An Introduction to the Ministry of the Presbyterian Mission Agency

(Presentation by Linda Valentine to the 2012 Moderators’ Conference)

As your partner in Christ’s service, the Presbyterian Mission Agency is faithfully working to inspire, equip, and connect all Presbyterians to do Christ's mission, bringing together congregations, worshiping communities, mid councils, mission networks, and other parts of the church ecosystem as they nurture and shape disciples and serve Christ in the world.

Because there is so much need in the church and the world, we determine where to focus our efforts by asking the question, “What can we do best that the church most needs?” Three key examples that I presented from our wide range of ministries are:                               

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

Since the beginning of this year, PDA has responded to disasters — both natural and human-caused —in 41 mid councils in 28 states and has also responded to disasters in 13 countries internationally. In the U.S., More than 5,500 volunteers have contributed 200,632 hours of labor. PDA’s response to Hurricane Sandy was immediate.

Young Adults

One of the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s six new directional goals – as approved by the 220th General Assembly (2012) – is Young Adults. Young adults are hungry to put their faith into action and the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program provides them with options for service. Currently there are 55 young adults around the globe serving communities in need while living out their faith. Our goal is to triple that number.

Watch our YAV video, A Ministry of Reconciliation

1001 Worshiping Communities

We saw what God is doing – vibrant new ministries – in places like Pittsburgh, Pa., Georgia, California, and the heartland and put a name to it. The General Assembly endorsed the goal and challenged all to join the movement to start 1001 worshiping communities. We’ve been excited to see the enthusiasm grow.

Watch our Kairos Church video.

We also provide support for existing congregations through resources such as Engage and New Beginnings.

Learn more about the Presbyterian Mission Agency by visiting our website and find additional resources on our Ambassador’s Program website.

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