Imagine the transformation of God’s church called into a common learning this Lenten season with Living into Lent, the 2013 Moderator’s Lenten study written by noted theologian, educator, and author Donald K. McKim.

Living into Lent allows time during the Lenten season for readers to reflect on their Christian identities while encouraging them to listen to God’s Word and will. It invites Christians to engage in practices that deepen the Christian experience through discipleship and to join with others along the way of faith, following Jesus and seeking to live out the will and purposes of God.

“The Christian life is about following Jesus Christ to the cross and to the empty tomb as the Holy Spirit shapes lives of individuals and communities. Lent is a kairos time for the church to engage in that call,” said Rev. Prof. Neal D. Presa, moderator of the 220th General Assembly, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). “Living into Lent is succinct, yet thoughtful—understandable for anyone as it offers deep insight from Scripture, pertinent quotes from Christian theologians through the ages, and a concluding food for thought after each section. As a pastor, seminary professor, husband, and father, I know what my family, congregation, and class will be reading for Lent 2013.”

Whether used for congregational study or personal reflection, each reading—enhanced by a six-session study guide and questions for consideration—features Scripture, a devotion, a theological quote, a response, and prayer. Theological quotes, drawn from the history of the Reformed church, will help readers better understand God’s Word and its implications for the Lenten journey. 

Published by Witherspoon Press, Living into Lent is available for purchase at store.pcusa.org or by calling the Presbyterian Distribution Service at (800) 524-2612. Order today!

 Living into Lent
Donald K. McKim
Witherspoon Press
ISBN: 978-1571532169


 Author Bio: Donald K. McKim is executive editor of Westminster John Knox Press, editor of Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding, and editor of These Days. He has taught theology at Memphis Theological Seminary, the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, and other institutions. He is the author of More Presbyterian Questions, More Presbyterian Answers; A “Down and Dirty” Guide to Theology; and many other books.