The Outreach Foundation announces two milestones ― 35 years of service and $100 million disbursed in support of God’s mission worldwide.

Established in1979, The Outreach Foundation connects Presbyterians to God’s work in the world in life-changing ways. From Brazil to Zimbabwe, Outreach partners with more than 130 missionaries, church partners and projects. Their mission is loving people in ways that bear witness to the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

The Rev. Robert Weingartner, executive director, commented, “We believe that the Gospel should be proclaimed to all people, so we build relationships that build up the church to share and show God’s love.”

Building upon historic Presbyterian mission work around the globe, Outreach from its beginning has focused on evangelistic mission. Their vision of connecting God’s people with his work began humbly, taking five years to raise and disburse the first $1 million. By 2007, 28 years after its start, the $50 million mark was met. Through the grace of God, the next $50 million was raised and disbursed in less than eight years.

In responding to Jesus’ Great Commission, Outreach focuses on five priorities:

  • building the capacity of global church partners;
  • sending and supporting missionaries;
  • caring for vulnerable children;
  • expanding support for mission; and
  • transforming lives through mission involvement.

Outreach regularly takes vision teams out into the world to see how God is at work and to build relationships with believers in other countries. Drawing upon their own deep relationships, Outreach receives gifts for God’s mission in their Franklin office and disburses funds directly to partners all over the world.

This year, these gifts have helped train church planters in Brazil; supported discipleship ministries in China; put a new roof on a hurricane-torn church in Haiti; and educated pastors and church leaders in Egypt.

Abandoned children in Zambia have been rescued, pastors in Cuba have been trained, and relief efforts in Syria have also been supported through these gifts.

In 2013, The Outreach Foundation received gifts from more than 1,200 churches, individuals and organizations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Outreach does not receive funding from any denomination and is not a funded foundation. Less than 12% of total expenditures go to administration and fundraising.

“Thanks be to God,” affirmed Weingartner, “for the courage and commitment of the visionaries who 35 years ago founded The Outreach Foundation to focus the church on its first ‘Great End’ ― the proclamation of the Gospel for the salvation of humankind!”

Tom Widmer is director of development for The Outreach Foundation.