10 Days of Prayer and Thanksgiving for the Roma, 2012

In 2012, Presbyterian Women will join their voices with others around the world who are concerned with justice for the Roma, who are marginalized throughout Europe.

Presbyterian Women and Presbyterian World Mission have created this 10-day prayer and study guide to lead up to International Day of the Roma, celebrated on April 8. Beginning March 29, use this booklet to learn about the issues affecting Roma in Europe and offer prayers for change. Each day is dated for your convenience, but the booklet is timeless, so use it at any time of the year to learn more about the Romani people and lift up them up in prayer.

For additional information, consult the prayer and study guide from 2011, which highlights Roma populations in European countries.

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  1. Thanks for this offering. I operated a ministry with the Roma in St Louis at the Southampton Presby church. It was an after school program with 50 kids per day. This was 2001 - 2006. I was able to meet many parents and realized there were 40,000 people from Bosnia and half were Roma. I also learned how much hatred the non-Roma Bosnian families had toward the Roma. My "kids" (Roma) were math whiz kids, musical, multi-lingual and hungry for American relationships. I became known as Pastor Will by many Roma I never knew because of our welcoming program. Our Church also became known to the local press as the only Christian Church with a consistent outreach to the Roma in the greater St Louis area. I will always cherish this ministry. The Roma face hard times here as well. Thank you again for sharing this gracious resource with people. God bless the Roma people. Will Mason

    by Will Mason

    March 29, 2012