The world is changing rapidly. Few places are seeing the evidence of change more than Asia.

Almost an entire generation is being raised with computers, phones and tablets immediately at hand. Young people and families are leaving rural areas to seek more plentiful job opportunities in larger cities.

Theological education in Asia was largely set up by Western standards and methods, which do not always meet the needs of the Asian population, particularly in the post-modern era. Theologians and church leaders from Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and the United States met at Silliman University and Divinity School in Dumaguete City, Philippines, April 26-28, to discuss how these dynamics are changing the shape of theological education. The meeting was made possible by the Office of Asia and the Pacific of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in cooperation with Silliman.

The gathering was organized to enable discernment together on the challenges for theological education today and new paradigms and possibilities for the future. The groups gathered signed a Covenant of Shared Agreement.

This covenant is a contribution to a growing movement throughout Asia and the world calling for the transformation of theological education.  Reality today has inspired and necessitated critical and creative thinking about new models and approaches to theological education.  With other emerging voices throughout Asia and the world, this covenant adds its collective voice to further empower the realizing of constructive change in theological education.

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