10 Days of Prayer and Thanksgiving for the Roma 2011

—Photo by Ľubo Bechný

In April 2011, members of Presbyterian Women joined their voices with others around the world who are concerned with justice for the Roma, who are marginalized throughout Europe. Presbyterian Women published a 10-day prayer and study guide to lead up to International Day of the Roma. Although the 10 days of coordinated prayer and study are over, the resource contains useful information and moving prayers about the Roma.



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  1. I had the priviledge of working with 50 Roma children and their families in St. Louis from 2000-2006. They taught me a great deal about perseverance, faith, hospitality and the hand of God. They are the Canary in the Kingdom mine shaft, warning the Church of toxic levels of prejudice.

    by Will Mason

    April 4, 2011

  2. Living in the U.S., I was not aware of this situation until recently. I will pray for peace and justice.

    by Jeanette Conley

    April 2, 2011