Louisville, KY

Discerning God’s will and following it is complicated. In his new book, It’s Complicated: A Guide to Faithful Decision Making, Jack Haberer helps Christians weave their way through the complexities of decision making as shown in the equally complex words of the Bible.

Distressed by the extreme polarization of our church and society, Haberer shows how the Bible itself gives different answers for different contexts. “My goal,” Haberer says, “is to help you articulate an authentically Christian way of discerning God’s will for your personal life decisions (both the big ones and the small ones) and for your life together with others in Christian community—indeed, in the whole kingdom of God.”

Addressing a variety of complex situations such as divorce, same-sex marriage, and abortion, Haberer wants the reader to know they can still believe the Bible and get clues for how to do the right thing in all situations.

Click here to read the Introduction. It’s Complicated is available for purchase through Westminster John Knox Press and other major retailers.

Jack Haberer is the pastor of Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church in Naples, Florida. He previously served nine years as editor and publisher of Presbyterian Outlook. He is the author of two books from Geneva Press: GodViews: The Convictions That Drive Us and Divide Us and Living the Presence of Spirit.