right from our Heavenly Father, our loving Lord Jesus Christ. We give Him glory in the highest that in spite of an unprecedented ordeal, He had taken you all under his protective wings.

 “The love of Jesus toward His people never fails and this incident is a mere manifestation of his profound affinity to all of us in the times of our tribulations. While we share in your predicament, we, on behalf of our Diocesan Churches, join in sharing our sympathies and solidarity to those amongst which there were several of our Indian counterparts and our American people by and large who might have lost their lives in the devastating Hurricane Sandy a few days ago.

 “We pray that the love of our Lord would continue to shield you all in the days ahead and enable in rescuing the affected people on war-footing to rebuild the broken shelters left over due to the hurricane in an effort to restore normal life for His glory.”  

― The Rev. B. R. Tiwade, Bishop of Kolhapur, Church of North India

  • “Quiero por la presente Dar Estas Palabras De Consuelo  muy sinceramente, de parte del Señor en Romanos 8:28 en este momento de necesidad espiritual por toda la nación estadounidense en general, nuestro compromiso con Uds. es orar para la pronta recuperación de la nación por la catástrofe de (zandy) que están pasando por el momento. 

 “Agradezco a Dios misericordioso que ha puesto en el corazón nuestro y de Uds. y así mismo El con su infinita bondad sabrá compensar El su Propósito en cada uno de los afectados y los guie a su pronta recuperación de nuestra querida nación americana.

“El Eterno Sustentador Multiplicara las bendiciones para Uds. y sus familias.”

― the Rev. Miguel Torres Aguilar, Iglesia Presbiteriana de Chota, PRESBISAM II
(Presbytery of San Martin 2), Evangelical and Reformed Presbyterian Church in Peru

To make a donation to Hurricane Sandy relief through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, contact your local church or click here.