Presbyterian church (u.s.a.), a corporation

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation is a corporate entity of the General Assembly.  It was originally created in 1799.  It holds funds and title to property in accordance with the 1986 Deliverance of the General Assembly, its Articles of Incorporation, and its Bylaws.  In essence A Corporation is the “business office” of the General Assembly, enabling the General Assembly to conduct any number of transactions with the secular world.

For many years the A Corporation was a part of the Presbyterian Mission Agency and its predecessor bodies.  The 223rd General Assembly (2018) separated A Corporation from the Presbyterian Mission Agency, so that each could focus on what it is intended to do.

Administrative Services Group - A Corporation, through the staff of the Administrative Services Group (ASG), provides the services of Finance, Accounting, Reporting, Treasury, Legal Services, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Global Language Resources Services, Information Technology, Distribution Services, Mail/Print Services, Research Services, Risk Management, and Building Services.  The primary client partners of ASG are the General Assembly and its commissions, committees, and task forces, the Office of the General Assembly, and the Presbyterian Mission Agency. Services are provided on a contract basis to the Investment and Loan Program, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation, and Presbyterian Women.

Governance - The A Corporation is governed by a board of directors who are elected by the General Assembly.  There are designated board directors from Committee on the Office of the General Assembly, Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program Board, Presbyterian Mission Agency, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation Board, Presbyterian Foundation Board, Presbyterian Women, Racial Equity Advocacy Committee, and the Advocacy Committee for Women’s Concerns.  There are three at large directors.

Mission - The mission of the Administrative Services Group is to support client partners so that their ministries flourish.

Goal - The goal of the Administrative Services Group is to be the preferred provider of administrative services to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) agencies and entities.

Operating Principles - The following principles guide ASG’s work:

1.    ASG earns trust every day by doing what we say we will do

2.    ASG provides timely, factual, neutral, and prudent information to decision makers, as transparently as possible

3.    ASG provides honest, timely, professional, effective business services to client partners

4.    ASG demonstrates good stewardship of resources entrusted to the church by delivering services that are successful, simple, sustainable, and safe

5.    ASG “has the back” of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its staff

Funding and Expenses - Funding for the work of ASG comes from three sources:  the Office of the General Assembly (OGA), the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), and contracts for services (agreements with PILP, PPC, PW and a tenant lease).  See the following charts for 2020 budget information.


Key Initiatives and Projects in 2020

·      Enterprise Risk Management Plan for ASG

·      Raiser’s Edge/Financial Edge systems upgrade

·      Global Language Resources implementation

·      Property Inventory and Assessment

·      Customer/Client Services Training for ASG Staff

·      ASG Policy/Procedures Streamlining and Simplification

·      General Assembly Support to A Corp Board and Client Partners

·      Responding to ASG results of the Diverse Voices Table Climate Assessment Survey



President’s Office

The President’s Office provides support to the Board of Directors of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation.  The President’s Office leads the Administrative Services Group.  The President’s Office nurtures relationships with existing and future client partners.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Support the A Corporation Board of Directors in carrying out their role

2.    Lead the Administrative Services Group (ASG)

3.    Support client partners in their work and ministry

4.    Work with all staff to identify service improvements for Administrative Services Group

5.    Communicate the A Corporation’s story and work to the denomination





Global Language Resources

Provides language access services generally to the six agencies of PC(USA) and Presbyterian Women, including translation of essential documents into Spanish and Korean (see 2012 GA Referral Item 16-07)


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Provide translation and interpretation services to client partners

2.    Implement translation productivity software and a quality assurance program

3.    Align legacy translations

4.    Use an intentional and commonly understood process for receiving, fulfilling, and delivering translation and interpretation orders from client partners





Human Resources

The Human Resources office develops and administers programs, policies and procedures designed to positively impact the effectiveness of its client partners and the working environment of their employees.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Employee relations and client partner consulting

2.    Compensation and benefits plans and administration

3.    Staffing and recruitment

4.    Staff education and development, particularly Cultural Humility training and Customer Service training

5.    Compliance and policy administration





Internal Audit

Internal Auditing is an independent appraisal function established to examine and evaluate the activities of the Administrative Services Group (ASG), Office of the General Assembly (OGA), and Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) as a service.  The overall objective of the Internal Auditing function is to assist the ASG in the effective discharge of its responsibilities.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Manage the Enterprise Risk Management Process

2.    Implementation of the annual Internal Audit Plan

3.    Conduct special audits and investigations

4.    Staff support to the Audit, Risk Management, and Legal Committee

5.    Produce audit reports





Legal Services

The Legal Office provides legal advice and support to the Board of Directors of the A Corporation, the boards of client partners, and the General Assembly, as well as to client partners’ staff organizations.


Key tasks for the department:

1.        Legal advice and support, including governance support, for the A Corporation Board of Directors, COGA, ILP Board, PMA Board, and PW Board

2.        Legal advice and support, including governance support, for ASG, ILP, OGA, PMA and PW staff

3.        Support the A Corporation Board of Directors and client partners at the 224th General Assembly (2020)

4.        Provide training and resources on ASG policies, practices, and procedures, as appropriate

5.        Keep all corporate filings and other governmental filings in good standing for all client partners





Research Services

Research Services assists the Church in making data-informed decisions.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Support client partners by conducting research that informs ministry and program design

2.    Conduct national decennial ecumenical congregational study

3.    Conduct the second in a series of comprehensive pastoral leadership surveys with the focus on commissioned ruling elders

4.    Promote the US Congregational Vitality Survey for all PC(USA) congregations

5.    Develop new online resources that support congregations, mid councils, and national office clients





Risk Management

Designs and administers an effective insurance program for General Assembly entities and Presbyterian Women, and incorporate Risk Management procedures for the General Assembly entities.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Create encompassing insurance program for the 5 corporation entities plus Presbyterian Women.

2.    Receive, process and maintain all insurance claims for the 5 corporation entities and Presbyterian Women

3.    Assist in the design of a comprehensive business continuity plan with emphasis on disaster recovery for IT support function in the PCUSA, A Corp.

4.    Assist in the establishment of an Enterprise Risk Management plan for A Corporation

5.    Research and establish a domestic property inventory and work towards the transition of domestic properties mid-governing bodies where appropriate and feasible.





Information Technology Support Services (IT)

The Information Technology Support Services office provides supports for all applications, systems, and hardware (PC’s, Macs, phones, printers, etc.) used by employees of PCUSA.  The department is responsible for maintaining and supporting an onsite data center and physical building-wide network.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Maintaining and updating of servers and equipment in the onsite PC(USA) data center, networking

equipment throughout the PC(USA) Center, and providing and managing several cloud-based systems (most notably Office 365).

2.     Provide helpdesk and desktop support services for the most agencies and ministry areas

3.     Provide I.T. equipment ordering and account reconciliation services for the majority of agencies and ministry areas

4.    Provide telecommunications (desk phones, cell phones, and Internet access) and video conferencing support and services.

5.    Provide cybersecurity protection using several I.T. systems and ongoing cybersecurity training to all employees.





IT Application Development

IT Application Development provides technical expertise for PC(USA) by developing and maintaining business applications, databases and websites. Automated solutions are created in collaboration with our clients to solve complex business challenges.


Key tasks for the department:

         1. Upgrade programming language to newest version for all Python applications.

         2. Consolidate the OGA and PMA websites into the PC(USA) website.

         3. Upgrade Raisers Edge and Financial Edge from self-hosted to cloud hosted NXT.

         4. Support PC(USA) agencies by creating and enhancing websites, applications and databases.

         5. Consolidate and upgrade application servers.




Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting office provides financial services and leadership and support to each ministry area, client partners, and the board of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Process accounting transactions and develop system processes for general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll and purchasing functions.

2.    Provide budgeting and financial services to client partners, answer questions about variances and budgeting, and develop and monitor variances throughout the year.

3.    Prepare financial reports and interpret financial results for A Corporation, Administrative Services Group (ASG), Office of the General Assembly (OGA), Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA), Committee on the Office of the General Assembly (COGA), special committees, and client partners.

4.    Ensure financial integrity through audit, reconciliations and analyses. Strive for best practices.

5.    Support the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation Board of Directors and client partners at the 224th General Assembly (2020) by providing training to commissioners and identifying items of business before the General Assembly (GA) that have a financial implication.




Central Receiving Services

Central Receiving Services provides accounts receivable, treasury, and purchasing support to the President’s Office, PMA, OGA, PPC, PILP, PW and agencies within ASG.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Receive funds and post to Financial Edge.

2.    Perform accounts receivable tasks for OGA, PMA, PPC, PILP, PW and ASG.

3.    Perform treasury tasks for OGA, PMA, PPC, PILP, PW and ASG.

4.    Analyze and reconcile General Ledger accounts for OGA, PMA, PPC, PILP, PW and ASG.

5.    Generate Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions for PMA and ASG.







Payroll processes 26 pay cycles a year for OGA, PMA, PILP, PW and ASG.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Process accurate and timely payroll for OGA, PMA, PILP, PW and ASG.

2.    Work with Human Resources to maintain ADP database.

3.    Maintain state and federal compliance regulations and notify appropriate personnel.

4.    Provide staff with ADP user material, trainings, and ad-hoc reports as needed.

5.    Resolve issues with self-service access and/or Time and Attendance




Building Services

Building Services staff maintains the Presbyterian Center to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for staff, visitors, and tenants


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Maintain building interior and exterior; maintenance of the Center furnishings, including repairs and renovations.

2.    Work with the A Corp President to enhance building hospitality to create a more inviting workplace for client partners and visitors.

3.    Manage security services, safety education, and janitorial services.

4.    Network with A Corp President, Communications, and Global Resources to enhance building signage.

5.    Keep our client partners informed of the services we provide and keep them up-to-date regarding works in progress, activities around the Center, street closings, severe weather, safety testing, and much more.   






Mail & Print Services

Mail & Print Services provide mail and print services for the Center Staff.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Process incoming packages and mail for PMA, OGA, PPC, PILP, & PW.

2.    Process outgoing packages and mail for these client partners.

3.    Provide print services for these client partners.

4.    Process non-profit bulk mailings for client partners, annually saves the Church over $500,000 in postage.

5.    Coordinate with Presbyterian Distribution Service to transport freight for GA and all other large events.





Presbyterian Distribution Service/The Hubbard Press

We distribute materials for PPC, OGA, PW, and PMA Program Areas.  We store Conference Displays and documents for different program areas.  We print and distribute Offering Envelopes, Pledge Cards, Attendance Pads and other stewardship items used by Churches.


Key tasks for the department:

1.    Pick, Pack, and Distribute products (examples: Planning Calendars, Statistics, Present Word, Book of Order, Book of Confessions, Call to Worship, Special Offering Mailings, etc.) for PPC, OGA, PW and PMA Program Areas.

2.    Store multiple program areas exhibits for General Assembly, Big Tent, Presbyterian Youth Triennium and other conferences.

3.    Provide records retention and promotional items storage for the Ministry areas.

4.    Print and distribute Church Offering Envelopes.

5.    Print and distribute Stewardship (example: Pledge Cards, Registration Pads, Church Stationery and Note Cards, etc.) materials.