2010 Summaries of Statistics– Comparative Summaries

2010 Summaries of Statistics– Comparative Summaries

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  1. From my perspective and a little bit of generally speaking, our church has put a lot of emphisis on survial and survial only. Yes the oil bill needs to be paid as well as other bills, but where is our imagination and love for showing and sharing the love of Christ.? We the Elders need to step up and do what Paul teaches not just be an Elder in name only, like they say when you see someone he/she is not a stranger reach out and welcome follow through, Jesus teaches us the greatest of all is Love. When we show a real love for one another and not judgeing the flock will follow and bring their gifts to add to the joy of being a community of Christ.

    by Elder Marge Santos

    July 4, 2011

  2. I have been attending Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, for about two years although I am not officially a member yet. In light of declining church membership, what are the plans to address this issue? It occurs to me that the spiritual needs and spiritual hunger in the USA grows from year to year. This should result in an increase in church membership and not a decrease. In my conversations with fellow attendees at church some of the same concerns come up again and again. But rather than me tell you what I have heard people say, let me suggest that you try to survey rank and file church attendees to find out their ideas and suggestions for making church more attractive.

    by John Gaskins

    July 2, 2011